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Commercial unlock for iPhone 3G? [u]

07/19, 9:45pm

Site claims iPhone unlock

(Updated with developer admissions) claims they have created a one-click solution to unlocking the iPhone 3G. Videos on the site show the software unlocking the iPhone 3G, allowing it to work with other SIM cards (T-Mobile, AT&T prepaid, and more). says the software works with Mac and Windows, and completes in three minutes. The company offers a 100-percent money-back guarantee and lifetime membership for $40.

Pwnage 2.0 jailbreaks iPhone 2.0, unlocks original

07/19, 9:35pm

Pwnage Tool 2.0 released

On Saturday, iPhone Dev Team released its own utility to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 3G, allowing users to access to the file system, to run third-party applications, and also unlock the device for use on any GSM network. The new Pwnage Tool 2.0 both jailbreaks and unlocks older iPhones as well as jailbreaks iPhone 3Gs and iPod Touches; it is designed for v2.0 firmware only, according to the brief announcement; however, a more full announcement is expected later. The free software featuring both 'simple' and 'expert' modes, patches the original Apple firmware/software download to allow users to install software and requires that users restore their iPhone using the patched IPSW file. The software appears to unlock original iPhones only and will not (yet?) unlock the iPhone 3G, which some other vendors have claimed to offer.

MobileMe outages, maintenance persist into 2nd week

07/19, 3:30pm

More MobileMe troubles

Apple's MobileMe support is continuing to have outages in its second week of service and some users are reporting serious problems with email delivery and email access. The support page for the email and personal-information cloud service has a status report currently listing one percent of users are without MobilMe Mail, but does not indicate when the service will return for the affected users; other services are listed as available. The page has also announced that scheduled maintenance from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. tonight may result in MobileMe services going offline again.

Apple among top 10 internet brands

07/19, 3:00pm

Apple No. 10 on internet

Apple is in the top ten for both parent companies and brands, according to Nielsen Online. Apple placed 10th in the Top 10 Parent Companies/Divisions as well as on the Top 10 Web Brands for June 2008. Apple had a unique audience of nearly 50,000 visitors, averaging over an hour per person in browsing time, good for 10th, with Google leading the way (nearly 130,000 visitors, spending almost two hours browsing). Microsoft and Yahoo finished second and third, respectively, among the Top 10 Companies. Other companies of note were Ebay (7th), the Wikimedia foundation (8th) and Amazon (9th).

RiffWorks T4 brings music collaboration home

07/19, 3:00pm

riffworks t4

Sonoma Wire Works has announced the launch of RiffWorks T4, a free edition of the RiffWorks guitar recording and online collaboration software. RiffWorks T4 allows musicians to record ideas in the instant of inspiration and then quickly create complete songs by adding in drums and effects. RiffWorks T4 currently features seven popular effects including wah, distortion, delay and reverb. Musicians are also offered the ability to easily collaborate online with other musicians around the world at no extra cost, and to cast recordings to

Multisite for iWeb updated

07/19, 12:35pm

iWeb utility updated

Clarkwood Software has released Multisite for iWeb 2.3, an update to its utility for building multiple websites in Apple's iWeb application. Version 2.3 adds French language Bojour! support, extended error checking in permissions and minor bug fixes. Multisite is focused on building several sites for multiple servers from iWeb, which usually builds sites for a single server. The software allows users to create, duplicate and delete sites, and can import and export entire websites. It also allows users to transfer a site from one computer to the next.


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