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Apple backs down from Push, Exchange marketing

updated 10:00 pm EDT, Wed July 16, 2008

Apple clarifies MobileMe

Apple's retail employees are already being retrained regarding sales of MobileMe - Apple's Web 2.0-based service suite - with the company urging staff to rephrase how they mention or describe the service. A notice to the retail sales team indicates that they should refer to MobileMe as an "automatic sync" service, rather than Push, to clear up any misconceptions the customer may have. Apple also clarified that MobileMe should not be billed as "Exchange for the rest of us."

The note reiterates a message delivered by Apple Wednesday morning, citing that Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard-enabled Macs and Windows PCs require up to 15 minutes to synchronize changes to MobileMe, with 10.4 Tiger-based machines potentially requiring longer. Apple also clarified for staff that the limitation applies only to computers; iPhone and iPod touch users sync nearly instantaneously.

Apple on Wednesday offered select MobileMe customers 30 days free for the problems they endured as .Mac was replaced, hopeful that the compensation will abate customers who were angered by the various downtimes.

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  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    No 30 days for me

    I'm a very frustrated .Mac user. I haven't received any email apologizing for the downtime nor have i been offered 30 days for the inconvenience. Also none of the issues reported have been fixed and I'm honestly getting tired.

    My .Mac subscription is about to expire and I'm not going to renew it if these problems persist and worse, lack of care on Apple's part. At least as far as I'm concerned. If other people got the email and the 30 days extension good for them, but I'm still paying for a service that doesn't work and that's not proper way to do business.

    Where is the so raved Apple customer care? I haven't experienced it yet. Maybe I'll never will.

    Amazing a company can provide such a buggy service and get away with it.

  1. macadore

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Can't Sync to .Mac

    Can't Sync my PB G4 to .Mac under 10.4.11

    As of now, 7/16/08, 11:45 PM EST, this is the Status on ME.COM

    "MobileMe members are currently unable to use Contacts with MobileMe Mail on the web. Accessing MobileMe Contacts directly, by visiting, is not affected. We apologize for any inconvenience."

    In Mail online I can't Add Sender to Contacts! I can't believe that such an ESSENTIAL FEATURE would be gone, or am I wrong?

    I am a huge Mac Fan, NOT A FANBOY, and it's pretty upsetting to see so much negativity directed towards Apple.

    Then there is that whole issue of what is PUSH, and Apple backing off...

    Also the FUZZY ENGLISH around word PUSH was not too cool by some, and it’s hard too defend, when PUSH appears to have been simply OVERSOLD, and is not working as advertised! And the IT folks are thus given and extra excuse to hesitate on supporting iPhones, and rather stick with BlackBerries, cause RIM would be perceived as a more MATURE Platform!!!

    In ME.COM Help I found a Button for a Live Text Chat! Estimated wait was 8 minutes, which turned inot 1hr40min!!!! Then the Chat Agent was joggling between me and another Chat!!! And then we got DISCONNECTED! THAT STINKS!

    I AM AS HARD SUPPORTER OF APPLE, but this is BAD!!!!

    ME.COM needs to have a PHONE SUPPORT!

    This Chat Thing is BAD, and it's gonna hurt APPLE!

  1. malax

    Joined: Dec 1969


    you get your 30 days

    According to Macintouch Apple posted the following somewhere:

    Why is Apple extending subscription periods?
    The transition from .Mac to MobileMe was a lot rockier than we had hoped. We will be extending subscriptions by 30 days to customers free of charge to express our appreciation for their patience during the transition period.

    Am I eligible for the 30-day extension?
    You are eligible if one of these applies to you:
    * you were a .Mac member whose account was active as of July 9, 2008
    * you are a new MobileMe member who created your account on or before July 15, 2008 at
    7:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

    When will this 30-day extension be applied to my account?
    Your 30-day extension will be applied to your account within the next few weeks. Please check this FAQ for updates on availability.

  1. jpellino

    Joined: Dec 1969


    worst. upgrade. ever.

    i've had .mac from day one. this is all about iphones. computer-centric users can apparently drop dead. many features removed and the new ones are of little or no consequence to non-iphone users. and who implements a web version of an app (iCal) with no "undo"?

  1. addisonx

    Joined: Dec 1969


    my iWeb comment fixed

    After a week of not working the comments on my iWeb created / mobileme hosted website are finally working! Photopages too. And now I get an extra month free for one week of patience.

  1. manleycreative

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Jeez Apple, don't do things like this. It just gives Testudo more ammo to troll.

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