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iPhone 2.0 unlocked, jailbroken

07/10, 11:05pm

iPhone 2.0 unlocked

Just hours after the iPhone 2.0 operating system went live on Apple's servers, it was revealed to have been jailbroken for quite some time, with the iPhone Dev Team set to release its Pwnage tool in the coming weeks. Gizmodo reveals it has been using the jailbroken iPhone 2.0 for its Push email test coverage, with the unreleased Pwnage tool having been available privately for the last couple of weeks, since build version 5A345.

Power, protection for the iPod touch

07/10, 9:00pm

iPod touch accessories

Two companies today introduced accessories for extending the battery life for the iPod touch as well as providing extra protection for the mobile device: mStation's mophie Juice Packs extends the time between chargest by offering up to an additional 24 hours of audio playback or up to an additional seven hours of video playback. The battery comes in the form of a non-slip soft grip case that is easily attached and removed from the Touch.

Remote caps Top 10 free apps list on iTunes

07/10, 9:00pm

Remote caps top 10 free

Despite only launching this morning, the iTunes App Store already features a list of top free applications for download, starting off with Apple's own Remote app. Remote allows users to control iTunes or music through an Apple TV directly from their iPhone or iPod touch, in addition to AirTunes-connected speakers. AOL and Facebook round out the top three apps with AOL Instant Messenger, and the Facebook contact viewing/management/interaction application.

10 iPhone games: Bullfrog, Chimps Ahoy!, Poker, more

07/10, 8:30pm

More games for iPhone 2.0

From the explosion of announcements over the past few days, it's clear game developers see a solid opportunity in the iTunes AppStore. Among the dozens of new games: MotionX Poker, Bullfrog Touch, Chimps Ahoy!, Griffin Poker and 3 new games from Hudson Entertainment. Those who like outdoor sports can choose from personal training software and a golf-scoring application.

Apple TV v2.1: security patch, MobileMe support

07/10, 7:30pm

Apple TV update details

Apple says the v2.1 update for Apple TV addresses six security issues. Several of the fixes involve code that can be executed from "maliciously crafted" movie files, resulting in "unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution. The security update also addresses breaches from malware-infected QuickTime content, and PICT images. Additional details have been posted on Apple's website.

EA, Griffin, Gameloft post games on App Store

07/10, 6:25pm

EA Griffin Gameloft games

In advance of the iPhone 3G launch, Griffin, EA Mobile, and Gameloft have all announced games for the device, with offerings ranging from classics like Tetris and Poker, to more recent hits like Sudoku and Brain Challenge. Griffin makes a transition from iPod accessories to unveil 5 Card Touch, a Vegas-style video poker game that boasts an easy-to-learn playing system and rich visuals. Griffin is selling 5 Card Touch for $2 from the iTunes App Store.

iPhone apps for passwords, money, shopping

07/10, 6:00pm

SplashData iPhone Apps

SplashData, a company that has made a name for itself as the top seller of mobile productivity apps for smartphones, has announced that three of its apps, SplashID, SplashMoney and SplashShopper, will now be available on the iPhone. SplashID allows you to safely store your passwords and other important information in one convenient location.

Italian iPhone suffering lack of interest?

07/10, 4:35pm

Few Italian iPhone fans?

Italian interest in the iPhone 3G may be unusually low, early reports suggest. Although some 29 Telecom Italia stores are expected to begin selling the 3G within hours, at midnight local time on July 10th, a key TIM store in downtown Milan is said to have no lineups to speak of. Similarly, two Roman stores, including one on Via del Corso, are also said to be missing any lines. This contrasts with countries like the US, Japan and New Zealand, where long queues began forming days in advance.

'Power' table at Sun Valley raises Yahoo questions

07/10, 4:30pm

Rumors fly at Sun Valley

More questions were brought up about the sale of Yahoo at the Sun Valley conference being held this week in Idaho, says the New York Times. A table in a bar filled with the likes of Google co-founder Larry Page, Yahoo President Sue Decker, Legg Mason Capital Management's Bill Miller -- who is one of Yahoo's largest shareholders -- and former Yahoo chief Terry Semel has the media, investors and analysts speculating about the type of conversation taking place.

Ambrosia announces 3 new App Store games

07/10, 4:25pm

ipod iphone games

Ambrosia Software has announced that it will be offering three new games in Apple's App Store. The games are as follows: Aki Mahjong, mondo Solitaire and Mr. Sudoku. Aki Mahjong takes a spin on a classic matching game. The principle is simple: allow users to enjoy a game of Mahjong while traveling on a journey through Japan at the same time.mondo Solitaire offers over one hundred different games of solitaire, meaning users will be able to find loved classics as well as find new games to enjoy for the future.

Motorola tumbling to 5th place in phone share

07/10, 4:15pm

Moto Tumbles to 5th Place

Motorola is likely to fall to fifth place in world cellphone marketshare based on shipment estimates allegedly leaked from companies involved in making the phones in Taiwan. They now predict that the American phone creator will have shipped a relatively low 22 million to 23 million phones in its spring quarter. The number would drop Motorola from fourth to fifth place and give it just 7.3 percent of the market while Sony Ericsson would take over the new spot, climbing to exactly eight percent.

Canon EOS-5D Mk II's full launch leaked?

07/10, 3:35pm

Canon EOS-5D Mk II Leak 2

A further leak of the often rumored Canon EOS-5D Mark II has appeared today that suggests the camera will be Canon's most low-light capable model to date. The sequel is now thought to have a new 16-megapixel, full-frame sensor that supports up to ISO 25,600, matching the same performance as the Nikon D3 in very dark environments. The figure may be just for marketing's sake, the alleged source warns. Shots from the D3 at such a high range often exhibit very visible noise.

Piper: Complex pricing may mar iPhone 3G launch

07/10, 3:30pm

Piper on iPhone 3G launch

Tomorrow's American launch of the iPhone 3G should be strong, but may be affected by pricing schemes at AT&T, argue analysts with Piper Jaffray. The positive expectations are said to be bolstered a survey of some 200 people, suggesting that Apple has a 3.4 percent share in the US phone market, with the potential for growing to 8 percent within the next year. This, Piper claims, supports its expectations that Apple will sell 45 million iPhones around the world in CY09, with the US forming 30 percent of that total.

A brief look at 10 new iPhone Apps

07/10, 3:15pm

iPhone Apps Store Apps

New iPhone apps are being announced at a fast pace to coincide with the launch of the Apple's Apps Store today. Ten new iPhone apps include three from Houdah Software (ACTSudoku, ACTCurrency and ACTGratuity), two from FlipSide5 (Touch Tennis and Touch Hockey), TheCodingMonkeys' Circulator 1.0 and TLA Systems PCalc. Also,'s Salesforce Mobile, Yelp's Yelp for iPhone and PopCap's Bejeweled 2 round out some of announcements, following earlier ones by Major League Baseball, Ebay, Loopt, TypePad, and others: announced at WWDC in June. Also, G-Spot and G-Park from PosiMotion, ZapTek's Legends book service and an independent release, MobileTerminal.

Patent filings point to Mac touch interface

07/10, 2:40pm

Apple Touch Desktop Patent

Apple has been exploring technology that would let it implement a touchscreen interface for its full-size computers, according to new US Patent Office filings. The company has developed methods that would let users edit music, photos, and videos simply by making natural gestures based on controls with analogies to the real world: a DJ could add record scratch effects and mix tracks by turning the records themselves, while a video editor could scrub through clips by dragging along the timeline and a photo tool could use a virtual scroll wheel to quickly flip through photos.

Hands on with iPhone 2.0 upgrade, App store [photos]

07/10, 1:55pm

iPhone 2.0 upgrade

With the release of the iPhone 2.0 firwmare (available from Apple's own servers), we installed the software on our previously "jailbroken" and "unlocked" iPhone without any problems (no word yet on whether the unlock is still working). The entire process took about 20 minutes (maybe a bit longer) using iTunes' restore function (download the software and click option. We have the first screenshots of the painfully long process.

Apple posts iPhone 2.0 firmware, upgrade guide

07/10, 1:35pm

iPhone 2.0 firmware, guide

Apple has quietly released the iPhone 2.0 firmware, work has uncovered. Though not officially announced, or yet distributed through iTunes 7.7, the IPSW file can now be downloaded directly from an Apple server. The firmware enables both native applications and access to the App Store; installing it at this stage, however, is only recommended for advanced users familiar with manually synching such updates. A fresh installation of the v2.0 software takes approximately 20 minutes; normal distribution methods should begin by Friday morning.

OWC intros 1TB external FireWire hard drives

07/10, 1:20pm

OWC intros Neptune drives

Other World Computing today introduced a new 1TB drive in its line of external FireWire Neptune drives. The range includes seven drives ranging from capacity from 80GB to 1TB, with a 7200RPM speed hard disk common to all. The new range is fully compatible with Apple Time Machine back-up software. OWC claims the Neptune series is affordably priced, sharing its Oxford chipset and heavy-duty power supplies with OWC's Mercury Elite series of external drives.

Over 500 applications in iPhone Apps store, 25% free

07/10, 1:15pm

iPhone Apps Store 500+

Steve Jobs says Apple has over 500 iPhone applications in its just-launched iPhone Apps Store. Pinch Media is reporting the number is 552 applications, with 417 available for a cost, while 135 are free, a nearly 25 percent ratio of free applications. Paid applications are ranging in price from $0.99 to $69.99, with price points at $1 (85 applications), $10 (82 applications), and $5 (62 applications) appearing most often. See the graph below for a range of applications per price point.

Kodak intros W820, W1020 photo frames

07/10, 1:00pm

Kodak W820, W1020 frames

Continuing a series of announcements, Kodak has uncovered two new digital photo frames, the W820 and W1020. The two measure 8 and 10 inches, and display images in a 16:9 aspect ratio, at an unspecified HD resolution. Their central feature however is Wi-Fi access, which lets users copy photos and videos directly from a computer, as well as stream from websites including Flickr and Kodak Gallery. 6 reasons not to buy an iPhone 3G

07/10, 12:45pm

6 knocks on the iPhone 3G

As the iPhone 3G prepares to launch, there are six reasons not to buy Apple's new phone according to Despite early, mostly positive reviews from the New York Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, the blog has taken the iPhone 3G to task for its AT&T-only availability in the US and AT&T's pricing structure, which, over the two-year contract, will cost more than the original iPhone with its subscription rates. The reduced battery-life of the 3G model is another negative and the addition of 3G network access and GPS is seen as 'not worth the upgrade.' The storage limit of 16GB is looked at with suspicion, expecting a 32 GB upgrade in the near future to devalue the 16GB and 8GB iPhone 3G soon after launch. The last of the six criticisims cites the lack of 'feature leader' abilities in the iPhone 3G; the lack of removable flash memory, Bluetooth stereo support, MMS and video recording are the main culprits leaving the iPhone 3G without features many free cellphones provide.

Belkin preps GoStudio podcaster for iPod

07/10, 12:40pm

Belkin GoStudio

Belkin today rounded out its announcements with the formal launch of the GoStudio. Effectively an all-in-one podcast studio, the hand-portable device has built-in stereo microphones and records audio directly to newer click wheel iPods as the storage medium. By tapping the iPod's built-in audio recording features, the GoStudio offloads the software work to the iPod and also lets it immediately play back recordings through integrated speakers on the GoStudio. Users can also mix in some or all the audio from up to two XLR microphones (with quarter-inch support) or a single 3.5mm microphone.

iPhone 3G goes on sale in New Zealand

07/10, 12:15pm

iPhone 3G out in NZ

The first iPhone 3Gs have gone on sale in New Zealand, early reports say. The information comes courtesy of "iPhone Jonny," who claims to be one of the first in the world to buy the device, having waited several days in line in front of a Vodafone New Zealand outlet. The wait is said to have been particularly unpleasant, as New Zealand is currently in winter and it recently experienced one of its coldest days this year. Vodafone is charging a standard $199 NZD for an iPhone.

Garmin intros Oregon touch GPS for outdoors

07/10, 12:10pm

Garmin Oregon

Garmin today kicked off the launch of the Oregon series of GPS mappers for outdoors use. All four of the inaugural models are rare for including both a 3-inch touchscreen while still being shock-resistant and waterproof enough to survive harsher conditions. At higher altitudes or in open water, they also have a new HotFix feature that remembers satellite data for a quicker position lock in between uses. A microSD slot gives the devices storage for regional maps.

Belkin launches range of laptop bags, accessories

07/10, 11:45am

Belkin laptop accessories

Belkin on Thursday announced a wide range of laptop and netbook accessories, ranging from protective pouches and carrying cases to cooling pads and portable mice. Some of the cases are meant to protect the recent crop of netbooks, specifically ASUS' Eee PC. Belkin's Quilted Carrying Case is designed for full-size laptops, featuring plush fabric that will keep notebooks scratch-free, with an asymmetrical zipper that allows side or top access. A removable shoulder strap is integrated into the case; it is available in a choice of black, powder pink or denim blue colors. The Neoprene Sleeve helps protect notebooks around the house, while the Felt Tote, with reinforced handle allowing for short distance portability, protects laptops while on the move and when placed in other bags.

Movistar publishes Spanish iPhone prices

07/10, 11:40am

Movistar iPhone prices

Spanish carrier Movistar, owned by Telefonica, has published its official subscription plans for the iPhone 3G. The company has prepared two iPhone-specific data plans: the basic one costs 15 (plus VAT) per month on top of a voice plan, and is technically unlimited, but after the 200MB threshold reduces speed to 128Kbps down, and 64Kbps up. The Plus option costs 25 and has similar throttling, but moves the threshold to 1GB.

Kodak rolls out Z1015 IS, M1093 IS cameras

07/10, 11:25am

Kodak Z1015 and M1093

Kodak as part of its wider launches on Thursday released a pair of EasyShare cameras that both pack hardware image stabilization. The 10-megapixel Z1015 IS replaces the earlier Z1012 IS ultra-zoom with an even longer 15X optical zoom and switches from including stabilization in the optics to sensor-shift. It's also faster at just 0.22 seconds between a shutter press and a captured shot, Kodak says. The camera records video at up to 720p and will be ready in September for $350.

Photos reveal construction of iPhone 3G

07/10, 10:55am

iPhone 3G teardown

The iPhone 3G has substantial differences within its hardware beyond 3G and GPS chips, one of the first teardowns shows. A model obtained early from New Zealand reveals, for example, that unlike the first iPhone, the glass and LCD in the display are separate, mimicking the construction of the iPod touch. The display assembly is also no longer used to anchor miscellaneous components, but rather just the main board.

Belkin unveils FlyWire wireless HDMI hub

07/10, 10:55am

Belkin FlyWire

Belkin on Thursday took a tentative step into wireless home theater and revealed FlyWire. The black hub uses the 5GHz band to output a full HDMI signal with 1080p video and audio from the Apple TV, Blu-ray players, and most other devices to a matching TV without stringing cables across the room. The high frequency is not only nearly interference-free but is fast enough that even PlayStation 3s and other game consoles don't suffer from lag, Belkin claims. It also serves as a replacement for at times complex home theater setups and hops frequencies to avoid conflicts with Wi-Fi or other signals.

Seagate reveals first 1.5TB drive, more

07/10, 10:25am

Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB

Seagate today broke through a long-held barrier and released a 1.5 terabyte version of the Barracuda 7200.11. The storage is 500GB more than any other 3.5-inch desktop hard drive and is accomplished through extra refinement of perpendicular magnetic recording that allows it to fit 375GB on each of its four platters. The density also helps improve speed and lets the disk transfer data at a sustainable 120MB per second, or higher in bursts thanks to the extra bandwidth of its Serial ATA II connection.

Apple posts Apple TV 2.1, iPhone Web Config updates

07/10, 10:00am

Apple TV 2.1 update

Apple has released a new software update for the Apple TV. The v2.1 patch must generally be installed directly from the device, but is intended to support technologies outside of the product, most notably the MobileMe online service. The nature of the MobileMe support is unspecified, but is believed to be photo sharing, as most other MobileMe content has no use on an Apple TV.

Kodak tries media hubs with Theater HD

07/10, 9:45am

Kodak Theater HD

Kodak today dipped into the steadily growing field of networked media hubs through the Theater HD. The set-top box is capable of streaming music and up to 720p video from computers on the same Wi-Fi network and, like the Apple TV, is also capable of pulling information of its own: the device can stream Internet radio and YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, or view photo galleries from Flickr or Kodak Gallery without needing a first sync through a computer. Web channels also allow viewing certain websites in a TV-optimized format.

Belkin debuts new powerline, 802.11n routers

07/10, 9:20am

Belkin Powerline and 11n

Belkin today launched sweeping changes to its network routers, starting with a new set of routers for Ethernet networking over a home's power grid. The Powerline series supplies speeds between 85Mbps and 200Mbps depending on the model, giving enough speed for faster Internet connections and streaming video at distances up to 300 meters away without the lag associated with wireless. All also support AES encryption to prevent outsiders from tapping into the network without permission.

App Store, MobileMe go live

07/10, 9:05am

App Store, MobileMe live

In tandem with the release of iTunes 7.7, Apple has formally launched both its MobileMe online service and the iTunes App Store. The former is a dramatic revision of .Mac, emphasizing content sync between computers, handhelds and the web; push e-mail is also integrated. Existing .Mac subscribers can sign in at with their old usernames and passwords, but some are reporting slow access, likely due to a large influx of visitors. Others are reporting prompts from Apple to install the "OS X Update for MobileMe," though this has not yet appeared via Software Update.

Creative intros Wi-Fi capable ZEN X-Fi

07/10, 8:40am

Creative ZEN X-Fi

Creative on Thursday took the wraps from the ZEN X-Fi, the company's first-ever wireless player and its first competitor to the iPod touch and Zune. The device succeeds the original ZEN and includes a new, nine-point control pad key to using the device online over Wi-Fi: Wireless LAN versions can use a phone-style text entry system to chat online using Windows Live or Yahoo instant messaging. The network access also gives the X-Fi the ability to stream music and video directly from a home computer on the local network, although a rumored Internet streaming feature doesn't reach the finished product.

Kodak intros 720p-capable pocket video camera

07/10, 7:50am

Kodak Zi6

Kodak this morning launched a slew of new devices that start with the company's first-ever pocket video camera. The Zi6 follows in the wake of the Flip Mino and Vado but is the only one of the three to support recording HD video: the Zi6 can capture widescreen 720p, even at 60 frames per second (twice that of normal video). It also has more headroom than the built-in flash of rivals and uses SDHC cards to store up to 32GB of footage.

Lineups begin at San Francisco flagship, Palo Alto

07/10, 3:15am

Third lineup begins in SF

Following the line-ups at Fifth Avenue Store in New York City and Softbank flagship store in Tokyo, Japan, new lines have begun forming in front of Apple's San Francisco flagship store and in Palo Alto. A little less than 36 hours before the device was set to go on sale, the first person lined up in front of Apple's Stockton Street retail store in downtown San Francisco. "Dale,", a mobile telecom consultant, took the first spot in line in front of the flagship at about 10:30 pm PT; he epxects to wait in line for about 36 hours. The consultant said he had been third in line almost year ago for the first iPhone and wanted to be 'first in line' for the new iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G converts reviewer from BlackBerry

07/10, 1:05am

iPhone 3G replaces BB

Friday creeps ever closer, bringing the iPhone to dozens of countries worldwide, and the press reviews are thus far turning out well, with one journalist claiming he is giving up his BlackBerry 8300 in favor of Apple's smartphone. Macworld Australia writer Matthew Powell gives the iPhone 3G an overall rating of four out of five, citing its ease of use, "speedy" web browsing, and great media playing functionality, but noted the Mail client needs just a bit more work.

Photo Professional 8 works with Mac OS X, coming soon

07/10, 12:50am

Photo Professional8 forMac

Anthropics Technology has announced Portrait Professional 8, the first Mac-compatible version of its portrait-retouching software. Designed for portrait images, the software has been geared for facial features using hundreds of human faces reference; the facial awareness means it requires less skill and less time to fix blemishes and other retouching. Shipping later in July, it will be available in two versions: Portrait Professional 8 Standard will work with JPEG and TIFF files, retailing for $80, while Portrait Professional 8 Studio will add 16-bit Camera RAW compatibility and will retail for $150. System requirements have not yet been announced.


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