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Apple explains iPhone 3G upgrade process

07/04, 10:30pm

iPhone 3G upgrade process

Apple this week began posting information for iPhone users intending to update their device to the new iPhone 3G. A new support document explains how to replace an original iPhone with an iPhone 3G using the same carrier: "If you follow these steps to backup your original iPhone first, and then restore the backup to your iPhone 3G, your saved SMS messages, email accounts, photos, notes, and other personal settings will be present on your iPhone 3G," the company noted. The instructions indicate that iPhone users in the US will not need to transfer their SIM card (a new one will be provided with the iPhone 3G) and describes how to transfer settings, personal info, SMS messages, and other data to the new device using iTunes' backup iPhone feature. The document confirms that the iPhone 3G will require the yet-to-be-released iTunes 7.7.

Apple lands largest corporate client in Europe

07/04, 10:15pm

Axel Springer goes Mac

German newspaper publisher Axel Springer is migrating to the Mac platform and says it will replace all of its PCs with both Mac notebooks and desktops over the next five years, becoming Apple's second largest corporate client. The company, which already uses Macs for all of its layout work, cited the user-friendly Mac operating system, ease-of-use, maintenance costs, and Apple's industrial design the main reason for the migration: "The Apple computers are easier to operate than all the others," CEO Mathias Döpfner said in a YouTube video (in German). Axel-Springer will be Apple's largest corporate client in Europe and second largest -- only behind Google -- in the world, according (German link) to the German magazine Heise Online.

Adobe Flash Player 10: 3x Mac performance boost? [u]

07/04, 8:20pm

Adobe Flash Player 10b2

Adobe this week released Flash Player 10 beta 2, an early preview version of the nearly ubiquitous media plugin for browsers and for Flash/video playback. Version 10 of the player, code named "Astro," brings custom filters and effects, 3D effects, and a new text engine with text layout Components. Most importantly, however, it will bring a huge performance boost for Mac users: "If you have followed GUIMark at all you will notice that this version of the player runs this benchmark substantially better on OSX than any previous Flash Player version. It should be up to 3 times faster. How will this affect you? Well, OSX device text rendering got a huge performance boost. If you use lots of device text you will see a big difference."

iPhone 3G lineup starts at Fifth Ave. Store in NYC

07/04, 7:50pm

iPhone 3G lineup starts

Though its about a week before the expected launch of the iPhone 3G, a line already has begun forming outside the Apple's flagship Fifth Avenue Store in New York City. As of mid-Friday afternoon, about 10 people are in line waiting to purchase the new iPhone 3G, which will be available next Friday (July 11th). Gear Daily reports that "about 10 people in line with the first two being a man and woman with a young child. The security guards will allow everyone to stay and indicated that as of yet there are no plans to put out barricades." Pictures from the store, courtesy of Gear Daily, show people prepared for the seven-day wait with fold-up chairs, overnight gear, and more.

Belgian iPhone delayed due to protection law

07/04, 3:15pm

Belgian iPhone delayed

Belgian iPhone customers will have to wait a bit longer than the earlier-announced July 11th launch date, since the device is subject to a law prohibiting a device to be sold in conjunction with a required subscription. French language site MacBidouille reports that the law counters Apple's plan of offering exclusive arrangements for some countries, since the lack of a contract would mean that the device would not be tied directly to Mobistar.

Apple Expo dates confirmed, events detailed

07/04, 3:05pm

Apple Expo 08 dates events

Apple Expo '08 - Europe's major Apple conference, akin to Macworld in the US - is set to occur from September 17th to the 20th in Paris, France, and the organization has detailed several of the planned events. The Unofficial Apple Weblog details that the conference will see two iPhone events among the 30 other currently planned occasions. Access to the event is currently free, but will cost €12 without a pre-registered access badge.

Sequence 1.0 screen capture tool released for Leopard

07/04, 2:45pm

Sequence screen capture

App4mac on Friday unveiled Sequence 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, its screenshot and video capture tool designed to use multithreaded code and a 64-bit enabled compression system. Sequence allows users to capture screenshots and movies of the entire screen or segments within, and send the resulting media to either the clipboard or into a file. App4mac is selling Sequence 1.0 for $20, and is available for download from the company's website.

TrailRunner adds Nike+, Garmin ForeRunner, more

07/04, 1:55pm

TrailRunner for Nike-plus

Berbie Software on Friday unveiled TrailRunner 1.7, an update to its outdoor route-planning and journaling software, adding support for Nike+ online community and enhanced support for several Garmin GPS devices. Users of the Nike+iPod system or the Nike+ SportBand can now display their collected workout data within TrailRunner to match the recordings with created routes, as well as utilize performance analysis tools. TrailRunner 1.7 is donation-ware, in that the application itself is free, but tokens of appreciation are welcome.

EU: Rome offers customized gameplay, more

07/04, 1:00pm

Europa Universalis Rome

Virtual Programming on Friday unveiled Europa Universalis: Rome, a stand-alone game built on the Europa Universalis 3 engine, spanning the history of the Roman Empire from the first Punic War to the start of the empire. The game features a great deal of custom gameplay choices, such as country, culture, provincial, and character settings, offering unique experiences every time. Europa Universalis is available as a direct download for $40.

MacBook Air-style keyboard for iPhone

07/04, 12:35pm

MacBook Air iPhone KB

An iPhone modder recently unveiled a MacBook Air-style makeover for the iPhone's keyboard, offering users an attractive alternative to the jeweled buttons of the default keyboard. Just Another iPhone Blog reveals that although the keys have a smaller appearance, they are aesthetically pleasing and do not permanently replace the layout for the default keyboard. The app warns users to delete any existing keyboard modifications, as it may cause issues.

Snow Leopard shows modest performance gains

07/04, 12:15pm

Snow Leopard performance

At its current stage of development, the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard beta is not outperforming 10.5 Leopard by any wide stretches, as developers dive into the new OS with GeekBench. The Netherlands' Mac Zone writes that benchmarking numbers indicate that 10.6 performs better than 10.5, but only by a small margin. This hardly is conclusive of the final product, however, given that 10.6 Snow Leopard is still under early development - early betas of 10.5 Leopard had a very Tiger-like interface and poorer performance than the final build.

Briefly: HTC Shift review

07/04, 11:05am

HTC Shift Review

HTC has been a veteran of smartphones but has only just recently ventured into handheld computers, and the Shift represents its first full-fledged attempt at an ultra-mobile PC. The system promises to take all of HTC's experience with handsets and translate it into a full-fledged Windows computer that happens to have the conveniences of a cellphone; but its real challenges may be both to compete with a new wave of notebooks as well as extra-capable cellphones like iPhone 3G. Click through for a full review of HTC's inaugural device.

ASUS announces Eee PC 904 HD pricing, ship date

07/04, 10:55am

ASUS prices Eee PC 904 HD

ASUS today announced the pricing of and more information on its new Eee PC 904 mini notebook, which it revealed just earlier this week. The new mini laptop PC will act as another offering in its Eee PC range, as opposed to replacing one of the existing products, like previously rumored. It will be the lowest-priced Eee PC in the range with a 9-inch screen, thanks to a combination of its chassis, screen size and hardware specs.

Gefen intros Ethernet-based HDMI IR Extender

07/04, 9:00am

Gefen HDMI IR Extender

Gefen on Thursday introduced its newest connectivity product, the HDMI IR Extender. Aimed at custom installations, the HDMI IR Extender will allow users to control their HD source units from another room without having to purchase and run lengthy HDMI cables through their walls. The Sender and Receiver connect via two standard Ethernet (CAT-5) cables, and can deliver 1080p resolution video signals over up to 300 feet or 1080i resolution over up to 150 feet. Audio is likewise transmitted.

Sharity 3.4 improves compatibility, stability

07/04, 12:50am

Sharity 3.4 bug fixes

Objective Development on Thursday unveiled Sharity 3.4, an update to its UNIX platform SMB file system that adds several bug fixes and improved compatibility with NAS devices. Sharity allows users to mount shared volumes from Windows, Samba, and other SMB/CIFS servers onto UNIX-based systems such as Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, and Linux, among others. Sharity 3 is available for evaluation for free, with personal licenses starting at $30, and commercial licenses at $200.

Marware Sportfolio for MacBook Air

07/04, 12:15am

Marware Sportfolio for MBA

Marware on Thursday unveiled the Sportfolio sleeve for the MacBook Air, offering users a padded neoprene protection solution for their ultraportables. The handle-bearing sleeve has plastic inserts to protect against impact, and includes stretchy exterior pockets, while the interior is concealed with dual, lined zippers. The Sportfolio also comes with a padded, removable shoulderstrap. Marware is selling the Sportfolio for MacBook Air for $50 from its website and select retailers.


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