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Forums: MobileMe anticipation, iPod sound issues

updated 05:10 pm EDT, Wed June 18, 2008

roundup MobileMe

Forum roundup: Excitement about MobileMe has been a topic of conversation in the MacNN forums lately. Users discussed the functionality of MobileMe and established that MobileMe will work with all of the Mac applications you would expect it to, as well as some Windows based applications such as Outlook. One user looks forward to being able to pull up files from their home computer while they are at work and another likes the idea of being notified instantly when they receive e-mails from their e-mail accounts on all their devices. Most users seem to think that Apple could have come up with something a little better than "MobileMe" for this service although it was determined that it could have been worse. Despite a funky name it appears as if MobileMe is something that will be in high demand upon its launch.

With the addition of GPS to the new iPhone it is thought that GPS manufacturers may be worried about what this will mean for them. On one hand the iPhone is an all in one device that would be rather enticing for a would be consumer who will only need the GPS for finding things such as a restaraunt or a store in their home town and doesn't want to lug around multiple devices, on the other hand a GPS unit with stored maps can be used in more locations and wouldn't depend on the 3G service for it to function properly. One user states that they would never even consider using the iPhone as a stand alone GPS unit due to their active lifestyle. Activities like hiking in the mountains could easily lead to disaster if the iPhone gets dropped, instead of just losing your GPS you're losing your phone and MP3 player too.

In a thread titled "No Sound iPod" members talk about a problem that seems to be facing many iPod owners, silent iPods. Although the iPod will be on, and appears to be playing, no sound can be heard through the headphones or in some cases even when it is docked in an iPod docking station. It is reported that strange scratching or clicking noises are heard a day or two before the trouble begins. A few noticed that temperature has an affect on the way their iPod functions, one user stated that his iPod would only work after being cooled by the AC in his car and another mentioned using the freezer to get theirs working. Unfortunately this is only a temporary fix and ultimately there is no known cause for why this problem exists.

Before the release of Rockstar Games title "Grand Theft Auto IV" a thread was started for the purpose of sharing stories and organizing online games for users of both PS3 and XBox 360. It has grown into a source for tips and tricks as well as general information about the game. With the new multi-player mode it is now possible to go online with friends or fellow MacNN forum goers from around the world for an afternoon of madness and mayhem while in the comfort of your own home.

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  1. bmn

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    Dammit! In posts, it's one thing, but in a "professional" publication like this, it's another: "...instead of just losing your GPS your losing your phone..." Notice anythnig weird? How about "...instead of just losing your GPS, you're losing your phone..."


  1. Guest

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    You need to learn how to spell.. The 'seams' you have used refer to sewing. What you mean is 'seems.'

  1. msuper69

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    at least..

    they didn't say "loosing your GPS".

    But really folks, what do you want for the price of admission?

    Ya gets what ya pays for.

  1. Guest

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    seems, not seams.

  1. testudo

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    Yes, the excitement over MobileMe is just can't go anywhere and not find people talking excitedly about it.

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