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T-Mobile to sell 1 iPhone 3G

updated 09:25 am EDT, Mon June 16, 2008

T-Mobile's 1 iPhone 3G

T-Mobile will sell the iPhone 3G for as little as 1, the company has announced. When the device launches in Germany on July 11th, shoppers will have the option of pairing an 8GB model with a high-end 69 per month contract, resulting in the sharp discount to the phone itself. People wanting cheaper tariffs will have to pay greater initial costs, with the 8GB capacity costing as much as 170, Reuters notes.

Costs for the 16GB iPhone will start at 20 with an 89 per month contract, rising to as high as 250 with a 29 per month agreement. The new fees are believed to be a response to low European sales of the original iPhone, which was often priced between 200 and 400 while still requiring high monthly rates. Many Europeans are able to receives phones for free with new agreements. The lack of 3G broadband is also said to have been a deterrent, as the technology has been widespread in Europe for several years.

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    So what they are saying is that they are going to do it right this time?

    I liked the original approach in the US but with all the price drops I felt "screwed" anyway.

  1. chadpengar

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    get your facts straight

    In one "news" article, we are told how much more advanced the Europeans are since they are used to buying unlocked phones for pittances without being tied to contracts while we poor Americans have to be tied contracts with locked phones. Then in the next "news" article we hear how Europeans are used to getting new phones for free with new agreements. (Which I had pointed out was normal anyway in Europe quoting T-Mobile Germany and UK and Vodaphone UK web offers).

  1. testudo

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    Re: get your facts

    No, no one has talked of buying unlocked phones for pittances. No one sells unlocked phones for little money. But there are a lot more people in Europe who buy unlocked phones and then get their service separately then in the US.

    The point is, in Europe, where you actually have some decent competition, there are lot more options then you get in the US.

    And I don't see AT&T giving the iPhone away for a couple of bucks.

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