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Needham: iPhone demand to increase 'four-fold'

updated 11:00 am EDT, Tue June 10, 2008

Needham on iPhone 3G

Demand for iPhones is set to shoot up dramatically with the introduction of the iPhone 3G, claims the Needham & Co. analyst group. The firm notes that based on its 2007 Harris Interactive survey, it believes that Apple's 50 percent price cut (to as low as $199) should multiply demand by at least four times current levels, and likely more based on a beginning availability in 22 countries with an expansion to 70.

Needham is also optimistic based on Apple's commitment, through features such as Exchange support, to fighting off business competitors such as BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones. In fact the only major obstacle to Apple profit is said to be macroeconomic, with a reduction in personal spending triggered by credit crises in the US and global jumps in the cost of food and oil.

An EPS of $5.25 is now being predicted for FY08, a slight reduction from $5.35. FY09 EPS should be $6.70 however, and a $235 price target is being set for the next 12 months.

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  1. Guest

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    Huge Disappointment!

    What A Huge Disappointment! Waiting all this time, all the hype and this is the best they can do? This is what LACKING!

    Multimedia messaging - Almost every other cell phone in the market has the ability to send images to other cell phones via multimedia messaging, or MMS. Yes you can still e-mail those photos, but MMS is such a basic feature that it should've been in the iPhone from the start.,

    Copy and paste - Again, this is such a basic feature. Having copy and paste makes it easier to type out text messages and e-mails.,
    Video recording - In the world of mobile video, Qik, and YouTube, it's a shame the iPhone doesn't have video-recording capabilities. Yes the quality wouldn't be that great, but it should be an option anyway.,

    Voice command - For a touch-screen phone, we think voice command and voice dialing would've been a great feature add-on for the iPhone. Perhaps this will be added via a third-party app, but we would really prefer this to be a native setting.,

    Bluetooth flexibility - Right now, all you can use Bluetooth on the iPhone for are headset voice calls, and that's it. This is sufficient for most people, sure, but we would like for Apple and AT&T to open up the Bluetooth profiles for the iPhone. This means we would like stereo Bluetooth and A2DP for streaming music wirelessly, Bluetooth tethering so we can use the iPhone as a modem, and finally we would like to have Bluetooth file-transfer protocol so we can transfer files to and fro the iPhone.

    These are just a few omissions we could think of. The iPhone 3G did not meet my expectations, I would need a few more features.

    Flash for the camera
    Turn by turn voice GPS
    Being able to swoop out my own dead battery
    Would love to see 3.1 or higher mega pixel for the camera

    The probability of me getting the New 3G iPhone is 98% sure I won't be buying into the hype. Every one has their own need, for me being able to change my own battery is important. I don't trust people to do the right thing when handing over a problem non working iPhone for a replacement. With today identity Theft problem on an up raise each and every day. I'm suppose to hand over an iPhone with my PERSONAL information to God know who, maybe a disgruntle employee. Trust that they will erase my personal information for me, with out taking a peek and maybe writing it down for his or her personal gain. Like we never seen this done before. It's only been done almost EVERY day in any given work environment. I use voice dialing all the time while driving, for obvious safety reason of cause. Plus in NYC it's the LAW to do so. So for this basic function to not be available in the iPhone is a bummer for me. Cause all the el cheapo free phone have this basic function, so not the iPhone?

  1. fletcher

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    I find guest posts like this very odd. It's like the poster hated everything about the current iPhone, but was just dying to buy one when every feature was changed.

    Sure, it would be great if the iPhone had video recording, but I don't see it as a personal slight that it doesn't.

    However, I must single out the battery rant as the most incomprehensible to me. I've owned a lot of products over the years which I haven't been able to change the battery by myself and have just found it not to be too big a deal. In fact, I've taken to buying cameras with fixed batteries because the battery lifetime is so much better than those with AAs.

    I would like to see some kind of drag/drop or copy/paste functionality. It is annoying to type someone's full name in one field and then realize that it was meant to be in two fields. Or, to copy a phone number from a contact so I can send it by email. But, it is, you know, a phone.

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