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8 features missing from new iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0

updated 12:35 am EDT, Tue June 10, 2008

Lack of features in iPhone

The 3G iPhone launch on Monday was met with both positive and negative outlooks; some think the device is a vast improvement on the original, while others insinuate that Apple missed some very obvious boats to set sail. Popular Mechanics suggests that despite the device's tremendous appeal, Apple has overlooked a few key features that are commonplace on other cellular devices, such as multimedia messaging and copy-paste functionality, among others.

While the iPhone supports Bluetooth headsets, the lack of keyboard or headphone support (for music listening) inhibits those who wish to optimize their experience with wireless peripherals.

Apple's infamous software keyboard rotates with web sites when used with Safari, but the company did not expand that functionality to any other aspect of the device. In addition, the lack of Flash functionality removes many websites from use on the iPhone, a sore spot that has both Apple and Adobe working to find a solution - Apple CEO Steve Jobs believes that the mobile version of Flash is inadequate, while Adobe claims the iPhone isn't powerful enough to run anything more.

Most higher end phones are capable of tethering - acting as a modem for a computer through USB or Bluetooth - but Apple has neglected such a seemingly obvious feature. Apple also missed out on enabling video camera support, another common-place feature on even low-end cellphone.

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    For me...

    For me the iPhone V2 is a nice upgrade but I was anticipating and hoping for more. Only 2 big hardware changes where really made. Addition of 3G and GPS. The rest is all in the software which will be available for all iPhones.

  1. Guest

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    Never satisfied

    Apple also left out the kitchen sink, shame on them.

  1. bobolicious

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    Kill flash... far as I'm concerned the web version of flash is inadequate - flash drives me away from more websites than any other format, growing old while waiting for some websmiths' wet dream to download...

  1. Spacemoose

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    Haha!How many people are not going to buy an iPhone because they can't copy and paste?And they suggest that having full email instead of the super expensive MMS mesages is the lack of a feature?Get serious.

  1. cutmoney

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    What else do you need?

    Okay, so Apple only made a couple of hardware changes, what else could you possibly need on a new iPhone. Oh yeah, don't forget the fact that it's half the price (or one third the price I paid). I mean the only additional features people are really asking for are all software based anyway, it's not like those issues wont be addressed in future updates (if necessary). If you don't need 3G or GPS, then don't buy a new iPhone, just get the great features Apple adds for free!

    Think about it, all the other major companies ship their phones with pretty much one set version of software and RARELY add features unless you upgrade to a new model, people should be happy that you can keep your old iPhone and still get new features for no additional cost. I swear, if Apple released the 4G iPhone with 256GB memory, voice recognition, a 10 megapixel HD video/SLR camera, and it was only priced at $1.00, people would still complain about something (maybe that it was too cheap).

  1. Guest

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    Where is phone as modem?

    My 2 year old Sprint PPC-6700 allows phone as a modem option with both USB and Bluetooth. And my unlimited Sprint vision data plan is $15 per month. Tell me when iPhone can give me phone as a modem option and I will think about switching.

  1. Guest

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    it would be better if...

    the bluetooth support at least expanded to include the BlueTooth Stereo audio-profile, so you can listen to music and switch tracks/volume without needing to whip out the iPhone and without a tethering cord.

  1. Guest

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    No Modem?

    Eh, I thought that being a relatively superior gadget, an iPhone can be used as an external modem, just like my Nokia N73. This article shows the opposite.

    Now I have to reconsider the purchase (hoping that perhaps someone would come up with a home-made script that will enable the iPhone as ext. modem).

  1. Guest

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    Don't count your features

    Don't count your features before they are hatched.

    The iPhone OS 2.0 beta includes strong hints at AD2P (The bluetooth stereo audio profile) and others not in iPhone OS 1.x

    Flash is a limited format designed to create a proprietary niche to capture users. It is now more or less open, but not efficient. SVG is standardized, well supported and a better choice for 90 percent of Flash uses. The other 10 percent are Flash additions better done by other open standards. I'd love SVG support in lieu of Flash. A much better solution. IMO

    The iPhone market is young. Most features you cite have already been added by third parties. And as to the keyboard in horizontal mode? It is an Apple recommendation that more apps for iPhone support horizontal as well as vertical orientation. Our text input certainly does!

    Last. The device and OS are not out in the hands of the public. Things can change. I expect the release version to be more polished than current betas.

    All of the above has been stated elsewhere too. Keep up or get left behind.


  1. mr.mouse

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    Copy and Paste

    Copy and Paste is a fairly fundamental feature. Yesterday I received an email with contact details. I had to write them on a post-it, switch to the contact app on the iPhone and then key it in. Very very poor! I don't always have pen and paper handy - that's the whole point of a smart phone, not needing to carry a pen and pad.

    My old WM2005 device could do more. It was free, it had full Office support, it could run TomTom with the Bluetooth dongle (in fact, it's my GPS device in the car now, with a Pay as You Go SIM for traffic updates). I would be nice if the iPhone could come even close to that.

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