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Marware, Griffin unveil 3G iPhone cases

06/10, 11:45pm

Marware, Griffin cases

Hot on the tails of the 3G iPhone release, both Marware and Griffin have updated a few of signature cases to fit the new device. Marware officiated its entry into 3G cases with its popular C.E.O. Sleeve, a leather case with snug-fitting elastic material. It features the company's Multidapt belt clip, which can be switched out or removed. The C.E.O. Sleeve is available in black, with a microfiber interior, selling for $25 from Marware's website.

iMovie, iDVD compatibility updates unveiled

06/10, 7:40pm

iMovie iDVD updates

Apple's recently unveiled Quicktime 7.5 update preceded updates released on Tuesday - iMovie 7.1.2 and iDVD 7.0.2 - two applications with heavy reliance on the company's multimedia platform. The update information pages say little about what specifically addressed, with both merely stating: "This update addresses general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues." Apple is supplying the updates through its support page, as well as through Software Update.

Transgaming unveils Mac game portal

06/10, 6:20pm

Transgaming game portal

TransGaming has announced the launch of an online download portal for Mac games, bringing the same kind of service PC and console owners have known for years. Game Tree Online will complement the firm's Cider Portability Engine, which has allowed publishers to port a number of successful games to the Mac Platform since its introduction in 2006. In addition to providing online purchase, Game Tree Online will provide news and game promotions, and will allow users to post reviews.

HP ships iPAQ 900 smartphone with Win Mobile 6.1

06/10, 4:55pm

HP iPAQ 900 Ships

Besides its high-profile PC announcements, HP today quietly began shipping its top-end iPAQ smartphone with a last-minute upgrade. The iPAQ 900 now ships with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional instead of the older 6.0 code and receives the improved home screen along with better mail support. Office Mobile is also packed in with the Professional edition to help read and edit documents on the road.

Digifriends M3 handheld coming to Sprint's WiMAX? [U]

06/10, 4:45pm

Digifriends MID in US soon

(Updated with follow-up) The Digifriends M3 MID (Mobile Internet Device) that was unveiled at CES 2008 will be coming to the US market "very soon," according to yesterday's reports that had Digifriends USA's project supervisor Peter Kim as the source. The Korean company's device will likely be offered under contract through Sprint's Xohm WiMAX network as well as NextWave. The device features a 4.8-inch touchscreen with WSVGA (1024x600) resolution and a host of wireless connection options apart from WiMAX, including Korea's WiBro, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 2.0.

iSkin readies Fuze case for iPhone, iPhone 3G

06/10, 4:45pm

iSkin Fuze case for iPhone

Varied accessory builder iSkin has announced a new case for both the iPhone and the iPhone 3G, the Fuze. Its name derives from the use of three different materials; while the exterior is mainly rigid polycarbonate, it is matched with a rubberized finish for better grip. Inside is a soft cushioning, designed to further absorb any rough impacts.

Concerns over Steve Jobs' health resurface

06/10, 4:40pm

Steve Jobs health

Past concerns for the health of Apple CEO Steve Jobs are resurfacing after his demonstration of the iPhone onstage at the WWDC keynote, with a spokeswoman passing off his mince physique as a "common bug". The Wall Street Journal reports that, in addition to the new iPhone, bloggers and internet news sites are abuzz with talk of whether Jobs is in good health or not. Jobs recently suffered from pancreatic cancer, which was revealed after it was believed to have been treated.

Belkin debuts iPhone 3G cases

06/10, 4:20pm

Belkin iPhone 3G cases

Joining the wave of initial iPhone 3G accessories are a host of cases by Belkin. The high-end cases are primarily leather, leading them being the Leather Flip Folio ($35), which operates as a holster and additionally includes a pocket for extra storage; the lid fastener, meanwhile, is magnetic, letting users open the case with one hand. The Formed Leather ($30) and Eco-Conscious Formed Leather ($35) cases are more straightforward designs, without lids or clips.

iRiver launches Volcano T7 MP3 player

06/10, 4:15pm

iRiver' T7 MP3 player

iRiver today announced the launch of its newest portable digital audio player, the Volcano T7. Available in either 2GB or 4GB versions, the compact T7 features an OLED display to showcase data information. Supported audio formats include MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG, which can be uploaded to the USB key-style player simply by plugging it into a computer's USB 2.0 port.

Iomega intros 500GB DVR Expander drive

06/10, 4:00pm

Iomega's 500GB DVR drive

Iomega today announced the release of its DVR Expander drive, made to work with TiVo and Scientific Atlanta DVRs and more than triple their TV program storage capacities. The 500GB DVR Expander interfaces via an eSATA connection, capable of 1.5GBps transfer speeds, and can hold up to 300 hours of standard-definition TV programming or 60 hours of high-def programs.

Toshiba launches lightweight mobile projector

06/10, 3:45pm

Tohiba's mobile projector

Toshiba on Tuesday announced the release of its latest mobile projector, the TDP-SP1U. Weighing in at 4.8 lbs, the projector is among the lightest portable offerings in its class, and offers a native SVGA (800x600) resolution along with a 2,000:1 contrast ratio. Unlike typical projectors that make do with four colors, Toshiba's DLP BrilliantColor technology uses six separate colors for a brighter and more vivid picture.

Speck intros first iPhone 3G cases

06/10, 3:35pm

Speck iPhone 3G cases

Following immediately after Apple's announcement of the iPhone 3G, accessory maker Speck has revealed its first cases for the device, the ToughSkin and the SeeThru. The first is a rubberized case, sporting an elevated grip that additionally protects against drops and other impacts. The bottom of the case flips to expose the dock connector, and a belt clip is included for wearing the case as a holster. It is expected to ship July 28th for $35.

Packard Bell next with Centrino 2, Turion X2 Ultra

06/10, 3:15pm

Packard Turion Ultra Notes

Packard Bell today became the next system builder to update its line with newer platforms from AMD and Intel. The 13.3-inch EasyNote RS65 runs on a Centrino 2 chipset with an unspecified Core 2 Duo processor and joins the increasing ranks of ultraportables at its screen size, with a very thin and extremely stylized design; Packard Bell's signature circular trackpad sports hidden buttons while the rest of the system is backed by chrome trim and brushed black metal. Few other details are available beyond its use of a slot-load optical drive and HDMI video out.

Apple details Snow Leopard Server

06/10, 3:00pm

Snow Leopard Server

Continuing announcements at its WWDC 08 conference, Apple has exposed some details of Snow Leopard Server, a complement to the client-level operating system also in development. As with its sibling, Server will focus on making all aspects of the OS mutlicore-ready through Grand Central, with the option of tapping into GPU power via OpenCL. Because Server will operate on a 64-bit kernel, it should in theory support up to 16TB of RAM.

Verizon: Apple accepting "proven" model

06/10, 2:10pm

Verizon on iPhone 3G Plan

Apple's decision to allow subsidized prices for the iPhone 3G is an admission that it needs to follow the traditional cellphone provider model, Verizon's chief operating officer Denny Strigl claimed at the second day of the Deutsche Bank Conference. The executive downplays the impact of the new cellphone on his own company and contends that Apple and AT&T are simply learning to accept a conventional practice that discounts the phone's up-front price rather than insist on splitting monthly phone revenues.

AVerMedia readies Mac-friendly TV tuners

06/10, 1:50pm

AVerMedia Mac Tuners Soon

AVerMedia is developing TV tuners and software to match that will support Mac users, the company said today. A shift from the company's typical Windows-only appraoch will see it release a USB tuner that picks up both analog broadcasts as well as over-the-air digital standards, including Europe's DVB-T. The company plans to supply Mac-specific features such as Apple Remote support and a viewing app similar in style to Apple's pro software.

EMI, XM settle in Pioneer Inno lawsuit

06/10, 1:05pm

EMI, XM settle Inno suit

Record label EMI has finally reached a settlement in a lawsuit against XM Satellite Radio, Reuters notes. The former sued XM over Pioneer's Inno music player, which lets people record on-air streams. EMI considered this a potential violation of copyright, as the player does not distinguish between authorized and unauthorized music, much like cassette players recording off of FM radio. Terms of the settlement have not been announced.

HP, Dell dominate notebook sales, Apple rises

06/10, 12:35pm

HP, Dell control notebooks

HP continues to dominate in the realm of notebook sales, writes the NPD Group. In its latest quarterly report, the research firm notes that HP shipped nearly 6.5 million notebooks around the world, giving it a marketshare of 20.8 percent. Dell by contrast managed to recapture second place from Acer, but with a share of just 15.1 percent, and shipments just under 4.7 million. Acer slipped to third place with control of 14.6 percent and over 4.5 million notebooks.

Piper: iPhone 3G a 'forest for the trees' situation

06/10, 11:40am

Piper: Long view of iPhone

Investors should concentrate on the long-term when considering the impact of the iPhone 3G, says the analyst firm Piper Jaffray. Expanding on earlier arguments, Piper notes that despite Apple losing out on subscription revenue from iPhones, its CY08 and CY09 shipment predictions remain unaffected, at 12.9 and 45 million units. Apple is moreover believed to be charging carriers approximately $466 per iPhone, with companies such as AT&T absorbing a subsidy of roughly $267. Wholesale iPhone prices are only expected to decline to $425 during CY08.

Imation offers up thin Apollo USB hard disk

06/10, 11:40am

Imation Apollo

Imation kicked off the launch of a new storage line today with the Apollo portable drive. The storage designer plans to separate itself from others by producing an especially thin and light USB hard disk that measures half an inch thick and weighs about 0.35 pounds. Outside, the design is claimed to be durable but upscale with a brushed outside and chrome trim. Like most notebook-class external drives, the Apollo takes its power entirely from the USB port and lets travelers cut down on the number of power cords.

SanDisk buys MusicGremlin for music service

06/10, 11:05am

SanDisk Buys MusicGremlin

SanDisk today said it has bought out MusicGremlin for an undisclosed amount. The deal is meant to give the Sansa player manufacturer access to the smaller company's still rare direct-download subscription service, which allows members to download an unlimited number of songs each month to the player itself via Wi-Fi rather than first transferring them to a PC. The features will have a "key role" in future Sansa devices, according to SanDisk's Sansa Senior VP Daniel Schreiber.

Needham: iPhone demand to increase 'four-fold'

06/10, 11:00am

Needham on iPhone 3G

Demand for iPhones is set to shoot up dramatically with the introduction of the iPhone 3G, claims the Needham & Co. analyst group. The firm notes that based on its 2007 Harris Interactive survey, it believes that Apple's 50 percent price cut (to as low as $199) should multiply demand by at least four times current levels, and likely more based on a beginning availability in 22 countries with an expansion to 70.

AmTech: iPhone 3G tradeoffs help Apple, public

06/10, 10:20am

AmTech on iPhone 3G

Neither Apple, its investors or the public at large should be overly concerned about tradeoffs Apple has made in the pricing of the iPhone 3G, writes analyst Shaw Wu of American Technology Research. Apple confirmed yesterday that in exchange for getting carriers to subsidize the new device, it is dropping revenue sharing requirements in most cases; buyers will meanwhile have to pay an extra $10 per month on their monthly subscriptions.

Analyst downgrades Nokia after iPhone 3G

06/10, 10:05am

Nokia Down After iPhone 3G

Nokia shares are no longer recommended after the launch of the iPhone 3G, analysts at American Technology Research said late yesterday. Experts at the financial group dropped their valuation for Nokia from Buy to Neutral in the belief that a raft of "third-generation smart-phone introductions" due for the second half of 2008 and early 2009 are liable to hurt Nokia without clear signs that it can match the same pace. The smartphone industry is increasingly competitive and puts added pressure on the Finnish company, which leads the world smartphone market.

O2 confirms free iPhone 3Gs as part of plans

06/10, 9:35am

O2 details iPhone 3G plans

UK carrier O2 has confirmed a number of rumored tariff options for the iPhone 3G. Most significant may be the ability to pick up the phone for free with the two most expensive plans: a new 45 per month contract nets the 8GB iPhone for free, or the 16GB model for 59; a 75 per month contract delivers the 16GB version for free. The plans offer 1,200 minutes and 500 texts or 3,000 minutes and 500 texts, respectively.

WD rolls out high-speed 1TB hard drive

06/10, 9:30am

WD Caviar Black 1TB

Western Digital hopes today to ramp up the speed of high-end pro and gaming desktops with new Caviar Black desktop drives. The 3.5-inch drive comes in 750GB and 1TB storage levels like many others but includes dual processors as well as 32MB of cache that are said to speed up moving data on the drives. This added edge could be crucial for video editors and others who depend on short load times, the company says. A locked-down motor shaft and a read head that never touches the drive platters both keep the drive quiet and also reduce the physical wear on the disk.

Telenor mulls buying TeliaSonera

06/10, 9:05am

Telenor Mulls TeliaSonera

Norway's Telenor has expressed interest in buying its Scandinavian competitor TeliaSonera in light of the latter's rejecting an initial France Telecom bid, TeliaSonera board member Elof Isaksson says. He declines to elaborate on the seriousness of the deal but is supported by Norwegian industry committee chair Ola Borten Moe, who says the union of the two telecoms companies would be beneficial. The Norwegian government owns a majority stake in Telenor.

iPhone 3G rivals tout age, not features as edge

06/10, 8:35am

iPhone 3G Rivals Tout Age

Rivals to the iPhone 3G are turning to experience over sheer feature set to promote their devices, according to statements made by the respective companies. Palm in particular defends the slower load times of its 3G-capable Treo, which was outperformed by the 62 percent faster iPhone in load times, by arguing itself a veteran. Palm has had 3G-class devices "for years," according to an official from the company.

New Voodoo Envy, Omen chase after Apple

06/10, 4:00am

Voodoo Envy 133 and Omen

HP's performance label Voodoo PC today launched a complete overhaul of tis designs with systems that directly challenge the design aesthetics of the MacBook Air and the Mac Pro. The Envy 133 notebook joins both the Air and the ThinkPad X300 in the newer class of ultra-thin but still fast portables: the use of an LED-backlit screen and a carbon fiber chassis help the Envy measure 0.7 inches thick at every point while weighing under 3.4 pounds. A new generation of Intel's notebook platform helps reach these dimensions while still supplying speed, the company says. Voodoo's design is also the third after those from Apple and ASUS to sport a multi-touch trackpad with support for pinching and scrolling.

HP unveils ultra-accurate DreamColor LCD

06/10, 4:00am

HP DreamColor LCD

As part of a wider device launch, HP this morning upgraded its monitor lineup with a screen it claims is the most affordable display yet for video editors and other pros working in color-accurate situations. The DreamColor is designed with help from DreamWorks Animation SKG and uses a rare 24-inch LCD panel that produces 30-bit color, generating more than one billion colors; the color range is 64 times that of even better everyday LCDs and also results in blacks four times deeper than normal LCDs. An LED backlight both contributes to a better contrast ratio (1,000:1) and also ensures that colors are uniform across the entire screen.

HP TouchSmart update tackles iMac, Gateway

06/10, 4:00am

HP TouchSmart IQ500

HP on Tuesday completely replaced theTouchSmart PC with a new design more conspicuously aimed at the iMac and a recent crop of Windows-based all-in-ones such as the Gateway One. The IQ500 series expands from the earlier 19-inch screen to a 22-inch model that also eliminates the separate floating display: the entire computer is stored behind the main display and uses a slot-load optical drive as well as side-mounted ports to keep the design thin. The touchscreen interface has likewise been given a makeover with a new Cover Flow-like fan layout for choosing music from album covers, an enhanced image editor, and an application tray that gives users access to many more touchscreen-driven apps than the original.

HP revamps home notebooks with Centrino 2

06/10, 4:00am

HP Pav Notebooks June 2008

HP today gave virtually all its notebook line both a cosmetic and performance update, including some of the first Centrino 2-based notebooks. The Pavilion series is now said to have a subtler look with displays that are flush with the bezel, silver-on-silver insides, and a new Imprint finish on the outside. The Intel-based systems use their new notebook platform to supply both faster Core 2 processors as well as faster X4500 graphics on systems that go without dedicated video hardware, while a similar match uses the platform behind the Turion Ultra platform. Improved touch-sensitive media controls and an External SATA port are common across most systems, HP notes.

HP adds EliteBook, new business notebooks

06/10, 4:00am

HP EliteBook and Biz Notes

As part of a wide effort, HP today gave its business notebooks a refresh that includes a brand new model. The EliteBook signals one of HP's first rugged notebooks and is designed to survive both cosmetic and internal damage: anodized aluminum on the palm rest and outside shell keep the computer free of scratches, while a magnesium honeycomb cage and an anti-twist 14-inch display prevent impact damage from ruining the system's innards. The casing, shock-resistant hard drive, and spill-proof keyboard help meet US military-grade 810F levels for survivability in extreme temperatures as well as vibrations and very damp environments.

Comparing form: iPhone 3G vs. original [photos]

06/10, 2:15am

iPhone 3G vs. original

The iPhone User Group in Hong Kong claims to have photos of the iPhone 3G injection mold and has posted several comparison photos to the first-generation iPhone. Introduced Monday morning at WWDC, the new iPhone 3G will initially only be available in Apple and AT&T retail stores and require in-store activation, will be available on July 11th in 22 countries around the world and by 70 within several months. Among the new iPhone 2.0 features, the iPhone 3G has hardware improvements, including improved audio, a flush-mounted headphone, new software/features, faster downloads on AT&T's 3G network, improved battery life and will require iTunes 7.7, Apple claims.

Canon unveils entry-level EOS Rebel XS

06/10, 1:30am

Canon EOS Rebel XS

Canon on Tuesday announced a new entry-level d-SLR: the EOS Rebel XS, which along with the recently introduced EOS Rebel XSi, replaces the popular Rebel XT and Rebel XTi cameras. The company has decided to rollout some of the advanced features in its XSi features, but left out others to reduce-costs and differentiate the new entry-level d-SLR. Sporting the company's new Digic III processor and a new live view mode, Canon's EOS Rebel XS has a 10.1 megapixel image sensor that is almost identical to that used in the Rebel XTi (short of the XSi's 12.2 megapixels, but higher than the 8MP on the original XT); the new Rebel XS also features a 2.5-inch LCD, which is larger than the 1.8-inch on the XT but smaller than 3.0-inch LCD on the XSi).

8 features missing from new iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0

06/10, 12:35am

Lack of features in iPhone

The 3G iPhone launch on Monday was met with both positive and negative outlooks; some think the device is a vast improvement on the original, while others insinuate that Apple missed some very obvious boats to set sail. Popular Mechanics suggests that despite the device's tremendous appeal, Apple has overlooked a few key features that are commonplace on other cellular devices, such as multimedia messaging and copy-paste functionality, among others.


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