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3G iPhone to make major impact on mobile TV market

06/06, 11:55pm

3G iPhone impact mobile TV

Apple has a window of opportunity to make a significant impact on the mobile TV market with it's imminent launch of the 3G iPhone around the world, according to the latest report from Analysys Mason. Market research shows that many iPhone owners have accessed TV and video content, with greater frequency than subscribers using other types of mobile handsets. If a new iPhone based on AT&T faster "3G" network is announced during next week's Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) it could mean big things for the mobile TV market.

Rudimentary multi-pass erase for iPhone

06/06, 9:00pm

Multipass erase for iPhone

As the 3G iPhone is set to be unveiled on Monday, many users will switch out their first edition models, and with concerns about recoverable user data, users should be prepared for how to ensure that their data is gone for good. CNET writes that it is possible to perform a rudimentary multiple-pass wipe of data during the restore process to ensure personal data is eliminated, even when it appears to be missing from the iPhone post-restore.

Apple to allow iPhone subsidy in US, Western Europe

06/06, 6:25pm

iPhone subsidy in US?

Apple will likely allow carriers to subsidize the sales of the iPhone, but will lose a portion of the monthly revenue, a new report claims. Supporting previous reports of an expected carrier subsidy in the UK, The Financial Times says that the iPhone is set to be sold at significantly lower prices in both the US and Western Europe -- perhaps as much as $200 lower than the price of the current iPhone (available for $399 in the US). The move, the report claims, is a "tacit acknowledgement by the US technology company that its previous sales strategy was not sustainable," although may have been a necessary for Apple to hit its self-created 10 million iPhone sales target for the calendar year, the report claims.

Ambrosia bringing Aki Mahjong to iPhone

06/06, 5:05pm

Aki Mahjong for iPhone

Ambrosia is currently adapting its first iPhone game, Aki Mobile Mahjong, and is running a closed beta test as it works to release the game. Little is revealed on Ambrosia's development page, but it has already said that it is making use of Core Animation to select between levels, as well as EDGE and WiFi to download new levels. Aki Mobile Mahjong will also allow players to pause the game to take a call, and when the game is relaunched, they will be right where they left off.

New Panasonic D-dock rips CDs to SD cards

06/06, 5:00pm

Panasonic SC-NS570SD

Panasonic today announced its newest addition to its line of D-dock mini sound systems, with the SC-NS570SD. The system is equipped with an SD card slot for file playback, and it also has the ability to rip CDs at up to 8 times playback speeds to SD cards in the AAC format. Rated at 15W for each of its twin speakers, the system will play MP3, AAC or WMA-encoded CDs, or broadcast programs via its AM/FM tuner.

IBM unveils water-cooled 3D chip prototype

06/06, 4:40pm

IBM shows water cooled CPU

IBM on Thursday announced plans to use water to cool its next-generation of computer chips internally, allowing it to develop faster multi-layer processors that don't require additional external cooling. To this end, the company showed off a prototype 3D chip with thousands of tiny water passages in between the chip's layers. The company says interlayer cooling was necessary, as traditional heat sinks weren't efficient enough to cool today's densely packaged processors. The water-carrying tubes are just 50 microns in diameter, and integrating them into the chip necessitated the development of a new thin-film soldering technique by IBM engineers.

Apple may adopt, rename Nvidia CUDA technology?

06/06, 4:35pm

Apple to adopt CUDA?

Apple may be looking to adopt proprietary Nvidia code for Macs, an interview reveals. The latter company's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, has proposed that Apple is extremely interested in his company's CUDA programming language, which simplifies the coding process for Nvidia graphics hardware and can in theory improve performance. In February, an early Mac SDK for CUDA was released in the form of a beta.

Apple wants devs to charge for iPhone apps

06/06, 4:30pm

Apple wants devs to charge

While Apple earlier this year announced it would allow developers to place iPhone applications in the upcoming App Store for whatever price they wish - even free - but it is encouraging those developers to consider some sort of paid option. AppleInsider reports that the move is not without its logic, since Apple takes 30-percent of software sale in order to cover hosting and serving costs, leaving 70-percent of the income to the developer.

Philips intros 22-inch commercial 3D display

06/06, 4:15pm

Philips 22-inch 3D display

Philips is set to introduce a 22-inch 3D display at the InfoComm 2008 show on June 18. Based on an WSXGA (1680x1050) LCD panel, it is available in either a frame-mount or desktop configuration. The display uses Philips' WOWvx technology to provide 3D-like images without requiring users to wear special viewing glasses. WOWvx uses the company's 2D-plus-Depth (the 2D image and its depth map) format and combines it with the Declipse format developed especially for autostereoscopic 3D displays such as this one. Declipse provides additional "background" information for a more realistic 3D effect.

Amazon outage knocks out store, Kindle [U]

06/06, 3:50pm

Amazon Outage

(Update: service back late in the afternoon) Amazon has been suffering an ongoing shortage that has both affected its main business as well as hurt its Kindle e-book reader, according to user reports. The outage began earlier this afternoon and has left Amazon's main page nearly, blank, with only a "service unavailable" message at the front. Kindle users in turn note an inability to access the company's site for downloading e-books.

Nielsen: iPhone users young, choosing e-mail

06/06, 3:40pm

Nielsen on iPhone users

iPhone owners are young, and primarily interested in e-mail, says the survey group Nielsen Mobile. Results from the first quarter of 2008 show that the majority of iPhone owners are aged 25 to 34, the next most significant group being people between 55 and 64, at 14.4 percent. Despite the phone's web-browsing abilities, e-mail appears to be the most popular function, used by some 76 percent of owners; close behind is the iPod component, used by approximately three out of four people.

HTC Touch Diamond hit with crucial delay?

06/06, 3:35pm

HTC Touch Diamond Delay

HTC's Touch Diamond is suffering from a significant delay that could critically affect the timing of its launch, say reports. UK reseller Devicewire and others are being told by HTC that the touchscreen phone will miss its originally scheduled June 9th release date and will be pushed back to June 23rd due to a last-minute firmware upgrade necessary for all of the devices.

CrushFTP 4.8 refines CrushUploader, CrushSQL, more

06/06, 3:10pm

CrushFTP 4.8 update

CrushFTP 4.8 was unveiled on Friday, providing several new features and bug fixes, including a few interface optimizations. The CrushUploader file browser has been refined, and can handle forms on multiple batches. CrushSQL users are able to request their password through email, and the "freespace" tag shows available drive space on a given volume. CrushFTP 4.8 is available starting at $30 for 10 concurrent users, with licenses available for up to unlimited users.

Western Digital readying 20K RPM hard drive?

06/06, 2:50pm

WD Readying 20K Drive

Western Digital is in the early stages of developing the first hard drive to spin at 20,000RPM, alleged sources have told Bit-Tech. Fears that solid-state drives may overtake its business have led the company to develop a record-setting hard drive that will share the same design philosophy as the VelociRaptor; the hard drive itself will measure 2.5 inches across but sit in a 3.5-inch enclosure that both cools the disk and cuts down on noise.

ASUS, Realtek work on Wireless USB displays

06/06, 2:20pm

ASUS Wireless USB Displays

ASUS and Realtek on Friday said they would team up to introduce a computer display based on Wireless USB. Using a built-in Wireless USB adapter, a future ASUS display line will connect to a host computer without using any cables or requiring special setup; like most wired USB displays, the screen will automatically configure itself and make adding one or more displays largely a matter of plugging in the display's power cable.

Intel hit with FTC antitrust investigation

06/06, 1:45pm

FTC investigating Intel

Intel is officially being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission, writes the Wall Street Journal. The CPU maker has been accused of violating US antitrust laws, specifically for a practice of using exclusive rebates and other tactics designed to discourage builders from turning to other companies. The case appears to be the result of long-term pressure from rival AMD, which has yet to resolve an antitrust lawsuit first filed in 2005. Another government probe began this year in the state of New York, with the help of local politicians.

FCC delays plans for free broadband vote

06/06, 1:15pm

FCC delays free broadband

The Federal Communications Commission is delaying a vote regarding the creation of free broadband services around the US, Reuters reports. FCC chairman Kevin Martin has proposed auctioning off a portion of the 25MHz wireless spectrum, on the condition that winners not only agree to offer a free broadband option, but filter out "obscene" content in the form of pornography. A vote on approving the auction was originally scheduled for June 12th, but no longer has a firm date.

Apple, RIM claw world share from Nokia

06/06, 1:00pm

Apple and RIM Add Q1 Share

Both the BlackBerry and iPhone have contributed to a downfall in Nokia's smartphone marketshare in the latest quarter, Gartner analysts report. The Finnish phone maker's influence dropped from 46.7 percent of the world market in the first quarter of 2007 to 45.2 percent a year later after aggressive moves by both Apple and Research in Motion into its territory. The iPhone as a new entrant for the quarter earned about 5.3 percent of the smartphone business through shipping 1.7 million iPhones between January and March; RIM, in turn, climbed from 8.3 percent to 13.4 percent on the back of 4.3 million BlackBerries delivered during the three-month span.

Macs hit with OS X 10.5.3-related bug

06/06, 12:25pm

Mozilla & Mac OS X 10.5.3

A variety of Mozilla-based applications are triggering serious errors following Apple's Mac OS X 10.5.3 update, scattered reports indicate. Users are indicating that programs such as Firefox, Camino, Songbird and others are now spawning crashes and lock-ups, "zombie" processes, and an inability to shut down a Mac without using the power button. Mozilla is currently tracking the issue, but as of press time has not assigned a priority to the item, nor an estimated time for a solution.

LG Dare for Verizon spied, detailed

06/06, 12:10pm

LG Dare Spied

Verizon's first all-touchscreen media phone has been spotted late yesterday in a working form and has accompanying new details to match. The LG Dare, also known as the VX9700, is now believed to have EVDO Revision A cellular data that should help it compete against both the Samsung Instinct on Sprint as well as the updated iPhone and other competing devices on AT&T's 3G network. The phone should also support Real's Rhapsody music service and use microSDHC cards for 8GB or more of storage.

Polaroid intros PoGo inkless portable photo printer

06/06, 11:50am

Polaroid PoGo printer

Polaroid recently announced it will launch its PoGo portable photo printer later on this summer. First seen at CES 2008, the printer, whose name is short for Polaroid-on-the-go according to Polaroid, achieves its compact 4.7- by 2.8- by 0.9-inch size by not requiring any ink cartridges. Instead, it uses Zero Ink technology and ZINK Photo Paper as its medium.

Hop-on preps $125 smartphone, 3G phone, more

06/06, 11:25am

Hop-on Budget Smartphone

Hop-on today unveiled six phones in its very low-cost lineup that branch into new territory for the company. While declining to provide most details, the company promises that its HOP1801 will be the lowest-cost smartphone on the market at $125; the company also plans to have one of the least expensive 3G phones with the HOP1809, a handset that will also supply a camera, Bluetooth, and support for MPEG-4 media playback. A third phone, the HOP1808, will be aimed at frequent travelers with dual SIM card slots for multiple phone accounts; it lacks 3G but shares the other features of the HOP1809 and adds an FM radio tuner.

Nvidia aiming to help rivals beat iPhone: CEO

06/06, 11:25am

Nvidia CEO on iPhone

Nvidia's mobile technology will help rivals "leapfrog" the iPhone, according to the company's CEO. Jen-Hsun Huang made the comments in an interview, promoting the company's new low-power Tegra platform. Huang notes that the iPhone has a "great computer chip," with a high-performance graphics core, something that helps establish it as the world's first "legitimate" mobile Internet device (MID). The difficulty with this is that many of the companies that may be looking to best Apple do not have their own chip designers, and so cannot produce a phone with graphics and an interface that is on par.

Icahn: Google/Yahoo deal OK if MS out

06/06, 10:55am

Icahn on Yahoo Strategy

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn today responded to criticisms from Yahoo with a second open letter to the search engine giant. Addressing claims that he has no plans for Yahoo should Microsoft decline to make bid with a newly replaced board in office, Icahn says he would be willing to have Yahoo strike a search deal with Google as long as its terms would still allow a future Microsoft takeover. Icahn doesn't say whether this would still involve the proposed ad bidding system trialed earlier this year or a new plan altogether.

Apple looking to poach retail workers?

06/06, 10:10am

Apple poaching workers?

Apple is openly seeking new retail workers from the ranks of other companies, information shows. Recruiters have been given special cards, which on the front simply say, "You're amazing. We should talk." More telling is the language on the back, which reads, "Your customer service just now was exceptional. I work for the Apple Store, and you're exactly the kind of person we'd like to talk to. If you're happy where you are, I'll never ask you to leave. But if you're thinking about a change, give me a call. This could be the start of something great."

Intel faces $25.4m fine for Korea antitrust

06/06, 9:55am

Intel faces $25.4m fine

Yesterday's reports (registration required) see chipmaker Intel slapped with a $25.4 million fine in South Korea. The Korea Fair Trade Commission concluded the country's antitrust laws were broken by Intel's offer of $37 million in rebates between 2002 and 2005 to PC makers Samsung and Trigem (Averatec) in exchange for avoiding AMD chips. Intel's legal representatives say the decision will likely be appealed, arguing its rebates reflect simple volume discounts.

iHome serves up first clock radio for Zune

06/06, 9:40am

iHome ZN9

iHome today catered to the relatively small but growing number of Zune users with the ZN9, an audio system it says is the first clock radio dock for Microsoft's media players. Similar in style to the iP99 dock for iPhones and iPods, the ZN9 centers around a multi-alarm system that can wake either to AM/FM radio or any dockable Zune with varying degrees of control. Listeners can wake to separate weekday and weekend alarms as well as set the alarm to gradually lower or raise the volume in sleep and wake modes.

Rogers Wireless halts June-July vacations

06/06, 9:15am

Rogers halts vacations

Managers at retail locations of Rogers Wireless, one of Canada's three major cellular companies, are being told not to take vacations during a specific period beginning later this month, a source from within the company claims. The "blackout" stretch is said to extend from June 23rd through July 16th, although no reason for the dates has been given. Apple is widely expected to announce the 3G iPhone on Monday, however, and Rogers has confirmed that it will carry the iPhone "later this year."

Australian resellers get mystery Apple boxes

06/06, 8:40am

Aus Mystery Apple Boxes

Australian resellers are receiving packages from Apple they aren't allowed to open until after Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, MacTalk says. A photo of one of the alleged packages indicates that the box is under a non-disclosure agreement and that resellers are barred from opening the box until June 10th, or the same day as the Apple event after accounting for differences in time zones. An example box is relatively small and is unlikely to contain any typical computers based on early observations.

Carriers to give iPhone date 'immediately'

06/06, 7:45am

Carrier iPhone Dates Soon

Cellular carriers will set their individual iPhone launch dates "immediately" after Apple's expected 3G iPhone announcement on Monday, says Reuters' Italian division. A claimed source from Telecom Italia (TIM) says the provider will make a more detailed announcement of its iPhone plans no later than Monday night or Tuesday morning local time, with the go-ahead hinging largely on Apple's official announcement. Pricing and most other details are still unavailable.

Avery unveils DesignPro for Mac, free download

06/06, 12:35am

Avery DesignPro for Mac

Avery on Wednesday unveiled the finalized version to its DesignPro software, its label and stationery designing and printing application. Being an avery product, the company includes over 1300 pre-designed layouts for their paper products, allowing users to quickly create business labels, CD labels, and more. The final version also includes over 2000 clip art and photo images for use with projects. Users can download DesignPro for free, directly from Avery's website.

Apple takes 63rd out of 600 best companies

06/06, 12:25am

Apple takes 63rd place

A private New York-based research and consulting firm, Reputation Institute, recently compiled a list of the 600 largest companies with the best reputations, with Apple taking the 63rd spot, ahead of Microsoft at 137th place. Forbes reports that the electronics manufacturer went up 1.71 points from 73.71 a year ago, to 75.42 in the 2008 "Pulse" score, more than 11 points ahead of the global average. Clinching the top three spots were Japanese care manufacturer Toyota, search giant Google, and Swedish home furnishing company IKEA.

First Look: iN Studio 5.0 Smart Speakers

06/06, 12:05am

iN Studio 5.0

In the old days, a complete stereo system might require a turntable, tape deck, CD player, receiver, and speakers. Nowadays, such stereo systems with multiple components taking up entire shelves seem as antiquated as a television set with vacuum tubes. For most people, their entire music collection fits comfortably on their favorite digital music player. However, music players require headphones or ear buds. If you want to share your music with others, you need a set of speakers such as Sierra Sound's iN Studio 5.0 Smart Speakers.

First Look: O ROKR Pro, wireless speakers

06/06, 12:05am


Mobile phones and digital music players make it easy to take your music wherever you go. While it's easy to listen to music through headphones or ear buds, headphones can be cumbersome to wear and ear buds can be annoying jammed in each ear, especially with wires dangling in the way if you exercise while listening to music. For a more stylish and wireless solution, specifically designed for wearing while exercising, consider the O ROKR Pro sunglasses that come with built-in speakers.

T-Mobile sets end-of-life notice for iPhone

06/06, 12:00am

T-Mobile EOL iPhone

T-Mobile is allegedly preparing to dump the first generation iPhone in anticipation of the 3G-enabled version, a move it appears to anticipate happening on the July first. ZDNet reports that the German telecom recently posted a sticky-style notice on its iPhone plans, stating it would cease selling the device on June 30th this year. While T-Mobile did not expressly say that the 3G version would follow the next day, the iPhone's current and potential worldwide popularity hint that the new version would not be far behind.


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