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Apple market share at 66% in premium PC bracket

updated 05:00 pm EDT, Mon May 19, 2008

Apple share at 66 percent

Apple's overall market share for computers sits at around 14-percent, but when narrowed down to only contrast sales of higher-end PCs costing over $1000 - since only the venerable Mac Mini typically costs less -that number skyrockets to 66-percent. eWEEK's Joe Wilcox writes that the NPD analyst group discovered that as the PC desktop market is down about 25-percent, with laptop sales flat, Apple has seen 45-percent growth in desktops, and 50- to 60-percent growth with portables.

Wilcox notes that Windows Vista is not entirely to blame, with Microsoft recently claiming the next-generation OS has sold 140 million copies. The news also defies typical retail logic, since bargain-basement pricing is what normally attracts buyers to brick-and-mortar retail locations - where NPD received its data.

Apple's retail stores, as well as the iPod-iTunes ecosystem, are helping to create an end-to-end system, where customers are only arms-length from Apple if they need assistance.

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  1. chucker

    Joined: Dec 1969



    That's amazing, to me that says us mac users really are getting royally screwed...

  1. ophiochos

    Joined: Dec 1969



    that means the Ferrari metaphor has to go. Not that many people drive Ferraris.

    so, among those who could care less...Macs have the bigger market share.

    Cool. AT last, I'm in the majority. Got bored of being in a minority.

  1. scotte75ky

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Market share

    And with this news I am still the only person that I know of using a Mac. Well, there is a girl at work using an old IBook, but other then that it's all PC people.

  1. starwarrior

    Joined: Dec 1969


    It's about productivity

    Computers are about productivity. Those who need it have computers which cost over $1000. It does not matter whether is is a PC or Mac. Those who do not need productivity can buy what they want. Who cares?

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    But what a worthless survey. If you note, this is a report on brick-and-mortar stores, not overall sales. Since most PC stores sell mid-range computers that typically cost in the sub-1000 market, and all macs are over $1000, it would seem obvious that Apple would have a high percentage of those sales.

    Add to that the fact that most higher-end PC buyers tend to buy on-line to configure their systems as they need them, and with a lot more choice, and it shows nothing.

  1. chucker

    Joined: Dec 1969



    thanks testudo, you managed to explain that without the usual fanboy bullsh*t.

    But still - does everyone agree that macs cost too much,

    and that there aren't enough macs in the sub $1000 range, which lets face it, is going to be the biggest area of computer sales in the future

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Keep in mind this might show that Apple buyers are also more stupid or less concerned with price then PC buyers (mac buyers are elitists - wait, we already knew that). Most people, you'd think, would want to get the best deal and save a little cash. I bought my stock MBP from Amazon, saving $150 with a rebate, making $75 for buying it on my amazon card, and saving $125 in sales tax, for a grand total of $350. h***, the savings alone covered the cost of Applecare for the machine, a must with laptops (which you can also get at a discount from Amazon, BTW).

  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    testudo and prices

    "... all macs are over $1000..."

    Nice try, Ace.

    The Mac Mini still starts at $599.

  1. Loren

    Joined: Dec 1969


    ferraris indeed

    The MicroCenter salesman subbing from the PC department , overheard to a customer-

    "All Macs are Ferraris... don't expect cheap."

    I picked up a Mini I was playing with.

    "What about this??"

    They looked over. He replies,

    "That's a BUDGET Ferrari."

    I just rolled my eyes like that Geico caveman.

  1. Mimi-mim

    Joined: Dec 1969


    It's not all about price

    I think what people don't notice or know is that you get more boom for your buck with a Mac.

    Leopard, iLife, iWork. Not to mention the functionality of the physical design (mag-safe power connector, for example). And a total lack of crapware trial software. You can just do a wider variety of things better using a box-standard Mac.

    I'm a fanboy elitist lamer Mac t***. I say a grand spent on a Mac is probably worth more than a grand spent on a Windows drone.

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