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Readdle developing native iPhone, Touch app

05/06, 9:20pm

Readdle native iPhone app

Readdle on Tuesday announced plans to unveil an iPhone 2.0 application of its as-of-now web service, allowing users to read documents on their iPod touch or iPhone when offline. The company also claims the native application will enhance the service's functionality, citing seamless storage, page-by-page reading, bookmarks, and optimized PDF rendering, among other options. Readdle has not announced whether it will charge for the application when the iPhone application store launches.

Smith Micro releases Poser Pro for 2D, 3D design

05/06, 7:35pm

Power Po for 2D & 3D

Smith Micro on Tuesday announced Poser Pro, which it says is designed for professional content creators within studio and production environments. The software offers advanced features that include scene-hosting plug-ins for popular 3D environments, as well as a 64-bit render engine, COLLADA support and advanced network rendering. Poser Pro offers 3D character design and animation tools that help artists integrate custom and pre-built characters into professional projects and production pipelines; it lets artists fine-tune light, shadow, color and detail on figures, and ships with distributable 3D characters that are specially designed to provide a starting point for scene development, thereby saving production time.

Divine Fiat unveils "Grunge" Keynote theme

05/06, 7:30pm

Divine Fiat Grunge theme

Divine Fiat on Monday announced Grunge, a new alternative Keynote presentation theme for Apple's presentation software. The theme includes the font "Base 02" for an edgy feel to written text, while pictures sit in an oval cutout. Dark lines radiate from the center of almost every slide, and the set includes 40 master slides, providing a wide array of options. Divine Fiat is currently selling Grunge for $30, and it is available from the company's website.

AOL Desktop for Mac, new browser, AIM client

05/06, 7:10pm

AOL Desktop for Mac

AOL on Tuesday unveiled AOL Desktop for Mac, a brand new portal software for the company's internet services, representing the first such major release in five years. The client offers email, messaging, and web browsing services, as well as access to the company's various content channels. AOL includes easy transition tools, which allow users to quickly import AOL favourites and mail from the former Mac OS X client. AOL Desktop for Mac is available from the company's website.

Microsoft resumes Windows XP SP3 distribution

05/06, 7:00pm

Windows XP SP3 available

Microsoft on Tuesday resumed the availability of Windows XP SP3 at its website. Last week, the company pulled the update from its public servers due to some compatibility issues; it delayed the general release of Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), due to a last-minute discovered incompatibility. The update, released to manufacturing two weeks ago, was expected to be generally available on April 29th and later in early Summer as an automatic update. Microsoft said it is now offering "hotfix" for the compatibility issues with its Dynamics Retail Management System, which it says should be installed first.

Sprint nears closure on $12b WiMax deal

05/06, 6:25pm

Sprint nears deal on WiMax

Sprint is nearing closure on a $12 billion joint venture with Clearwire, backed by industry giants such as Intel, Google, Time Warner, and Comcast, among others. The Wall Street Journal reveals that Sprint would merge its wireless broadband services with Clearwire, after raising a total of $3.2 billion from the aforementioned technology and wireless firms, of which the final approval was given Tuesday. The announcement could come as soon as Wednesday, according to insiders.

First Look: LaCie Hard Disk by Neil Poulton

05/06, 4:50pm

LaCie Poulton Hard Disk

You should always backup your data so you never lose any of your files. While you can always backup your files to a USB flash drive or a DVD, those solutions may not be able to store enough data, forcing you to copy your data to multiple devices or discs. For most people the simplest solution is to backup data using an external hard disk, plugged into a Mac through a USB or FireWire cable. You can buy dedicated external hard disks, or connect an old external hard disk using a drive enclosure. If you want an external hard disk with a stylish exterior, however, you might want to consider LaCie's Hard Disk by Neil Poulton.

Neil Young to put all music on Blu-ray with Internet

05/06, 4:45pm

Neil Young Blu-ray

Musician Neil Young today said he would take the unusual step of releasing his entire music catalog on Blu-ray discs, making him one of the few artists to make the jump to the standard so far. The extra space on each disc will let the rock musician both boost the sound quality above CDs and downloads but will also give room for extra material such as videos and previously unpublished material. The discs will also be some of the first music-focused Blu-ray titles to use BD-Live and will let users download extra tracks and photos to PlayStation 3s and other players that support Internet access and storage for Blu-ray titles.

Sun demonstrates JavaFX scripting language

05/06, 4:35pm

Sun demos JavaFX language

Sun Microsystems on Tuesday announced it will soon be releasing JavaFX Rich Client Technology, a family of products for creating Rich Internet Applications without resorting to complex programming associated with Java. The announcement took place at the 13th annual JavaOne Conference. JavaFX programs will allow easier access and therefore appeal to more people who wish to create Java applications, the according to Sun's executives.

Another Mac-clone maker surfaces on eBay

05/06, 4:30pm

Mac-clone maker on eBay

Psystar's flagrant disregard of Apple's licensing agreement has opened the proverbial floodgates for individuals selling non-Apple Mac OS X systems, with a seller by the name of "chris555" offering $550 clones of his own design. AppleInsider reveals that the individual has configured a similar setup to that of Psystar, with a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of DDR2 667MHz RAM, 250GB hard drive, a 20X DVD burner, and an Intel GMA 950 graphics card.

CS Odessa announces ConceptDraw Office

05/06, 4:25pm

ConceptDraw Office

Ukraine's CS Odessa has announced the development of ConceptDraw Office, a forthcoming project management suite. The suite collects the company's PRO, PROJECT and MINDMAP applications, and integrates them into a single platform; together the apps are claimed to handle "all aspects" of project management, from brainstorming and team creation through to planning, resources and results.

HP offers YouTube service on MediaSmart products

05/06, 4:05pm

HP offers direct YouTube

HP on Tuesday announced a partnership with YouTube that will enable users of the company's HP MediaSmart connected entertainment products to view YouTube videos on their TVs, using nothing but a remote control. The company's MediaSmart products already make accessing digital media content from networked home PCs simple with one menu. In a similar fashion as Apple TV, the new alliance will bring full-screen YouTube videos to users' living rooms, requiring them only to log in to their YouTube accounts via the keyboard-less MediaSmart interface.

Panasonic prices BD50 Blu-ray player

05/06, 4:05pm

Panasonic BD50 Priced

Panasonic on Tuesday came closer to launching its anticipated DMP-BD50 Blu-ray player by setting its price and reaffirming its launch window. The BD50 will stand as Panasonic's flagship with a $700 price tag and is still on track to launch before the end of the spring as an eventual replacement for the current BD30. Panasonic hasn't yet revealed a phase-out plan for the older device.

Sprint targets iPhone in new Instinct ad

05/06, 3:45pm

Sprint Instinct vs. iPhone

The iPhone is the target of a new Sprint commercial promoting Samsung's Instinct phone, due to ship in June. The ad pits the two devices in side-by-side competition, as each attempts to find a caller's location. Both are able to reach their end result in roughly the same amount of time, but the Instinct is able to deliver a more precise location, while the iPhone can only narrow positioning down to a few city blocks. The Instinct is also able to present a 3D view of its results.

Nokia E71 smartphone to drop Thursday?

05/06, 3:25pm

Nokia E71 Thursday

Nokia's anticipated E71 smartphone could be ready as early as this week, according to tips handed to GSMHelpdesk. The Dutch site says the phone could be announced this Thursday and points to multiple online stores in its own country that already list the phone. The entries all point to the device being a major upgrade over the aging E61i with 3G Internet over HSDPA, Wi-Fi, and true GPS being its most prominent upgrades.

Piper: Vodafone will bost iPhone sales, skew revenue

05/06, 3:05pm

Piper on Vodafone iPhones

Vodafone's announcement of iPhone sales in 10 different countries carries with it both positive and negative aspects, say analysts with the research group Piper Jaffray. The most dramatic change is in the number of potential subscribers, which should jump from 152.7 million to 292.5 million. This offers the possibility of a major boon to device sales, even though like the rest of the world, most Vodafone subscribers will not be rich enough to afford an iPhone and an accompanying plan.

Dell adds urban art to Inspiron 1525 mix

05/06, 2:50pm

Inspiron 1525 Mike Ming

Dell this afternoon introduced a rare variant on its home notebooks. The Inspiron 1525 Mike Ming Editions each get graffiti-influenced artwork by their Brooklyn-based namesake on the outer lid, personalizing the systems beyond the solid colors and stock prints that are normally available for the 15.4-inch notebooks. Regardless of the trim level, users can either pick from the monochrome-effect "Bunch O Surfers" or the multicolored "Sea Sky."

Sony PlayTV for PS3, Go!View for PSP get ship dates

05/06, 2:35pm

Sony PlayTV, Go!View

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on Tuesday announced release dates for its long-awaited PlayTV add-on for the PS3 and Go!View video service for the PSP. PlayTV will enable the PS3's hard drive to record TV shows thanks to its dual TV tuners. The included software has a 7-day programming guide, and the recorded programs can be viewed remotely over Wi-Fi or transferred to the PSP as well.

BlackBerry 9000 given pre-unveiling review

05/06, 2:15pm

BBerry 9000 Proto Review

Fan site Crackberry today landed review an early form of the BlackBerry 9000 has already surfaced today courtesy of a prototype sold without approval online, providing confirmation of most of its features. The handset is now known to be capable of 3G on providers such as AT&T and Rogers, and appears to include both the sharper 480x320 display as well as the updated BlackBerry OS that provides a smoother, more natural interface.

AT&T to hold 'Special Promo' in June/July?

05/06, 1:55pm

ATT Special Promo Note

AT&T has sectioned off nearly a month between June and July in order to coordinate employees for an "exciting Special Promotional Launch," says an internal memo reportedly leaked to Engadget. The message notes that staff will be unable to book vacations between June 15th and July 12th due to the resource demands of the unnamed event, which is already believed to relate to the launch of an updated iPhone in the same timeframe. AT&T employees were allegedly asked to stay available for work during the same period last year, during the iPhone's official debut.

TomTom: No cellphones in the works

05/06, 1:10pm

TomTom: No cellphones

TomTom, maker of GPS devices like the ONE and the ONE XL, has no plans to build its own cellphones, according to a report out of Taiwan. DigiTimes cites a "top executive" from TomTom Asia, who says that the company will continue to focus on in-car navigation units, and accompanying content and services. TomTom has been collaborating with ASUS and HTC on navigation features for their own handsets, using parts from still more companies.

Treo 800w due at Sprint July 22nd

05/06, 12:35pm

Sprint 800w on Jul. 22

Sprint has set a date for the release of Palm's Treo 800w, according to WMExperts. The smartphone is said to be going on sale with the carrier on July 22nd, echoing an earlier leaked slide presentation which pointed only to that month in general. No pricing has been indicated, but it should be available in a "charcoal" black color, distinguishing itself from typically brightly-hued Treos.

Microsoft sets Zune Canada launch dates, prices

05/06, 12:00pm

Zune Canada Launch Info

Microsoft this morning at last confirmed the launch information for the Zune in Canada, the first launch of its music players outside of the US. The devices will be available as of June 13th and will include a slightly different lineup than in the Zune's home country: while keeping the new red Zune 80, the Canadian catalog will drop the less popular green Zune 4 and 8 models. Microsoft also has no immediate plans to launch the Zune Marketplace in the region but has not provided an explanation.

Apple gains patents for iPod nano, more

05/06, 11:55am

Apple patents iPod nano

The US Patent and Trademark Office today granted several patents to Apple, among them a collection of iPod technologies. Predominant among these is the design of the iPod nano, despite it being on sale in the US since September of 2005. More than a dozen people are credited with the invention, including key designer Jonathan Ive and Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The patent may however apply specifically to the second-generation Nano, as it was originally applied for in September of 2006.

BlackBerry Niagra for CDMA, Javelin for GSM?

05/06, 11:45am

BBerry Niagra and Javelin

RIM's BlackBerry Niagra is actually representative of two different phones, according to a further scoop from BGR. The Niagra itself will reportedly be a data-focused version for CDMA networks such as Sprint in the US or Telus in Canada and will still support 3G access over EVDO, including RIM's first-ever EVDO Revision A support for faster connections. In return, Wi-Fi will be dropped while navigation is likely to be limited to assisted GPS.

Parrot launches designer series digital photo frame

05/06, 11:25am

Parrot designer frame

Parrot on Tuesday announced the latest addition to its range of digital photo frames with one designed by French artist Andrée Putman. The near six-inch screen is framed with contrasting black and white tones with subtle transparency. Transferring photos, in typical Parrot fashion, can be done wirelessly thanks to the frame's integrated Bluetooth connectivity. The frame also kicks off the wireless mobile telephony device maker's Designer Collection of products.

Acer intros Business, Value LCD series

05/06, 11:20am

Acer Biz and Value LCDs

Acer today made sweeping changes to its LCD lineup with two whole new display lines. The Business line is tailored to both workers and home users who want an essentialist design with flexibility: the built-in arm tilts up 15 degres or down by 5 and also allows 35 degree pivoting in either direction without adjusting the stand. Despite the name, contrast ratios are also vivid enough at 2,000:1 or 3,000:1 for most models, with a 5ms average pixel response time eliminating most ghosting.

iTunes UK adds NBC/Universal, despite US boycott

05/06, 10:50am

iTunes UK & NBC/Universal

The UK iTunes Store has added a variety of TV shows from NBC/Universal (iTunes link) in spite of their absence from iTunes in the US. Selection is currently limited, but incorporates seasons of Heroes, House, Eureka, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and The Incredible Hulk. Unlike the standard iTunes pricing model, notably, which is consistent across all shows, active shows at the UK store (such as Heroes) are being priced at £1.89 per episode, while defunct ones have a separate rate of only £1.19.

NVIDIA debuts Hybrid SLI

05/06, 10:40am


NVIDIA is shifting its emphasis from speed to energy today with the official launch of Hybrid SLI, its unique power-saving graphics technology. Rather than run two chips at once for greater performance, as with normal SLI, the new approach dynamically switches between video hardware depending on the need. In casual use, the technology can run on basic integrated video to save power and reduce heat; games and other demanding tasks will automatically invoke a dedicated graphics card if present.

Super Talent rolls 120GB SSD for $699

05/06, 10:15am

Super Talent 120GB SSD

Super Talent on Tuesday introduced its MasterDrive MX series, a new set of solid-state drives that it hopes will make notebook flash storage more affordable without sacrificing speed. The new 2.5-inch line is built on less expensive multi-level cell (MLC) technology that packs more storage into a given space, reducing the cost; unlike most MLC storage, the company uses new technology that should be both longer-lasting and faster and compare more closely with single-level cell drives. Every model can read sequential data at the same 120MB per second as SLC storage and write at 40MB per second, outpacing many conventional hard drives.

NY Times: 3G iPhone in Europe before August

05/06, 10:10am

iPhone in Europe by August

The 3G broadband version of the iPhone should be on sale in at least some European countries before August, according to the New York Times. The newspaper cites an unidentified source "close to the situation," who says that the timing is connected to plans by Vodafone and Telecom Italia to release the phone across the continent. Specifically, Apple is said to want the 3G version on sale in new countries before the peak of the European vacation season, a time when many people might like to make use of functions such as the phone's mobile web browser.

Microsoft infotainment for Hyundai, Kia vehicles

05/06, 9:45am

Microsoft powers Hyundai

Microsoft Auto software will find its way into Hyundai and Kia vehicles in North America, the South Korea-based automaker announced on Tuesday. The news came during Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates' trip to meet South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and will involve the two companies develop and integrate infotainment systems for the vehicles. The deal was two years in the making, and would result in a system similar to the one Microsoft developed for Ford, where it is dubbed Sync.

Italy to have two iPhone carriers

05/06, 9:25am

Italian iPhone carriers

Italy will be one of the first countries in the world to support the iPhone on multiple carriers, an announcement reveals. Local carrier Telecom Italia, also known as TIM, has declared that it will also sell the device alongside Vodafone, which today uncovered its plans to sell the device in 10 countries around the world. Responding to further inquiries, TIM will only elaborate that it has "signed an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone in Italy within the year."

Gateway intros new FX, mainstream towers

05/06, 9:20am

Gateway FX Towers May 2008

Gateway this morning revamped the core of its desktop line to take advantage of newer processors. The FX7026 and the higher-end FX541 series replace earlier models in Gateway's gaming line and all focus on quad-core as well as fast 3D. The base FX7026 starts off with a 2.5GHz Core 2 Quad, 4GB of RAM, and a factory-overclocked GeForce 8800 GT for video. It also includes Western Digital's new 640GB Caviar drive at its $1,100 price point. The FX541 series adds an SLI-capable mainboard with two GPU slots; a stock $1,200 model is similar to its lower-end sibling, while the FX541XT at the very high end includes an overclocked but unnamed CPU as well as dual GeForce 8800 GT cards and other features for $3,500.

HTC intros Touch Diamond ahead of 3G iPhone

05/06, 7:55am

HTC Touch Diamond

HTC this morning at a London press event unveiled its anticipated Touch Diamond, the company's first major update to the core Touch model since its unveiling a year ago. The phone is the first to incorporate HTC's new TouchFLO 3D interface and uses it to access messaging, media, and other features without reverting to a stylus or the directional pad; common operations such as calling should be usable with just one finger, the company claims. To support the new interface, the Diamond uses Windows Mobile 6.1 and includes a 640x480, 2.8-inch touchscreen that offers four times the crispness of the original, 320x240 Touch.

Zune gets TV shows, Zune Card sharing, more

05/06, 7:25am

Zune TV Shows

Microsoft this morning gave the Zune its first true video service. The version 2.5 update to the Zune software now lets users buy TV shows from the Zune Marketplace and allows them to choose from over 800 episodes from various shows and TV networks, including former iTunes supporter NBC Universal. Shows are sorted not only by network but also by genre, allowing users to browse animation or dramas regardless of the provider. Each show is priced equally to shows from its Apple rival at 160 Microsoft points ($1.99 in the US) but doesn't qualify for the unlimited-access Zune Pass.

Vodafone to carry iPhone in ten countries

05/06, 6:45am

Vodafone iPhone 10 Nations

Vodafone today made the revelation that it will be an official carrier for the iPhone in ten countries around the world. The telecoms firm will offer the handset to Europeans in the Czech Republic, Italy, and Portugal; Greece, India, and Turkey will be covered by Vodafone in Asia, while Australia, Egypt, New Zealand, and South Africa will also be served by the company. Vodafone doesn't say when it will offer the iPhone other than later this year and avoids other details, including pricing.

HighPoint debuts 4-channel SAS RAID card

05/06, 2:05am

4-channel SAS RAID card

HighPoint has released the RocketRAID 2640X4, a four-channel PCI-Express x4 SAS RAID controller that supports RAID levels (0, 1, 5, 10 and JBOD). The company claims the new SAS RAID controller offers a new level of flexibility, performance and reliability at an affordable price. The RocketRAID 2640X4 PCI-Express x4 bus speed delivers "true SAS performance" that is 2X the throughput speed of SATA bypassing performance bottlenecks that occur with PCI-Express x1 bus speeds limiting SAS performance throughput to SATA speeds, Highpoint claims.

Script Software offers CopyPaste Pro beta

05/06, 2:00am

CopyPaste Pro beta ships

Script Software on Monday debuted CopyPaste Pro 1.0b, a beta update to the original multiple clipboard utility for the Mac. It offers a new instantly available window (like Apple's Application Switcher) that lets users navigate through the Clip History and Clip Archive as well as offers an editor called "Bean," which enables the users to edit clipboards. Rewritten in Cocoa and Objective C, the update also offers a new easier and simpler interface that follows the look and feel of Apple's Dock and Application Switcher and offers significant performance improvements, especially on Intel-based Macs and in Leopard. CopyPaste Pro is a Universal Binary for native operation on Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs and runs on both Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

VMware Fusion 2 beta adds multi displays, more

05/06, 1:00am

VMware Fusion 2.0 beta 1

VMware today unveiled VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 1, a free beta preview of the next major update to its OS virtualization software, which introduces many new features, including true multi-display support for virtual machines. In addition to using multiple displays, the beta also introduces experimental support for DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 2, allowing users to run complex 3D software in a virtualized environment. When it ships, VMware Fusion 2.0 will be a free upgrade for all existing v1.x users, while new users can purchase Fusion for $80.

EarthBrowser 3.0: Doppler, browser, Northern Lights

05/06, 12:05am

EarthBrowser 3.0 available

Lunar Software has released EarthBrowser 3.0, an update to the real-time three dimensional model of the earth that offers continuously updated global information. The software renders a virtual representation of the earth along with a large variety of current data, including new Doppler Radar and Northern Lights overlays, animated weather model forecasts from NOAA, and more. Animated weather model forecasts from the NOAA are continuously updated for the entire world, and include datasets for Precipitation, Snowfall, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Wind Speed/Direction and more.


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