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Pooch cluster app supports Leopard's Open MPI

04/29, 11:55pm

Pooch 1.7.6 uses Open MPI

Dauger Research has released version 1.7.6 of Pooch (Parallel OperatiOn and Control Heuristic application) and Pooch Pro clustering software. The clustering technology now taps Open MPI, an open-source MPI implementation found Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" and formed through a partnership between academia, research, and the industry. Pooch merges a modern graphical user interface with supercomputer-compatible parallel computing. Version 1.7.6 connects to Open MPI built into Leopard via a pair of software modules, enabling Pooch to communicate with Open MPI so its daemons can launch the MPI application. Pooch can then identify and track Open MPI's execution, which is only available in the latest Mac OS X 10.5; it is the seventh MPI implementation Pooch supports.

Sealife DC800 takes photos, video 200ft deep

04/29, 11:30pm

DC800 camera goes 200ft

SeaLife on Tuesday introduced its new sleek, modern DC800 8-megapixel camera, which it says is water-proof to 200ft (60m) underwater. The SD/SDHC-based camera offers an ergonomic design, large shutter button and well-spaced buttons to help use the device underwater. In addition, the DC800 can also be removed from its rubber armored waterproof housing for use under more standard conditions and includes a wide-angle optical lens with 4x optical/5x digital zoom, a 2.7-inch LCD, auto focus up to 2 inches (5cm) and a video mode to capture high-resolution digital video (640x480) along with sound. The DC800 has virtually no shutter lag, the company claims, thanks to a fast shutter response time and also offers a quick-start for fast action photography.

Patents: QuickTime, Shuffle dock, streaming, more

04/29, 11:15pm

Quicktime Shuffle patents

Apple today was granted four patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office, pertaining to the dock for the new iPod shuffle, QuickTime, measuring bandwidth, and media serving. Simply filed as "Stand", Apple wrote that "the stand, which can be utilized as a dock, is used to support an electronic device, such as a media player, media storage device, cellular phone, PDA and/or the like." The stand was later revealed to be the syncing mechanism for the now USB-less Shuffle.

Samsung claims "world's smallest" color laser printer

04/29, 11:00pm

Compact laser printer

Samsung Korea on Tuesday introduced what it claims are the smallest color laser printers ever built. According to the Akihabara News, the CLP-315K is 20 percent smaller than the previous generation the CLP-300; it operates at 45dB and features a resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi, 32MB of internal memory, speed of 16 pages per minutes (ppm) in black and four ppm in color. In addition to the smaller footprints, Samsung claims that it has "drastically improved" the photo output quality.

IOGEAR offers 4-port dual-link KVMP, more

04/29, 10:05pm

IOGEAR expands KVMP line

IOGEAR on Tuesday introduced three new additions its KVM product line. The company's new 2- and 4-Port KVMP Switches with USB 2.0 hub and 2.1 Stereo (GCS1802 for $200 and GCS1804 for $300) allow small and home office users to share USB 2.0 peripherals, such as printers and scanners, with multiple computers. Users can control several machines with a single keyboard and mouse, and using a single monitor; in addition, audio enthusiasts can also listen to favorite songs, programs and audio clips in high-quality through PC speakers, as both products support 2.1 stereo sound. Designed for avid gamers and graphic designers, IOGEAR's 4-Port Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switch (GCS1204 for $450) supports up to 3840 X 2400 resolutions, allowing for easy viewing of intense graphics that may normally appear distorted and blurry at lower resolutions.

Denoise 1.0: noise, grain suppression utility

04/29, 9:35pm

Denoise 1.0 for Mac OS X

Banana Bee has released Denoise 1.0, an easy-to-use, noise and grain suppression utility for Mac OS X. Designed from the ground up for OS X, Denoise removes noise and grain from photographs. Users can simply drag an image from the Finder or iPhoto and Denoise will dutifully do its magic, and save the result. Image noise, a random fluctuation of pixel values in an image, can originate in film grain or in electronic noise in the scanner or digital camera sensor and circuitry. In addition, the company notes, that in low light, or at high ISO speed settings, digital cameras tend to produce images with more apparent image noise and that noise removal can result in loss of some image detail. However, advanced noise-reduction algorithms can distinguish between the image detail and unwanted noise, and alter an image in noisy areas without loss of quality.

Apple adds Java SE 6 to Mac OS X Leopard

04/29, 8:45pm

Leopard gets Java SE 6

Apple has released Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1 for 64-bit Intel Macs, finally enabling Java 1.6 on the newest Mac OS X Leopard release. The update adds support for Java SE 6, specifically version 1.6.0_05, although v1.6.0_06 is the latest release. Apple says that the release "does not change the default version of Java" and is only for Mac OS X v10.5.2 and later; it should not be installed on earlier versions of Mac OS X: "This release is for 64-bit Intel-based Macs only and cannot run on PowerPC-based or 32-bit Intel-based Macs," Apple wrote in its documentation. The 58MB update is available via the Mac OS X Software Update. Apple notes that the release, first seeded to developers in early March, provides several additional features including support for AppleScript as a javax.script language, new API for altering the application Dock icon, and native support for document modal sheets.

MacBook Air owner installs EVDO internally

04/29, 7:50pm

MacBook Air internal EVDO

One MacBook Air owner, Jordan Bunnell, has disassembled his prized ultraportable in order to install a stripped-down Verizon USB727 Aircard for dongle-less EVDO connectivity. Bunnell replaced the internal Airport card, located underneath the left-hand palm rest area, with the components inside the 727. To complete the operation, he also had to file away three screw mounts for the card to fit, as well as removing the USB connector to solder leads to the computer's USB port.

AT&T may subsidize 3G iPhone by $200 - report

04/29, 6:20pm

Potential iPhone subsidy

AT&T will begin offering a subsidy on iPhones with a two-year contract when the 3G iPhone is introduced, bringing the estimated, subsidized cost of the device to $200 - half of its current suggested retail price. According to CNN Money, the agreement would only be available through AT&T; Apple stores would not be eligible for the discounted rate. The move is said to be a recruiting tactic, in the hopes it will coerce T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon customers to switch teams.

Upcoming HTC Touch Find specs gleaned

04/29, 5:00pm

HTC Touch Find specs

The upcoming HTC press event in London on May 6th promises to bring not just information on the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro but also more regarding the Titanium and Touch Find, say a number of leaks. Further rumors from GSMArena corroborate reports that the Titanium may be called Touch DUAL Pro when it launches and replace the original model. It should be similar in spec to the Diamond but add a 12 or 20 key sliding keypad depending on the country, the sharper 640x480 screen, Wi-Fi, and a sharper 3-megapixel camera.

PhoneValet 5.4 improves iPhone/Touch audio

04/29, 4:50pm

PhoneValet 5.4 update

Parliant has published another update for PhoneValet, its virtual call management software. The application automatically screens, identifies, records and transfers calls, with further options such as automatic dialing and VoIP integration. Using the Anywhere add-on owners can check voicemail via the web, including through a special client for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Apple re-evaluating iPhone distribution?

04/29, 4:45pm

iPhone exclusivity issue

Apple could be re-evaluating its iPhone exclusivity agreements in future global releases as it expands into Europe, Asia, Central, and South America. Spanish language news site CincoDias writes that the same business methodology that Apple used to successfully launch the iPhone in the US doesn't necessarily mean the approach works globally. The publication cites poor European sales - when contrasted to North American numbers - especially due to individuals compromising the device's exclusivity through alternative means.

Microsoft cutting Xbox 360 pricing in Asia

04/29, 4:40pm

MS cuts Asian Xbox prices

After last month's price drop in Europe, Microsoft announced on Tuesday it is slashing prices on its Xbox 360 gaming console again, this time in four Asian markets. In order to bolster sales and bring its Xbox "to an even wider user base," the software giant says it has cut prices of its Xbox 360 Premium model with its 20GB hard drive by as much as nearly 20 percent in Singapore, with a 17 percent decrease in Taiwan, 11 percent drop in Hong Kong and 5 percent reduction in South Korea.

T-Mobile 3G live this week, Sony phones in July?

04/29, 4:30pm

T-Mo 3G May Come This Week

T-Mobile's long-delayed 3G cellular Internet access will first be available as early as this week, says new information from BGR. The company's proprietary 1,700MHz service will reportedly become active on Thursday and should be available for subscribers in at least New York City; separate rumors also have the faster service available in Los Angeles and Miami in the near future. Other regional launches aren't yet known but should take place over coming months.

VPN Tracker 5.2 adds SonicWALL support

04/29, 4:10pm

VPN Tracker 5.2 ships

equinux has released a new update for VPN Tracker, its IPsec-based Mac VPN client software. The tool is deliberately designed to mimic iChat, and can automatically connect to a VPN based on current location, as well as perform routine start-up tasks such as checking mail and mounting appropriate volumes. equinux claims to support over 300 VPN devices, from companies such as Cisco, Netgear, Nortel and more.

JoeSoft's Stox 1.1 adds new tracking tools

04/29, 3:40pm

Stox 1.1 released

JoeSoft has released the v1.1 update to Stox, its stock portfolio management program. The software organizes data into a single window, but lets users create reports and color-coded charts, and gather information such as analyst opinions and performance evaluations. New to this version of Stox are increased tracking tools, such as graphs of portfolio and equity value. Automatic e-mail notifications are present, and extra Technical Charts have been added, along with rearrangement options.

Samsung Glyde surfaces in Verizon system

04/29, 3:25pm

Samsung Glyde in VZ System

The Samsung U940 has shown up in Verizon's internal system and reveals most important details about the device before its launch, according to a tip handed to Phone Arena. Already known to be called the Glyde, this slight downgrade of the international F700 is now understood to have a lower-resolution 2-megapixel camera but will have a more customized interface and features, including access to Verizon's in-house music and video services as well as VZNavigator for assisted GPS navigation.

Messenger for Mac 7 adds Bonjour, AV meetings

04/29, 3:10pm

Messenger for Mac 7 ships

Microsoft has released Messenger for Mac 7, the latest version of its ported instant messaging client. For all users the major addition is support for Apple's Bonjour technology, which lets users more quickly detect other users and peripherals on a network. It is now also possible to sort through contacts with a new search tool, and create nicknames for people that will remain unchanged even as their screen name is altered.

Radeon HD 3870 for Mac Pro by end of May?

04/29, 2:40pm

Radeon HD 3870 for Mac Pro

AMD's Radeon HD 3870 will become available in a Mac version during May, a report suggests. Citing a "reliable source," the report claims that AMD's mid-range video card will "definitely" ship in Mac form before June, sold as a retail upgrade for owners of current and older Mac Pro desktops. The card should have 512MB of DDR4 RAM, and remain compatible with Windows XP and Vista on dual-boot systems; users are expected, however, to be unable to take advantage of CrossFire SLI modes under Mac OS X.

Razer brings DeathAdder gaming mouse to Mac

04/29, 2:40pm

Razer DeathAdder for Mac

In an unusual move for an often Windows-centric company, Razer on Tuesday launched the DeathAdder Mac Edition, its first gaming mouse specifically tailored to the Mac. The new version includes drivers specifically geared towards first-person shooters on Apple's OS and lets users reprogram any of the five buttons or make adjustments to the mouse's sensitivity in real time. The optics in the DeathAdder peak at up to 1800 DPI with a one-millisecond response time and make snap responses to game events possible.

BBC offers shows through iTunes in US

04/29, 2:20pm

BBC and iTunes

BBC today has announced that its programming is now available through the iTunes Store in the U.S. Starting today on iTunes, customers can purchase single episodes and complete seasons of BBC America's sci-fi series Torchwood, the the comedy Little Britain and hit drama series Robin Hood -- which premiered its second season Saturday on cable channel BBC America. During the run of the new season, Robin Hood episodes will be available on iTunes 24 hours after its premiere, Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Like other shows on iTunes, BBC's programming the U.S. for $1.99 per episode and can be viewed on a Mac or PC, iPod with video, iPhone or widescreen TV with Apple TV.

BlackBerry 9000 documents leak, release in July?

04/29, 2:20pm

BBerry 9000 Docs Leak

The revision of the BlackBerry OS that will accompany the BlackBerry 9000 should address many of the limitations of earlier phones, if documents leaked to BGR are indicative of the final release. In addition to confirming the radical visual change to the interface and its use of a "ribbon" for app shortcuts, the document for BlackBerry OS 4.6 notes the smartphone will include a fuller web browser with support for CSS and JavaScript code, web downloads, and streaming video embedded into websites.

Sirius radio to reach Logitech music systems

04/29, 1:10pm

Sirius on Logitech systems

Three of Logitech's networked music hubs -- the Squeezebox, Squeezebox Duet and the Transporter -- will soon gain direct support for Sirius' Internet Radio service, the latter company has announced. Using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, owners will be able to select from over 80 different stations, including talk programming such as Howard Stern and NFL Radio. More critically, the support will come as a software update, and will be controllable away from a hub or a computer, via remote.

Research in Motion to develop for iPhone?

04/29, 12:35pm

RIM developing for iPhone?

Research in Motion, originator of the popular BlackBerry smartphone, may in fact be seeking to develop applications for Apple's iPhone, anonymous sources tell AppleInsider. A job listing for such a role is said to be circulating internally, with so few details that even RIM employees may not fully understand what their work will entail. "As part of a newly-created team, you'll influence the development and design of BlackBerry software," the notice reads. "This is a very confidential brand new team and a senior position within RIM so I can't provide too many details. I guess you can figure out what it might be about though."

AOL announces Open Voice APIs

04/29, 12:15pm

AOL intros Open Voice APIs

On Tuesday, AOL introduced Open Voice Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that could bring mainstream VoIP a step closer to cell phone use. The APIs would endow third-party developers and VoIP device makers with open standards that would in turn allow them to integrate AOL Instant Messenger's Call Out service into softphones, SIP-enabled hardware and even Wi-Fi enabled cell phones. This would allow cell phone users to make low-cost voice calls via AIM's Call Out service, which would relay them via the Internet instead of the traditional phone network.

Neonode launches N2 in four new colors

04/29, 11:45am

Nenodoe N2 new colors

Sweden-based Neonode announced on Tuesday it will add four vibrant new colors to its N2 cellular phone. Originally offered only in black, Neonode's web store now offers the quad-band GSM phone in Lime (green), Azure (blue), Rubine (red) and Roza (pink). The phone features an optical 2-inch touchscreen with a programmed Neno user interface that uses various finger sweeps across the screen as shortcuts. It is not yet available in the US, but Neonode mentions the new colors are meant to help the company bring the phone to new markets as it attempts to boost sales.

Lenovo U110 on sale, shares MacBook Air CPU

04/29, 11:35am

Lenovo IdeaPad U110 Ships

Lenovo today held its last IdeaPad unveiling for the US this season with the formal launch of the IdeaPad U110. The final version of the PC announced in January is now billed as a crossover ultraportable designed equally for fashionable users as well as serious travelers. Externally, the 11-inch system has a textured metal shell that recalls Lenovo's "Cloud of Promise" Olympic theme and is one of Lenovo's most compact systems yet, weighing under 2.5 pounds and measuring between 0.7 and 0.9 inches thick.

AT&T intros hard-of-hearing plan for iPhone

04/29, 11:30am

AT&T iPhone TAP plan

The iPhone is now eligible for AT&T's Text Accessibility Plan, the company has announced. The TAP package is intended for deaf or hard-of-hearing customers, as a substitute for the phone's normal voice bundles. Customers are instead presented with unlimited SMS messaging, along with the iPhone's typical unlimited e-mail and web browsing. Visual Voicemail remains present, and voice calls can still be dialed out, albeit at a charge of $0.40 per minute.

Russia home to massive unlocked iPhone market

04/29, 11:00am

Russian iPhone market

The iPhone is extremely popular in Russia despite its official absence from the country, according to multiple accounts. Analyst Eldar Murtazin of Mobile Research Group notes that there are approximately 500,000 iPhones operating in Russia, making for the third-highest number in the world after the United States and China; neither China nor Russia have had deals signed between Apple and a regional carrier. Instead, it is said to be common for Russians to travel to the US and buy phones in bulk, and then smuggle them back home for resale.

Paper: 3G iPhone to be smaller, lighter

04/29, 10:45am

3G iPhone Smaller Lighter

The next generation of Apple's phone should include a significantly smaller phone that may replace the existing model, according to claims by Taiwan Economic News. The paper echoes recent rumors in claiming that the device will use a plastic backing in place of aluminum but also contends that the device will be significantly smaller than the original, with a 2.8-inch screen replacing the 3.5-inch model used today. The combination of a lighter material and smaller frame is said to reduce the weight to between 3.9 and 4.2 ounces from the initial model's 4.8.

Verizon announces enV2 ship dates

04/29, 10:00am

Verizon enV2 ship dates

Verizon Wireless on Tuesday announced it will ship the LG enV2 cell phone by the end of April, as promised earlier, with the phone making its official release tomorrow. The enV2 was unveiled at the CTIA Wireless 2008 show at the start of the month, and will be sold at all Verizon retailers across the country as well as Circuit City and on Verizon's website.

OQO UMPC hacked, running Leopard

04/29, 9:50am

OQO UMPC running Leopard

A hacker claims to have installed Mac OS X Leopard on OQO's signature UMPC, the model 02. The software is arranged in a dual-boot configuration with the default OS, Windows Vista, and is said to run virtually everything a Mac would also be capable of, including Cover Flow, Time Machine and the Dashboard. Speed is the major concern at present, as some applications run comparatively slowly, and Leopard requires two and a half minutes to load. Features such as sound, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are all supported.

Nokia to bring real time traffic updates to phones

04/29, 9:45am

Nokia offers RTTI

Finland-based cell phone-maker Nokia on Tuesday announced it will team up with ARC Transistance, the European automobile club network, to provide users of its phones with Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI). The service will be offered as an option with a subscription fee in Nokia Maps 2.0 and any newer Nokia software. Thanks to RTTI, drivers will benefit from shorter commutes as their phone's navigation systems will now be able to inform them of any timely congestion, construction or crashes in their way and re-route as required.

TomTom intros more portable ONE, XL GPS mappers

04/29, 9:40am

TomTom ONE 130 and XL 330

TomTom this morning updated its long-serving ONE and XL lines to make them easier to carry. The 3.5-inch ONE 130 and the widescreen, 4.3-inch XL 330 use refinements in hardware to slim down their bodies considerably compared to the original GPS devices and are designed to be more easily removed from a car either for pedestrian use or for safety: a new mounting system dubbed EasyPort lets users keep the mount attached to the receiver for transport and can even slide into a pocket through a collapsible arm. Larger speakers on either-size map device improve direction notices in noisy situations.

Apple retail workers to change names, uniforms

04/29, 9:10am

Apple Store changes

Apple is making a variety of changes to the ranks and uniforms of its workers, reports say. Mac Geniuses and Mac Specialists are having the "Mac" dropped from their name, reflecting the broader scope many already serve, while Business Consultants are becoming Business Partners. Uniforms are making a variety of subtle shifts; while Genius and Creative staff will hold onto their dark blue clothing, Specialists will take the Concierges' light blue, the latter switching to a bright orange.

Intel suffering from Atom shortage?

04/29, 9:00am

Intel Atom Shortage?

Intel has encountered a supply shortage that will prevent it from fulfilling more than half of the orders for its Atom mobile processors in the next month, according to a report in the Taiwan newspaper Apply Daily. Less than 40 percent of the semiconductor firm's requests are purportedly being met and, as a result, are expected to delay or hurt the rollouts of micro notebooks from a number of new entrants to the field, including from Acer and Dell.

Rogers confirms Canadian iPhone this year

04/29, 8:15am

iPhone for Rogers Confirm

Canadian telecoms provider Rogers today issued a brief note confirming that it has negotiated a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to the country, ending uncertainty that has persisted since the American announcement last year. The company is providing few details at this time but expects a launch before the end of 2008, according to a statement by company chief and founder Ted Rogers.

Apple sued over iPod nano, touch connector

04/29, 12:10am

Dock connector lawsuit?

Apple has been sued by yet another company claiming that it infringed on a patent through components found in the immensely popular iPod media player. Filed last week in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Michigan on behalf of inventor Henry Milan by Detroit-based law firm Butzel Long, it claims that Apple violated a hardware-based patent in its connecting mechanism in the two different media players. The firm argues a violation of U.S. patent No. 6,991,483, which was filed on Nov, 12, 2004, and issued on Jan. 31, 2006, almost five months after launched the iPod nano and six weeks after Apple was contacted about alleged infringement. The patent describes a connector that combines a Flash memory drive and a connection port in a single unit that be made to a variety devices using various adapters.


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