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Microsoft: no demand to keep XP past June

updated 09:25 am EDT, Thu April 24, 2008

MS on Keeping XP

Microsoft would be willing to keep Windows XP available for everyday computers past its June 30th cutoff date but doesn't see a demand for it, company CEO Steve Ballmer said at a Belgian media conference today. The executive acknowledges that enough feedback would have his company extend XP's on-sale period, but argues that "most consumers" are choosing to buy PCs with the newer Windows Vista operating system installed and that few retailers stock computers preloaded with its 2001 ancestor.

Those most likely to demand XP are businesses, as many are more cautious to upgrade and need to ensure that new systems can interoperate well with "old machines," according to Ballmer.

The claims come despite Microsoft's late decision to extend XP sales past mid-year for increasingly popular low-cost systems such as the ASUS Eee PC, which lack the performance to run Vista smoothly. Petitions have also circulated online calling for a more general extension, while Dell has allegedly said it will continue selling XP as an option until 2012 despite Microsoft virtually all support by 2010.

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  1. njfuzzy

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Let's be frank here. Steve Ballmer is a liar. He says whatever he feels will support his strategy, with no attention paid to the facts. It's obvious to anyone watching that demand for XP is high, and interest in Vista is low. His comments are, at best, an attempt to slow the bleeding of interest in Vista.

  1. scotty321

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Wow. Just wow. This is one h*** of a clueless company that keeps making disastrous decisions for themselves. (Despite the fact that there's not a single product at Microsoft worth using anyways.) This decision will totally backfire on them as even MORE people switch to Mac OS X instead.

  1. lexapro

    Joined: Dec 1969


    looking old

    Ballmer is looking real old in that photo. Is he senile?

  1. UberFu

    Joined: Dec 1969


    MacNN ?

    How the f*** does Window Vista ro XP have a god damned thing to do with the Mac? And why the h*** am I reading about this on a Mac- Centered Website?

  1. Paul Huang

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Windows Vista's UI is such a mess. Just go into the most-often used area—control panel—and you will understand. Nothing is in alphabetical order. Nothing is categorized. Not even in frequency of use. Oh, yes, the most-often-used feature (Display properties) is listed at the bottom right corner, where users are least likely to go.

    It's a fact that people are generally shunning Vista, except the mindless herd. Well, maybe Ballmer is right after all.

  1. marmotton

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Windows XP interest

    Actually, uberflu, I think this is interesting. I have a brand new Mac Pro and intends to install Windows oon it for the 0.01% of situations when I might in fat need it. I rather load the least annoying, least demanding (in space and memory) and fastest Windows version I can find, i.e. Windows XP.

    So, if I need to buy an XP license, I rather know that I have to plan on doing this before June.

    So it's useful enough.

  1. jpellino

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Winner and new champeen!

    of the title of Reality Distortion Field Title Holder!

    They must be kidding. This is about as far from the reality of WIN user demand as you could get. Vista is selling because it's bundled. There's plenty of evidence that it's being tossed aside for XP "downgrades". What's the harm in selling only the pro version - and making it the standard for FreshStart (which passed over XP entirely and is now shipping 2000Pro to run on donated computers...)

  1. jmelrose

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Actually, seeing as Mac hardware can now run the Windows OS via bootcamp and virtualization, information that effects the Windows OS in a broad sense is rather fitting on here. After all, if someone wants to use bootcamp and XP, they apparently need to make their move in the next few months, or be left looking for copies on eBay.

    It's not like seeing the word "Windows" causes one's eyes to burn, one hopes.

    By the way, How the f--- does such harsh language have to be used to on a website dealing with the Mac? And why the h*** am I made uncomfortable reading comments due to profanity setting off work's content filter on a Mac- Centered Website?

    If reading this post truly angered you that strongly, I suggest some anger management classes. That strong a reaction just can't be heart-healthy.

  1. Beechlady

    Joined: Dec 1969


    This November...

    Remember to vote the Bush/Ballmer ticket!!!!!!

    Oh, yeah....wait a minute, one's "done" and the other will be......never mind.

  1. bearcatrp

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Microsoft is...

    like a floating t*** in a toilet bowl and apple has pushed to lever. Microsoft is spinning around this s*** and will eventually go down the drain (might need a few more flushes with all this c***)!

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