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First Look: Revolution 2.9, cross-platform compiler

04/07, 11:00pm

First Look: Revolution 2.9

Programming a computer generally isn't difficult, but requires mastering a specific language along with a handful of programming tools. Unfortunately, most programming languages and tools are geared for professional programmers who can devote time learning a particular programming language and operating system. For someone who just wants to write a full-featured program without getting bogged down in technical details, there's Revolution 2.9, a cross-platform programming tool that uses a programming language based on plain English syntax. Revolution makes programming easy for novices while offering advanced features for more experienced programmers.

Sonicfire Pro 5 to be shown at NAB

04/07, 7:25pm

Sonicfire Pro 5

SmartSound has announced the release Sonicfire Pro 5, a new music library solution. Shipping in June, Sonicfire Pro 5 features new music timing controls and searching features. The tool allows users to choose a beat from a score and move it to a spot in the Timeline without changing the rhythm or tempo of the music. Sonicfire can also suggest music that is the best fit and provide customization tools to make it precisely match the timing of scenes.

tuneband for iPod nano debuts

04/07, 5:20pm


Grantwood has announced the release of tuneband for iPod nano, an armband product designed to comfortably secure the iPod nano in place during exercise, including Nike+iPod compatibility. The product consists of a comfortable and flexible armband strap that can accommodate both large and small arms, a durable silicone skin that allows access to all ports on the iPod nano, and a low-tack, cut-and-peel screen protector that helps guard against smudges, moisture, and daily wear-and-tear. The tuneband is compatible with all generations of the iPod nano, and the current 3rd generation model has skins available in eight colors: black, gray, navy blue, neon green, pink, purple, red, and teal blue. The tuneband for previous iPod nano models has skins available in black only. The tuneband retails for $15.

55 iPod icons trademark applications published

04/07, 5:15pm

iPod icon trademark apps

The European Trademark Office recently published 55 newly registered iPod icons, and were originally filed with Munich office of Bardehle, Pagenbert, Dost, Altenburg, and Geissler. The icons more or less cover the gamut of those offered by the iPod, relating to videos, podcasts, notes, iPod radio, games, voice memos, and the Nike+ sport system. The icons appear on current generation iPod nanos and Classics, as users navigate menus to examine their libraries, among other things.

Carphone Warehouse to come to US

04/07, 5:00pm

Carphone Warehouse in US

Europe's Carphone Warehouse is coming to the US, reports say. The company is an independent cellphone vendor, and has some 2,300 stores scattered throughout European countries. It is now planning to open almost 1,000 stores in America, thanks to a partnership with big-box retailer Best Buy, which owns a 3 percent stake in Carphone. Some of these will be boutiques within Best Buy shops, but others will operate separately in different locations. The first American outlets should launch later this year.

HTC prepping Android phone news for May 6?

04/07, 4:30pm

HTC Dream Possible News

HTC will hold a press announcement that may signal its first concrete details for its Android-based Dream cellphone, according to a message sent to members of the press, including SlashGear. With details remaining vague, the Taiwan company's London event will introduce the "next wave of HTC innovation" and promises to be more significant than announcements made at events so far this year, which have largely been minor upgrades to the Shift and Touch DUAL as well as minor new phones such as the P3470.

Marware neoprene sleeves for MacBook Air

04/07, 4:20pm

Marware sleeves for MB Air

Marware recently unveiled two new neoprene sleeves for the MacBook air, one oriented vertically, with the other being a horizontal sleeve. The sleeves wrap snugly around the Air, allowing users to place it inside an existing bag without fear of it being scratched or harmed. Both sleeves also include a front pocket to hold a mouse, camera, iPod, iPhone, or any other personal devices. Marware is selling the sleeve and vertical sleeve for $35.

Palm: Third-quarter losses worse than expected

04/07, 4:00pm

Palm: Higher Q3 losses

Beleaguered smartphone maker Palm lost far more in its last financial quarter than it first realized, the company has announced. While it previously admitted to losing $31.5 million in a quarter ending February 28th, it now says it lost over $25 million more, for an approximate total of $57 million. In the same quarter of the prior year, the company had posted a profit of $11.8 million. The extra loss is attributed to a $25 million write-down for auction-rate securities, which have since fallen in worth due to a collapsing American debt market.

MacBook, Pro to get major redesigns?

04/07, 3:50pm

MacBook Redesigns 2008

Both the consumer MacBook and the performance-minded MacBook Pro will receive a major overhaul with their next updates, say sources speaking with AppleInsider. Either design has remained largely unchanged but will now allegedly receive visual cues from the aluminum iMac and MacBook Air, including an all-aluminum design, traces of black, and more tapered edges. The trackpad is also likely to switch to the extra-large design found in the Air, though whether the 13-inch MacBook will gain multi-touch is unknown.

GTA4 bundle coming for PlayStation 3?

04/07, 3:25pm

GTA4/PS3 bundle?

Sony may be preparing a unique bundle to undermine the Xbox 360, a webstore listing suggests. Swedish site Webhallen is listing a bundle of the PlayStation 3 with Grand Theft Auto IV, a highly-anticipated third-person action game developed by Rockstar Games. Since the third game, each title in the GTA series has sold millions of copies; this has primarily benefited Sony, since prior titles debuted on either the PS2 or PSP and only migrated to the PC and other platforms following a deliberate delay.

Everex, gOS introduce MySpace-friendly MyMiniPC

04/07, 3:05pm

everex & gos myminiPC

Everex in conjunction with gOS on Monday introduced a limited-edition MyMiniPC that runs on gOS Space 2.9, a Linux-based operating system made for MySpace users with brand new MySpace Apps. Basically a special edition of the Everex gPC mini, the computer is unique thanks to the OS and a new icon dock made up of the newest MySpace Apps and Web 2.0 entertainment media sites. The mission of MyMiniPC is to offer quicker, more efficient and user-friendly access to MySpace and its numerous offerings, all the while bringing Linux more mainstream.

Briefly: Tannoy speaker dock review

04/07, 2:55pm

Apple refreshes Mac TM

In brief: We have a review of the Tannoy i30 iPod speaker system, Apple refreshes the "Macintosh" trademark, a 36-hour iPhone programming marathon takes place and iSync phone plugins gets new device support ... We have posted a review of the Tannoy i30 iPod speaker system. This heavy-duty speaker system has an oval shape that is flat from the front view, but extends the oval in the back, complete with an inset hidden handle. The clean front design has not a button to be seen; so all the controls are on the small remote. The front is graced with two non-removable gray grills that cover 4-inch iCT, Inductive Coupling Technology , speakers and an iPod dock, under which is a gray TANNOY label. When removed from its suitcase-like box, the sheer weight of the speaker system is impressive, as is the simple packaging.

Intel design points to Air-sized budget PCs

04/07, 2:40pm

Intel Thin Netbook Concept

Users will not have to choose between thickness and price when having to choose an ultraportable notebook, Intel has claimed during a presentation at its own Developer Forum. A prototype on display during Mobility Group manager Dadi Perlmutter's keynote is as thin as systems like the MacBook Air or ThinkPad X300 but which uses the same Atom processors as an upcoming wave of budget notebooks, nicknamed "netbooks," such as the ASUS Eee PC 900.

Toshiba launches IK-HD1, world’s smallest HD camera

04/07, 2:20pm

Toshiba IK-HD1 HD camera

Toshiba launched the world's smallest 3CCD camera head, the IK-HD1. The IK-HD1 is capable of delivering 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution video at 30 frames per second from its 1.6-inch deep body and 2.3-ounce weight. The required controller box outputs video via a choice of connections, namely digital HD-SDI, analog RGB or component. There is an RS 232C serial interface and white balance can be adjusted manually or automatically.

340 iTunes-ready HD stations offered

04/07, 1:55pm

iTunes HD

Clear Channel Radio says it is now offering more than 340 of its primary HD stations with the iTunes "tagging" function, capable of transferring a song heard on the radio to an Apple iPod (after purchase). "Radio continues to be the number one way that people discover new music, and the HD Radio iTunes tagging capability lets listeners add songs to their iPod playlists with just a push of the button," said John Hogan, president and CEO of Clear Channel Radio. "With the vast majority of our HD primary stations now offering this exciting feature, we're demonstrating how radio's collaboration with the iPod benefits consumers."

Sony looks to 50% Blu-ray share, Blu in HDTVs

04/07, 1:45pm

sony 50% BD market share

Sony will increase the amount of products with Blu-ray Disc functionality in an effort to up global market share of the HD technology to 50% in 2008. To help achieve this, Sony will focus on promoting Blu-ray in its IT offerings such as personal computers and laptops, said Sony president and Electronics CEO Ryoji Chubachi at a press event in Taipei last Thursday. Blu-ray's current movie disc market share is 20%, with the remaining 80% still belonging to traditional DVD.

Moto Q 9c: first hands-on

04/07, 1:30pm

Moto Q 9c Hands-On

Motorola is wasting no time launching its Moto Q 9c smartphone to carriers in North America, including its first Canadian provider, Telus. We've just received our review unit and will start putting it through its paces in the near future, but we've already spent some time using the device and have had a chance to test the QWERTY keyboard smartphone, which is virtually identical to the version for Sprint.

Motorola settles in fight with Carl Icahn

04/07, 1:25pm

Motorola, Icahn settle

Motorola and one of its prominent investors, Carl Icahn, have reached a settlement in their long-running conflict. Icahn has been a vocal critic of Motorola, complaining about the sliding profits of the company. For a year he has sought the installation of four new directors, and he more recently filed a lawsuit, demanding access to records connected to the finances of the mobile devices unit. Motorola initially contested this, claiming that Icahn was given the option of access but rejected it along with the terms provided.

Report details Acer's Eee PC rivals

04/07, 12:35pm

New Acer Aspire specs

A Taiwanese report claims to have revealed information on a pair of new Acer notebooks. Unlike the high-end Gemstone Blue models, two upcoming Aspire and Slim Gemstone Aspire systems are said to be targeted aimed at a low-cost market, and sized at 8.9 and 12.1 inches respectively. These will rely on Intel's new Atom processor, and should use either Linux or Windows XP. Buyers will also have the option of either a conventional hard drive or SSD storage, representing a growing trend in ultra-compact computers. Pricing is expected to be between $300 and $450.

Natural Forces, Simulate video plug-ins coming soon

04/07, 11:35am

New Digieffects plug-ins

Video plug-in maker Digieffects has announced two new plug-in series, Natural Forces and Simulate. The former will launch with "Vapor," which replicates fog, haze, clouds and smoke, and "Aqua," which imitates other forms of weather as well as various water effects. The Simulate plug-ins are more direct, adding lighting in the case of "Illuma," and namesake filters in the case of "Camera."

Mitsubishi sets laser TV launch, intros DLPs and LCDs

04/07, 11:30am

Mitsu LaserVue and DLP LCD

Mitsubishi on Monday took advantage of the gap between electronics shows to firm up its HDTV lineup, including the first-ever laser TVs. Originally shown at CES, the laser-based range is now to be called LaserVue and should be available sometime during the summer. While most details of sets themselves are unknown, the news makes laser TV only the second next-generation HDTV technology after OLED to ship and will reportedly eliminate most of the problems of both LCDs and plasma: the screen jumps from showing just 40 percent of the visible color range to 200 percent and consumes half the power of an LCD. It can also display 3D imagery with the right support.

LG to reveal third LG Black Label Series handset

04/07, 10:55am

LG new black series phone

LG Electronics on Monday announced the global launch of the third LG Black Label Series handset, yet unnamed by the company. LG reveals the new phone will utilize the latest smart phone technology including a 5-megapixel camera in the slimmest body in the industry, which prompts us to believe it will be similar, if not identical, in spec to the KF750 slider first seen at CeBIT. Carbon fiber and tempered glass will also be part of the phone's design.

Adobe restrains terms of Photoshop Express

04/07, 10:55am

Photoshop Express terms

Adobe has reacted to criticism and revised the terms of service for Photoshop Express, its recently-launched web version of the popular photo-editing software. Under the the original terms, Adobe effectively claimed the rights to use images for whatever purposes it wanted, including potentially selling them to third parties. The new contract language restricts Adobe's rights, limiting them exclusively to what is needed "in order to operate the Service and in order to enable you to do all the things this Service affords you the ability to do."

iSuppli: flash orders to drop 66% via Apple

04/07, 10:45am

iSuppli Flash Order Drop

iSuppli today said it predicts a major drop in orders for NAND flash memory largely due to Apple. While the research group originally expected the value of orders to climb by 27 percent to peak at nearly $17.9 billion, it now estimates that growth to reach just $15.2 billion, or to grow by just a third at 9 percent. The overall drop is credited to reduced spending by US buyers unable to afford portable media players and other consumer electronics through defaults on subprime mortgages and the ripple effect it creates elsewhere in the world.

Flow expands FTP with editing, Leopard functions

04/07, 10:00am

Flow FTP client released

Extendamac has released the first version of Flow, an original FTP program. The software is designed to streamline certain tools that normally fall outside of FTP clients; predominant is the inclusion of a code editor, which is used to write the likes of HTML, and includes features such as tabs, colored syntax and live previews. Along these lines Flow also boasts integrated QuickLook support, letting users preview the content of various files before formally downloading them.

EU greenlights cell calls on aircraft

04/07, 10:00am

EU Greenlights In-Air Call

The European Commission today opened the doors to cellphone service on commercial flights over the territory. Ending a near-universal ban on the practice, the organization has set out rules and established technology that it says should allow calling without endangering aircraft. Phones that support the 1,800MHz phone band will have the option of both making and receiving calls as well as SMS text messages while in flight. By using the specific frequency, airlines can force cellphones to connect to the picocell that shares the wireless connection rather than create interference with the aircraft's electronics, which can theoretically occur when the phones boost their signal strength to reach ground towers.

Samsung rolls out rare HSUPA slider phone

04/07, 9:15am

Samsung M470 3.5G Phone

Samsung on Monday boosted the Internet speed of its phones with the launch of the M470. One of the few phones to be based on HSUPA (High Speed Upload Packet Access), the slider's upstream connection runs up to 2Mbps. This lets users send videos and other files roughly six times faster than the more widespread HSDPA (Download) format, by Samsung's estimates. A Wi-Fi connection provides similar or better speed at hotspots when the cellular access isn't readily available.

Apple sets Q2 report for April 23rd

04/07, 9:15am

Apple Q2 report April 23rd

Apple has announced April 23rd has the formal date for its second-quarter financial report. The company should begin its conference call with investors at 2PM Pacific time on that date, and allow others to listen in via a simultaneous webcast. The link for this has not yet been published, but should become available in the near future.

Analyst raises AAPL target to $195 on Mac growth

04/07, 8:45am

AAPL target raised to $195

Research firm Thomas Weisel Partners (TWP) on Monday upgraded Apple stock and set a target price of near its previous trading high, noting that the current price severely discounts the long-term growth potential and that any risk for a near-term earnings shortfall has faded. While most analysts have focused on the impending launch of Apple's "3G iPhone" that runs on AT&T's faster mobile network, analyst Doug Reid said that Apple will continue its longer-term growth through its core Mac business as well as continued roll-out of the iPhone to additional countries.

Yahoo rejects Microsoft ultimatum

04/07, 8:15am

Yahoo Rejects MS Ultimatum

Yahoo on Monday morning published a letter rebuffing Microsoft's imposed three-week deadline to accept a takeover bid, dismissing many of the claims made in the original argument. The formal rejection again states that Microsoft's $31 per share bid "substantially undervalues" Yahoo and adds that the actual value of the deal has decreased since it was suggested in late January, with Microsoft's share value having dropped while Yahoo's has increased.


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