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ZiPhone 3.0 released, Pwnage Tool delayed

updated 10:50 am EDT, Mon March 31, 2008

ZiPhone 3.0, Pwnage Tool

The creator of ZiPhone, a simplified, all-in-one unlocking and jailbreaking utility for the iPhone, has updated the software to v3.0. It is able to hack into any version of the firmware from v1.0.0 through to v1.1.4, and automates much of the process. Version 3.0 makes several important changes, among these the inclusion of an embedded application installer, and support for customized plug-ins.

The software additionally solves problems with "grayed-out" Wi-Fi, and eliminates a continual need to fix two other problems - specifically, YouTube and nvram. The software is freely available, and is sized at 19MB for the Mac version, or 18MB for Windows.

In related news, the iPhone Dev Team has delayed its promised "Pwnage Tool," software which it claims will be able to unlock and jailbreak not just current iPhones, but any future firmware versions, thanks to the ability to run unsigned code. This could, for instance, be used to run the preliminary v2.0 firmware attached to the iPhone SDK. The Mac version of the software was supposed to have been released today, but has been delayed until next week.

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  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    pwnage tool

    How can they say it will unlock 'future' firmware? Apple can do all sorts of things to the OS/firmware to block these attempts.

  1. benj

    Joined: Dec 1969


    why why why

    are people obsessed with jailbreaking an iphone? I mean I can kind of understand it for, like, Russians..but i depend on my phone for so many things that 3rd party software not "authorized" by apple seems like an invitation for nasty problems.

  1. hunnybunny

    Joined: Dec 1969


    they're totally unrelated

    Putting these two things together is just a bad idea. ZiPhone 3.0 has some BIG problems, as can be seen on Hackintosh (messes up your wifi). And it won't run on new Apple 2.0 firmware, ever. The PWNED thing is customized firmware for current and 2.0. Why don't people read before reporting?!@#$%

  1. ZinkDifferent

    Joined: Dec 1969



    yes, reading before posting is a good idea, hunnybunny - like reading how the latest ziPhone fixes the messed up WiFi problem.

    At least ziPhone's author both QC's his product, and posts explanations of how it works - unlike certain iPhone dev teams (*cough* ERICA *cough*) that cause the bricking of iPhones, and then claim it's Apple's fault, and keep a perpetual chip on their shoulder.

    At least ziPhone's author attempts to provide a quality product, and support his users responsibly - which I far prefer to the irresponsible wild west rushed approaches from the dev teams.

    By the way - and how can you claim that ziPhone will never support version 2.0 firmware (or claim that any v2.0 firmware solutions are unbeatable by Apple).

    There seems to be lots of immaturity going around these dev team circles ... not so much of which I see from ziPhone's author.

  1. David Esrati

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I'll tell you WHY

    I finally jailbroke my phone because after almost 7 months I was sick of waiting on Apple to provide a SEARCH function. This is a worthless PDA without it. Apple has been an innovator in search- but only being able to scroll your contacts by first or last name was criminal. What about by company- or by title- or to look up a number? Every other "smart" phone has search. Apple forced me to do this. (but, I also have to admit- Mah Jong on the phone is also fun).

  1. e:leaf

    Joined: Dec 1969



    You're kidding right?

    Jailbreaking adds an entire new level of functionality to the iPhone. AFAIK, there are no malicious apps for the iPhone as a result of jailbreaking, and the Installer app repository (or those running it anyways), likely checks all apps to make sure tat they are legit.

    I can capture video on my iPhone, as well as take voice notes, read an etymological dictionary, browse the file system in the finder, and do so many things that an unjailbroken phone couldn't even dream about.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: why why why

    OK, you might rely on your phone for so much, but not everyone's life is so tied to their phone. Why should everyone avoid jailbreaking because you wouldn't do it. And some people might rely on their phone so much more then you that they need one with features it currently doesn't have (as mentioned, like searching).

    But to answer your question...Because some people aren't content in having anyone (be it MS, Apple, or anyone else) telling them they can or can't have any particular software on their iPhone. Or wait until who knows when to get apps (sure, people assume June, but, then again, everyone was so sure it was February). Or be limited to just what Apple allows you to install.

    Or just because there are people who, for some stupid-assed reason, want to because its there. It's like the Linux geeks who want to install linux on every device with a chip in it.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    and do so many things that an unjailbroken phone couldn't even dream about.

    Just to clarify this for the absurd few who insist on everything being 100% correct and accurate, the iPhone, jailbroken or not, is incapable of actual dreaming.

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