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Sans Digital unveils dual SATA RAID enclosures

04/01, 12:00am

Sans Digital MobileSTOR

Sans Digital today unveiled a new line of MobileSTOR Plus storage systems, including the MS2UT+ and MS2UTN+, offering users two 3.5-inch hard drive bays, connectable over USB 2.0 and eSATA. The line supports several different RAID levels, including JBOD, Spanning, 0, and 1, and makes use of the Silicon Image 5744 chipset, which supports both SAFE33 and SAFE55 transfer methods. Pricing for the two models was not readily available.

Apple applies for App Store icon patent

03/31, 10:20pm

App Store icon patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office today published Apple's trademark application concerning the icon for the upcoming iPhone/iPod touch application store. The logo, which is displayed in almost every piece of documentation related to the developer's program, will be present on all iPhone and iPod touch devices when the service officially launches later this year. The design resembles Apple's traditional application icon - the stylized letter "A" constructed from a paintbrush, pencil and ruler.

Palm sells 1m low-cost Centro smartphones

03/31, 9:10pm

Palm sells 1m Centros

Palm today announced that it has sold 1 million of its Centro smartphones, which has company representatives attributing to its lower price tag. According to The NewsMarket, the phone accounted for 11-percent of all domestic mobile phone sales during 2007, and is currently available in 10 countries - Palm also confirmed it has desires to sell the device in additional areas, but has not announced a formal timeframe for the move.

Briefly: DiscCatalogMaker RE review

03/31, 6:50pm

TransGaming joins Khronos

In brief: We've posted a review DiscCatalogMaker RE, a part of the Toast Titanium package, Cancom buys Scotsys' Scotland Mac store, TransGaming joins the Khronos Group and R.E.M. performs at London Apple Store ... We have posted a review of DiscCatalogMaker RE, part of the Toast 9 bundle. DiscCatalogMaker catalogs everything on your external discs or internal hard drives. If you want it to also scan compacted files, such as .zip, .sit, or even the age-old Compact Pro archives you can check those boxes in the Preferences. You can also set the preferences to open a new or existing Catalog upon launch, set a font, and choose white or horizontal stripes for the background window. You can also choose a detailed view or choose the type and creator view.

Sorensen Squeeze 5 adds speed, codecs, more

03/31, 6:45pm

Sorensen Squeeze 5 update

Sorensen today unveiled Sorensen Squeeze 5, a major update to its video encoding tool that introduces several speed, quality and workflow enhancements. The new version increases both video and audio quality overall, and includes multi-processor support, allowing users to encode as many fines as they have processor cores. Sorensen Squeeze 5 is available directly from the company's website for prices starting at $200.

Apps: Toast 9, iGlasses, Studiometry

03/31, 5:45pm

Default Folder X

    Toast 9 Titanium 9.0.2 ($80) CD/DVD burning tool. The new release resolves a number of encoding issues related to high-definition source content and creation of Blu-ray video discs, resolves situation where high-definition DVDs would not play back on PlayStation 3 and resolves a number of TiVo related audio/video sync issues. [Download - form]
    iGlasses 2.1 ($10) adjust and manipulate your webcam's video settings from within iChat AV and many other programs, including iMovie, Photo Booth, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype and web-based chat. You can modify colors, brightness, and even pan and zoom your Mac's built-in iSight. There is also a brightness booster, image rotating, digital panning/zooming and a night vision function. New features in version 2.1 include support for seven additional applications, a digital zoom button, and numerous fixes and enhancements. [Download - 600KB]
    Studiometry 5.1 ($220) solution for companies to organize, plan, invoice, track and create with Client and Project data. Offers project summaries, customizable templates, Import/Export options, project templates, to-do suites, spec suites, file actions, contact logs, customizable ID formats, overdue invoices and to-do notices. New in Studiometry 5.1 is the ability to sync to and from iCal. Previous versions of Studiometry could post calendars to iCal, but would not receive any changes made in iCal or other programs that modified iCal items. Now, editing an item in Studiometry or iCal will immediately sync the data to the other application, and Studiometry can even receive updates to tasks and events made on a PDA or mobile phone synced with iCal. [Download - 21.7MB]
    Default Folder X 4.0.3 ($15) makes it easier for you to manage files by adding features and correcting flaws in the file dialogs of all Mac OS X applications. This release offers a new contextual menu that enables you to rename, compress, or delete files and folders directly from within Open and Save dialogs. Saving a compressed copy of a file before replacing it with a new version is now as easy as control-clicking on the old one and choosing "Create zip Archive" in the Save As dialog. Improvements have also been made in handling Finder labels and remembering the size and position of file dialogs. [Download - 8.4MB]
    Speed Download 5.0.1 ($25) download manager designed to be a unified hub for almost all downloading and file transfer activities. This new update continues to enhance and tweak the performance of Speed Download to ensure utmost reliability. Version 5.0.1 includes tons of key improvements, and is a recommended update for all Speed Download 5 users. Also added are a new 'Incomplete' option on the Filters bar and a new SD 'Dock menu' option to toggle between the info displayed on the SD icon in the dock. [Download - 7.6MB]

First Look: Personal Antispam X5

03/31, 5:05pm

First Look: Antispam

Nobody likes spam clogging their e-mail accounts. Although nearly every e-mail program comes with its own spam filters, a dedicated spam filter can often work more effectively while giving you greater control. If spam is overwhelming your current e-mail program, consider Intego's Personal Antispam X5. When you first install the software, you can configure it with Mail, Entourage, or both. If you use a different e-mail program, such as Thunderbird, you won't be able to use X5.

80GB PlayStation 3 appears at FCC

03/31, 4:45pm

80GB PS3 at FCC

A updated version of Sony's PlayStation 3 console has been sent to the FCC, documents show. Any new device with wireless technology must be approved by the FCC; the Sony application notes, however, that the company has only made two minor changes, one of which is merely an adjustment to the construction of the Bluetooth module. The other is a switch to an 80GB hard drive, a boost from the presently-offered 40GB capacity. The storage should allow gamers to keep more games, music, videos and other material.

Google intros offline access to Google Docs

03/31, 4:35pm

Google Docs Offline

Google today took a step towards competing with Office and other production apps by enabling an offline version of Google Docs, its web-based work suite. The update uses Google's Gears platform to take most of the user's content offline. In addition to saving the workspace for use without an Internet connection, Docs also saves the customer's stored documents for editing later. Updates are re-synchronized with the server once the Internet connection comes back, Google says.

DisplayLink drivers released, no 2D/3D acceleration

03/31, 4:35pm

DisplayLink beta drivers

DisplayLink recently announced beta drivers for the Mac for its DisplayLink USB line of monitor extension products, but said the drivers do not yet enable 2D or 3D acceleration on the platform. The USB device allows users to connect up to another four DVI or VGA displays to a computer, ideal for computers that do not have many monitor extension capabilities such as the Mac mini. DisplayLink notes that the devices require Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger or Leopard 10.5.2.

AT&T pushing out execs over economic fears?

03/31, 3:55pm

ATT Pushing Out Execs

AT&T has been quietly been ushering out executives to drive its top-level costs down, say sources speaking with Om Malik. The telecoms firm has reportedly been offering severance packages to vice presidents in the company with threats of being demoted from their executive positions if they decline. The goal is to ultimately reduce the total number of executives and lower the company's overall payroll costs, according to the claims.

AMD announces pro-level DisplayPort video

03/31, 3:55pm

AMD/ATI FireGL V7700

AMD has introduced its first professional-level videocard with a DisplayPort connection, the FireGL V7700. Intended for tasks like art and engineering design, the 7700 is a PCIe 2.0 card with 512MB of RAM, and 320 unified shaders. The DisplayPort connection is said to improve image quality, offering 10-bit output with over a billion colors; alternately, users can rely on the card's dual-link DVI-I output, which supports 30-inch screens, and as many as four displays when paired with other cards. Also present is a standard VGA port.

LG launches LG-LH5000 Ice Cream Phone

03/31, 3:45pm

LG ice cream phone

LG on Friday launched its Ice Cream Phone, or the LG-LH5000, in its home Korean market. The phone gets its name from the available body and LED light colors that are named after ice cream flavors: vanilla, strawberry and pistachio. The 3G phone also sports a 2.2-inch color screen with 320x240-pixel resolution and a 2.0-megapixel camera stuffed into a 13.6mm thick clamshell. The phone's pastel colors are lit up with built-in LEDs when messages or calls are received, and emoticons appear via an orange LED on the front panel.

Sony first with full movies on US mobile TV

03/31, 3:25pm

Sony PIX on AT&T Mobile TV

Sony AV label Sony Pictures Television on Monday revealed that it would be the first to offer full-length movies on mobile TV in the US. PIX will appear on AT&T's just-announced Mobile TV service and will supply the live-broadcast service with full versions of movies from the collections of Sony and sub-studios such as Columbia. Most movies will be available for one month with a rotation of unseen titles added in every week.

Nokia N810 with WiMAX leaked at Nokia site?

03/31, 3:05pm

'Official' Nokia N810 leak

Information has for a third time leaked on a WiMAX-equipped version of the Nokia N810, circulating accounts say. Following a Best Buy ad and anonymous tips, a subsite produced by Nokia (link no longer active) has briefly appeared online, prominently featuring the device as a part of its OS2008 lineup. The standard N810 is an Internet tablet that was released in November of last year.

Apple sued for iMac display "deception"

03/31, 3:05pm

iMac display suit

Kabateck Brown Kellner, LLP, a law firm out of Los Angeles, California, has filed suit against Apple on behalf of a class of users claiming that the computer maker "deceptively marketed" the 20-inch iMac by purporting improved display performance, though the device's monitor is allegedly of "inferior" quality. The suit claims that the monitors are incapable of displaying "millions of colors," despite Apple's marketing claims. "Apple is duping its customers into thinking they're buying 'new and improved' when in fact they're getting stuck with 'new and inferior,'""said Brian Kabateck, Managing Partner of Kabateck Brown Kellner.  "Beneath Apple's 'good guy' image is a corporation that takes advantage of its customers. Our goal is to help those customers who were deceived and make sure Apple tells the truth in the future."

MSI launches VR340 notebook

03/31, 2:45pm

MSI release VR340 notebook

MSI on Friday announced its newest notebook, the VR340, which features a 13.3-inch screen with 1280x800 resolution, full-sized keyboard and a weight of 4.9 pounds. The VR340's processing power comprises Intel's dual-core processor and GL960 chipset, while the two DDR2 slots can be configured for up to 3GB of memory.

Virgin Internet to trial piracy tracking in UK

03/31, 2:10pm

Virgin Piracy Filter Trial

Virgin Media today said it will be the first Internet provider to experiment with actively combat pirated content distributed across its network. The UK broadband firm has agreed to a test project that will scan for illegal copies of music and other media across the service. The monitoring will follow a three-strike rule that will see users receive a letter for a first violation; a second violation will result in a temporary suspension of Internet access, while a third will force the customer to cancel their service altogether.

RIM source reveals BlackBerry 9000 specs

03/31, 1:15pm

Mole on BlackBerry 9000

A source within Research in Motion has divulged more data on the BlackBerry 9000, according to a new report. Said to be confirmed are some previously-suggested specifications, such as a 480x320 screen, a 624MHz processor, and receivers for functions such as Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G broadband. The source adds to this news that the BlackBerry OS has reached v4.5, and has a web browser that loads pages in as little as three to four seconds.

Sony Ericsson Z750a appears at AT&T

03/31, 12:40pm

SE Z750a at AT&T

Sony Ericsson's Z750a is now on sale through AT&T, the latter company has announced. The phone is long delayed in arriving, as it was first revealed a year ago; it nevertheless takes advantage of some modern technologies, such as AT&T's 3G broadband network, and the ability to play 3D games. Files for media playback can be kept on Memory Stick Micro cards up to 8GB in size.

AT&T to prorate early-exit fees for new users

03/31, 12:05pm

ATT Prorates Cancel Fees

AT&T today handed an olive branch to new subscribers with a plan to ease restrictions on new customers. From May 25th, the company says it will no longer insist that these subscribers pay the full Early Termination Fee (ETF) if they back out of a one- or two-year contract. Instead, the company will prorate the fee based on the customer's existing stay. The fee will drop by $5 for every month the customer remains an active subscriber and potentially drops as much as $115 off of the cost of exiting a two-year plan ahead of schedule.

Runes of Avalon 2 for Mac released

03/31, 11:55am

Runes of Avalon 2

Anawiki has unveiled Runes of Avalon 2, the second installment in its puzzle series for the Mac. This release features over 100 new levels, packed with spells, powerups, and all new graphics. It also offers three game modes for players to explore and solve puzzles, with an additional JigSaw mini game. A one-hour playable demo is available free, with a full copy priced at $20.

Apple Store opens in Cambridge, England

03/31, 11:45am

Cambridge Apple Store

Apple has opened a new retail store in Cambridge, England, located in the Grand Arcade Shopping Centre. The outlet represents the 15th to open in the United Kingdom, and features all of the normal amenities and services provided by Apple, including product demos, in-store workshops, and the iconic Genius Bar service area. Store hours as well as event schedules are now present on the outlet's website.

Analyst: new low-cost iPhones, 45m in 2009

03/31, 11:25am

Munster on Low Cost iPhone

Apple will kick off 2009 with at least one new iPhone model aimed at the budget realm, according to new predictions by Piper Jaffray senior researcher Gene Munster. The analyst expects Apple to have between two to three distinct iPhone models no later than January 2009 and also expects Apple to make its first efforts to branch out past the $400 mark. At least one model will ship at between $200 and $300, Munster claims. One of the three models is likely to be the now presumed 3G iPhone, which Piper Jaffray anticipates arriving between June and September with new features.

Poll shows Apple has strongest impact on consumers

03/31, 11:20am

Poll: Apple has impact

A new online poll, conducted by, shows Apple as having the greatest impact on the lives of global consumers, over any other company and well ahead of chief rival Microsoft. More than 2,000 students and professionals took part in the poll, and a majority recognized Apple as a "most inspiring brand," one they "couldn't live without," according to Reuters.

ZiPhone 3.0 released, Pwnage Tool delayed

03/31, 10:50am

ZiPhone 3.0, Pwnage Tool

The creator of ZiPhone, a simplified, all-in-one unlocking and jailbreaking utility for the iPhone, has updated the software to v3.0. It is able to hack into any version of the firmware from v1.0.0 through to v1.1.4, and automates much of the process. Version 3.0 makes several important changes, among these the inclusion of an embedded application installer, and support for customized plug-ins.

Sony kicks out Rolly in black, tweaks software

03/31, 10:45am

Sony Rolly in Black

Sony today chose to spark up its Rolly music player line with the addition of new color options. The dancing player itself now comes in black in addition to the original white and now has the option of different colored arms: blue, red, and silver replacements can attach to any of the existing designs to spruce up the original design. The 1GB Rolly will continue to sell at about $400 in Japan when the black version arrives on April 19th, while a set of arms costs $15. Sony has already said it would bring the Rolly to the US in the spring, but hasn't said whether it will add new colors.

HTC Touch comes to Verizon as XV6900

03/31, 10:15am

HTC XV6900 at Verizon

Wrapping up its announcements for CTIA, Verizon today introduced its own version of the HTC Touch. Rebranded as the XV6900, the touchscreen device shifts to an unusual white color scheme but otherwise keeps what has definied the original phone, including HTC's custom TouchFlo front-end software, a 2-megapixel camera, and Office Mobile editing. The XV6900 shares the faster 3G Internet access that came with the black Sprint and Telus versions of the Touch.

Outspring Mail Client for Mac introduced

03/31, 10:10am

Outspring Mail

Outspring Inc. on Monday introduced its new Mail client application for Mac, Outspring Mail. The program is designed for professionals and power users alike, offering what it refers to as "adaptive intelligence" features such as a patent-pending method for filing messages and a powerful spam filter claimed to eliminate more than 98 percent of all incoming junk mail. Outspring claims the client offers a new approach to mail management - one that adapts to the user's most common habits for sorting email. Once the program learns these habits it can automatically file messages into folders rather than the user having to do so manually.

Motorola intros Q9c for Alltel, Verizon, US Cellular

03/31, 10:00am

Moto Q9c Alltel, VZ, USC

Motorola started its CTIA efforts by launching multiple versions of its Q9 smartphone for the US. Alltel, US Cellular, and Verizon all receive the Q9c. Like the Sprint model, the version for the new carriers drops the media interface of Verizon's Q9m for a more traditional Windows Mobile 6 interface but adds real GPS navigation. Every version also has 32GB microSDHC card support and Documents to Go preloaded to make edits to Office files on the road.

Web-based YouTube coming to iPhone Safari

03/31, 9:55am

iPhone adds web YouTube

Apple's anticipated iPhone 2.0 firmware will add some form of YouTube support within Safari, accounts say. Apple recently began distributing an updated version of the iPhone firmware to accompany the latest version of the SDK, and YouTube is now said to be accessible through a plug-in for Traditionally, iPhone and iPod touch users have had to access YouTube from a separate, custom application, which also only links specially-formatted videos.

HP launches Elite AF webcam, 17-inch LCD

03/31, 9:40am

HP Elite Webcam and LCD

Beyond its PC upgrades, HP today released two new, more universal devices for any computer. The company's webcam line now includes the Elite (pictured), a 3-megapixel unit designed as HP's new range-topping model. The device is capable of outputting HD video on a supporting app and includes both autofocus, tilt, and swivel to keep the subject in view. While centered on HP displays with a custom clip, it should also attach to many other LCDs and includes a stand that lets it sit flat on a desk.

Web2 Delight 1.0 for Mac Released

03/31, 9:35am

Web2 Delight 1.0

Global Delight today introduced Web2 Delight 1.0 for Mac - its tool for easily searching and downloading online video or photo content to a Mac. With Web2 Delight, users can find content from any popular video or photo sharing service, such as YouTube and flickr, and save it to any Mac - all from one application that costs less than $20.

Verizon puts out LG enV2, Samsung Alias

03/31, 9:05am

LG enV2 and Samsung Alias

Continuing its news ahead of the CTIA phone show, Verizon this morning unwrapped sequels to two of its more recognizable cellphones. The enV2 (shown) is considerably slimmer and sleeker than the original and supplies much larger, more professional-looking controls on the outside while also improving the enV's signature inside features with a larger screen and a more comfortable QWERTY keyboard. LG has also upgraded the phone's media features with a 2-megapixel camera and a microSDHC slot that supports up to 8GB.

Music Man 2.7 enhances WMA support

03/31, 9:05am

Music Man 2.7 Released

Mireth Technology has released an update to its audio file converter, burner, and player software for Mac, Music Man 2.7. Music Man is completely integrated digital media application for ripping, burning, and playing CD tracks. This release adds a number of improvements including enhanced WMA support (WMA, WMA Pro, and WMA Lossless codecs), and the ability to burn audio to DVD. Compatibility with Leopard has also been addressed. The update is free for existing users, and priced at $25 for a single license.

Apple TV updated to 2.0.1

03/31, 8:55am

Apple TV updated to 2.0.1

Apple has released an update for the Apple TV, its media-streaming set-top box. The onboard firmware version has now reached v2.0.1, and primarily introduces a "Genres" category to the Movie menu, allowing viewers to browse titles by their mood. Also applied are a variety of unspecified bug fixes, improving general stability in the firmware. The update must be downloaded directly from a network-connected Apple TV, which takes approximately 10 minutes.

HP updates Pavilion towers, Media Vault

03/31, 8:40am

Pavilion and Media Vault

HP today rolled out a slew of updates to its mainstream desktops and also touched on its Media Vault server. The PC builder's m9200t media center now has the pick of Blu-ray combo and burner drives for HD video and up to 1TB of storage; it also picks up the choice of 45 nanometer Core 2 Duos as well as 65 nanometer Core 2 Quad chips. This relative flagship system is already available and starts at $800.

PC Mag Reviews 15" MacBook Pro (Penryn)

03/31, 8:20am

PC MacBook Pro Review

Apple's new 15" MacBook Pro, based on Intel's latest Penryn processor, earned high marks from PC Magazine. In a recently published review, Editor Cisco Cheng took the new model for a test drive, benchmarking performance and feature enhancements. His conclusion - MacBook Pro is a winner. Cheng called it "one of the fastest laptops I've tested". That's high praise indeed, coming from a publication devoted to Windows PCs.

Verizon intros BlackBerry Curve with 3G, GPS

03/31, 7:05am

BlackBerry 8330 at Verizon

Verizon early on Monday became the first North American carrier to launch the BlackBerry Curve 8330. The smartphone is the first Curve capable of 3G by using the carrier's EVDO network and adds all the improvements of the 8310 used on GSM phone networks, highlighted by the native GPS receiver: the device can either use Verizon's own VZ Navigator for driving directions or an alternate solution for mapping. Research in Motion's updated BlackBerry also brings a 2-megapixel camera, a native 3.5mm headphone jack, and an externally accessible microSDHC card slot for up to 8GB of storage.


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