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First Look: Photoshop Elements 6 for the Mac

03/28, 8:05pm

First Look: Photoshop

If you enjoy touching up and editing digital photographs, you can use the free iPhoto program that comes with every Mac. However, if you want to go beyond simple editing and create more sophisticated visual effects, your only other choice might be shelling out $649 for Photoshop CS3. Fortunately, there's now an alternative in between. After years of neglect, Adobe has finally released a Macintosh version of Photoshop Elements 6 for $89.95.

Hawking: customizable USB WiFi for Macs

03/28, 8:05pm

Hawking USB WiFi for Macs

Hawking Technologies today unveiled the HWUN1A Hi-Gain USB Wireless-300N Adapter for Mac, featuring two removable antennas, which can be changed for the company's Hi-Gain antenna. The adapter communicates over USB 2.0, and when combined with the Hi-Gain antennas, can boost wireless range by over 600-percent. Hawking is shipping the HWUN1A through several online and commercial retailers for $100.

BVS unveils remote monitoring software

03/28, 6:55pm

BVS remote monitoring

Berkeley Varitronics Systems today unveiled remote management software for the Yellowjacket 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi Analyzer receiver. BVS calls the software Remote Manager, which creates comprehensive Excel- and PDF-formatted data reports for various time periods to provide a temporal overview of any 802.11x wireless network, as well as suspicious 2.4 or 5Ghz sources of interference. BVS is selling Remote Manager for $1150, and is available directly from the company.

Torque X 2.0 supports XNA 2.0 framework, more

03/28, 5:45pm

Torque X 2.0 for Xbox 360

GarageGames recently unveiled Torque X 2.0, a major update to its 2D/3D capable game engine system, adding support for the Microsoft XNA 2.0 Framework, as well as several performance increases in 3D environments. The new engine supports LOD terrain with clip map texturing, and also adds DTS Mesh, and XNA Model support. A free version of Torque X is available, while the Pro version starts at $150 for independent developers.

Warner exec proposes flat music fee for ISPs

03/28, 5:00pm

Warner on Flat Music Fee

Warner Music Group has revealed that it's in the midst of developing an organization that it hopes will turn around mounting losses at traditional music labels. Headed by former Geffen label head Jim Griffin, the unnamed effort would take the concepts behind Universal's Total Music to a more label-independent format. Rather than send music to one label, customers of the service would see a fee for unlimited music downloads bundled into the cost of the Internet service that would be used for a general money pool; the money would then be distributed across all labels to compensate both themselves and the artists as they see fit.

Last vestiges of HD DVD promotion dissolve

03/28, 4:40pm

HD DVD Promo Group gone

HD DVD has ceased to exist in every formal capacity, an official announcement explains. The HD DVD Promotion Group, a body put together to represent the various companies which once produced HD DVD movies and players, has announced that as of March 28th, it has put a halt to all operations. Its website has been closed, leaving behind a message redirecting companies to the official bodies for the regular DVD format.

Vivitar preps budget HD pocket camcorder

03/28, 4:00pm

Vivitar DVR565HD Cam

Vivitar today provided early details of a new pocket video camera that will represent the company's first real move into HD. The DVR565HD will record video at a native 720p and encode the resulting video directly to H.264 that allows it to fit a large amount of footage to a small amount of space. Like Sanyo's Xacti line and standard-definition Vivitars, the 565HD will store movies on SD cards (up to 4GB) rather than bulkier DV tape or DVDs. An HDMI output will let the camera play back content at up to 1080i without having to first upload video to a computer.

Amazon blocking books of competitive publishers?

03/28, 4:00pm

Amazon vs. publishers

Massive Internet retailer is deliberately strong-arming some of its publishing competition, reports say. Amazon bought print-on-demand (POD) publisher BookSurge in 2005, but has for some time also sold books from other POD outfits, namely the largest such company, Lightning Source. Representatives for Amazon are said to be approaching Lightning Source customers however, and insisting that they either switch to BookSurge, or have the "Buy" buttons on their Amazon pages shut off. This forces customers to turn to a reseller, where they are also ineligible for free shipping.

Intel Atom costs just $6, serves as cash cow?

03/28, 3:30pm

Intel Atom Price Question

Intel's already inexpensive Atom processor could cost just a fraction of its actual price to build, information sent to TG Daily reveals. While official pricing leaked online suggested that the price to computer makers would cost a still-low $29 for a basic 1.6GHz model, the actual cost to make and ship a given processor is said by a purportedly reliable source to be just $6, or a fifth of the actual price. The cost is said to exclude the actual mainboard chipset and doesn't include higher-end models, such as the 1.87GHz dual-core version.

XM, Sirius staff meet with FCC to push merger

03/28, 3:10pm

XM, Sirus pressure FCC

XM and Sirius are putting pressure on the Federal Communications Commission for a quick merger approval, legal documents show. A filing submitted to the FCC by an XM lawyer shows that counsel for both XM and Sirius visited the FCC on Wednesday, and discussed matters not only with chairman Kevin Martin, but his chief of staff and senior legal advisor. The filing was required by FCC regulations, and is likely meant to ensure that all lobbying efforts are above-board.

Apple releases iPhone SDK beta 2

03/28, 3:00pm

iPhone SDK beta 2

Apple has released the second beta of its iPhone SDK for registered developers. The new release includes an Interface Builder, which allows the drag-and-drop integration of graphical components which can be linked to underlying Objective-C code created in Xcode. The new SDK build is a 1.3GB download, available from Apple's Developer Connection site. You must be a registered developer to download the SDK, but no fee or program acceptance is required. Apple's development kit uses the same programming language and interface used by Apple itself and now includes Cocoa Touch, an API designed to add touchscreen input.

LG Viewty at FCC suggests EDGE-only T-Mobile version

03/28, 2:35pm

LG Viewty T-Mobile at FCC

T-Mobile USA may get its first LG touchscreen phone without some of the features seen on others, if a new FCC filing proves accurate. Spotted as the KE990, the device bears initial similarity to the Viewty in its original KU990 form but makes unusual tradeoffs that suggest a release for the specific American carrier: while it supports US calling frequencies, 3G access has been removed entirely in favor of slower EDGE, which is T-Mobile's only option until its 1,700MHz access becomes active later this year.

BlackBerry 9000 to sport new UI, design

03/28, 1:55pm

BBerry 9000 Live Photos

The first photos of an active BlackBerry 9000 have surfaced via Engadget and reveal both a major revamp of the phone's software in addition to its new hardware design. Instead of the vertical, Windows-like interface seen on current models, the 9000 will have a highly stylized strip interface that resembles a cross between the initial Google Android interface and Sony's Cross Media Bar. Transitions and other animations will also be sleeker than on RIM's earlier phones.

Sprint to launch Palm 800w in July

03/28, 1:15pm

Sprint palm 800w in july

What appears to be a leaked slide from a Sprint presentation reveals an intended launch date for the Palm 800W along with some preliminary specs that include Sprint's latest and fastest 3G EVDO Rev A network as well as integrated Wi-Fi and GPS functions. As previously suggested, the 800w will replace Palm's current 700w in the Sprint range when it arrives, as indicated by the image, sometime in July.

Bank of America: 3G iPhone in June

03/28, 1:15pm

BoA.: 3G iPhone in June

Apple's planned second-generation iPhone, equipped with 3G broadband, will likely ship in June, according to an analyst from the Bank of America. "Our latest channel checks point to a significant production build of a 3G iPhone beginning in the month of June after a initial small build in May," says Scott Craig. Carrier partner AT&T has previously announced that a 3G iPhone will arrive in 2008, Reuters notes, but has otherwise remained quiet on when it might ship.

Apple probing Brazil for iPhone intro?

03/28, 12:55pm

iPhone Brazil

Representatives from Apple recently visited Brazil in attempts to gauge the feasibility of an iPhone introduction in the country, reports indicate. A number of hurdles to introduction exist, including a high smuggling rate (90% of iPods sold in the country are imported illegally), steep taxes and more. Portal Exame reports that in December, Apple sent its senior-manager of governmental affairs for Latin America, Susan Cronin, directly to Brasilia. According to sources, Apple plans to introduce the iPhone in Brazil and, given high-enough demand, start manufacturing devices there at a later date.

Sources: Foxconn tapped for 3G iPhone

03/28, 12:45pm

Foxconn for 3G iPhone

Apple has decided on the long-term manufacturer for a new version of the iPhone, according to claims made today by stock market owners Dow Jones. The company's newswire agency said it had confirmed reports by Taiwan's Commercial Times newspaper that Hon Hai Precision Industry, better known as Foxconn, had been selected by Apple to produce a "more advanced" iteration of the cellphone. The contract will be exclusive, according to the anonymous Foxconn official cited as an authority, though the manufacturing of individual parts is expected to be the responsibility of partner firms.

European Commission probes Nokia/NAVTEQ deal

03/28, 12:40pm

Europe probes Nokia/NAVTEQ

The European Commission has begun a serious investigation into Nokia's planned purchase of NAVTEQ, Reuters says. The inquiry has an initial deadline of 90 days, with a possible extension to 125; in question is whether or not the deal violates any monopoly concerns. The Commission observes that NAVTEQ is only one of two major producers of digital maps for GPS services, which could give Nokia an unfair advantage in its cellphone business.

MacBook Air hacked within two minutes at expo

03/28, 11:55am

Two-minute MB Air hack

The defenses of MacBook Air were hacked within moments in a recent security expo contest, reports say. During the CanSecWest conference's "PWN 2 OWN" competition, participants were expected to hack into one of three notebooks, and read the contents of a file using only an original zero-day attack. An award of $10,000 plus an Air is said to have gone to Charlie Miller, who broke into the computer within two minutes. This was accomplished by redirecting a web browser to a site with exploit code by Miller.

Moto Z9 for AT&T to ship next week with A-GPS?

03/28, 11:15am

Moto Z9 ATT Next Week

Motorola's upcoming Z9 could make its debut on AT&T next week and pack a surprise feature in the process, says a tip handed to BGR. The 2-megapixel slider equivalent to the RAZR2 is reportedly set for a launch on April 1st and will bring assisted GPS navigation through TeleNav; the third-party service will be rebranded to AT&T Navigator as part of the Z9's launch, according to the scoop.

QR code-reading phones coming to US

03/28, 11:05am

ScanLife QR code software

Technology that allows users to get information on products and businesses on their mobile by simply taking a photo is being tested in San Francisco, CA, starting on Friday. Developed by Scanbuy, the free ScanLife software deciphers captured Quick Response (QR) bar codes. It then instructs the cell phone to perform a related function such as sending users to a specific web page or even download music or videos as well as place calls or send text messages. The San Francisco pilot isn't that advanced, as it links to online restaurant reviews and audio links for the city's attractions meant for tourists.

Apple begins testing Mac OS X 10.5.3

03/28, 11:05am

Mac OS X 10.5.3 testing

Apple has already begun testing the v10.5.3 update to Mac OS X Leopard, according to reports. The developer community is said to be experimenting with a "9D10" build, which introduces changes to over two dozen of Leopard's components. AppleInsider sources mention alterations to components such as: Address Book, AppleScript, Back to My Mac, Dashboard, the Dock, DVD Player, Finder, iCal, Mail, Portable Home Directories, Rosetta, Spaces, Spotlight, Time Machine and VoiceOver.

Cuba to allow cellphone service for citizens

03/28, 10:45am

Cuba to allow Cellphones

Cuba will start offering cellphone access to normal citizens, the country's state-run company ETECSA said today. Previously limited to certain government workers as well as outsiders roaming on the network, the cellular service should now be available to all Cubans within a few days. Exact pricing and the phones on offer are unknown, though the service is unlikely to include American companies such as Motorola or Palm due to trade sanctions.

New New Zealand network to mean iPhones?

03/28, 10:30am

iPhone in New Zealand?

An expansion to New Zealand's cellular networks may open the way for the iPhone, a research firm observes. TeleGeography says it has learned from Telecom New Zealand's director of mobile operations, Martin Butler, that it is a "good inference" that the company will bring over the iPhone. It is in the middle of building a new, $300 million NZD ($241.2 million US) GSM/EDGE network, which should support the 850MHz frequency of the iPhone. Commercial rollout of the network is expected sometime in November, and should reach 97 percent of New Zealand's population.

China to start testing local 3G network

03/28, 10:10am

China Tests Own 3G

China Mobile on Friday said it had started testing the country's own 3G network, offering its first native high-speed cellular access. A limited but public trial will see about 20,000 cellphones and 5,000 PC adapter cards in use that will prove the feasibility of TD-SCDMA, a new standard developed inside China meant to serve as an alternative to HSPA and other Western-made (and thus more costly to license) formats. The trial will start in Beijing and several other major Chinese cities, but has no fixed end date.

Dell first with sub-$1K Blu-ray notebook

03/28, 9:55am

Dell sub-1K Blu-ray Notebk

Living up to an earlier promise, Dell started the weekend by introducing what it says is the first notebook below the $1,000 mark to come with a Blu-ray drive. The 15.4-inch Inspiron 1525 now has the option of either a Blu-ray combo drive limited to burning DVDs and CDs or else a full Blu-ray burner; with the former option, the system price can dip as low as $879 while still supporting HD movies at 720p, Dell says.

Apple updates to Aperture 2.1

03/28, 9:50am

Aperture 2.1 released

Apple has released a new update for Aperture, its professional photo-editing program. The v2.1 patch incorporates two major changes, among these the inclusion of a Dodge & Burn plug-in, which adds brushes not only for dodging and burning, but also contrast, saturation, sharpening and blur. These elements are often one of the primary reasons for turning to more complex editing programs, such as Photoshop.

Mexican iPhone set for June?

03/28, 9:20am

Mexican iPhone in June?

The iPhone could be headed to Mexico as soon as June, a Mexican newspaper reports. The paper cites a source within Apple, who says that the company is in talks with Telcel, Mexico's largest cellular carrier. Reporters are also said to have made a number of calls to Apple US customer support, and been told multiple times that while iPhones cannot currently be shipped to Mexico, the phone should become available domestically in June. This is the same month as Apple's planned iPhone 2.0 firmware update.

Telus next in North America to get LG Venus

03/28, 9:05am

LG Venus at Telus

Telus late yesterday became the first North American provider outside of Verizon to offer the LG Venus. Called the Touch Venus by the Canadian provider, the slider remains unique in its replacement of the traditional directional pad in favor of a small touchscreen: while the main display is view-only, the input allows context-sensitive controls that reduce the need for a large number of single-purpose buttons. The phone is also more media-capable than most LG models with a microSDHC slot that holds up to 8GB and a 2-megapixel camera.

Canada to find on iPhone trademark in June

03/28, 8:30am

Canada iPhone TM in June

Canada will hear first findings about whether Apple can use the iPhone trademark in the country nearly one year after the handset's US debut, according to an updated filing with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Having begun an investigation into the validity of the trademark in late February, the government body now expects an examiner's initial report on the validity of the trademark to appear by June 26th, or three days before the phone's first full year on the market in the US.

AT&T unveils Mobile TV service, LG Vu, Samsung Access

03/28, 12:40am

ATT Mobile TV service

AT&T today unveiled plans for AT&T Mobile TV, a wireless television broadcast system provided by MediaFLO USA, and also mentioned the addition of the LG Vu and Samsung Access handsets in light of the announcement. AT&T Mobile TV will include two as-of-yet unnamed exclusive channels, in addition to Comedy Central, MTV, NBC 2GO and News2Go, and Nickelodeon, among others. AT&T did not specify when the service would be available.

Apple seeks handwriting engineer for iPhone

03/28, 12:15am

Apple seeks engineer

Apple has posted the availability of a Handwriting Recognition Engineer position, citing the need for a dedicated employee for its Mac OS X handwriting recognition technology. According to, the individual would be responsible for enhancing the existing product, as well as extending the technology's influence to "other Applications and the iPhone," suggesting Apple is trying to recapture the feel of its Newton handheld platform.


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