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USBfever unveils fixed zoom lens for iPhone

01/31, 11:40pm

Telescope for iPhone

USBfever recently unveiled a crystal clear plastic case for the iPhone that has a removable telescope attachment for the camera. The telescopic lens is advertised as being distortion-free, and can zoom at a fixed six times the distance of the iPhone's built-in camera. Users attach the telescopic adaptor to the case by sliding it into place over three pegs, and can be worn around the neck when not in use, with the included neck strap. USBfever is selling the iPhone Telescope with Crystal Case for $20 on its website.

uvLayer: view, organize and share videos with friends

01/31, 10:50pm

uvLayer video service

Unknown Vector today launched the uvLayer beta, a free, multi-service video sharing community that allows users to communicate with friends across several social networks. uvLayer relies on Adobe AIR to provide a full-screen video organization and sharing area. Users can sort videos however they choose, by stacking, dragging, and throwing video thumbnails across the virtual tabletop. uvLayer requires Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or later, and the Adobe AIR browser plugin.

Magic Bullet Frames: convert video to 24p

01/31, 10:15pm

Magic Bullet Frames, 24p

Red Giant Software today unveiled Magic Bullet Frames, its latest plugin for Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Premiere Pro. The plugin is designed to allow users to shoot video on low-cost film, and then scale the footage to 24p, giving it a professional finish. Magic Bullet Frames uses motion-adaptive and field-blended modes to process frames, and can apply custom letterboxes to footage to give it a cinematic feel. Red Giant Software is currently selling Magic Bullet Frames for $200.

Briefly: iPhone dev book, gaming site

01/31, 8:15pm

Ruby on Rails boot camp

In brief: A book on iPhone binary development has made its debut, a new gaming site for users with disabilities is available, Big Nerd Ranch has announced plans for a Ruby on Rails boot camp, and Apple introduces 30 Coding Head Starts ... iPhone Open Application Development is a new title designed to teach users how to write Native Objective-C Applications for the iPhone. Zdziarski, the developer of the first fully functional application using the open iPhone toolkit, explains how to create applications using Objective-C and the iPhone API, which in some ways resembles Apple's desktop API and in other ways strikes new ground. The book covers installation of the toolkits and background on the operating system and Objective-C. Graphics and audio programming, the CoreImage and CoreSurfaces interfaces for games programming, interfacing with iTunes, and the use of sensors are all covered.

Motorola: splitting wireless from other business?

01/31, 8:00pm

Motorola examines options

Motorola today announced it is exploring the possibility of restructuring its business strategies in order to recoup its status as a top wireless equipment provider. After having recently been bumped to third behind Nokia and Samsung, Motorola is taking steps to win back marketshare, and in turn, enhance the value of its shares. One avenue the company is exploring is to divide its wireless business from the rest of its daily operations, allowing each party to concentrate fully on their various tasks.

Torque Game Builder 1.7 released

01/31, 7:55pm

Torque Game Builder 1.7

GarageGames today released Torque Game Builder 1.7, an update to the game development software that features improved editors for modifying link points as well as collision polygons. Further changes include new methods for dealing with scene objects, and a new editor for creating vector objects. The latest update to the TGB engine follows the release of version 1.6 on December 14th, which introduced a host of bug fixes and improvements. Torgue Game Builder 1.7 is priced at $100 for independent developers, or $500 for commercial use (system requirements were unavailable).

Apps: iPhone Drive, Nicecast

01/31, 7:50pm

License Keeper

    iPhone Drive 1.4 ($20) Mac OS X application which lets the iPhone and iPod Touch be used like a disk for portable file storage. This release adds Adds Call Log access. Adds SMS message access. Adds camera photo access. Adds the ability to play music stored on the iPhone or iPod Touch. This release adds Call Log access; SMS message access; camera photo access and the ability to play music stored on the iPhone or iPod Touch. [Download - 3MB]
    Nicecast 1.9 ($40) internet radio station tool. This update includes Instant Hijack 2, enabling the hijacking of audio from applications which are already running on Leopard, as well as Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). As well, the System Audio Extra has been updated with Soundflower 1.3 and a new Track Titles drawer has been added. This free update is recommended for all users on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 [Download - 7.5MB]
    License Keeper 1.3 ($20) stores and organizes important software license information, helping to prevent the loss of valuable software assets and making it accessible when needed most. Automatic serial number scanning and software information detection greatly reduces cumbersome data entry. Attachments keep related email and documents safely archived along with license and registration records. [Download - 1.8MB]
    Unity 2.0.2 ($200) game creation tool. This release includes the following enhancements: A new integrated Ping class for pinging remote servers or machines; Added boolean and byte array parameter support for RPC functions; Improved host list processing (Network.RequestHostList()) so it doesn't cause delays. Client connections to the master server are also more efficient. [Download - form]
    Timed Screenshot 1.1 (donationware) Timed Screenshot, a simple background utility to save screenshots to a folder every few seconds; made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc. Requires Mac OS X; source code is included. This application shows REALbasic developers how to use the screenshot functions from the MBS Plugin. Also you can see how to make a background only application (no dock icon). [Download - 2.5MB]

Patents: AAC audio, hierarchical menu items

01/31, 6:15pm

AAC, hierarchy patents

The US Patent and Trademark Office today published 11 of Apple's patent applications. Among the 11, a patent regarding AAC audio bit allocation, as well as one pertaining to hierarchical menus stand out. Apple has presented a concept for perceptual audio encoding, a bit allocation technique that is designed to reduce the size of a file by finding a perfect balance of quality versus compression. While Apple is developing the process to apply it to AAC, it could also be applied to MP3, AC-3, and WMA media formats.

iBank 3 Public Beta adds iPhone support

01/31, 5:50pm

iBank 3 Public Beta

IGG Software today released iBank 3 Public Beta, a trial version of its financial management application for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. The software includes iBank for iPhone, a Web-based iPhone application that allows users to enter transactions from an iPhone on-the-go. The update powers a redesigned interface with Mac OS X Core Animation technology, and a new view allows users to 'flip' through transactions presented professionally designed category images. iBank 3 Public Beta requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later, and the full version will ship in February for $50.

iSale 5 adds research tool, template editor

01/31, 5:10pm

Equinux ships iSale 5

Equinux today began shipping the fifth generation of its online auction management software, iSale 5. The application allows Mac users to create as well as manage online eBay auctions, and features a template editor that allows supports customization of the included 222 templates. iSale 5 simplifies the search for product information and pictures, according to the company, and can display running auctions on the Facebook platform. iSale 5 is priced at $40, and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Upgrades are free for users who purchased iSale after December 15th of 2007, and are priced at $20 for all other customers.

Nokia to demo touch UI, 'full' web next month

01/31, 4:40pm

Nokia Mobile Congress Soon

Nokia will use much of its time at next month's Mobile World Congress to demonstrate future technology for its smartphones, the company says in two entries on its official Symbian series 60 (S60) blog. The Finnish firm had previously previewed a small number of technologies at its Go:Play event last year but now intends to elaborate on its plans. The Touch UI (user interface) will be shown in greater detail and should include new additions such as vibration feedback for commands and a new programming platform, called the UI Accelerator Toolkit, that will allow more visually advanced interfaces for both Nokia and third-party developers.

Ruling on TiVo threatens Dish DVRs

01/31, 4:25pm

TiVo vs. Dish Network

A federal court has upheld a ruling in favor of TiVo in its case against the Dish Network, the Associated Press writes. The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is supporting a lower court's verdict, which holds that the Dish Network violated one of TiVo's software patents. Specifically the patent addresses split recording and viewing, one of TiVo's signature features, although neither TiVo nor Dish are the sole users of the concept.

iPhone: Italian carrier found, EDGE outage [U]

01/31, 4:15pm

Italian iPhone, US EDGE

Telecom Italia Mobile is the leading candidate for the Italian iPhone carrier, according to extrapolations based on evidence in the iPhone software package, while a vast EDGE network outage is affecting a significant portion of iPhone users in the US. Italian news site Macity has pointed out that the TIM_Italy.bundle introduced in the v1.1.2 iPhone updater is still there in the current v1.1.3. In firmware v1.1.1, Apple had introduced Italian as an operable language.

Fujitsu, Lenovo to use MacBook Air CPU?

01/31, 3:50pm

Fujitsu Lenovo Use MBA CPU

The two unknown companies reported to be using the MacBook Air's processor are Fujitsu and Lenovo, CNET claims to have confirmed. The systems themselves have not been leaked but are expected to roll out "shortly," the alleged sources say. The extra-small packaging of the processor is nonetheless expected to offer a blend between the thinner and smaller designs of ultraportables and the performance of a standard notebook. The chips in use by Apple are clocked slower than most Intel mobile chips at 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz but include the 4MB of Level 2 cache from faster processors and consume much less power on average than current full-size chips.

Gartner: Macs to hit 12 percent of computer market

01/31, 3:40pm

Gartner: Mac to 12 percent

The percentage Macs occupy in the US computer market should double within the next three years, a new analysis claims. The research firm Gartner is predicting that by 2011, Apple will control over 12 percent of US computer ownership, making the company a major player, if still likely to be dwarfed by Windows vendors Dell and HP. Market share is also expected to double for Apple in western Europe.

Notes from Apple on the MacBook Air: issues, caveats

01/31, 3:35pm

MacBook Air

The Mac OS X install disc that ships with the MacBook Air can only be used with that model, Apple has revealed in a Knowledge Base document. The installer has a mechanism that prevents this software from being installed on other Macs. Also, Apple says that other Mac OS X 10.5 installation media (presumably including the retail, store-bought copy of Leopard) should not be used when restoring the system software on your MacBook Air. Meanwhile, Apple makes several notes on wireless functionality. For instance, if you MacBook Air is near an external display, you may notice a reduction of throughput for wireless networks that use the 2.4 GHz band.

Dell denies claims of Google phone at expo

01/31, 3:10pm

Dell Denies Google Phone

Dell today denied claims that it would release a phone developed with Google at next month's Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. Company spokeswoman Anne Camden explains that Dell neither has any product to announce at the event nor has any plans to attend. The official did not explicitly confirm or deny the possibility of a phone at any point in the future, making any announcement unlikely until considerably later in the year at the earliest.

iTunes surpasses RealPlayer, more unique users

01/31, 3:00pm

iTunes passes RealPlayer

Apple's iTunes software surpassed RealPlayer in unique users for the first time in April of 2007, according to, and was the only contender among the four major streaming media players to show a positive growth rate over the past year. iTunes grew 26.8 percent from December 2006 to December 2007, while QuickTime and RealPlayer usage fell 8.6 percent and 17.5 percent, respectfully. Windows Media Player, meanwhile, remained essentially flat over the past year.

Sony confirms 24.8MP sensor due for pro SLR

01/31, 2:35pm

Sony 24MP CCD in Pro SLR

Sony at today's press conference for the PMA photography show confirmed that its 24.8-megapixel photo sensor is destined for a future pro digital SLR camera. The news ends concerns that the sensor would be used only for scientific use and is also accompanied by very early details of the camera itself. Sony has already developed a version of its in-house Super SteadyShot image stabilization to automatically sensor-shift and counter blurring. The new model should also be part of the Alpha line rather than a new model and so should share many features, potentially including those from the new A300 series.

Slacker ships Wi-Fi Portable players

01/31, 2:05pm

Slacker Portable Ships

Slacker today ended months of delays with news that it began shipping the Slacker Portable. True to the original concept, the company's inaugural player is built around the notion of the device as both an online and offline radio station. Although users can still load their own content, the player is built to automatically download and play preset or user-made content channels over Wi-Fi; while users have less control, it provides an effectively unlimited stream of new, relevant music which is still accessible for hours while offline, Slacker says. Each track is accompanied by extended details about the artist.

RIM preps BlackBerry music add-on

01/31, 1:55pm

BlackBerry music add-on

Research in Motion has developed what should be the company's first consumer-oriented phone add-on, FCC filings show. The device is currently known as the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway, and is essentially a Bluetooth receiver that connects directly to a audio system while streaming music from a nearby BlackBerry phone. It may in theory be compatible with other Bluetooth devices as well, since such receivers do not typically use proprietary instructions. No release date has been made public.

SanDisk upgrades Ultra II SDHC/SDHC Plus cards

01/31, 1:05pm

SanDisk Ultra II SDHC/Plus

SanDisk is preparing the release of two new SDHC cards in its Ultra II line. The preeminent one is a 32GB model, representing the largest possible size for the SDHC format; this is still rarely seen in the commercial market. Unlike Toshiba's rival card however, the SanDisk card writes at a fast 15MBs, making it more suitable for HD camcorders and SLRs like the Nikon D80. It will ship in April for approximately $350, bundled with a MicroMate USB 2.0 reader.

700MHz auction triggers open access rule

01/31, 12:25pm

700MHz Open Access Bid

Bidders in the auction for the 700MHz wireless space have reached the minimum bid necessary to require that a winner institutes open access on any wireless network they create, the US Federal Communications Commission has confirmed through its auction site. At least one bidder in the auction has pressed past the crucial $4.6 billion mark for the "C block" spectrum, with bids at the end of the 17th round of the auction just surpassing $4.7 billion. No end dates or bidding limits have been established for the auction, which is set to continue until bidding stops.

Kingston adds 16GB SDHC card

01/31, 12:15pm

Kingston 16GB SDHC card

Prolific memory maker Kingston has upgraded its line of SDHC memory cards, which now includes a 16GB model. The SD4/16GB is the largest SDHC option from the company, and should theoretically be able to hold over four hours of six-megapixel video, or some 5,080 JPEG photos captured at an eight-megapixel resolution. Unlike Kingston's other SDHC options however, the 16GB card is strictly available at Class 4 speeds (4MBs+), whereas the 4 and 8GB cards can also be had in Class 2 and Class 6 editions. Buying an SD4/16GB costs $231.

Dell offers Linux-loaded XPS M1330 in the US

01/31, 12:00pm

Dell XPS M1330 Linux in US

Dell this morning followed through on its promise last week and began offering the XPS M1330 with Linux in the US. The system is the first XPS in the country to come preloaded with Ubuntu Linux and brings features that were not previously options with Dell's Linux systems, such as an LED-lit display and a slot-loading DVD burner.

MacNN sites, others gain custom iPhone/iPod icons

01/31, 11:45am

MacNN iPhone/iPod icons

MacNN and its network sites -- Electronista, iPodNN and Leftlane News -- have gained custom Home icons for the iPhone and the iPod touch. This takes advantage of Apple's WebClip option in the v1.1.3 firmware, which allows users to create Safari bookmarks that launch as if they were native applications. The rules and methods for assigning custom icons is described at Apple's iPhone Dev Center.

Labels charge Pirate Bay with copyright violations

01/31, 11:30am

Pirate Bay Charged

Well-known pirated material site The Pirate Bay has been charged with its first clear copyright infringement case, according to reports. A combination of major movie labels and music studios, including EMI, Fox, Sony BMG, and Universal, accuse the Swedish-run site of profiting from linking to BitTorrents from pages with advertising; as much as $4 million US a year is generated through normal traffic, according to the Swedish prosecutor in the case, Hakan Roswall. Labels involved with the suit are demanding as much as a $188,000 fine for each of the four principal site operators and that computers they own be confiscated.

iPhone run over by 18-wheeler, still works

01/31, 11:10am

iPhone vs. 18-wheeler

A Kansas man has posted photos of his fully functional iPhone after the device flew off the trunk of his car at freeway speeds, only to be run over by a semi truck traveling at an estimated 70 miles-per-hour. The man says his iPhone still works seamlessly in every way -- from making and receiving calls to sending text messages. "Much to my surprise, as I approached, I heard the familiar sound of my ringtone -- the iPhone was alive and ringing," the man recalled. "As I picked it up and cradled it gently in my hands, I saw the screen displaying my caller ID -- the screen still worked!"

SubRosaSoft updates Salvage apps to 6.1.5

01/31, 10:35am

Salvage apps reach 6.1.5

SubRosaSoft has updated all of its Salvage applications to v6.1.5, bringing with them several enhancements. FileSalvage recovers data from Mac OS X systems; PodSalvage can retrieve lost music (and other files) from iPods, and OfficeSalvage can be used to specifically target office documents. Finally, CameraSalvage is meant to restore images from memory cards, optical discs and hard drives. Both Mac- and Windows-formatted storage can be read by all Salvage products.

MacBook Air's CPU in Windows notebooks soon?

01/31, 10:35am

MB Air CPU in Windows PCs

The MacBook Air's custom-made processor should soon be licensed for use by other PC builders, say claims by PC Advisor. A contact allegedly aware of Intel's plans expects at least two unnamed computer builders to use the special Core 2 Duo in systems to be released "soon." The technical details of the notebooks are not described, though the smaller packaging around the processor die is designed to allow smaller overall systems without sacrificing as much performance as the ultra-low voltage chips typically required for subnotebooks.

TiVo, CBS team up to track DVR viewing

01/31, 10:00am

TiVo and CBS Deal

TiVo and CBS on Thursday announced a joint project that will let the TV broadcaster track viewing behavior for digital video recorders. Through TiVo's Stop||Watch service, CBS will have access to not only data from TiVo subscribers' viewing habits for full shows but also their likelihood of skipping ads and other behavior; the service can determine the delay between recording and playing timeshifted broadcasts, generate TV ratings, and track usage down to the second, according to the two companies.

Gore buys into extra Apple stock

01/31, 9:40am

Gore buys Apple stock

Al Gore has exercised his stock options to make a greater investment into Apple, reports indicate. The former US vice-president, now a member of Apple's board of directors, has used his privileged position to buy 1,000 shares in the company at a reduced rate of $7.48, offering an immediate profit potential of $124,060. Due to fluctuations in the market, the same shares were worth $131,540 by the end of Tuesday. Gore still has the opportunity to buy 59,000 more shares later on.

Sigma preps DP1 camera for spring launch

01/31, 9:20am

Sigma DP1 in Spring

Sigma at the PMA photo expo has committed to a release window for the DP1, its unusual crossover between compact cameras and digital SLRs. Now due sometime in spring, the final camera still maintains the 14-megapixel Foveon sensor that defines its shooting characteristics. The new three-layer silicon technology (also used in the SD14) captures each portion an RGB image in one pixel instead of three and allows the sensor to be several times larger than for other point-and-shoots this size; this provides both a major lift both to resolution as well as color response, Sigma says. The DP1 also comes with a custom-tailored 16.6mm f4 lens that can produce a shallow depth of field effect normally impossible with compact cameras.

MacBook Air Leopard an exclusive OS

01/31, 9:05am

Air's Leopard an exclusive

The MacBook Air is dependent on a exclusive version of Mac OS X Leopard, Apple technical documents show. "The Mac OS X 10.5 installation media that shipped with your MacBook Air is designed for use on this computer only and not intended for any other computer," the document warns. Owners are further cautioned that the installer "prevents this software from being installed on other Macintosh computers," and that moreover, an Air cannot be restored by using other Leopard installation discs.

Amazon snaps up Audible for $300m

01/31, 8:20am

Amazon Acquires Audible

Amazon today said it would acquire Audible in a share buyout deal worth roughly $300 million. The agreement effectively gives Amazon control of Audible's audiobook collection and is described as an effort to develop and expand the audiobook forrmat, which is largely dominated by the now-acquired company. The finished deal is expected to be approved sometime during the spring of this year.

IOGEAR debuts CardBus-based wireless USB adpater

01/31, 2:20am

CardBus WUSB adapter

IOGEAR continues to extend its wireless USB product line with the introduction of a CardBus-based WUSB peripheral for notebooks. Working with any certified WUSB device, IOGEAR's new offering is a certified Wireless USB CardBus HMA and works much like its USB dongle ($100) counterpart, but with a few advantages: it frees up USB slots and also decreases bandwidth over the USB bus, according to the report. Designed for older notebooks -- newer models usually have ExpressCard slots -- users can opt for the CardBus-device to work with external WUSB hubs, such as the recently introduced by Belkin. Pricing or availability were not noted in the report and IOGEAR's website has not been updated. [via EverythingUSB]

Stanford, iTunes release Lively Arts gift cards

01/31, 1:50am

Stanford Lively Arts cards

Stanford University is teaming up with iTunes to provide Lively Arts gift cards, a sampler card that offers attendees to the Lively Arts events 10 free downloads of featured artists. The iTunes sampler card will be given out from January 25th until March 15th at the various events, and will also be available to users through various campus services. Students who can't attend the Lively Arts events can pick up a complimentary card at the Stanford Bookstoor, Tresidder Express, Track House Sport Shop, The Stanford Shop, and The Bookshop at the Cantor Art Center.

Jade automates image correction, batch edits

01/31, 1:25am

Jade image correction tool

DataMind recently unveiled Jade 1.0.2, a program designed to enhance image colors, contrast and dynamics, while preserving overall image quality. Users can fine-tune the algorithms that Jade uses to tweak any processing done to a photo. Jade can also batch process images, saving users the work of repeating a set of corrections to potentially thousands of images. DataMind is offering a free 30-day demo of Jade, with the full copy available for the current discounted price of $100.

Google Toolbox source code for developers

01/31, 12:30am

Google Toolbox source code

Google has unveiled the release of the Google Toolbox for Mac source code, joining the ranks of Google Data APIs Object-C Library of open source materials available from the internet services giant. The development team calls the collection eclectic, containing apps that are required for most every day tasks. Eventually, the Google Mac Team hopes to have additional utilities, with "more interesting and complex classes".


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