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First Look: MindManager 7, mind mapping app

01/28, 10:20pm

First Look at Mindmanager

Images are typically easier to remember than words because people think in pictures. When organizing thoughts, some use a traditional outlining method to arrange concepts using words. Mind mapping is a more efficient way to categorize the thought process, allowing the user to design a physical layout of their ideas with colors, locations, and pictures, in addition to words. You can create a mind map using colored pencils and paper, or you could use a mind-mapping program like MindManager 7 Mac.

Briefly: Photoshop World dates announced

01/28, 7:45pm

KeynotePro for iPhone

In brief: Dates for Photoshop World have been announced, Keynote Pro gets an iPhone-optimized theme. Steve Wozniak has joined the board of a new company called en2Go, and new Lenticular interlacing software has debuted ... The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) has announced dates for its annual east coast Photoshop World Conference and Expo. The show, held at the Orange County Convention Center from April 2-4, will feature more than 100 class sessions that will enhance the knowledge and capabilities of Photoshop users and creative professionals of all skill levels. Classes focus on graphic design, digital photography, Adobe web applications, motion and video graphics, scripting, and much more. Registration is only $600 for the general public and includes a one-year NAPP membership. NAPP member advance registration $500.

Apps: YummySoup!, iTunes Dupes Barrier

01/28, 7:15pm

World of Where

    YummySoup! 1.6.3 ($20) recipe organization tool. Allows users to browse recipes with the adjustable full screen view, that gently fades into view. Can use Apple remote flip through your recipes, or have your directions read aloud. There are fully automatic web imports from a growing list of sites and the new AnySite Web Importer for everything else including any web site, text based PDF, and text files. Both these features are simple and intuitive. This release has a new Quick Look Styled Image Inspector and automatic support for, and a new 15 day trial for everyone. [Download - 5.3MB]
    iTunes Dupes Barrier 1.2.1 ($10) allows you to search the duplicate songs inside the iTunes and iPod songs' databases. A Universal Binary program that runs natively on Intel-based Macs. The new release fixes incompatibilities with iTunes 7.6 and other small bugs. [Download - 2MB]
    World of Where 3.8.1 ($35) geography learning app for Mac. World of Where teaches the countries, cities, flags and states of the world in a fun and easy to use game. The new version offers complete compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and fixes multiple bugs. The software is localized 10 languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Chinese, and Japanese. [Download - 13.2MB]
    Tank Repairman 1942 turn-based strategy game exploring the logistic challenges of providing vehicle repair services to major combatants in the largest conflict the world has ever seen,. The game features graphics and newsreels explaining major war events affecting the diverse range of strategic options the player uses to shape the course of the war, plus inspiring mass-communication posters and sophisticated statistical tools including a chalkboard. [Download - 10MB]
    Bill4Time time billing and case management system with an add-on utility that integrates with Intuit's QuickBooks accounting software. This new feature, Bill4Time QB Connect, is available at no extra cost to Bill4Time subscribers and makes it even easier to manage receivables and finances. The utility adjusts to the way you want to work. For example, you can track time and create bills in Bill4Time, and handle all other financial tasks in QuickBooks. Or if you prefer, you can opt to perform the majority of tasks in Bill4Time. Whatever your work process, your QuickBooks application will accurately reflect your business' bills, accounts receivable, and trust accounts.

iPhone demand in Ireland high

01/28, 6:40pm

iPhone in Ireland

Journalist Adrian Weckler is predicting that an Irish iPhone will be seeing release this year, and that the country's 3G Stores will be the distributor for the device. Ireland's Sunday Business Post writes that 3G's CEO Tony Boyle is in talks with Apple to carry the device, after meeting with Steve Jobs at Macworld San Francisco. The chain - which has 23 store locations to its credit - reportedly has a long list of customer's waiting for the MacBook Air, while Boyle anticipates that these numbers may be indicative of interest in the iPhone.

Water resistant iPod speaker case

01/28, 6:30pm

iPod speaker case

Eye Play USA has released a water resistant iPod sunglasses/speaker case with exterior volume controls. Compatible with the iPod, iPhone, or any other MP3 player the case has a hidden 12 W NXT flat panel speaker. Its dimensions are 7" x 4" x 3". The Sunglass Case holds MP3 Player, Sunglasses and has a zipper for money or credit cards. Officials say: "Splash Proof! Protect your player and valuables from water, sand and dirt. Ideal for any outdoor activities or any time you want to play your tunes!" The case is available in: Black, Silver, White and Pink and is priced at $50.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 4.7 debuts

01/28, 6:05pm

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

Runtime Revolution has announced the release of version 4.7 of Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor, its keyboard learning program for Mac OS X. This major upgrade includes the following enhancements: separate single user and network user editions, printable reports at the end of lessons, collated reports for teacher/administrators in the network edition, a complete overhaul of the French language edition, improved Leopard compatibility, enhanced support for iTunes and numerous other minor enhancements

VONaLink ScreenPop adds call blocking

01/28, 5:50pm

VONaLink ScreenPop update

Arcosoft has released an update to VONaLink ScreenPop, its VoIP (Voice over IP) call recording and productivity software. VONaLink ScreenPop works with any VoIP phone system based on the open SIP standard, like Vonage and Asterisk, to prevent the dialing out of any phone number -- including long distance and toll calls. VONaLink ScreenPop is priced at $30 and supports up to 10 phone lines.

Jobs urges investors to "hang in there"

01/28, 5:40pm

Jobs' letter to investors

Apple CEO Steve Jobs acknowledged the current instability of the company's stocks, but urged investors to remain confident due to Apple's current and future strengths. In a letter obtained by AppleInsider, Jobs points out that the company has over $18 billion in cash reserves, as well as a lack of debt, and over 200 retail locations. In addition, he mentions that Apple's staff, focused strategy, and new product lines are indicative of having much room to grow.

World Clock Deluxe 4.5 adds 190 cities

01/28, 5:20pm

World Clock Deluxe 4.5

MaBaSoft today released World Clock Deluxe 4.5, a software-based time tool that displays multiple clocks in a horizontal or vertical palette. World Clock Deluxe 4.5 adds 190 cities to the database which include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Mongolia, Portugal, Russia, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Ukraine, United States, US Minor Outlying Islands and Uzbekistan. Weather Clock Deluxe is priced at $20 and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Sony leaks show A300, A350 swivel SLRs

01/28, 4:55pm

Sony A300 and A350 Leak

Sony's contributions to the PMA photography show will include features only just reaching most lower-cost digital SLR cameras, say scouts locating information from Sony's own SonyStyle online store. The body-only Alpha A300 and its lens-equipped A300K variant (both pictured) will still share the same 10.2-megapixel sensor as the A200 but will add a swiveling LCD to the basic design. The change not only allows viewing shot information at unusual angles but is also expected to provide a live image from the viewfinder. This will aid the A300 with beginner SLR users and give it the same flexibility as less powerful but also more flexible 'prosumer' cameras such as Sony's own recently unveiled Cyber-shot H3.

PC Magazine: $20 Touch update "a bargain"

01/28, 4:35pm

Touch update a bargain

Apple's recent $20 content update for the iPod touch has some users expressing discontent with the company's approach, but others still see a great value in the update package. PC Magazine writer Sascha Segan reports that despite the perception that Apple is charging too much for the update, the software that is installed is well worth the money, and even a bargain. Segan says that the best values in the bundle are the re-designed home screen, as well as the Mail and Maps applications.

NEC intros 3-Series AccuSync monitors

01/28, 4:20pm

NEC 3-Series LCDs

Display builder NEC has launched the 3-Series, a replacement for its 2-Series line of AccuSync LCD monitors. All of the five monitors in the series have a native resolution of 1280x1024, with a 5ms response time and 300cd/m2 brightness. Major splits begin with a division into 17- and 19-inch sizes, and in the case of the ASLCD73VXM and ASLCD93VXM, the inclusion of built-in speakers.

Verizon results show iPhone aiding AT&T

01/28, 4:15pm

Verizon Slower than ATT

Verizon today posted its latest quarterly results, revealing mixed fortunes for the company and the potential effect of the iPhone. The American telecom firm netted about 37 cents per share and earned about $23.8 billion in net income during the last three months of 2007, representing a 5.3 percent climb compared to the same period last year. The results represent "strong growth" in "strategic" areas, according to company chief Ivan Seidenberg. However, the increase masks a slight dip in operating income of 0.6 percent and accompanying layoffs. The company's traditional landline services also saw a revenue drop of 1.4 percent.

Palm to close all retail stores except one

01/28, 3:45pm

Palm shutters most stores

Palm, maker of famous smartphones such as the Treo and the Centro, says it will close seven of its eight retail stores in February. Of the outlets, only the one in Sunnyvale, California will remain, NewsFactor writes. By the end of the company's third fiscal quarter, it will also have closed 26 of its Airport Wireless locations, considered "stores within stores."

HD DVD camp plans last-ditch Super Bowl ad

01/28, 3:25pm

HD DVD Super Bowl Ad

Toshiba will run an ad during the Super Bowl as part of a final effort to rally support for the HD DVD format, the company confirms in the latest issue of Home Media Magazine. Marketing VP Jodi Sally provides few details but explains that the 30-second commercial will primarily focus on the company's own A3-series HD DVD players rather than movies or the platform as a whole. The time slot on Fox TV's network chosen by the Japanese firm may have cost as much as $2.7 million, the magazine says. The Blu-ray Disc Association had reportedly considered an ad but was given only short notice for an open spot, preventing it from offering a suitable commercial.

HP adopts Penryn for customized notebooks

01/28, 3:05pm

HP adopts Penryn CPUs

Confirming some earlier leaks, HP has formally begun using Intel's Penryn processors in a select number of its notebooks. The dv2700t, dv6700t and dv9700t should now all have the option of a 2.5GHz T9300 processor, which has a 6MB L2 cache and is approximately 10 percent faster than a similar chip from Intel's Santa Rosa platform. Choosing a T9300 adds substantially to the cost of a system however, at a price of $225.

Windows 7 not due until 2011?

01/28, 2:30pm

Windows 7 in 2011

Microsoft's next version of Windows may not be due until as late as three years from now, the company says in an e-mail response to inquiries about its launch. While recent news had claimed version 7 of the operating system had been moved up to 2009 and that a milestone release had already been seeded to developers, a spokesperson for Microsoft has refuted the idea and says that the company is still in the planning stages for its sequel to Vista. An actual release will take "3 years to develop," the official says, though when development began is unspecified. This places a release as early as the start of 2010 but as late as 2011.

iJailbreak 0.4 for iPhone 1.1.3 released

01/28, 2:30pm

Jailbreak for iPhone 1.1.3

The 13-year-old software developer behind the open source 'iJailBreak' utility has released iJailBreak 0.4, an update to the software that allows iPhone and iPod touch users on jailbroken versions of firmware 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 to automatically update to and jailbreak the newly released 1.1.3 firmware. Users who currently have the previous version if iJailBreak installed should be notified of the new release and offered the ability to automatically update. iJailBreak is available from Google Code, with information available at Late last week, the iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak was publicly released (along with Mac and Windows versions of the utilities).

Nikon D60 digital SLR leaked

01/28, 1:35pm

Nikon D60 Leak

Nikon's replacement for the D40 and D50 entry-level digital SLRs has been slipped out today, courtesy of a press release leaked through a forum post. The historically reliable source echos past rumors that the D60 will jump from 6 to the 10.2 megapixels of the D40x and D80 but will use the newer EXPEED imaging processor of higher-end cameras, such as the D300 and D3. This should improve color metering as well as boost the camera's speed: it will capture JPEG photos at an uninterrupted three frames per second for up to 100 shots, the release suggests.

8GB Eee faces squeeze from flash, battery supplies

01/28, 1:15pm

8GB Eee supply problems

The 8G (8GB) version of ASUS' popular Eee PC may have limited availability for the foreseeable future, say executives with the company. The management notes that as the supply of SLC (single-level cell) NAND memory is currently tight, it has temporarily cut off shipments of the 8G Eee to Taiwan. President Jerry Shen comments that this is compounded by a shortage of batteries, which may actually be a greater threat to ASUS.

Skyfire promises desktop-like mobile browsing

01/28, 12:30pm

Skyfire mobile browser

A company called Skyfire Labs has announced a new, self-titled mobile web browser. The browser promises to deliver desktop-level browsing to smartphones, by using a proxy server to format content in a format that phones can still recognize. Pages are said to render exactly as they would on a PC, complete with desktop versions of code such as Ajax and Java, and embedded audio and video through formats such as QuickTime and Flash 9.

Woolworths first to drop HD DVD from stores

01/28, 12:10pm

Woolworths Drops HD DVD

British store chain Woolworths today revealed that it will switch exclusively to selling Blu-ray for its movie discs, becoming the first large-scale retailer to drop HD DVD entirely from its shelves. The decision comes after holiday sales where Blu-ray titles outsold HD DVD by a factor of ten to one at the UK chain and is credited largely to the Sony PlayStation 3, which Woolworths says gives Blu-ray a major advantage in terms of a viewer base. As many as 750,000 homes in the country own at least one device that can play the discs, far eclipsing the statistics for HD DVD, according to the retailer's estimates.

Sitemap Automator 1.9 expands import, export

01/28, 11:40am

RAGE Sitemap Automator 1.9

RAGE Software has released a new update for Sitemap Automator, its utility for webmasters. The program is used to automatically generate information on websites and submit it to search engines, ensuring that sites are properly indexed and displayed in search results. Version 1.9 of the program makes several improvements, firstly in the inclusion of new import options: users can now import pre-existing XML sitemaps, along witih Yahoo's older sitemap format. This information can then be edited in the same way as newer material.

Sony prepping 120GB+ PS3 with Dual Shock?

01/28, 11:15am

Sony PS3 120GB Rumor

Sony is developing a new range-topping PlayStation 3 that will replace the 80GB version once it is phased out, claims a purported source at Ars Technica. The tip suggests that Sony intends to maintain its two-unit strategy for the PS3 and will sell the console with additional storage that could reach either 120GB or 160GB depending on final details. This future system is also said to come bundled with the previously Japan-only Dual Shock 3 controller that adds rumble back to Sony's controllers while keeping the motion sensitivity of the SIXAXIS already offered with international PS3s.

iPhone 1.1.3 update reveals SMS issue

01/28, 11:15am

iPhone 1.1.3, SMS issue

Apple's latest iPhone firmware update, version 1.1.3, has revealed an an issue that causes SMS text messages to appear out of order for some users. The issue first appeared on the Cupertino-based company's own support forums on January 15th, according to InformationWeek, and quickly grew into a massive topic that garnered 11,000 views and 193 replies. Most forum posters experiencing the problem appear to be UK-based O2 customers, and Apple has posted a technical note acknowledging the problem with a short explanation.

Fabrix fits Delux cases for MacBook Air

01/28, 10:50am

Fabrix MacBook Air cases

Case maker Fabrix has announced new products for the MacBook Air, which is due to release later this week. The company has updated its Delux notebook cases with a size specifically tailored to the Air, measuring less than 0.6 inches thick in order to give the notebook a tight fit. Each case is sewn with quilted padding for protection, and features an improved back pocket with compartments for the IR remote and the optional SuperDrive.

Qtrax free music label, iPod support in doubt

01/28, 10:45am

Qtrax in Doubt

Peer-to-peer service Qtrax is raising controversy by failing to make its intended Monday release date and offer what it claims would be some of the first free, legal peer-to-peer downloads from all four major music labels, says a report from Silicon Alley Insider. Although Qtrax has claimed that it would launch today with music from EMI, Sony BMG, Universal, and Warner, a challenge by the Bay Area publication reveals that most of the deals are either incomplete or unknown. Both EMI and Warner have denied authorizing music altogether; Universal is in talks with Qtrax while Sony BMG has not responded at all, according to the report.

CookWare Deluxe 3.2 adds calendar

01/28, 10:45am

CookWare Deluxe 3.2

DigitalFriedChicken has released CookWare Deluxe 3.2, an update to the recipe collection and organization software that adds a calendar to help plan meals. The application automatically formats recipes as they are entered, creates custom printing templates, enables users to assign multiple categories to recipes, and supports saving searches as well as menus. The software is priced at $36, and requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

MOTU unveils FireWire audio interface

01/28, 10:35am

MOTU's 828mk3 unveiled

MOTU has unveiled the 828mk3, a cross-platform FireWire audio interface with on-board effects and mixing functionality. The 828mk3 features a 32-bit floating point DSP for digital mixing and effects processing, more I/O, 192kHz operation, and true hi-Z guitar inputs. The device also offers signal overload protection, digitally controlled analog input trims on all inputs, two banks of ADAT/TOSLink optical, and MIDI I/O. The 828mk3 will ship in February for $800.

MacBook Air to go on retail sale Wednesday?

01/28, 10:15am

MB Air at retail Wed.?

The MacBook Air should finally go on retail sale Wednesday, possibly as soon as Tuesday, reports claim. While the sub-notebook was announced on January 15th by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, it has only so far been available for online pre-order, reflecting Jobs' statement that it would only begin shipping in two weeks. Apple's retail stores are said to be putting up banners and other displays today though, and Genius Bar employees should begin training on Tuesday.

Sony-Ericsson nabs major music label support

01/28, 9:40am

Sony-Ericsson PlayNow

Sony-Ericsson this morning revealed an aggressive step into online music with expanded plans for its upcoming PlayNow arena music service. The cellphone producer says it has now struck deals to offer downloadable full tracks from major labels EMI, Warner Music, and its sibling Sony BMG as well as larger independents such as The Orchard and X5. This will add up to more than five million songs available for owners of Sony-Ericsson handsets, the company says. No details have been given as to whether the catalog will extend to the ordinary PlayNow service already available today, which sells some full music as well as ringtones.

Germany claims 70,000 iPhones sold

01/28, 9:10am

70,000 iPhones in Germany

Deutsche Telekom, the owner of T-Mobile, says that some 70,000 German iPhone subscribers have been added in the 11 weeks since the product's debut in the country on November 9th of last year. "The iPhone is by far the most sold multimedia device in T-Mobile's portfolio," according to Philipp Humm, the head of T-Mobile Germany. Reuters notes however that this figure is roughly equivalent to the number of iPhones sold by Orange in France, which only began its sales on November 28th.

Nokia acquires Trolltech, goes cross-platform

01/28, 8:55am

Nokia Acquires Trolltech

Nokia on Monday announced a potentially significant move to acquire Trolltech, a Norway-based software developer. The approximately $153 million deal gives Nokia access to Trolltech's Qt and Qtopia open-source software framework and should let the cellphone maker expand its services to work across multiple platforms; through the same architecture used by cross-OS software such as the Opera browser and Skype, services offered through the Ovi portal should work not just across Symbian series 40 and 60 handheld devices from Nokia but also computers running Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, the purchasing company says.

AMD rolls out dual-GPU Radeon HD 3870 X2

01/28, 8:15am

AMD Radeon HD 3870 X2

Following leaks and delays, AMD today released its new flagship video card. The ATI-labeled Radeon HD 3870 X2 almost literally doubles the performance of the stock 3870 by including dual GPUs on a single card; as the first AMD graphics card to use 55 nanometer technology, the X2 can run both chipsets at 825MHz -- faster than a single 3870, AMD says. The boost not only allows some of the fastest gaming in a single card but can also accelerate HD video playback above 1080p, including routing surround audio through any version of the card with HDMI output.


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