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'Turbosim' hardware unlock for iPhone 1.2

updated 12:30 pm EST, Thu January 17, 2008

'Turbosim' unlocks iPhone

Taiwan Star Telecom has launched its new turbosim unlock for Apple's iPhone, a tiny thin film circuit that rests between the real SIM card and an iPhone SIM socket to unlock the iPhone for use with any compatible SIM card. The unlock works on iPhones that ship with firmware version 1.1.2, fooling the iPhone into thinking it is using an actual AT&T SIM card (shipment and pricing information was unavailable).

Non-AT&T SIM cards still work with third-party phones when removed from iPhones, and turbosim is easy to install in just a few steps. The tiny circuit does not damage the iPhone in any way, according to the company, and a YouTube video demonstrating the unlocking process is already available:

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  1. pete

    Joined: Dec 1969



    How is the NEWS? These cards have been around now for at least two months! What is different about this one, compared to stealthsim, nextsim, easysim, i3gsim and all the other 'x-sims' out there? Where have you been, macnn?

  1. ZinkDifferent

    Joined: Dec 1969


    How is this news...???

    Sometimes I really start to think the editorial staff of MacNN is composed of morons -- not only is the availability of TurboSIM type products not 'news', but the article clearly states that this only works for firmware 1.1.2 (which, again, is not news).

    If it worked for 1.1.3 it might qualify as news, but as it is, it's just one more illustration what kind of lazy morons run this website.

  1. dliup

    Joined: Dec 1969


    bad version

    This is the CRAPPY VERSION that is easily damaged. There are way better options out there.

    Also Macnn, it's actually 1.1.2, not 1.2.

  1. Guest

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    We are a distributor of the Bladox TurboSIM.

    We are assisting Bladox s.r.o. in enforcing their rights to their trademarks and trade names "TurboSIM" and "Turbo SIM".

    Kindly cease and desist using the Bladox trademarks in describing anything other than original and genuine Bladox TurboSIM.

    WITHOUT PREJUDICE We reserve the right to further legal action for trademark infringement and to claim both statutory and punitive damages for past and future losses incurred through your use of the Bladox trademarks and/or trade names.

    Thank you for your cooperation,

    John L Rich Legal Division

  1. Guest

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    Nice. Too bad that this would be enforcable if MacNN were actually trying to sell a product. Since this is a news site, they can refer to the product by its brand name.

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