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MWSF: EyeTV 3 supports remote access features, more

updated 11:30 am EST, Thu January 17, 2008

EyeTV 3 advanced features

El Gato's EyeTV 3 software vastly improves the company's hardware analogue video converters, adding remote programmability, as well as many other advanced features. The software can be configured through a local or wide area network connection, allowing users to record television content without requiring direct access. The upgrade to EyeTV 3 costs $40, and is included with all new products. New licenses are priced at $80. [corrected]

Users of Cover Flow and Front Row will find familiar interfaces in EyeTV 3, allowing the user to record, search through, and play back video material efficiently. The Front Row-like interface can be controlled entirely using the included remote.

A TiVo-stye programming guide interface allows users to search for their favorite programs, but is not available in some ares. Some users, such as those in Canada, can use an open-source scheduler, according to staff showing the product.

Video can be automatically converted for iPods, with a checkbox in the options panel enabling users to convert video to 3GPP format for use on a cell phone or other portable media device. Captured footage can also be optimized for streaming over wireless network connections.

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  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Upgrade is $39.95

    The full price is $79.95, the upgrade price is $39.95.

  1. ibnabouna

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    Not Worth It

    I purchased this quickly after it was released. After using it for a couple of days, I really don't see much advantage to this upgrade if you have EyeTV 2.5. The iPod/iPhone features were released a few months ago for 2.5 users. CoverFlow doesn't really enhance the experience. While the editor has a nicer interface, it works pretty much the same. Exporting shows into Apple TV and/or iPhone format is still really slow--much slower than Handbrake and Visual Hub. Hopefully, 3.1 will have more to offer...

  1. hayesk

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    Re: not worth it

    The new features were outlined and you did not comment on them. I'm curious why you bought the upgrade if the new features weren't important to you.

    BTW, exporting uses QuickTime I believe. If you use their hardware encoder, you'll find it's much faster than Handbrake or Visual Hub.

  1. jonbwfc1

    Joined: Dec 1969


    not really highlighted

    But the big thing in this version, to me at least, are the 'smart guides'. Basically, they're a 'series link' function (for those familiar with Sky boxes in the UK) for EyeTV. You set up a smart guide for your favourite show, set it to record and the system will then record every instance of that show as it is broadcast, without you having to do a thing.

    This is worth the $40 upgrade price *on it's own*.

  1. Tanker10a

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    eyeT Hybrid

    I have had this device since it was released. I have this device attached to my 30-inch cinema display being fed by a cable hookup independent of the cable box via a splitter (No HBO, STARZ, etc). One drawback about it is that I cannot take it with me on my laptop to capture air broadcast. It needs one of those stubby antennas and I do not know why Elgato won't make one for it. and no one makes such an antenna. And, I have tried unsuccessful to retrofit one with antenna parts using COAX stuff. Otherwise, it does what it does with a stationery computer very well.

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