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Time Capsule, optical drive photos

01/16, 10:35pm

Time Capsule photos

MacNN has taken photos of Apple's newly-released Time Capsule wireless external hard drive, as well as the company's optional optical disc drive for its new MacBook Air. Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled both items today during his keynote speech at Macworld Expo in San Francisco alongside iTunes movie rentals, a Apple TV 'take two,' and updated iPhone/iPod touch software.

MacKiev offers HyperStudio 5 "Legacy" Player

01/16, 9:10pm

HyperStudio 5 player

Software MacKiev has announced the release of a free HyperStudio 5 "Legacy" Player for Mac OS X. The free player, for the first time, allows stacks created in previous editions of HyperStudio to run on Mac OS X. HyperStudio, created by educational technology pioneer Roger Wagner, acquired the HyperStudio brand in June 2007 and has been collaborating with Wagner on the next generation of HyperStudio products. A new edition of the HyperStudio authoring tool, HyperStudio 5, is nearing completion and is being demonstrated this week at the Macworld Expo (booth #826). The HyperStudio 5 Legacy Player for Mac OS X is available immediately free of charge from the Software MacKiev.

Griffin debuts WindowSeat iPhone mount for dashboard

01/16, 8:55pm

WindowSeat iPhone mount

On the heels of its complete iPhone/iPod line-up, Griffin Technology on Tuesday announced WindowSeat, Griffin's windshield mount for iPhone. WindowSeat puts the device at eye level on a car's windshield with street maps, directions and more, safely in view and within reach. WindowSeat's mounting bracket holds the iPhone securely, while its corner-release tab lets you easily remove your device when you arrive at your destination. The high-grip silicone suction pad attaches to the windshield easily; it is made from high-grade, attractive and durable materials to compliment the vehicle's interior and withstand the temperature shifts and features quick, easy, and secure adjustments to viewing angle with swiveling ball-and-socket joints. It also be used in conjunction with Griffin's PowerJolt car charger for iPhone. WindowSeat for iPhone will be available in March for $20.

Mariner ships StoryMill 3.0 writing app

01/16, 8:40pm

Mariner ships StoryMill 3

Mariner Software has released StoryMill 3.0, the latest release of its writing software. The software combines a word processor and database as well as offers "timeline view" feature to help writers manage the creative process from inception to publication. The software features the ability to track, tag and filter characters, scenes, locations as well as the ability to research with StoryMill's unique dynamic outline. Writers can visually and interactively display their story across time with StoryMill's timeline view and place annotations on the project.

Magma's ExpressBox7 offers 7 more PCI Express slots

01/16, 8:20pm

Magma's ExpressBox7

Magma on Wednesday announced ExpressBox7, an external PCI Express expansion product for for desktop computers. ExpressBox7 provides an easy solution for attaching up to seven PCI Express cards to a desktop or server through a x8 PCI Express slot, which is available on most new PC desktop/servers and the Apple MacPro. The Magma Expressbox7 is a PCI Express-to-PCI Express Expansion chassis system for expanding the available PCI Express slots of workstations and servers. The solution provides 7 full-length PCI Express slots in a stand alone chassis with its own power supply. The PCI Express slots are equipped to be hot swappable, according to the company.

Apago's PDF Shrink 4.2 adds batch processing

01/16, 8:15pm

PDF Shrink 4.2 at MWSF

Apago this week released PDF Shrink 4.2, a Mac OS X utility for reducing the size of PDF files. PDF Shrink optimizes the content and structure of PDF documents, making them easier to use in email attachments, on the Web, for on-screen reading, for document archiving, and more. Free to registered users of PDF Shrink 4, the update adds the ability to process entire folders of PDF files and improves compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and Adobe Acrobat 8. Apago is demonstrating PDF Shrink and its professional companion product, PDF Enhancer, at the Macworld Expo (booth #W-4336). According to the company, PDF Shrink can reduce most PDF files--including those created by Mac OS X iLife and iWork applications, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint--by as much as 90% of their original size.

Tom Bihn's Brain Cell Size 6X case for MacBook Air

01/16, 8:05pm

Brain Cell Size 6X

Tom Bihn on Wednesday introduced the first laptop case for Apple's MacBook Air. The popular laptop case manufacturer introduced the Brain Cell Size 6X, a new version of its Brain Cell laptop case designed specifically for Apple's newest notebook. The Tom Bihn Brain Cell laptop case offers advanced protection and is designed to clip securely inside a wide variety of Tom Bihn messenger bags, briefcases, and backpacks -- bags including the Empire Builder, Super Ego, ID, Ego, and Zephyr (see full list). Among the protective materials that make the Brain Cell are 8mm thick soft foam padding, 4mm hard corrugated plastic, cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam, and 12mm thick premium memory foam. The Brain Cell Size 6X will be available for $60 and is expected to ship in late February.

Samsung unveils 24-inch, 25.5-inch LCDs

01/16, 6:05pm

New Samsung LCDs unveiled

Samsung today unveiled its new series of 24- and 25.5-inch LCD monitors designed for entertainment and multimedia use. The pair of monitors support resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 with full 1080p HD resolution, HDMI inputs, and built-in multimedia speakers. Built-in multimedia speakers allow users to seamlessly participate in teleconferences or listen to videos and audio presentations without the need to use or purchase separate speakers. Samsung's 2493HM monitor is available for $600, while the 2693HM is priced at $700.

Analyst: Apple sales, market share to rise

01/16, 5:50pm

Analyst on Apple keynote

Apple's new MacBook Air, which CEO Steve Jobs introduced yesterday during his keynote speech at Macworld Expo, is set to fuel market share gains for the company alongside rising hardware sales driven by new iTunes content, according to one analyst. "While we estimate that ultraportables count for 15 percent of total portable computer sales, we believe the segment is the fastest growing segment in the PC market," explained Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster. "MacBook Air appears to be innovative enough to claim a leading position within the ultraportable market."

RouteBuddy 2.0 offers geo-data management

01/16, 5:25pm

RouteBuddy 2.0 released

RouteBuddy has released RouteBuddy 2.0, an update to the GPS data and digital map management software designed to "take command" of GPS data management on Macs. The application eases the process of analyzing as well as creating new routes and tracks from geo-data files. At the end of a journey, RouteBuddy can transfer collected data for later use or sharing in the geo-community. Users can create new Waypoints, Routes, or Tracks for profitable means, according to the company. RouteBuddy 2.0 is priced at $100 and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Maps are available for numerous different countries from $40.

Acer, Apple, HP victors in 2007 US sales

01/16, 5:00pm

IDC on 2007 PC Sales

Three computer builders showed the clearest signs of growth in US PC shipments over the course of last year, according to a new study by IDC. Preliminary estimates by the research group show that while the US market for computers grew relatively slowly at a flat 7 percent, Acer, Apple, and HP performed the most consistently ahead of others in final results. Acer showed the single highest percentage of growth at 292 percent year-over-year courtesy of its acquisition of Gateway but still showed strong enough growth as a combined company to claim fourth place in the US market at 5.5 percent of all PCs shipped to the country.

ezGear demos iPod stereos, armbands

01/16, 4:50pm

ezGear iPod accessories

ezGear's contribution to the Macworld Expo comes in the form of several products. At the forefront is the XL90 Sound Bar, which combines two tweeters, four mid-range speakers and a separately-vented subwoofer. Its amp supplies 35W of power, and in addition to docking all iPods and iPhones, it tunes in AM/FM radio and can accept input from TVs and CD players. It should ship in March for $300.

Bare Bones ships TextWrangler 2.3, offers sale

01/16, 4:05pm

TextWrangler 2.3 ships

Bare Bones has released the v2.3 update to TextWrangler, its text-editing application which extends beyond basic documents to include programming languages, and even Unix and server administration. New to the software is support for the Lua language, and a new module for Python. The Disk Browser has been streamlined, and the FTP/SFTP interface has been improved in several regards, for instance allowing objects to be dragged out of the browser to other locations, retaining URLs.

XtremeMac intros Tango X2 full-range iPod speakers

01/16, 3:50pm

XtremeMac Tango X2

XtremeMac has used the relative quiet of the second day of Macworld to build up its iPod speaker line with the Tango X2. The revamp of the bookshelf system is about 30 percent smaller than the Tango Studio but tucks away an AM/FM radio with a stealth display and six station presets. This helps it operate independently of an iPod and in tighter spaces despite including a full 2.1-channel setup with tweeters, dynamic drivers, and a subwoofer, the company claims. An aux-in jack at the rear also improves its longevity by supporting virtually any device with a minijack output.

Kerio MailServer 6.5 integrates CalDAV for sharing

01/16, 3:25pm

Kerio MailServer 6.5

Kerio is showcasing Kerio MailServer 6.5 with a new integrated CalDAV server at this week's MacWorld expo in San Francisco. Kerio MailServer is a crossplatform email and collaboration server for small to medium organizations that installs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. The new CalDAV server helps tackle the problems of scheduling meetings between users that have different calendaring applications. Kerio MailServer 6.5 enables iCal 3 users on Mac OS X Leopard to access free/busy information and shared calendars not only from other iCal calendars but also from Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, and Kerio WebMail and vice versa.

G-Technology debuts 500GB, 1TB external drives

01/16, 2:55pm

G-Tech 500GB, 1TB drives

G-Technology, just absorbed by rival Fabrik, has announced two upcoming external hard drives. The first of these is a new version of the G-RAID mini, raised in capacity from 500GB to 1TB. The Mini is intended to be a portable RAID drive, using a striped (RAID 0) configuration. FireWire 400, 800 and USB 2.0 connections are available; when using FireWire 800, the drive is said to be fast enough to stream multiple video layers in apps such as Final Cut Pro. The drive is further equipped with a fan and heat sink, making is less susceptible to failure. It is Mac and PC compatible, and should ship sometime in March.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2008 Deluxe

01/16, 2:50pm

Mavis Beacon typing aid

Software MacKiev has introduced the 2008 Deluxe Edition of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, and is demonstrating the software all week at booth no. 826. The application runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary, and features 2-player competitive typing games that run over local area networks. The fastest and most accurate typist wins the race in three typing games which include Pirate Race, Ride the Wave, and Road Race. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2008 Deluxe Edition is priced at $40 and requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later.

Jobs on Android, Bill Gates, Kindle, cable cards

01/16, 2:40pm

Jobs on Kindle and More

Although Apple is making an aggressive push into movie rentals and other fields it has not tried before, much of the electronics industry is still headed in the wrong path and misjudging its audience, company head Steve Jobs has said in a new interview with the New York Times. The executive particularly cautions that while the iPhone's own success is uncertain, Google may have unintentionally damaged its own efforts to influence the mobile world with the Android operating system by creating a conflict of interest where its own OS will compete against rivals who may also carry Google software.

CallWave launches Virtual Voicemail

01/16, 2:10pm

CallWave Virtual Voicemail

CallWave today launched its Virtual Voicemail client for Mac OS X, allowing users to access iPhone-like visual voicemail on a Mac with any mobile phone and virtually any service provider. The application resides in the Dock and offers notification of missed as well as new messages, optionally transcribing voice messages to text. Users can read as well as hear messages on the desktop with the ability to reply by text, email, or call back. Pricing ranges from $10/month to $45/month on an annual basis.

Sony-Ericsson nets 9% share, profit tumbles

01/16, 1:50pm

Sony-Ericsson 100m Sales

Sony-Ericsson has sold more than 100 million phones in one year for the first time in the company's history to make a dramatic stride in marketshare, the handset maker announced today as part of its latest quarterly financial results. The partnership between Japanese and Swedish firms managed to sell 103.4 handsets over the course of 2007, amounting to slightly more than 9 percent of the market and fourth place overall. The gain is a full 2 percent over what the company claimed in 2006 and is credited by Sony-Ericsson to triumphs with several of its Walkman-themed music phones, including the W580i (pictured).

Samsung preps high-end i900 smartphone

01/16, 1:15pm

Samsung i900 smartphone

An Italian publication says it has obtained information on a new, high-end smartphone by Samsung, the i900. Its centerpiece is the rare feature of a 3.5-inch touchscreen, mimicking Apple's iPhone except in the use of a smaller 240x400 resolution. The phone is well-equipped in other areas as well however, namely its HSDPA receiver, which is capable of speeds up to 7.2Mbps -- twice as fast current American networks can manage. Other wireless connections include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0.

Toshiba intros new 2.5-, 1.8-inch external drives

01/16, 12:45pm

Toshiba 2.5", 1.8" drives

Toshiba has introduced several new external hard drives, in a bid to upgrade both capacities and appearance. All the drives now have a smaller footprint, and in some cases the option of three different wave-like color patterns: red, gray and green. Currently out is a new 2.5-inch drive, boosting the capacity of the series to 320GB. 160 and 250GB versions remain available; the 320GB model is $200.

The company is also debuting completely new 1.8-inch drives, sized at 60, 80 and 120GB. These will be ready in the spring at unannounced prices, though it is known that they will come with backup and encryption software. [via Mobile Magazine]

Syntax-Brillian pairs with Sharp for LCDs

01/16, 12:05pm

Syntax-Brillian & Sharp

TV builder Syntax-Brillian, generally known for its low-cost Olevia TVs, has announced a new partnership with its more famous competitor, Sharp. Reuters notes that hrough the deal, Sharp will supply Syntax with at least 700,000 LCD panels in 2008, more being an option if public demand supports it. Syntax and another company -- Taiwan's Kolin -- will also have the option of buying a 65-inch, 120Hz panel from Sharp, until the end of September 2008. This could mean an upgrade is coming this year for the existing 65-inch Olevia set.

Air's "thinnest" claim thwarted by 1997 PC?

01/16, 11:55am

MB Air vs Mitsu Pedion

Apple's claim to have the world's thinnest notebook in the form of the MacBook Air may not account for a 10-year-old notebook, says a claim from CNET. Although as thin at every point, the 1998-era Mitsubishi Pedion maintained a uniform thickness of 0.72 inches when closed, just slighly thinner than the new MacBook's 0.76-inch figure at its thickest point. This came despite a smaller 12-inch screen and considerably older technology, which included a 233MHz Pentium MMX. The HP co-developed notebook used magnesium instead of aluminum but also required a unique design to reach its dimensions.

Analyst: Rentals stand out in Macworld keynote

01/16, 11:25am

Analyst: Rentals stand out

The keynote delivered by Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday was generally underwhelming, says American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu. Many of the announcements were anticipated and not especially dramatic, Wu notes, and among these he includes the MacBook Air, what was intended to be the highlight of the presentation. Despite its unusual design, Wu argues that its features overlap too far with current MacBooks, and may thus not push incremental sales in the same way as ASUS' Eee subnotebook.

Intel 3.2GHz Core 2 Extreme pushed 1-2 months back?

01/16, 11:05am

Intel 3.2GHz C2E Delayed

Intel's fastest-ever mainstream quad-core processor has been delayed at least a month, say alleged insiders from mainboard suppliers. While originally pegged for a launch in January that follows just two months after the earlier 3GHz model became widely available, the new 45 nanometer chip has been pushed back to February and potentially March. No explanation has been given for the delay, which is set to take place even though the 3.2GHz processor is still estimated to cost $1,399 each in bulk -- about $400 more than the next-quickest model.

FirmTek ships 5-drive eSATA enclosure

01/16, 11:00am

FirmTek eSATA enclosure

FirmTek has unveiled the SeriTek/5PM SATA enclosure with Port Multiplier technology. The storage device houses up to five hot-swappable drives, each with transfer rates as high as 3Gbps for total aggregate performance beyond 220MB/sec with one cable. When configured with three additional SeriTek/5PM enclosures -- for a total of 20 drives -- RAID 0 performance can exceed 700MB/sec. FirmTek's new SeriTek/5PM SATA enclosure is already shipping for $550, with optional host adapter bundles available from $610-$700.

Quark: Flash tool for Leopard, new Quark Labs

01/16, 10:40am

Quark Interactive Designer

Quark on Tuesday announced that Quark Interactive Designer 1.02 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Quark Interactive Designer allows designers using QuarkXPress to create Flash (SWF) layouts for the Web without having to code. The release of Quark Interactive Designer 1.02 follows the November 2007 release of QuarkXPress 7.31, a maintenance release of the professional design software that is optimized for Mac OS X Leopard. QID users can create rich, interactive tours, online advertisements and design-driven presentations using QuarkXPress 7.

Griffin lays out 2008 iPod/iPhone accessories

01/16, 10:30am

Griffin 2008 accessories

Griffin has announced a host of iPod and iPhone accessories for the coming year, staggered to different release dates. Already available are the TuneFlex AUX ($50) and Elan Form Cork case for iPhone ($30). The latter combines a polycarbonate shell with natural cork, which in addition to providing extra protection, should make an iPhone warmer to the touch in cold weather. The AUX, meanwhile, has been given a new universal design, with a set of adapters to fit Nano and full-sized iPods. The device holds and charges iPods through a car's lighter/12V port connection, and allows repositioning through use of a steel neck. As its name implies though, audio can only be piped out through a bundled 3.5mm stereo cable.

Sharp AQUOS home theater fits HDTVs, built-in rack

01/16, 10:30am

Sharp AQUOS Home Theater

Sharp on Wednesday took the unusual direction of building a compact home theater in its AQUOS Audio lineup that doubles as a complete stand. While larger models exist, the AN-ACD2 is designed not only as a 150-watt, 2.1-channel receiver and stereo but also as a stand for an HDTV set; with at least AQUOS HDTVs, any 37- to 42-inch set can be supported by the entire device. It also includes a deliberate gap that allows at least two devices such as a Blu-ray player or a cable set-top box, according to Sharp.

Apple in Santa Barbara? Munich store coming

01/16, 10:15am

More Apple retail stores

Apple may be readying yet another store front in California. The company is finalizing a deal for a retail location in Santa Barbara, according source cited by the Santa Barbara News-Press . The report says that Apple will take over the Pier 1 Imports store at 928 State St. in about two months; the lease is said to be about $68,000 a month for a large 15,000 space on State Street, the center of the city's downtown shopping district. The location is just down the street from the Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and other retailers.

Sun acquires MySQL in $1 billion deal

01/16, 10:05am

Sun Acquires MySQL

Potentially creating a major ripple effect in software, Sun today said it would acquire MySQL in a deal worth roughly $1 billion. The buyout gives Sun control over the most significant open-source database in the world but will also give MySQL distribution deals with Dell, IBM, and Intel that it would never have had otherwise, according to the two merging companies. Although the maneuver is expected to help Sun's preferred Linux and OpenSolaris systems integrate the database, the acquisition is also reportedly aimed at improving development of MySQL for Mac OS X and Windows.

FCC: Sirius, XM merger decision likely before spring

01/16, 9:30am

Sirius and XM Deal Soon

The FCC should reach a decision as to whether or not it will approve the Sirius and XM merger before the end of March, the organization's chair Kevin Martin says in a new update. Without committing to a set date, the official says the FCC is most likely to reveal its opinion in the first quarter of the year and would end anxieties about the tie-in between the two satellite radio providers, both of whom hoped to finish the deal by the end of 2007. Settling the merger will still need approval from the Department of Justice, but the FCC will not necessarily wait for this to make its decision known, Martin says.

EyeTV 3 adds smart searches, file sharing

01/16, 9:15am

Elgato ships EyeTV 3

Pairing events for effect, Elgato is using the Macworld Expo to launch EyeTV 3, the newest version of its TV viewing software. The update includes a redesigned interface, with a programs window designed to match Mac OS X Leopard, and a sidebar on the left that displays functions hierarchically. Recordings can now be loaded through the list view, or else through a Cover Flow mode; when the player window is active, a timeline with playback controls is displayed. The translucent On-Screen Menu has also been redesigned, and mimics the interfaces of current set-top boxes.

Guitar Wizard gaming package unveiled

01/16, 9:05am

Guitar Wizard prototype

Music Wizard Group has unveiled the protetype of Guitar Wizard, a gaming package designed to teach aspiring rock stars how to play real music on a real guitar. The package includes both the SoundTech Ediface Digital Guitar Interface and the Guitar Wizard Software, allowing users to play and learn on a Mac or PC with an existing acoustic or electric guitar. The SoundTech Ediface technology converts the guitar sounds to digital for live interactive video game play, and virtually any guitar is supported, according to the company. The package is slated for shipment in early 2008 (pricing was unavailable).

Helio ships Mysto phone for everyone

01/16, 8:55am

Helio Mysto Ships

Helio this morning announced the widespread availability of the Mysto. Previously only available in a Korean version for those willing to get the device early, this conversion of Samsung's Ultra U600 slider continues to revolve around Helio's signature GPS features but adds a pair of crucial software features. Called Tellme, the first feature lets users find nearby locations through simple speech: holding a button and mentioning the name of a store will find the nearest location and provide directions. Equally new to Helio is WHERE, a set of GPS-connected web widgets that adds geotagging to Twitter posts, finds nearby gas stations, or checks local weather without the need for entering information by hand.

Acer readying Eee PC killer for spring?

01/16, 8:30am

Acer Eee PC Killer

Acer is planning to join the increasingly crowded micro-notebook field headlined by the ASUS Eee PC and the just-launched Everex Cloudbook, according to a new report by Taiwan's Commercial Times. While there are few details, the computer maker is expected to launch systems with 8- and 9-inch LCDs and will even share AU Optronics with ASUS as a display manufacturer, the claim says. The tip would indicate an 800x480 screen that would match a future Eee PC expected in April.


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