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Apple updates Xserve hardware

updated 10:05 am EST, Tue January 8, 2008

Apple updates Xserve

Apple has released the newest version of the Xserve (Apple Store down for updates), its Mac-based network server. The new model can be configured with up to two quad-core Intel Xeon 5400 processors running at 3GHz, each CPU having 12MB of L2 cache. Another addition is the presence of a new general architecture, including two 1.6GHz front-side buses, and as much as 32GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM. Two PCIe 2.0 slots are said to provide up to four times the I/O bandwidth of the last Xserve model, enabling support for multi-channel 4Gb fiber and 10Gb Ethernet cards.

The server now also has a front-facing USB 2.0 port, and built-in graphics acceleration, capable of supporting monitors up to 23 inches in size. The three available drive bays can hold SAS drives between 73 and 300GB, or SATA models sized between 80GB and 1TB. With an appropriate RAID card, an Xserve supports 0, 1 and 5 configurations.

As a result of the switch to the new Xeons, which use more efficient 45nm circuitry, power consumption is rated at just 80W when active, and as low as 4W when idle. Prices for the Xserve start at $3,000; this includes a single 2.8GHz Xeon, 2GB of RAM, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, two FireWire 800 and three USB 2.0 ports, and an unlimited client license for Mac OS X Server Leopard.

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  1. benhur

    Joined: Dec 1969


    very nice

    some pretty cool updates. It's too bad they updated them after we purchased a dozen new xserves :)

    I like that Apple introduced them before MacWorld. This leaves more room in the keynote for some new products?

    The usb on the front is appreciated. Not all of my servers are connected to a kvm and it's nice to plug a keyboard in the front.

    Looking forward to MacWorld

  1. gudin

    Joined: Dec 1969



    does it play doom? what are the frame rates?

  1. rubaiyat

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Perfect... mac mini is on its last legs, I can now replace it as my media centre.

  1. hokizpokis

    Joined: Dec 1969



    looks like, smells like, tastes like...

    ...based on logic this can only suggest EVEN FASTER desktop hardware to be introduced next week...

    speed bumps across the entire Mac computer lineup... ...i guess future upgrades released in three speed bump ups over the next 2 years...

  1. dliup

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: people with no money

    If you think it's overkill, then you obviously have no idea what the needs of professional server environments are.

  1. hezekiahb

    Joined: Dec 1969



    This is primed to compete with Dell in the ESX controller of choice.

    With Apple opening up Leopard server to a virtual environment on Apple Hardware, this new configuration now means that IT Professionals can build their VMWare ESX server environment on Apple XServe controllers & run virtual OS X servers along side their Windows, Linux, & Unix VM Servers! (soon as VMWare builds in support for OS X on ESX that is).

    Apple is set to take the Corporate world by storm!

  1. petsounds

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: esx

    They'll only take the corporate world by storm if they update their support to allow on-site support calls.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: esx

    All great, except that VMWare doesn't run OS x in an emulated environment.

    But I know, IT depts should just buy these things with the 'hope' that it will happen, right.

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