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CompUSA bought out, to shutter stores

12/07, 9:35pm

CompUSA bought out

Troubled electronics retailer CompUSA today said it has been sold to investment firm Gordon Brothers Group, ending a significant component of the company's business. The plan will see CompUSA sell off some of its physical stores as well as its company website and its TechPro technical support service. The 103 stores that have remained since the company's previous round of closures will remain open until the end of the holiday season. Key Gordon Brothers Group principal Bill Weinstein will take over from current CompUSA headman Roman Ross as part of the deal.

Apple expands refurb Aluminum iMac offering

12/07, 8:30pm

Refurb Aluminum iMacs

Apple's supply of refurbished current-generation Aluminum iMacs has grown to include three versions. Apple's reconditioned current-generation iMacs -- which feature black glass and polished aluminum construction -- include the 20-inch 2.0Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo model with 1GB of memory, a 250GB hard drive, an 8x SuperDrive CD/DVD burner, and 128MB of video memory for $1,049; 20-inch 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo model with 1GB of memory, a 320GB hard drive, an 8x SuperDrive CD/DVD burner, and 256MB of video memory for $1,299; and the 24-inch 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo model with 1GB of memory, a 320GB hard drive, an 8x SuperDrive CD/DVD burner, and 256MB of video memory for $1,549.

iPod touch tops list of most wanted MP3 players

12/07, 8:15pm

USA TODAY buyers guide

With an abundance of MP3 players that have come out over the course of the year, buying the right player as a gift can be tricky. USA TODAY's Kim Komando has assembled a list of this year's most wanted multimedia players, with offerings from Apple, SanDisk, Microsoft and Archos. First on the list is Apple's iPod touch, with its large, bright touchscreen and up to 16GB of storage. WiFi allows users to browse the internet and purchase music - something that the others either don't do, or require additional subscriptions or components in order to have that functionality. Komando laments the lack of access to subscription-based music services. The Touch sells for $300 for the 8GB model, and $400 for the 16GB model.

Briefly: Speeding up Aperture

12/07, 7:00pm

New Kobayashi font

In brief: 32 ways to speed up Aperture, Linotype Cosmiqua -- a new Kobayashi typeface, a new Photoshop CS3 book has been released, the weirdest unboxing of an iPod Shuffle ever, and Miglia has expanded its distribution ... Steve Weller has put together a comprehensive list of ways to speed up Aperture. Some are quick, some are cheap, some are neither. Among them: "Turn Off Spotlight If you have images on a drive or partition separate from your boot disk, disable Spotlight for that drive. This will prevent the OS from attempting to index and reindex the library and its images and will make things a little faster."

Apps: Tidy Up!, Transmit, Sound Byte

12/07, 6:40pm

FND, CoachStat

    Tidy Up! 1.3.1 ($30) search for duplicate files and packages; by the owner application, content, type, creator, extension, date modified, date created, name, label, visibility and more. You can also search by the tag, duration and bit rate of MP3s and AACs audio files, search the content of the iTunes, iPod and iPhoto databases, search the messages of Mail and synchronize deletions with iTunes, iPhoto and Mail. The new release adds German localization. [Download - 8.3]
    Transmit 3.6.3 ($30) FTP client. Transmit 3.6.3 improves Transmit's compatibility with Leopard, fixing a few known Leopard issues (including a potential crash with playing a sound when a transfer is complete) and improving our user interface. It also offers fixes for everyone, including better Amazon S3 compatibility and more. [Download - 8.2MB]
    Sound Byte 3.4.4 ($40) turns your Mac into a" cart machine" for playing sound recordings, such as music and special effects. The latest version of Sound Byte includes these changes: The "Click Restarts Playback" option is now also available on a per cart basis, added icons for play list files, and playlist windows retain their last position and size. You can select up to 75 recordings per rack (screen) and assign a button to each. [Download - 4MB]
    FND (film is not dead) 1.0 ($13) allows you to store, in one place, all your knowledge and experience about film development, completed with times, dilutions, and your notes about any particular film or developer, or combination of both. FND also helps you in the development process, thanks to its built-in timer. A timer that suggests when you should agitate your development tank (every 30 seconds), and that can go fullscreen, so you can see how much time is left from your bathroom sink. [Download - 1MB]
    CoachStat Baseball Version 1.2 ($60) team management and statistics program for schools and other organizational baseball teams. This release adds the ability to keep track of league standings, opponents scores, and generates html pages of league standings. Features include complete demographic information, medical data and pictures for team mates and a one-window interface for game day entries. [Download - 18.6MB]

$200 Chinese iPhone-knockoff ships worldwide

12/07, 6:05pm

Chinese iPhone knockoff

A new Chinese iPhone knock-off is being sold on the internet, billed as "High quality copy UNLOCKED IPHONE AV-P688 SIMILAR STYPLE IPOD GSM CELL PHONE WITH MP3 MP4 FUNCTION". iTech News Net reports that performing a Google search for the device yields several results for sites that are selling the imitation iPhone. While the iPhone features simplistic finger-driven touch functionality, the doppelganger uses four physically movable buttons surrounding the home button to navigate around the device, and reportedly requires a stylus for the screen. The CECT P168 sells for $200.

SeV intros 19 new iPod-friendly garments

12/07, 5:20pm

SeV: 19 new iPod garments

ScotteVest today introduced a full line of clothing designed for Apple's iPod that includes 19 different garments, ranging from jackets and vests to hoodies, pants, t-shirts and polos. The new technology-enabled clothing (TEC) also includes two new women's garments designed to answer the demands of women who would rather not carry a purse. ScotteVest clothing features patented 'Personal Area Network' technology that allows users to wear clothing without any visible wires, and connects devices through a hidden conduit system.

Apple ups iPhone limit to five in US, UK

12/07, 5:10pm

No more iPhone limit

Now that sufficient quantities of iPhones are in circulation, Apple recently raised the limit that customers can purchase from two to five. SetteB.IT reports that out of the 1.4 million sales in the US, 18-percent have not been registered with AT&T, which the company assumes are currently in Europe for the most part. Originally, customers paid with a credit card, and Apple would use this to ensure that no more than two iPhones would be sold to the same person. The iPhone is available through either the wireless carrier or Apple's stores in the US and Great Britain, but French and German customers have to purchase their phone from Orange and T-Mobile stores, respectively.

AMD unveils first DisplayPort-equipped video card

12/07, 4:40pm

ATI DisplayPort-ready card

AMD has revealed the first video card with a native DisplayPort connection, the RV635 XT. While specifications on the card itself are not yet available, more information on DisplayPort has emerged as a result. The technology is eventually intended to replace DVI and VGA connections, and may well produce competition for HDMI, in part because it is also capable of 24-bit, eight-channel audio. DisplayPort connections also contain a dedicated auxiliary link, which can be used for panel I/O and mic connections.

Delkin unveils fast 305X, 16GB CF card

12/07, 4:25pm

Delkin 16GB 305X Card

Delkin on Friday claimed to have the fastest-ever memory cards for high-end digital SLRs such as the Nikon D300. The storage maker's 16GB CompactFlash Pro uses the Ultra DMA bandwidth technology made available by some newer devices to achieve an unprecedented 305X speed rating, just topping the 300X record set by Lexar with enough speed to sustain 45MB per second regardless of the conditions.

MacPractice EMR Ability for MacPractice MD

12/07, 4:20pm

MacPractice EMR Ability

MacPractice has released MacPractice EMR Ability for MacPractice MD. The new software is the only single-vendor fully integrated EMR and practice management solution designed for Mac OS X, according to MacPractice. Doctors can create and interact with clinical data including Health History as well as Clinical Notes via graphic annotations. MacPractice EMR Ability is priced at $2,500 plus $500 annually for support and updates.

High-style RippleNote maintains function

12/07, 3:55pm

RippleNote T7700

Pixel Lab Korea is launching a new notebook for its home country, the RippleNote T7700. Its name stems not just from a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor, but also its lid, which has an unusual weave pattern engraved deep into the outside surface. The styling extends to the inside of the lid as well, which features a glossy screen with a visible metal rim.

Internal specifications include an above-average 2GB of RAM and 1GB of Turbo Memory, along with a 1.3-megapixel webcam and a 7-in-1 card reader; more attractive may be 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, and an abnormally large 160GB hard drive. No prices are available, but the system is unlikely to ship outside of southeast Asia. [via AVING]

Creative ships 4GB ZEN Stone Plus

12/07, 3:50pm

Creative ZEN Stone Plus 4G

Fulfilling predictions, Creative has begun shipping a 4GB version of the ZEN Stone Plus. The player has all the dimensions of the entry-level ZEN Stone but holds the same storage as many larger players. 1,000 typical songs fit on the device, Creative boasts. It also adds a feature absent from earlier models, supporting AAC songs (including those from iTunes Plus) in addition to MP3 and WMA. Battery life is the same at 12 hours.

Piranesi, 3D tool, gets UI refresh

12/07, 3:20pm


Informatix Software has announced the release of Piranesi version 5 for Mac OS X. The 3D painting and rendering application for creation of photorealistic and non-photorealistic artist impressions is used in landscape design and construction, interior design, product design and development and computer-generated animation. The new release includes a user-interface overhaul, as well as various functional enhancements. It is also now a Universal Binary with complete optimization for Intel-based Macs and Leopard compatibility.

EchoStar becomes DISH, spins off Sling branch

12/07, 3:15pm

EchoStar DISH and Sling

EchoStar has formally split up in a way that could impact the future of Sling Media's Slingbox devices, based on details of an SEC filing. The company has formally changed its name to DISH Network. The change reflects the former EchoStar's core businesses of satellite TV service and producing its own set-top boxes, according to the update. Part of the company, now called Echostar Holdings, will break away from DISH and carries Sling Media with it. The Slingbox maker was bought by EchoStar in September and was originally believed to be used for adding Internet-based remote viewing for DISH subscribers.

TV Guide owner bought by Macrovision

12/07, 3:00pm

Macrovision buys TV Guide

Gemstar-TV Guide International will be bought by Macrovision in a deal worth $2.8 billion, Reuters says. The deal is unusual for several reasons; among these is the fact that Gemstar is actually larger than Macrovision, requiring the latter company to enter $800 million in new debt, which in turn has triggered a 25 percent drop in its stock. For most people, however, the deal is important because Macrovision is responsible for the CSS copy protection on DVDs, and Gemstar produces both TV Guide magazine and similarly-themed TV channels.

ASUS rolls out GeForce 8800 GT with 1GB memory

12/07, 2:40pm

ASUS EN8800GT 1GB Card

ASUS finished its week with an update to its EN8800GT video cards. The new version of the company's GeForce 8800 GT card is the first to carry 1GB of video memory and increases the amount of space for textures and other data that can sometimes choke performance on the stock 512MB card. This is especially useful at the very highest resolutions and game detail settings, the company says. The card further veers away from NVIDIA's reference model using a custom heatsink and fan combo that ASUS claims will drop the running temperature of the card by 7C (44F) and result in either a more reliable card or more headroom for overclocking.

Nextlink launches tiny Invisio G5 headset

12/07, 2:10pm

Nextlink Invisio G5

Nextlink has just released the Invisio G5, claiming it to be the world's smallest Bluetooth headset and also one of the most unique. At a weight of about 0.25 ounces, the piece is light enough to only just be noticeable and is small enough to avoid being intrusive. It should also be more comfortable than most such earpieces for long stretches of time, Nextlink says. An unusual earbud implementation known as Soft Sprung designed to stay in place without exerting much force on the wearer's ear canal.

KeynotePro releases 'Oak Park' Keynote theme

12/07, 2:05pm

'Oak Park' Keynote theme

KeynotePro today released Oak Park for Keynote '08, a new theme for Apple's Keynote software designed to bring the Arts & Crafts movement design approach into the digital age. The theme boasts a richly-textured and hand-crafted look with a restrained, user-driven design, according to KeynotePro. "The included master slides - a range of standard, Caption Style and Book Style designs - blend classic layout with hand-detailed linework and accents to give your presentation a subtly organic, almost hand-drawn feel." Oak Park standard edition is available for $20, or in a bundle with two other standard edition themes for $50.

Warner to go Blu-ray only, $300 player in works?

12/07, 1:35pm

Warner Blu-ray Rumor

A seem deal with Warner Bros. could hand Blu-ray victory in the fight against HD DVD, claims a tip from industry insiders speaking to BusinessWeek. The magazine points to rumors of its own and from Lionsgate Studios vice-chair Michael Burns that Sony and other backers of the Blu-ray format are close to persuading Warner to ship movies only in Blu-ray, abandoning its rare policy of shipping movies in both of the HD formats. The studio is mainly waiting on holiday sales figures for each of the standards to make its choice, the publication says. The conversion is said to be so important that Sony chief Sir Howard Stringer is negotiating personally with the heads of Warner's parent company, Time Warner.

American Airlines joining jets with Wi-Fi?

12/07, 1:05pm

American Airlines Wi-Fi?

American Airlines may be the next company to adopt in-flight Internet via Wi-Fi, an anonymous tip claims. According to the source, transcontinental 767-200s will be fitted with broadband and Wi-Fi in 2008, the responsible company being AirCell. Earlier this year, AirCell announced that it had acquired FCC frequencies which would allow it to resurrect Wi-Fi; the technology had by that point long vanished from US flights, as Boeing's Connexion service had suffered a financial collapse.

Nyko preps Wireless Nunchuck for Wii

12/07, 12:25pm

Nyko Wireless Wii Nunchuck

Accessory maker Nyko has announced an important add-on for Nintendo's Wii game console. While the system's remote has always connected to the console wirelessly, the accompanying "nunchuck" controller has traditionally remained tethered to its sibling, meaning that players can only hold it s short distance away. Debuting at next month's CES expo will be Nyko's Wireless Nunchuck, with comes with an adapter that plugs into the remote's bottom port.

Samsung intros simple SOHO laser printer

12/07, 11:50am

Samsung ML-2851 Printer

Samsung took advantage of the quiet before the end of the year to release the ML-2851. The monochrome laser printer is focused on homes and small shops that want output without the bulk or price of larger printers: though short enough to fit in a small cabinet at 8.5 inches tall, the printer takes just 8.5 seconds from warm-up to printing its first page at a sharp 1,200DPI; a large 160MB of memory lets it finish a total of 30 pages per minute. Cost-conscious users can also auto-duplex their output and use a toner-saving mode to avoid replacing the cartridge prematurely.

iPhone encroaching into corporate space

12/07, 11:50am

iPhone enters corp. space

The iPhone is gaining popularity with businessmen and corporations in spite of its focus, Reuters writes. The phone is nominally a combination of an iPod with typical smartphone applications, but its execution is such that major companies -- like SAP and Salesforce -- have allowed sales and finance teams to use it for work outside the office. SAP recently announced that it would release an iPhone version of its customer relationship management software, but more importantly, before new versions were available for traditional "business" phones such as the RIM BlackBerry or the Palm Treo. The cause of this was reportedly SAP's own salespeople, who were demanding the iPhone due to ease-of-use.

Dual-core Celeron, more Penryn set for Jan. 20

12/07, 11:25am

Intel Celeron Dual-Core

Intel is due to bring out its first dual-core Celeron just weeks after the mobile Penryn processor makes its debut, say tips from Taiwan mainboard producers. Confirming earlier leaks, the company will reportedly introduce a 1.6GHz chip under the E1200 model name that will serve as Intel's new extreme budget chip while still providing the multiple processors needed for modern software. It will share the outgoing Core 2 Duo family's support for 64-bit code but run on a slower 800MHz system bus and carry a small 512KB of Level 2 cache for instructions to reduce its price.

Tunewear ships PRIE TouchStand leather case

12/07, 11:10am

PRIE TouchStand iPod case

Tunewear today began shipping the PRIE TouchStand leather case for iPod touch. The soft black leather enclosure is designed for versatility as well as style, allowing users to open the flip cover for full access to the iPod touch's multi-touch display and home button. Closing the case provides protection for the iPod within, while a wide clip enables users to attach both iPod and case to a belt or or pocket. The Tunewear PRIE TouchStand is priced at $30.

Apple Japan starts new 'Lucky Bag' deal

12/07, 11:05am

Apple Japan 'Lucky Bags'

Apple's Japanese online store has once again launched a "Lucky Bag" deal to coincide with the holidays. From now until December 25th, visitors to the site will be able to enter to buy one of 200 bags, 10 going up each day, for 35,000 yen after tax; the key is that shoppers will never know exactly what is in the bags until January 2nd, when they finally ship. Apple will say however that the bags should contain handpicked assortments of iPod accessories, along with other music items.

SmugMug adds HD, iPod video sharing

12/07, 10:45am

SmugMug HD iPod Sharing

Online media sharing site SmugMug today rolled out a major upgrade that provides an edge over Flickr and other media sharing sites, including .Mac. The site is now one of the first to provide both photos as well as HD video: users can upload QuickTime-ready video up to 720p (1280x720) that can be played at native resolution. High-resolution videos are automatically downsampled for extra editions that will scale properly for DVD players and iPods; the iPhone and iPod touch are supported as well and now play video directly from the website, SmugMug says.

Apple unveils 'Now What' Get a Mac ad

12/07, 10:40am

New Get a Mac ad unveiled

Apple has unveiled another 'Get a Mac' ad featuring Justin Long and John Hodgman as 'Mac' and 'PC' titled 'Now What.' The new spot begins with the usual introductions, after which Hodgman brings light to the fact that large numbers of people are currently looking to purchase computers. Long agrees, but acts surprised when Hodgman introduces his new book titled 'I want to buy a computer, now what?' Following a short explanation of Apple Stores and the ease of purchasing the right Mac with the help of Apple's personal shoppers.

Apple coffers filled to over $15 billion

12/07, 10:25am

Apple hoards $15+ billion

Apple is hoarding more money than virtually any other tech company in the United States, regulatory findings show. The company currently holds $15.4 billion in unused reserves, more money than even IBM, Intel or Google. Only Microsoft and Cisco have a greater amount, and nearly a third of Apple's stockpile -- $5 billion -- was added in just the last year. This is in part because the company does not pay dividends, buy major companies, or repurchase much stock.

Europa Universalis 3: Napoleon's Ambition

12/07, 10:00am

EU3: Napoleon's Ambition

Virtual Programming has released Europa Universalis 3: Napoleon's Ambition as a digital download. The game challenges players to delve into the areas of exploration, trade, warfare, and diplomacy while exploring historical content. The Napoleon's Ambition expansion takes Europa Universalis III players into the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era, spanning up to the year 1820. Europa Universalis III: Napoleon's Ambition is priced at $20, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Radiohead to put "In Rainbows" on iTunes?

12/07, 9:45am

Radiohead and iTunes

Radiohead may break from its policy on digital music stores with the band's latest album, according to news from Billboard. The British group's current representation, Courtyard Management, tells the music chart keepers that discussions are underway with Apple to bring In Rainbows to the iTunes Store; though terms are still uncertain and have not been discussed, any resulting deal will require either Apple or Radiohead to make concessions, according to the report. While Apple has insisted that every artist available through its store allow individual sales of tracks that run under 10 minutes in length, Radiohead has so far only allowed its albums to be sold as a whole for artistic reasons.

O2: 75 percent of iPhone buyers will be new

12/07, 9:25am

O2 hunts new subscribers

Eventually, three out of every four buyers of the iPhone in Britain will be people switching to O2, says incoming CEO Matthew Key. Key is replacing Peter Erskine, who was responsible for brokering the deal with Apple to launch on November 9th. Reuters notes that the terms of the deal have never been made public however, except to say they involve revenue sharing; similarly, both Key and Erskine are refusing to say exactly how many iPhones have been sold since the product's UK debut, except that the number is within expectations.

Kenwood CLK brings iPod support in slim form

12/07, 9:10am

Kenwood CLK

Kenwood on Friday trotted out the CLK, its new tabletop stereo for space-conscious listeners. The entire cabinet is seven inches deep and fits its CD player into the slim body by using a vertically mounted, slot-load reader instead of the trays that often dictate thicker designs. Though it can play regular CDs and MP3/WMA discs, the system is geared towards digital media players and includes a USB port that not only offers both audio but also direct control: with optional cables, the CLK can charge and play most recent iPods (including the iPod classic and 3G nano) as well as pause or skip tracks using the stereo's own controls. Any media player with USB mass storage support will also have its MP3 and WMA songs (including DRM variants) recognized, such as Kenwood's own Music Keg line.

First Look: Algoriddim's Djay 2.0 software

12/07, 9:05am

First Look at Djay 2.0

Mixing music as a disc jockey can be an cluttered proposition, requiring turntables, a mixer, expensive needles, among other pieces of equipment. A decent collection of vinyl can also prove to be unwieldy for some who don't have vintage record or specialty shops nearby. Algoriddim's Djay 2.0 provides users with most of the resources they will need for doing gigs and live parties. By using an iTunes library to provide mixing material, users require little more than the app, a Mac some headphones and speakers, maybe a USB audio interface if they want to do some of Djay's more advanced features.

PS3 to get Blu-ray final profile this month?

12/07, 8:20am

PS3 Blu-ray Profile Update

The PlayStation 3 may receive an update to support Blu-ray features previously reserved only for newer devices, claims CVG. Sony is said to be readying a firmware patch that will allow the year-old console to support the HD movie disc's Final Standard Profile 1.1 format, allowing it to play picture-in-picture director's commentary and download content related to the movie, among other features. The upgrade will be free like all of Sony's PS3 firmware upgrades to date and would arrive in time for the end of the month, according to the report.

CradlePoint unveils portable 3G router with battery

12/07, 1:05am

CradlePoint PHS300

CradlePoint recently unveiled a new EVDO-sharing WiFi router, the PHS300, allowing users to connect 3G-based cellphones or 3G USB modems to the device and share the connection with any WiFi enabled device. The device features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and AC power, both of which provide enough current to run a USB modem. The PHS300 supports WEP and WPA encryption, and uses a built in firewall to protect connections to the router. CradlePoint will ship the PHS300 on December 20th, and is taking pre-orders based on a price of $180.

Palm unable to deliver device, affects Q2 numbers

12/07, 12:00am

Palm preliminary Q2 2008

Palm on Thursday announced its preliminary second quarter financial results for the 2008 fiscal year, which ended November 30th, falling short of previous forecasts based in part on a failed "mystery" product launch. Palm expects earnings to sit between $345 to $350 million, close to $30 million short of its October 1st projections for the first quarter. Palm expects gross margin to be within 29.3- to 29.8-percent on a GAAP basis. The gross margin reflects an as-of-yet unforeseen increase in warranty repairs over the course of the quarter, partly due to higher-than-expected shipments of Palm's new Centro smartphone, and a delay in product shipment.


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