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.Mac Web Gallery speed boost not enough?

11/30, 8:15pm

.Mac Web Gallery boost

Apple has worked to rectify dismal speeds for the .Mac Web Gallery in recent weeks, though the changes have not been enough to satiate some users who still report uncomfortably long pauses between images displayed in slideshows and other performance pitfalls. A statement issued from Apple said "we have implemented a number of enhancements that should make your Web Gallery pages load noticeably faster. Actual page load times will vary depending on your connection speed and specific setup, but most customers should notice an immediate improvement."

iScrapbook for sale in Apple retail stores

11/30, 8:05pm

iScrapbook retail box

Chronos today announced the availability of a retail-boxed version iScrapbook - its digital scrapbooking application - at Apple retail stores nationwide. Originally available as a stand-alone DVD and a direct download, iScrapbook allows users to design and print scrapbooks. The app comes with the SOHO Art Pack for no additional cost, a collection of 40,000+ designer-quality photographs, object photos, and vector-based clip-art. The iScrapbook retail version is available from the Apple retail store for $55.

Briefly: Win apps in OS X without Windows

11/30, 7:40pm

iPhoto Buddy for charity

In brief: Apple may be planning to out-Windows Windows, iPhoto Buddy proceeds go to charity, an iPodXtras sale has been announced, and there is a new EMR Map-making contest ... Apple may be planning to build the capability to run Windows applications without Windows into Mac OS X. CrunchGear reports that a user on a WINE mailing list has found tantalizing find in the latest version of OS X: hints towards the ability of the OS to handle Windows executables without running Windows. Oh, this is nifty. "Full implementation isn't even close to being there, but the pieces needed are. If Apple so chose, it could put these pieces together into a Windows compatibility layer that could run .exe files."

Apps: iTunes Dupes Barrier, DVDpedia

11/30, 7:20pm

ChronoSync, SteamTRAIN

    iTunes Dupes Barrier 1.2.0 ($10) allows you to search the duplicate songs inside the iTunes and iPod songs' databases. A Universal Binary program that runs natively on Intel-based Macs. The new release adds compatibility with Mac OS 10.5. Now it is fully Leopard compatible. It also improved the overall functionality. Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and iTunes 4.0 or later. [Download - 2MB]
    DVDpedia 4.1 ($18) also Bookpedia, CDpedia and Gamepedia. The Pedia programs are media inventory applications for Mac OS X, with Internet search and iSight scanning ability. The update includes customization options for the Add/Edit window allowing users to choose where to display fields and in what order, customization for the Full Screen View details for an improved home theater experience, a new Tags field, better iWeb integration, full Leopard compatibility including new icons as well as many bug fixes and other enhancements. [Download - 6.7MB]
    ChronoSync 3.3.6 ($30) automated synchronization and backup application. ChronoSync 3.3.6 fixes bugs when running on Leopard and fixes a few minor bugs when running on other versions of Mac OS X. Also, for the first time, ChronoSync features an installer. Leopard specific fixes include correcting a problem where new file attributes introduced with Leopard would show files out of sync when they were still in-sync and added logic to automatic server mounting to deal with subtle differences identifying and mounting servers under Leopard. [Download - 4.5MB]
    SteamTRAIN 3 ($22) A Mac-only steam locomotive and train simulator, SteamTRAIN has transitioned to a dual terminal track plan with a working turntable and roundhouse at each end. New features include more complex terminal switching, visible coaling stations, plus express trains now seen and heard passing your loco. One of the most dynamically realistic train sims ever. SteamTRAIN runs at full speed on all Intel Macs (under Rosetta) plus most PowerPC Macs using Mac OS X 10.3 or later. [Download - 4.8MB]
    Classic Menu 2.8 ($10) [corrected 12/2] brings the classic Mac OS apple menu back to Mac OS X, replacing the system's built-in apple menu but keeping it within easy reach. Version 2.8 of Classic Menu adds full support for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), integrating smoothly into the appearance of the new menu bar. This version also adds custom ordering of menu items and separators, allowing the apple menu's contents to be grouped and sorted according to the user's preference.[Download - 104KB]
    Avernum 5 1.0.1 ($28) enormous, epic fantasy role-playing adventure. "Wander a gigantic world, full of multitudes of characters, hundreds of side quests, and traps, tricks, and treasure in every corner. Take the part of a soldier for the all-powerful Empire, hunting for the foul assassin that struck down your Empress." The new release fixes several bugs and runs properly on the newest MacBooks (with the X3100 graphics chip). [Download - 25.9MB]

Refurb Aluminum iMacs priced at $1,299

11/30, 6:20pm

Refurb Aluminum iMacs

Apple's online store is currently offering its latest generation Aluminum iMacs from $1,299, and continues to list a slew of MacBook Pro notebooks at discounted prices. The company's new Aluminum iMacs feature a border of black glass surrounding the screen, and include an iSight video camera like their predecessors. Apple's 20-inch 2.4GHz Aluminum iMac ($1,299, regularly $1,499) includes 1GB of memory, a 320GB hard drive, an 8x SuperDrive (CD/DVD burner), and an ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO graphics card (256MB). The larger 24-inch 2.4GHz Aluminum iMac ($1,549, regularly $1,799) includes the same amount of memory, storage space, and graphics card as its smaller sibling.

iMac LCD screens failing en masse

11/30, 6:00pm

iMac screen failure

A growing number of users are reporting an issue where iMac LCD screens are failing, showing a number of artifacts that include single-pixel lines spanning the length of the screen. An Apple Discussions thread regarding the issue has so far gained more than 80 posts, with the following case being typical: "It started out a 1 pink line, Then about 2 weeks later another 2 lines appeared. Every now and then when I start up they are gone but seem to fade in after about 5 minutes." Some users are reporting the progressive appearance of 50 lines or more.

Apple threatens Danish carrier over iPhone sales

11/30, 6:00pm

Telekaeden selling iPhones

Apple is threatening Danish wireless distributor Telekęden with legal action, after the chain has been selling unlocked iPhones without the company's permission. reports that Telekęden is selling the units for almost 6,000 kr (~$1200 US) through its website, unlocked so that they may be used with any GSM-based carrier, which counters Apple's current business model for the device. Apple intends to release the iPhone in Denmark under the same business model - providing a locked version to a preferred GSM carrier - despite running into numerous legal hitches in both France and Germany.

Tables 1.4 intros new cell, import options

11/30, 5:20pm

Tables 1.4 released

Independent coder Daniel Schwill has released v1.4 of his Tables data spreadsheet program. A variety of important changes have been made: among these are new cell options, allowing merged and protected cells. Imports have also been enhanced, and now include improved ODF support, as well as the first importer for AppleWorks documents. Sheets can be protected and/or dynamically sized, while formulas can be given colored references. Universal Access support has been expanded to incorporate the likes of VoiceOver. Tables requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and costs approximately $60, but can be used for free in a 30-day trial.

Plumeboom: The First Chapter released

11/30, 4:55pm

Plumeboom: First Chapter

Virtual Programming has released a new puzzle game, Plumeboom: The First Chapter. Playing through 200 levels, gamers work to destroy conveyors spreading a sinister potion throughout Omiland. Adding variety is a collection of mini-games, tricks by nemeses Crowbeak and Cornix, and six upgradeable bonus powers. The game can be played with time limits or in freeplay, and there are 30 different backdrops, complete with seasonal changes and weather effects.

Radius intros noise cancelling iPod nano buds

11/30, 4:35pm

Radius iPod nano Earbuds

Japanese device maker Radius finished its week with the launch of the radStrap NOISE CANCEL, a unique set of earbuds for owners of the third-generation iPod nano. The lanyard headphones hang around the neck like the official Apple lanyard earphones but are driven through the dock connector rather than the minijack. This both increases the output volume but also lets the radStrap achieve its namesake active noise canceling through its attached in-canal earbuds: up to 82 percent of outside noise is blocked, by Radius' estimates.

Z4 renews legal attack against Microsoft

11/30, 4:30pm

Z4 files second MS lawsuit

Having only yesterday won $140 million in damages from Microsoft, Z4 Technologies has today renewed its legal assault, filing another lawsuit. The second suit is an extension of the first, charging that the same product activation patents found to be violated earlier were also broken in the creation of Office and Windows Vista. Microsoft insists that it has done nothing wrong, and is now reviewing the case; the company's odds may not be good however, as legal precedent is already on Z4's side.

KavaSoft offers Web-based iTunes, services for OS X

11/30, 4:05pm

KavaTunes and KavaServices

KavaSoft today unveiled KavaTunes, a Web-based iTunes-like jukebox, and KavaServices, an addition to Mac OS X's "Services" menu item that adds five useful commands. KavaTunes allows Mac users to create an iTunes look-alike Web page, deployed through the operating system's built-in web server, to stream music over the internet. This allows users to share music from their iTunes library, and allows for continuous playback. While listening to a song, users can click on links to purchase the track from the iTunes Store. KavaTunes is currently available for $35 dollars, and a demo is available for users to try on the KavaTunes web page.

Sigma DP1 resurfaces, nearing completion

11/30, 3:50pm

Sigma DP1 resurfaces

Sigma, best known as a maker of third-party lenses, has at last issued an explanation as to why its long-awaited DP1 camera has yet to go on sale. The compact was first revealed at Photokina 2006, and had actually reached the pre-beta stage by early this summer; testing revealed however that the image pipeline was badly optimized, reducing image quality in favor of speed. As such Sigma decided to completely re-engineer the pipeline, as well as other specifications. The revised camera has just recently entered alpha testing, and as such is still an unknown distance away from release.

Sprint shrugs off bid from Korean cell carrier SKT

11/30, 3:45pm

Sprint Rejects SKT

Sprint has rejected a bid from Korean telecom provider SK Telecom, say reports. The American provider has reportedly declined a $5 billion investment in exchange for sharing the same phones and network knowledge. The change would have resulted in a change of management, however. This potential investment is widely believed to be connected to SKT's controlling stake in Helio, the latter of which piggybacks on Sprint's network for its youth-oriented phone service.

Win Mobile update to add dynamic wide display support

11/30, 3:25pm

Future Win Mobile Displays

One of the important features for Microsoft's upcoming Windows Mobile refresh will be its first support for multiple display resolutions and allow more iPhone-like output, says a leak from UberGizmo. Though the current version of the OS has typically locked the resolution to 320x240, the new version will not only support a much sharper 640x480 but also very small displays and widescreen ratios: a touchscreen device using Windows Mobile 6 Professional will support better-than-DVD resolutions of 800x480, Microsoft says.

Macgamestore offers Monopoly for the Mac

11/30, 3:15pm

Monopoly for the Mac

Macgamestore has announced the release of Monopoly for the Mac as a digital download. The game, licensed by Hasbro and published by Real Arcade, brings the classic board game to Mac users with the ability to play friends or family as well as a built-in opponent using artificial intelligence. "Own it all with this amazing version of the best-known and loved Monopoly game that brings this timeless family treat to vivid life like never before." Monopoly for the Mac is priced at $20, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

HTC Libra to go national on Verizon

11/30, 3:05pm

HTC Libra at Verizon

HTC's Libra smartphone, already in service with various regional carriers, is at last reaching the national level through Verizon, a leak suggests. There the phone will most likely be known under its other name, the XV5800, and support broadband via EVDO Rev. A. Little other information is available, but it should have a 400MHz processor, and approximately 162MB of internal storage. The Libra's key feature is its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which has larger-than-average buttons that make for easier typing. [via Engadget]

EmailCampaign email marketing app released

11/30, 2:40pm

EmailCampaign released

Macware has released EmailCampaign, an email marketing application designed to help Mac users easily connect with clients and customers. The software enables users to quickly create and send targeted email messages while providing tools to manage contact lists, and aims to help users design simple or complex marketing messages. EmailCampaign verifies active as well as dead email addresses, offers adjustible send options according to service provider limitations, and handles bounced emails alongside unsubscribe replies. EmailCampaign is priced at $60, requiring Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

Macfun: Wedding Dash, Tiki Magic Mini Golf

11/30, 2:35pm

Wedding Dash, Tiki Magic

Freeverse Inc. today unveiled two news games through it's game portal, Wedding Dash and Tiki Magic Mini Golf, and announced that all visitors to the site are entitled to download Big Bang Reaction. Wedding Dash puts players in the shoes of Quinn, a hopeful wedding planner, where they attempt to help Quinn run her business. Following a similar game flow to Diner Dash, Wedding Dash adds in the extra challenge of keeping the bride and groom happy. Players must juggle tasks from helping the couple choose a cake and flowers, to ensuring that tipsy guests and catty bridesmaids don't ruin the reception. Diner Dash's Flo also makes a cameo appearance, standing by to help Quinn in a pinch. Wedding Dash is available now for $20, and also has a playable demo for users to try before they buy.

Third NYC Apple store opening Dec 7th?

11/30, 2:30pm

Third NYC store opening

Multiple sources cited by ifoAppleStore point to a grand opening date of December 7th for Apple's third high-profile New York City retail store. Located in the Meatpacking District, the store stands to match the company's SoHo and Fifth Avenue stores in architectural design. The two-story corner shop located on 14th Street will likely open its doors at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, according to sources. One other source however suggested that the grand opening will occur on Saturday, December 8th.

NEC intros live Japanese to English phone translation

11/30, 2:20pm

NEC Live Phone Translation

NEC today revealed a technology it vows will help English travelers in Japan understand the country with little effort. The electronics giant has developed translation software for cellphones that the company claims is the first true real-time translator at this size and should make the process virtually automatic: speaking Japanese into the microphone converts the phrase first into Japanese writing and then into English writing a moment later.

MetroPCS picks up exotic Samsung R410

11/30, 2:05pm

Samsung R410 at MetroPCS

MetroPCS on Friday boosted its unlimited-access cell plans with the release of the unusual Samsung R410. A handset with a horizontal slide-out QWERTY keyboard like many high-end smartphones, the Samsung is built for a younger audience more concerned with text messaging, instant messaging, and basic e-mail: the cost is trimmed to more affordable levels by using a VGA camera and legacy 1XRTT data in place of more expensive EVDO. Bluetooth with stereo audio support is present and adds rare support for wireless headphones and speakers to the device class.

3G iPhone in '08, EU iPhone estimates

11/30, 2:00pm

3G iPhone, EU estimates

AT&T chariman Randall Stephenson confirmed a 3G-capable iPhone arriving some time next year, coinciding with hopes expressed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in September. "You'll have it next year," Stephenson told Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster, referring to a faster 3G iPhone. What's more, iPhone estimates from Apple's wireless carrier partners in Europe expect roughly 100,000 iPhone sales for each carrier during 2007. Meeting those sales goals would put a quarter million iPhones in the hands of European customers, bringing Apple's global iPhone sales count to around 2 million.

Microspot ships "Universal" DWG Viewer 1.6.6

11/30, 1:55pm

"Universal" DWG Viewer

Microspot has announced the release of Microspot DWG Viewer 1.6.6, a new Universal version of its popular 2D AutoCAD file viewer. The application allows users to view, annotate and print AutoCAD DWG Files on a Mac. In addition to the "Universal" application, the company said the update brings better support for the AutoCAD 2007 file format. DWG Viewer is an application based on Microspot MacDraft Professional that opens AutoCAD DWG files created on Windows PCs. Users can open the Layouts as well as the Model; it enables them to show, hide or grey the individual layers and zoom in and pan around the document.

Native PCIe-based SATA II host adapter

11/30, 1:45pm

PCIe-SATA II host adapter on Friday released NitroAV SATAStar Plus, a new host adapter for Macs that delivers 3Gb/sec SATA II performance. The company says the card is "the industry's first" native PCIe chipset based 4-Port external host adapter and that it is specifically designed for the ultra fast PCIe bus on Apple's high-end MacPro desktops and PowerMac G5 PCIe-based desktop computers (as well as compatible Windows and Linux systems). The 4-Port PCIe provides maximum bandwidth for data throughput with its native PCIe host connection. Leveraging the Silicon Image 3132 chipset, it is compatible with 4x, 8x and 16x PCIe slots.

MacSpeech releases iListen 1.8 for Leopard

11/30, 1:30pm

iListen 1.8 for Leopard

MacSpeech on Fiday released iListen 1.8, an update to the speech recognition solution that brings Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard." iListen 1.8 includes new commands to support the new TextEdit and Finder in Mac OS X 10.5, and Safari 3. In addition, the company said that version 1.8 brings significant enhancements to the Voice Launcher -- some of which are Leopard-only features -- and to the Web Favorites command sets. The update is also a maintenance release that fixes reported issues and adds other refinements to the Mac speech recognition solution. iListen 1.8 is available free of charge to all registered of iListen 1.7 (and higher) from the Website.

Microsoft tallies 360 sales, takes Sony flak

11/30, 1:25pm

360 sales vs. Sony flak

A considerable number of Xbox 360 consoles were sold during Thanksgiving week, Microsoft has announced. The company says that slightly more than 310,000 360s were bought during the period, which is typically devoted to sales for Christmas and Hanukkah shoppers. While this number is still less than the 350,000 Wiis quoted by Nintendo, it represents an amount greater than what Microsoft might normally sell in a month. Microsoft also says it expects to sell more games this holiday season than the figures for the Wii and PlayStation 3 combined.

Xbox 360 update to add DivX, iPhone/iPod support

11/30, 1:05pm

Xbox 360 Fall 2007 Details

Following through on its pledge to provide more details, Microsoft today published the full list of details for its Fall 2007 Dashboard Update for the Xbox 360. In addition to the Find Old Friends feature and the ability to download some original Xbox titles already confirmed by the company, the upgrade will also include the DivX support leaked earlier this month as well as an Inside Xbox feature that provides updated news from the console's website, similar to Sony's recently introduced PS3 Information Board.

RAZR's 'father' Zander steps down as Motorola CEO

11/30, 1:00pm

Motorola's Zander Resigns

Motorola today revealed that Ed Zander is leaving his position as chief executive of the company as of the start of 2008. The executive is leaving the electronics producer after four years to move on to the "next phase" of his life and spend more time with his family, he says. Zander will be replaced by the newly elected chief Greg Brown, who previously headed up four different businesses at the company before assuming the top spot. The outgoing Zander will remain as chairman until an annual shareholder meeting in May.

Apple to sell 2m iPhones in Dec quarter - report

11/30, 12:50pm

3G iPhone, EU estimates

AT&T chariman Randall Stephenson confirmed a 3G-capable iPhone arriving some time next year, coinciding with hopes expressed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in September. "You'll have it next year," Stephenson told Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster, referring to a faster 3G iPhone. What's more, iPhone estimates from Apple's wireless carrier partners in Europe expect roughly 100,000 iPhone sales for each carrier during 2007. Meeting those sales goals would put a quarter million iPhones in the hands of European customers, bringing Apple's global iPhone sales count to around 2 million.

Mysterious HTC Clio passes FCC

11/30, 12:25pm

HTC Clio passes FCC

The FCC has just given its seal of approval to a previously unknown HTC device, simply called the Clio. The unit supports GSM, EDGE and HSDPA, and most critically, can operate on the 850 and 1,900MHz bands used by AT&T's 3G network. Other connectivity options should include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0, while the presence of two cameras implies that one is meant for videocalls.

The positioning of the FCC label in the Clio's schematics, meanwhile, has unusual significance; it indicates that the device is longer horizontally than it is vertically, which in turn implies that it is most likely a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard. This could make it an import of the Athena, or else the final incarnation of the Omni, which has languished in development if it has ever had factual basis. HTC has, in the meantime, asked the FCC to withhold photos of the Clio. [via Wirelessinfo]

Apple patents adapter for mini optical discs

11/30, 11:30am

Apple optical disc patent

Recently published by the US Patent and Trademark Office is an application from Apple, relating to optical disc drives. Originally submitted on May 22nd, 2006, the application details an an improvement to slot-loading drives, which allows them to play smaller-sized three-inch discs, in addition to regular-sized five-inch ones. Normally, only tray-loading drives can play both. The application is attributed to iPod engineer Anthony Fadell, who has devised two possible adapters: one with two folding halves, and another in which four sections lock together.

Leak points to GeForce 9000 in February

11/30, 11:25am

GeForce 9000 in February

The next generation of NVIDIA's graphics cards will roll out early next year with a few key feature upgrades, video card producers in Taiwan claim today. The GeForce 9000 will be the firm's answer to AMD's Radeon HD 3800 and will bring the enhanced antialiasing as well as high-dynamic range lighting of DirectX 10.1 and newer versions of OpenGL 2. The series will mark the first high-end cards to be built on the same 65-nanometer manufacturing process as the GeForce 8800 GT, running cooler and also potentially faster than today's 8800 GTX parts.

BlackBerry 9100 to exceed iPhone's specs?

11/30, 11:15am

BlackBerry 9100 Specs Leak

Research in Motion's previously leaked BlackBerry 9100 will race to beat Apple in technical features ahead of an upgrade to the iPhone, BGR claims in an alleged leak. The device will have a touchscreen with the same 320x480 resolution as the iPhone's and will have 3G cellular Internet over HSPA -- a feature that is not only absent in the Apple phone until sometime next year but which is new to any BlackBerry, the alleged leak's source points out. Internally, the 9100 will reportedly have both real GPS and Wi-Fi. It may similarly be slightly faster with a 624MHz Intel XScale processor instead of the 620MHz ARM chip from its Cupertino challenger.

Create 14.1 expands Address Book support

11/30, 11:00am

Create 14.1 released

Stone Design has released Create 14.1, enabling the software to merge 'merge' with Address Book. The page layout, illustration, and Web authoring application includes a photo browser for adding as well as searching any number of photos. iSight camera support enables users to take snapshots and add effects, while a built-in QuickLook engine shows the contents of a Create file in Finder. Users can also share documents with friends as a slideshow in iChat Theater. Create 14.1 is priced at $150 (system requirements were unavailable).

Verizon launches Chocolate phone in Blue Ice

11/30, 10:40am

LG Chocolate Blue Ice

Hoping to inject some further energy into its music phone line for the holidays, Verizon today rolled out its LG Chocolate Blue Ice. The new version is close in keeping to the spirit of the original version but comes in a more attention-getting light blue color that sets off the red trim lighting around the wheel and buttons, according to the cell carrier. It also includes darker blue accents around the keypad.

Apple, China Mobile iPhone talks ended?

11/30, 10:40am

Apple, China Mobile spat?

Apple and phone carrier China Mobile have reportedly broken off negotations over the iPhone, according to one publication. Chinese newspaper Southern Daily cites anonymous sources, who claim that talks begun earlier this month have already ended, and that Apple is instead moving on to other cellphone distributors. If Apple successfully forms a deal, iPhones could go on sale in China as soon as next summer, in new retail stores opening in Beijing. The failure of the negotiations is being blamed on revenue sharing; as some observers have noted, revenue sharing is simply not practiced in China, while Apple has so far managed to secure lucrative sharing agreements with other networks such as AT&T.

Creative offers further hints of 32GB flash ZEN

11/30, 10:15am

Creative 32GB ZEN Leak 2

Creative has once again unintentionally confirmed its plans to launch a 32GB ZEN player, this time according to an unintentional slip-up on the company's US website. The jukebox maker directly references to 32GB of flash storage both at its overview and specifications pages and explains the impact of the extra memory: the unannounced model will hold up to 8,000 songs or 120 hours of video, Creative says. It would continue to support SDHC cards for more than 4GB of extra storage.

Google makes 700MHz bid official

11/30, 9:30am

Google 700MHz Bid Official

Google today confirmed its bid for the FCC's 700MHz spectrum auction, validating a late leak in the press of the company's intentions. The maneuver will give Google an opportunity to use and license the airwaves for services such as cellular calling or Internet access, both of which are likely to occur given the company's purported secret testing of its own mobile services at its Mountain View, California headquarters. It was important for Google officials to live up to their espoused values of open and fair competition and "put our money where our principles are," according to the company's chief executive, Eric Schmidt.

Second-gen iPhone already delayed?

11/30, 9:20am

Second-gen iPhone delay?

While only just having been confirmed as a 2008 release, the second-generation iPhone may already have experienced its first delay, according to an analyst from Friedman Billings Ramsey & Company. Mehdi Hosseini claims that among information gathered in "recent checks," it was learned that the next iPhone may have originally been planned for launch in March or April, but is now anticipated for mid to late summer. As a result, Hosseini expects demand for NAND memory to drop in the first half of 2008, despite opposite predictions by Samsung.

LG: cellphone "explosion" a cover-up for accident

11/30, 9:00am

LG on Cellphone Explosion

LG today brought an apparent end to the speculation that a cellphone explosion was responsible for the death of a Korean construction worker, calling the fire an attempt to disguise an accidental death. The 33-year-old victim had been accidentally hit with a 15-ton hydraulic drill rig that dealt the fatal blow; the cellphone had been set on fire to make it seem as though that was the actual cause, LG claims. The coworker who falsified the cause has since been charged with manslaughter.

Google poised to reveal 700MHz bid today?

11/30, 8:30am

Google 700MHz Bid Likely

Google is prepared to announce today that it will bid in the FCC's upcoming auction for the 700MHz spectrum to establish a new wireless network, the Wall Street Journal claims. The search engine developer has hinted that it has been willing to bid Since July but until now has refrained from making any kind of definite commitment to a bid, which would cost the company at least $4.6 billion. The company has nonetheless been under some pressure to take action after successfully negotiating open access rules that would force any winner of the bid to allow any device and any program to run on a network it might establish with the new frequency space.

QuickTime exploit circulates on Web

11/30, 1:20am

QuickTime 7.2 exploit

Symantec has notified DeepSight customers that a bug in QuickTime's Real Time Streaming protocol can lead towards the execution of malicious code on any computer running QuickTime 7.2 or later, and that a working proof-of-concept set of code being circulated on the internet. Computerworld reports that the bug was originally posted on, and that the exploit code had worked when tested against Windows XP and later in Vista. Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard are said to be vulnerable as well, but took considerably more time for researches to craft a reliable, working exploit.


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