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VirusScan, FileDefense protect Leopard

updated 10:35 am EST, Thu November 29, 2007

VirusScan, FileDefense

Security specialist McAfee has released a new update for VirusScan for Mac, v8.6. Crucial to the latest edition is official support for Mac OS X Leopard, guaranteeing maximum compatibility; also included, however, is improved performance in file caching, using on-access and on-demand techniques. This will cache previously scanned files, sometimes reducing total scanning time from minutes to seconds. ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 allows VirusScan management via the web, and signature file updates can now be incremental, so that downloads are often in kilobytes rather than megabytes. The program costs a minimum of $37 for a single license.

SubRosaSoft, meanwhile, has released the first edition of FileDefense, a security program which operates at the file access layer. Rather than scan and delete malware, the software blocks any and all file access by unauthorized programs. Its security is said to be so strict that users must temporarily disable it to install new programs; once this is done, users can drag-and-drop icons into the FileDefense window to expand authorization, or simply click "Allow" when a program attempts access. A number of apps are pre-listed in the FileDefense database. The software supports both Tiger and Leopard, and is a $60 download.

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  1. dliup

    Joined: Dec 1969


    what a joke

    Selling virus protection for Leopard makes as much sense as selling Big Foot detector insurance for your car. What a scam, because how do you protect against something that does not exist?

  1. coreanomac

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Que vacilon!

    Thats funny

  1. Haywire

    Joined: Dec 1969


    If you ever need

    antivirus for a Mac, don't get it from McAfee. I bought it ($50) for Windows XP (on Parallels) last year and bought the update last spring. The damn software refused to acknowledge the update that I PAID for. So I calls-up McAfee to get THEM to fix their damn data base and turn on the software. The gal told me to call another number.

    Ha! Now I had to PAY to get to that number.

    So s**** them. I picked-up free Anti-Vir.

    The Windows world is just waiting to bite your a** at every turn.

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