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MS exec confused over "Vista Capable" branding

11/28, 10:30pm

Vista Capable confuses MS

Microsoft's own marketing is reportedly confused over its cryptic "Vista capable" logo, which not only caused confusion among PC buyers, but is also the focus of a lawsuit: a recent discussion with the plaintiff's lawyers indicates that even the company's own staff don't have a clear idea about what the program entails. CNET reports that Mark Croft, Microsoft's director of marketing, inadvertently sympathized with the plaintiffs when he misquoted the intended effect that the company's "Windows Vista Capable" program was to have on consumers.

Apple to end 'Boot Camp' for Tiger users

11/28, 8:55pm

Boot Camp beta expires

Although Boot Camp is a feature of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Apple has been offering a beta trial of the service for 10.4 Tiger for almost two years, and announced today that it will be discontinuing support for Tiger Boot Camp users. Originally introduced in April 2006, the Boot Camp beta allows Tiger users to install Windows on their Intel-based Macs, making it easier for Windows users to switch to a Mac, while offering Mac users a wider variety of software and games. Existing Boot Camp beta participants will still be entitled to keep their Windows partitions, but the software that manages installations will be deactivated, and Apple will no longer provide updates, requiring users to upgrade to Leopard if they wish to add to or modify the Boot Camp partition.

Intel updates developer tools for Leopard

11/28, 8:00pm

Intel dev tools update

Intel on Wednesday unveiled an update to its software tools suite for Mac OS X with optimizations for its C++ and Fortran compilers as well as Intel Threading Building Blocks, Intel Math Kernel Libraries, and Intel Performance Primitives. The optimizations, designed specifically for Leopard and Xcode 3.0, aim to provide further support for Mac developers to take full advantage of Intel multicore processors.

M-Audio's new handheld digital audio recorder

11/28, 7:40pm

M-Audio MicroTrack II

M-Audio today unveiled the MicroTrack II, a handheld 24/96 digital audio recorder. The device records to CompactFlash cards and Microdrives, providing 48V of phantom power to condenser microphones so that musicians can make use of the device while writing songs, playing practice sessions, and gigs. The MicroTrack II records in 24-bit/96KHz format, and can take signals from the quarter-inch TRS inputs, or the S/PDIF input, with sound monitoring available through the RCA or eighth-inch headphone jack. M-Audio is selling the MicroTrack II for $400, which includes an electret T-shaped microphone, software, a carrying pouch, an eighth-inch stereo extension cable with lapel clip, a power supply and USB cable.

More Leopard issues loom after recent update

11/28, 7:30pm

Leopard issues loom

A month has passed since Apple introduced Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and the upgrade still has several problems to address despite an early patch that fixed numerous others. Time Machine and AirPort Extreme connectivity issues remain unsolved, even as Time Machine and Aperture data corruption plague Leopard users alongside windows that seem to vanish when using the new 'Spaces' feature. Failed installation attempts resulting from partitioning issues also still stand, as well as the potential for forced reinstalls after attempting to use Migration Assistant to recover data from a cloned disk backup using a utility called 'SuperDuper.'

XtremeMac debuts Verona leather iPod cases

11/28, 6:40pm

Verona iPod cases debut

XtremeMac today debuted its new Verona iPod case for Apple's iPod touch, iPod classic, and current-generation iPod nano. The new designer leather case aims to blend fashion with functionality, protection, and style. Verona cases include different types and styles of leather enclosures, all hand-crafted from genuine leather with a soft interior lining. The Verona Flip cases for iPod touch and iPod classic are folio style cases with an integrated leather wrapped belt clip. The cases come in various colors and designs, ranging in price from $25-$30. All Verona cases are available for pre-order via XtremeMac's website, and are expected to ship in the coming weeks.

Apple tops Dell in growth on Black Friday

11/28, 5:45pm

Apple tops Dell in growth

Apple topped arch-rival Dell in growth on the busiest shopping day of the year -- Black Friday -- with a 111 percent increase in unique visitors over the prior year. That growth compares to a 29 percent increase for Dell, which brought the company 978,000 unique visitors on Black Friday and 1.26 million visitors on Cyber Monday. Of the estimated 32.5 million visitors logging onto virtual stores on Cyber Monday, most were purchasing items like Apple's iPod and Nintendo's Wii game console, according to Nielson Online as cited by Fortune. Apple received 643,000 unique visits from home users on Black Friday, followed by 1.35 million unique hits on Cyber Monday.

Kodak releases upload plug-in for iPhoto

11/28, 5:30pm

Kodak iPhoto upload app

Camera maker Kodak has released the first version of its gallery upload plug-in for iPhoto. Once installed, the application simplifies sending photos to the Kodak Gallery website, where family and friends can view them at any time. Photos can be given original names and descriptions, and organized into new or existing albums. Unique to the association with iPhoto is that images with a specified star rating or higher can automatically be marked as favorites on Gallery, saving time in sorting. The plug-in is free and requires Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.

No visual voicemail in France, iPhone in Canada?

11/28, 5:00pm

Orange iPhone, Canada

French iPhone users will have to wait for visual voicemail, and a website is offering Canadians the chance to purchase an unlocked iPhone just in time for Christmas. With the iPhone launch in France just around the corner, Orange has officially noted that visual voicemail services will not be immediately available, that users will have to wait until the end of January to use the function. In addition to this setback, SetteB.IT reports that Orange will also apply a 500MB limit to EDGE data connections, and will limit access to any of the 30,000 Orange hotspots to 10 hours per month, or 100 hours for customers with the upper level plan. SetteB.IT also discovered that Orange plans to sell the unlocked version of the iPhone for 750 euros, 250 euros less than its German counterpart, T-Mobile.

Deutsche Grammophon starts online classical sales

11/28, 4:55pm

Deutsche Grammophon store

The Universal-owned Deutsche Grammophon, a famous international classical label, has at last launched its own digital online store. While much of the music found on the site can also be bought elsewhere, the DG Web Shop is already playing host to some 600 albums which are no longer on CD, with more out-of-print titles expected in the future. Total album count is currently near 2,400. Perhaps most important is the music's format: while Universal has already been selling some music DRM-free, the DG site goes a step further by using an ultra-high 320kbps bitrate. Even Apple's iTunes Plus service limits files to 256kbps.

Toshiba rolls out 80GB hard drive for cars

11/28, 4:25pm

Toshiba 80GB Car Drive

Looking to grow the market for in-car computers, Toshiba today introduced the largest-ever hard drive built specifically for vehicles. The MK8050 series stores just 80GB but includes the shock tolerance to handle engine vibration or the jolts from the road underneath. These new 2.5-inch drives are 50 percent more resilient than past models despite the size increase, Toshiba boasts. The company also creates a cushion of air around the read head that prevents it from scratching the platters during a car trip, even at altitudes as high as 3.4 miles above sea level where the pressure would otherwise not be enough to prevent an accident.

iPod updates: Classic, 3G Nano, 5G iPod

11/28, 4:15pm

iPod software updates

Apple today released a software update for its newly release iPod classic and "3G" iPod nano as well as the 5G iPods. iPod Software 1.2.3 resolves a problem with the iPod (5th generation) where songs and other content do not appear after updating to software version 1.2.2. According to Apple, the iPod v1.03 update for the iPod nano/classic offers "bug fixes;" however, reports indicate that it resolves general issues with games affecting song play counts, the iPod nano's clock, problems with Cover Flow and a spinning hard drive issue (on the Classic). The 58.2MB available via iTunes.

Zune hard drive models plagued by battery drain issue

11/28, 3:55pm

Zune Battery Issue

Owners of both the original Zune 30 and the new Zune 80 have discovered that the latest firmware is refusing to properly enter its sleep mode, say multiple reports from Microsoft's official forums. While the handhelds are supposed to enter a low-power mode when idle to preserve battery life when not in use, many are finding that the players continue to operate at near full power. In many situations this almost completely saps the battery when left overnight, users complain. Only models with a hard drive are affected, as Zune 4 and 8 devices (including Electronista's review unit) enter sleep mode properly.

Micron enters SSD drive market

11/28, 3:40pm

Micron enters SSD market

Although long known as a RAM producer, Micron has only just introduced its first SSD flash drives, the RealSSD line. Coming in 1.8- and 2.5-inch sizes, the drives are limited to 32 or 64GB capacities, but bring with them a few distinguishing traits. They use a native SATA II interface instead of a bridge chip for example, and can be removed from a computer without turning off power beforehand. They also consume a mere 2W when active, and less when idling or in standby. Plastic casing is said to cut weight by at least 50 percent over similar-sized HDDs.

Blockbuster ponders mobile video service

11/28, 3:30pm

Blockbuster Mobile Video

Blockbuster Video is in the midst of developing a service that would let users bring video downloads more easily to cellphones, company chief James Keys says. The executive notes that his video rental firm is in talks with "virtually all" cellphone manufacturers as well as some software producers to create the service. Its exact function is not described but is believed to involve converting videos downloaded from an online store to a portable form. The decision came as the result of getting help in converting movies to play on a BlackBerry, Keyes says.

Cellphone may be responsible for Korean man's death

11/28, 3:00pm

Cellphone kills Korean man

In an unusual incident, a cellphone may be directly responsible for killing a South Korean man, says the Associated Press. The victim, who is being identified only by the last name Suh, was found dead in a quarry Wednesday morning, the battery of his cellphone melted in his shirt pocket. One of the examining doctors discovered burn-like injuries on his left chest, while the ribs and spine were found to be broken. It is believed though that the immediate cause of death was damage to his heart and lungs, caused by pressure from the exploding phone.

ASUS sorts out Eee PC Linux license issues

11/28, 2:55pm

ASUS Eee PC GPL Solved

ASUS today resolved a controversy over the Linux licensing for its its Eee PC, bringing the 7-inch notebook back into line with its open-source roots. The Taiwan company earlier this month was accused of violating the General Public License (GPL) that forms the heart of Linux by failing to publish code for the system's unique power management; this omission is a mistake, ASUS says. In exchange, the company has updated its download section to include the extra code as well as extra features of the Eee's custom Linux distribution.

SuperSync 2.0 syncs music between Macs

11/28, 2:45pm

SuperSync 2.0 released

SuperSync has released SuperSync 2.0, an update to its music library synchronization software that offers faster simultaneous track uploads/downloads as well as easier external WAN access setup. The software supports up to five simultaneous track uploads and downloads, and introduces a completely redesigned file transfer window for synchronization progress that display the list of songs to be copied as well as general status for skips and other info. SuperSync 2.0 is priced at $30 for a 2-machine license, while family licenses are available for $40 per 5-pack and $60 per 10-pack. The software requires Mac OS X (specific requirements were unavailable).

Rambus prepping 1TB/sec computer memory

11/28, 2:15pm

Rambus Terabyte Initiative

Memory maker Rambus today unveiled its Terabyte Bandwidth Initiative, a new effort to cross a symbolic barrier for computer memory speed. The plan will see a new form of RAM that can pass 32 bits of data in one clock cycle versus the two bits of today's memory and splits the signaling between data and commands or memory addressing. The net effect is to provide 16 gigabits per second of bandwidth with a single 500MHz memory chip -- about 16 times the performance of today's DDR2 memory standard at the same clock rate.

Zonbu takes subscription PC concept to $280 notebook

11/28, 1:35pm

Zonbu Notebook

Translating its relative success with the original Zonbu Desktop to portables, Zonbu today unveiled the Zonbu Notebook. Like the original Linux system, the Everex-made 15.4-inch system is based primarily around a subscription for network storage and programs: 50GB of space not only backs up information stored on the local system but offers a continually updated software suite that never needs to be manually updated. Unlike the desktop, however, the portable includes a 60GB hard disk with enough space to store many files locally and comes with both a DVD burner and built-in Wi-Fi.

Systemax intros new Santa Rosa notebooks

11/28, 1:25pm

Systemax Santa Rosa PCs

Systemax is deploying four new notebooks, all based on Intel's Santa Rosa platform; as a part of this, each machine supports 802.11n Wi-Fi, and comes with Turbo Memory to cut loading times in Windows Vista (XP is an option). The top of the line is the Medallion XVII (pictured), a 17-inch system with a 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, and a 512MB GeForce 8600M GT graphics card. It comes with up to 4GB of RAM, and supports native resolutions up to 1680x1050, with the option of native HDMI output. Bluetooth, stereo speakers and a subwoofer are built in, and the case uses a "piano black" finish. Prices start at $1,380.

Google brings My Location feature to phone maps

11/28, 1:00pm

Google My Location

Google today upgraded its mobile Maps program with a feature dubbed My Location, a feature that helps pinpoint the whereabouts of a cellphone without demanding a potentially expensive GPS receiver. Similar to assisted GPS, the utility calculates the rough position of the user based on their distance from cellular towers. The feature is usually accurate to within several meters and can even supplement devices which already have GPS, providing a location fix when buildings block satellite reception or consuming less power when a precise fix is less necessary.

LANrev 4.6 adds Leopard compatibility, more

11/28, 1:00pm

LANrev 4.6 released

LANrev has released LANrev 4.6, a major update to the all-in-one lifecycle management software for heterogeneous networks. The latest release adds Mac OS X Leopard support, Time Machine integration, new remote control integrations, and improvements to LANrev's patent-pending ImageLive disk imaging technology. LANrev 4.6 client requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, while LANrev Admin and LANrev Server work with Mac OS X 10.4 or newer (pricing was unavailable).

Survey: Public rejecting digital media adapters

11/28, 12:30pm

Media adapters ill-favored

The public is generally avoiding digital media adapters such as the Apple TV and Sonos' wireless audio system, a new study suggests. The market research group Parks Associates claims that within a reporting group of US broadband users, only nine percent even had a stereo connected to their computer, and of those, 50 percent relied on simpler output techniques such as RCA cables. Only 28 percent used a wired or wireless media adapter. Similarly, a tiny four percent of broadband subscribers had a TV connected to their computer, and 31 percent of those connected to TVs using the likes of S-Video cables. A closer 30 percent did rely on media adapters, however.

Google brings Gadgets to Mac OS X

11/28, 12:30pm

Google Gadgets come to Mac

Google is officially bringing support for its Google Gadgets to Google Desktop for Mac, enabling Mac users to access the miniature applications with dynamic content in addition to the slew of Apple Dashboard Widgets already offered under Mac OS X. Mac users can now run Google Gadgets alongside Apple Widgets, gaining access to the same gadgets on a Mac as well as iGoogle page and Google Desktop Sidebar, according to

FmDataGuard 1.1 enhances viewed data logging

11/28, 12:20pm

FmDataGuard 1.1 ships

WorldSync today released fmDataGuard 1.1, adding new support for logging viewed data as well as SQL query and execution capabilities to the FileMaker-based change logging regulatory compliance software. FmDataGuard 1.1 provides those solutions built with FileMaker Pro software with the technological basis for regulatory audit trail compliance, logs all data changes, and allows for instant data rollback or quick recovery from a crash or corruption, according to WorldSync. A new View option for data logging also gives developers another choice for control over which, and how, events are logged. FmDataGuard 1.1 is priced at $1,250, and requires FileMaker Pro 8.5 or later as well as FileMaker Server 8.0v4.

OLPC team sued by Nigerians over keyboard patents

11/28, 11:35am

OLPC Team Nigerian Lawsuit

The One Laptop Per Child project today was found to be the target of a lawsuit from Lagos Analysis over the XO notebook's keyboard. Known for short as LANCOR, the US-based but Nigerian-owned firm has filed the complaint in Nigeria claiming that the OLPC team deliberately reverse-engineered its keyboard driver code. By including multiple Shift keys to accommodate special characters in non-English languages, the XO violates LANCOR's own patents for a similar technology used in a dedicated international keyboard; the OLPC team bought two of the keyboards with the explicit purpose of stealing the technology inside, the Nigerian firm claims.

M-Audio readies Fast Track Ultra interface

11/28, 11:25am

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra

Hardware and software maker M-Audio is preparing a new audio interface, the Fast Track Ultra. The unit is an 8x8 device with MIDI support, and connects to a Mac or PC via USB 2.0; six analog inputs and outputs are provided, along with a two-channel S/PDIF I/O. The Ultra can actually be used as a 16x8 device however, due in part to an eight-core DSP processor, which also minimizes latency and allows effects such as reverb. Four preamps boost the signal, and audio is streamed to a computer in 24 bits at 96kHz.

Nokia to butt heads with Apple over patents?

11/28, 11:00am

Nokia vs Apple Patents

Nokia may encounter a patent dispute with Apple if it pushes ahead with its plan to offer a promised touchscreen phone, according to a report from Nomura analyst Richard Windsor. The financial institution's researcher believes that an upcoming update to the Symbian Series 60 OS used on Nokia's smartphones may infringe on as one or more of Apple's patents for the iPhone, potentially triggering a legal battle . This could be very likely with Apple owning at least 200 patents relating just to its handset, Windsor says.

BBC: Carphone lying about iPhone insurance

11/28, 10:30am

Carphone iPhone scam?

Employees of Carphone Warehouse -- the only authorized third-party vendor of iPhones -- are sometimes lying to customers about available insurance terms, a BBC investigation has determined. Researchers with BBC One's Watchdog program say that of five Carphone stores recently visited, three claimed that a lost iPhone would force customers to pay for a new O2 contract, at a minimum cost of 630. In reality, people must pay for a new iPhone, but existing contracts can continue. For Carphone this distortion may be financially useful, as it sells insurance to protect against theft or loss. Clerks also receive a commission for each phone and insurance policy they sell.

Nokia, O2 trial near-field tech for paying by phone

11/28, 10:25am

Nokia and O2 Wallet

Nokia and UK cell carrier O2 this morning announced a pilot run for O2 Wallet, a unique service that lets users pay for services just by approaching with their phone. Using a special version of the Nokia 6131 flip phone with NFC (near-field communications), owners can send payment automatically as though the phone were a virtual credit card or access pass, even while making a phone call or using data. Every trial member will have built-in access to London's Oyster service that lets them pay for rides on the Underground without requiring physical tickets. Some of these early members will also have preloaded Barclaycard credit cards that will let them pay at certain book stores and restaurants, Nokia adds.

TiVo, Nero developing computer TiVo interface

11/28, 9:45am

TiVo and Nero Team Up

TiVo and software developer Nero on Wednesday announced that they were jointly developing a TiVo interface for an upcoming version of Nero's software, giving the suite digitial video recorder-like features very similar to TiVo's set-top boxes without the need for stand-alone hardware. The particular features have not been detailed but are targeted specifically at the increasing amount of home theater computers with TV tuners, Nero says.

Locked, unlocked iPhones premiere in France

11/28, 9:40am

iPhone premieres in France

The iPhone is now on sale in France, according to reports. Agence France-Presse writes that the device's primary carrier, Orange, is selling it in three different price tiers: a base 399 level that requires an Orange plan, a 549 plan-free version, and finally a 749 phone (incorporating a 100 access fee) that can be used on competing phone networks. The phone is only available from 12 outlets until Thursday however, and Orange says that over 50,000 orders have already been placed. Some third-party French websites are said to be selling the iPhone, but Orange is threatening legal action.

Verizon ships HTC-made XV6800 smartphone

11/28, 9:15am

HTC XV6800 at Verizon

Verizon today launched sales of the XV6800, its long-delayed version of the HTC smartphone. Sharing the same platform as the Bell 6800 or the Sprint Mogul, the device is the spiritual successor to the PPC6700 and runs Windows Mobile 6 Professional with Office Mobile for handling work on the road. It also brings an upgraded 2-megapixel camera with flash and 802.11g Wi-Fi to back its EVDO connection, although unlike either Bell or Sprint the company makes no mention of an expected upgrade to the faster EVDO Revision A standard.

Nintendo sells 350,000 Wiis in a week, sees shortages

11/28, 8:50am

Nintendo Wii Sales Record

Nintendo today revealed that it has come close to setting a record for sales of its Wii console over the Thanksgiving week, selling about 350,000 units in the seven-day span for the US alone. The number is a jump of roughly 50,000 over the previous week, the company says; the result is less than the 600,000 units sold on launch a year ago but shows the console selling at least as well as it did in the immediate aftermath of the release. About 40 percent of total sales were from Americans and Canadians while about 35 percent came from Asia, particularly Japan.

Sony intros boosted battery pack for slim PSPs

11/28, 8:15am

Sony Slim PSP Battery Pack

Sony today provided a quick boost to traveling gamers with the PSP Extended Life Battery Kit, a drop-in replacement for both the recent slim PSP and the original. The new pack slides into the same slot as the normal battery but provides about 2,200mAh of power. Despite the slim model already lasting longer, the new pack effectively doubles the battery life and provides "hours" more game or movie time, by Sony's estimates.

Leopard-only CandyBar 3 debuts

11/28, 12:20am

Leopard-only CandyBar 3

Panic and IconFactory recently introduced CandyBar 3.0, created exclusively for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and announced that Pixadex - IconFactory's icon organization app - has been rolled into the latest CandyBar update. The update allows users to change the look of the Leopard dock by dragging and dropping new images from the Finder, and even includes support for specially marked iContainers that provide replaceable Dock themes. Panic is offering a free upgrade to CandyBar 2 and Pixadex 2 users who purchased either product after October 1st, 2007, as well as upgrade discounts to users who bought before that date. CandyBar 3.0 is available from Panic's website for $30.


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