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Sony unveils Playstation PC/PSP store in N. America

11/20, 10:50pm

North American PS store

Sony Computer Entertainment America today unveiled the North American Playstation store for PCs today, allowing users to access Playstation network games, video content, and services through a computer. The service allows PSP owners to create a Playstation Network account, so they can download and purchase content without requiring a Playstation 3. Users can download exclusive games and demos from the online store without requiring a UMD, and a number of different original Playstation titles, as well as add-on content, videos, and themes to re-skin their PSP's operating system. Playstation 3 owners can also log into the PC service with their Playstation Network ID.

Shareholders to refile AAPL options claims

11/20, 9:55pm

Refile AAPL options claims

While one shareholder lawsuit was already dropped, a California judge gave leave to attorneys to refile some of the claims, while dismissing others because of timeliness. In June 2006, Apple shareholders filed a lawsuit claiming that company directors and officers, including Chief Executive Steve Jobs, committed fraud when they backdated some awards made between 1997 and 2001 in order to maximize compensation payouts. According to the report, shareholders were seeking return of all proceeds from the backdated options. Following the ruling, lead plaintiffs' attorney Mark Molumphy said Tuesday he intends to refile the case focusing on issues the judge identified.

Griffin colorizes TuneBuds in-ear headphones

11/20, 9:15pm

Griffin TuneBuds color

Griffin Technology recently updated its TuneBuds in-ear headphones to color coordinate with the new line of iPods. The headphones come in six different metallic colors - red, light blue, light green, blue, silver and pink. The TuneBuds feature a neodymium driver, and three sets of interchangeable silicone ear cushions that allow for a wider comfort level for the user. The in-ear design cuts out external noise, allowing users to enjoy their music at much quieter levels, while still being able to hear all the detail. The headphone jack is very slim, which lets the TuneBuds work with a wide variety of iPod cases, or any recessed mini-jack. Griffin is currently shipping the TuneBuds in color for $20.

REAL World 2008 set for Austin, March 2008

11/20, 8:10pm

REAL World 2008 Austin

REAL Software, creators of the cross-platform software development tool REALbasic, have announced that they will be hosting REAL World 2008 in Austin, Texas. The conference is intended for REALbasic developers and experts, with the intent of providing the exchange of information between basic and advanced users, and will feature in excess of 40 breakout sessions for users of different skill levels, with presentations from numerous speakers, both from inside the company and from experts in the software development field. REALworld 2008 will be active from Tuesday, March 18th 2008, until Friday, March 21st, at the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin. Attendees will have a special rate at the hotel, for $170, while rates for the conference are $600 for early registration until December 12th. From then until February 12th, the event will cost $700, and $750 thereafter.

PhotoTools enhances Photoshop Actions, more

11/20, 7:05pm

onOne PhotoTools

recently introduced two new Photoshop plugins - PhotoTools and PhotoTools Professional Edition. The plugins are designed to take advantage of Photoshop Actions to provide a wide range of imaging tools, including effects, correction and production automation using a full-featured interface. PhotoTools allows users to preview the effects one at a time or with several stacked on top of one another. Both plugins require Mac OS 10.4.8 or higher, and are Universal Binary programs. Photoshop CS2 or CS3 is also required, as well as an OpenGL-capable video card, with a minimum of 128MB of video memory. PhotoTools and PhotoTools Professional Edition are currently available for download currently, with boxed versions shipping in late December, and are being sold for $160 and $260, respectively.

Apple patents Shake UI concept

11/20, 4:40pm

Apple's Shake UI patent

Apple today won three patents from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, one of which relates to the user interface of its Shake pro application for advanced digital compositing. The Shake-related patent, titled "Depth ordering of planes and displaying interconnects having an appearance indicating data characteristics," details displaying interconnects with a visual indication of the data characteristics. Determining a depth ordering between two planes in a 3D workspace is achieved by projecting vectors from a reference position through points of interest on the planes, according to Apple's invention.

Revo releases Blik Wi-Fi radio

11/20, 4:20pm

Revo Blik Wi-Fi radio

British radio maker Revo has released a new device, the Blik. Though able to function as a normal FM radio or alarm clock, the Blik's key advantage is its Wi-Fi, which has listings for over 6,000 continually-updated Internet stations, as well as various "listen again" services such as those operated by the BBC. Should Internet options not be appealing, users can stream MP3 and WMA audio from their Mac or PC, or plug in an iPod for more direct playback. The Blik is selling in the UK for 100 ($205).

Aluratek unveils Mac-savvy digital frames

11/20, 4:00pm

Aluratek digital frames

Aluratek recently unveiled a new lineup of digital picture frames, and announced that they are fully compatible with Mac OS 10.4. Included in this release are the 10.5-inch ADMPF110 and 210 ($180), the 11-inch ADMPF311F($200), the 12-inch ADMPF312F($230), and the 15-inch ADMPF315F($300). The picture frames feature a high resolution TFT true color LCD screen, a wooden frame, and built in speakers, which allow users to listen to MP3 or WMA music files, view videos, or set up presentations with background music. The frames accept connections from digital cameras, USB flash drives, memory cards or a direct computer connection, and support drag-and-drop functionality. Aluratek's frames can be mounted on a wall or displayed on a surface using the included stand, and they come with a kit containing a remote, USB 2.0 cable, power adapter, and instructions.

Kyocera EVDO Rev. A ExpressCard at Verizon

11/20, 3:50pm

Kyocera EVDO Rev. A card

Verizon Wireless will soon carry the KPC680, an ExpressCard 34 modem built by phone maker Kyocera. The card is notable mainly for supporting EVDO Revision A, a format which here peaks at 1.4Mbps down, although Verizon claims 600kbps is more likely. Upload speeds, meanwhile, are said to vary between 500 and 800kbps.

Distinguishing features of the card include a corkscrew flip-up antenna, and twin ports for improving reception with external antennas. Computers using the card require Windows 2000, XP or Vista, or else Mac OS X 10.4.8 and higher. The 680 normally costs $100 with a two-year contract, but is $50 cheaper online; in either case, users must subscribe to Verizon's BroadbandAccess service.

Review: Zune 4 and 8 nearly the iPod's true rivals

11/20, 3:20pm

Zune 4 Review Article

Outside of those most eager to sign on to Microsoft's 1.0 vision of its own digital music player, most agree that the original Zune -- still on sale as the Zune 30 after a firmware update -- is something of a flop. The hard disk drive-based player is bulky, quick to run out of battery power, and its much-ballyhooed Wi-Fi sharing turned out to be largely useless. This adds an extra burden to the first flash-based Zunes: they not only have to compete against the iPod nano and other fierce competitors but also represent a genuine improvement to the Zune line as a whole. As it turns out, both the Zune 4 and Zune 8 come close enough to the iPod's design that Apple may feel pressure for the first time -- though not quite enough to cause sleepless nights in Cupertino. Click ahead for the full Zune 4/8 review.

Canon EOS-5D Mk. II leaked?

11/20, 3:15pm

Canon EOS-5D Mk. II leak

A second version of Canon's EOS-5D may be in production, a listing error suggests. Amongst the possible cameras a photographer might have, the bug submission form for Capture One beta 4 (by Phase One) lists a "Canon 5D Mark II;" selections are otherwise fairly conventional, limited to a host of known cameras and digital backs. The mistake is given weight both by Phase One's leading-edge reputation and by the EOS-40D, which was similarly exposed, and then officially confirmed on August 20th.

Wal-Mart prepping 10-disc PS3 bundle for Saturday

11/20, 2:25pm

Wal-Mart 10-disc PS3 deal

Various sources online are reporting that Saturday, November 24th, starting at 8AM, Wal-Mart stores across the United States will be offering a unique bundle to promote Sony's PlayStation 3 console. Shoppers who buy the $499, 80GB PS3 will be able to pick up 10 free Blu-Ray movies at the same time, in a deal that may be worth as much as $300. This is claimed to be on top of any existing bundles a system might ship with, such as a mail-in for five more movies.

The worth of the bundle comes from its price restriction, which limits each title to a cost of $30 or less. This eliminates any TV boxsets from the equation, but should it should be enough to cover older movies such as Rocky, Reservoir Dogs and Unforgiven. [via G4TV]

OnScreen DNA Lite available for free

11/20, 1:50pm

OnScreen DNA Lite free

OnScreen Science today announced that OnScreen DNA Lite, the entry-level edition of its software for learning the structure and function of DNA, is available for free via download. OnScreen DNA Lite uses a 3D virtual model in a tutorial framework to teach the structural details of DNA, including its double helix geometry and chemical components and bonds. The software also includes animated simulations of biotech lab phenomena in which the two strands of DNA are seen to separate and then reattach. OnScreen DNA Lite requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. defaced in second attack

11/20, 12:55pm defaced

An unidentified cracker known as malcor has defaced, marking the second compromised Apple-related website in what has become a series of attacks. Citing Mac user "smugness," malcor claims to be "amputating" the "rot" for the good of the Mac user community. Each attack includes an image of one or more rotting apples, usually in a late stage of decay or teaming with insects devouring the aging fruit, as well as a specific message to the Mac community.

JVC develops 4K-resolution projector

11/20, 12:30pm

JVC 4K-level projector

The Japanese division of JVC, JVC Victor, says it is producing a new D-ILA projector capable of extremely high resolutions. The maximum image size of the DLA-SH4K extends to 4096x2400 -- a level simply dubbed "4K," and currently used by a select few professional movie cameras. Years from now, the standard may also be the next likely successor to the 1080p plateau on HDTVs. The SH4K is also capable of a powerful 3,500 lumens of brightness using a xenon lamp, and a contrast ratio rated at 10,000:1.

"Purple Violets" debuts first on iTunes

11/20, 12:10pm

"Purple Violets" on iTunes

The contemporary comedy-drama "Purple Violets" this morning became the first feature film to premiere exclusively on iTunes. Purple Violets tells the romantic tale of two successful college friends who, now professionals in their 30s, meet up with the women they loved and lost in school. The film is available via the iTunes Store for $12.99 as a 1.15GB download in widescreen format. The movie is available only from Apple's iTunes Store this month.

Apple plans 'Black Friday' sales special

11/20, 11:40am

Apple 'Black Friday' event

Apple has announced a special sales event planned for this Friday, November 23rd. Marketed under the slogan "Ready. Set. Shop," the event's splash page at the online Apple Store encourages visitors to return the day after Thanksgiving, when they may find a number of products discounted, such as Macs and iPods. The site will also be offering free shipping, though shoppers will be able to skip that step by visiting a retail store, where similar sales will be in effect. Extended hours will be in place as well, though these will vary from location to location.

Verizon boosts upload speeds for FIOS to 20Mbps

11/20, 11:25am

Verizon FIOS Speed Boost

Verizon on Tuesday escalated its fight against cable by introducing a major increase to upload speeds for regular users of its FIOS fiber optic Internet access. While the provider has already offered special symmetric access plans since late October, 16 of the US states that carry FIOS will now see much improved asymmetric speeds. States which currently offer 30Mbps download speeds will see their uploads increase from 5Mbps to 15Mbps; Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island all see their 50Mbps connection plans gain an increase in upstream bandwidth from the original 5Mbps to an even higher 20Mbps. The major increase can provide a tremendous improvement to multiplayer gaming, video chats, and other software which depends heavily on uploads to reduce lag, Verizon says.

Microspot releases Interiors Professional

11/20, 11:25am

Interiors Pro ships

Microspot today released Interiors Professional, an application that provides interior space and modeling space with a shared library. Interiors Pro includes a raytrace renderer as well as built-in modeling tools to create realistic designs and animations. Microspot's Interiors Professional is priced at $250, while upgrades for registered users of Interiors and Interiors/Modeler are priced at $115 and $55, respectively. The software requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Apple addresses European .Mac speeds

11/20, 11:00am

Apple tackles .Mac speeds

Measures have at last been implemented to solve problems with the European .Mac service, Apple has announced. Users have complained for months of abnormally slow image uploads, frequently limited to between 78-80kbps. Posting a notice on its Support forums, Apple now says that it has made changes to the backend of the .Mac Web Gallery, affecting home pages and photo albums. Pages should now load "noticeably faster," although users are cautioned that performance may vary based on connections and configurations.

Best Buy preps $229 notebook/printer combo for Friday

11/20, 10:45am

Best Buy 229 Notebook

Best Buy today revealed some of its 'doorcrasher' deals for Black Friday, including an unprecedented $229 promotion for the bundle of a notebook and a printer. The deal will see a Toshiba Satellite A135 with a 1.73GHz Celeron M, 512MB of memory, and an 80GB hard disk paired with a Canon PIXMA MP210 hybrid printer and scanner; the combination is nearly a $651 drop from the normal price for the two, the retailer says. No mention is made of how widespread the deal will be or how many of the bundles will be available, though the company is handing out tickets on the store's opening and is believed to be clearing out existing stock while also driving customers to the store.

Nintendo offers up Gold, Rose DS Lite bundles

11/20, 10:15am

Nintendo DS Gold and Pink

Nintendo today jumpstarted the sales of its DS Lite handheld system with a pair of models with unique colors and game bundles. The Gold model comes with the Zelda game Phantom Hourglass and reflects this with a special Triforce logo from the game on the outer lid. A counterpart Metallic Rose model substitutes Nintendogs and adds a paw print in place of the earlier logo. Both systems are otherwise the same as their original dual-screened counterparts

Heise: iPhone tracking concerns unfounded

11/20, 10:15am

iPhone not tracking IMEI?

Despite concerns, the iPhone is not sending gratuitous identifiers to Apple, a German publication reports. Warnings had been raised about binaries for the iPhone's Stocks and Weather applications, which appeared to be sending IMEI numbers to Apple URLs; these could in theory be used to pair a user with his web activity. It is now claimed through testing, though, that the iPhone does not send out its real IMEI, but rather codes unique to each application. The codes are also uniform across iPhones, meaning that they cannot be traced to a particular device.

QuickerTek's Dualy adds 802.11n via USB

11/20, 10:15am

USB Dualy adds 802.11n

QuickerTek on Tuesday introduced the Dualy, a new USB device that brings hi-speed networking -- including 802.11b/n/g -- to any Mac. The Dualy seeks out more distant wireless signals using two transceivers coursing wireless across two antennas for maximum signal strength and speed. The company says that the two 500 milliwatt transceivers inside each Dualy offering more than 15 times the standard 25 - 30 milliwatts of RF power in standard Mac laptops. In addition, the dual-3dBi antennas (one for each transceiver) provide the speed necessary for 802.11n wireless that runs in the 2.4GHz range. Users can also choose to upgrade the antennas for even greater distance and wireless speeds. Quikertek's Dualy easily clips to the Mac laptop case and is powered from the USB port. It is also fully compatible with all Apple AirPort Base Stations and runs on Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, including Leopard (10.5x). It is available for $326.

Apple axes AABA program: Dec 31st cutoff

11/20, 10:00am

Apple axes AABA program

Apple has issued a letter to members of its Apple Authorized Business Agent (AABA) program announcing that the service will be discontinued on December 31st, 2007. Apple touted the sales program as enabling professionals trained and experienced in helping customers make informed purchasing decisions. AABA Agents offer personalized assistance, expert technical advice, knowledge of industry trends, and customized service. Agents were told to expect supplemental revenue, Apple training as well as support, professional backing from the Cupertino-based company itself, and new opportunities with minimal overhead.

Haier brings ibiza Rhapsody Wi-Fi PMP to US

11/20, 9:50am

Haier ibiza Rhapsody

Normally known for its home appliances in the US, Haier today entered the American market with the ibiza Rhapsody, its first portable media player in the country and one of the few to take direct advantage of built-in Wi-Fi. Partnering with RealNetworks, Haier provides access to the former's Rhapsody unlimited subscription service to provide downloads of new tracks anywhere the ibiza can connect to the Internet; an existing subscriber can fill the player with music without touching a computer, Haier says. The device can also browse AOL Video clips for free and even subscribe to podcasts directly from the device.

German iPhone sales threatened by ruling

11/20, 9:25am

German iPhone stopped?

Germany's legal system has granted a preliminary injunction against T-Mobile sales of the iPhone, filings reveal. Reuters reports that the measure was instigated by rival carrier Vodafone, which argued that the iPhone should not be sold under its current terms, requiring buyers to agree to a two-year T-Mobile contract; moreover, the phone is engineered to be difficult if not impossible to unlock. A number of European countries explicitly allow unlocking, and in some cases forbid carriers from selling exclusive contracts.

Nokia ships N810 tablet to US shores

11/20, 9:05am

Nokia Ships N810 to US

Nokia late yesterday began shipping the N810 tablet to the US, hoping to replace both notebooks and portable media players at once. True to the version originally announced last month, the device adds a slide-out keyboard and a more compact overall shape to the formula of the N800, and carries a front VGA camera for calls and photos; the shipping version also carries 2GB of built-in storage and a card slot for up to 8GB more for users relying on the N810 as their chief media player or even a work system.

Nikon intros 18-55mm anti-shake DSLR lens

11/20, 8:25am

Nikon 18-55mm VR Lens

Nikon on Tuesday devoted attention to beginners graduating to digital SLRs with a new entry-level Nikkor lens. The AF-S DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens is specifically aimed at amateur photographers who need their first removable lens but also want a step up in image quality: though roughly equivalent to the 3X zoom factor of point-and-shoot cameras, the lens adds vibration reduction that steadies the image for minor shaking both in close-up shots as well as reasonably distant telephoto shots of landscapes and similar subjects. Photographers can drop their shutter speeds three stops lower to take photos in darker scenes without blurring, the camera maker says.

Djay 2.0 software improves speed, interface

11/20, 6:40am

Djay v2 for disk-jockeying

Algoriddim today released an update to its disk-jockeying software, Djay 2.0, introducing a new interface, enhanced performance, and a redesigned audio engine, as well as some new features. Djay now includes an automix mode that allows for automatic visual mixing, with a built-in sampler. A Live Microphone features real time echoes and voice pitch changing that allow for many different mixing possibilities. Algoriddim is currently selling the updated application for $50, requiring a 1GHz G4 or faster with 512MB of memory, and runs under Mac OS 10.4 or higher.

First Look: OmniFocus project management

11/20, 6:35am

OmniFocus First Look

Veteran Mac developers The Omni Group have been producing OS X software since its inception, initially creating OmniWeb and porting Bungie's Oni to the platform. Having since blossomed from its humble beginnings by introducing many different applications for home and business, The Omni Group has unveiled its latest product, OmniFocus - an application designed to help personal and small business users stay on top of their tasks and duties. By using a trim application window and Apple app integration, OmniFocus hopes to offer an easy-to-use, albeit powerful, experience.


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