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PC Mag: Dell XPS ONE true iMac rival

11/17, 4:30pm

PC Mag XPS ONE Review

Dell's just-introduced XPS ONE all-in-one desktop is a genuine alternative to the iMac for some buyers, according to a new review by PC Mag. The publication notes that while the Windows-based system is more expensive than a comparably priced iMac or Gateway One and carries similar limitations such as a single hard drive bay, the system is one of the few that can match the performance of traditional multi-piece desktops while preserving the minimalist style of an all-in-one. Dell does this while providing features that are absent on other all-in-ones such as a wireless keyboard with a touchpad and a user-accessible case, the magazine says.

T-Mobile pulls Slide due to sudden restarts

11/17, 3:00pm

T-Mobile Sidekick Slide

After some recent problems with the Sidekick Slide that cause it to restart unexpectedly while sliding the screen, T-Mobile has announced that they are pulling the product from its list of offerings. Gizmodo reports that the sliding action causes the device to lose connection with its battery, forcing a shut down, and that a temporary fix is to put a shim in between the wall and the battery. T-Mobile is not the only one listing problems with its hiptop device, as Australian phone company Telstra is noticing the same sort of problem with the Motorola Hiptop Slide. T-Mobile's website merely states that the product is temporarily out of stock, and has not released any further information as to when the Sidekick Slide will be available again.

Contour iSee for 3G Nano and Touch

11/17, 2:35pm

iSee for Nano and Touch

Contour Design recently unveiled the iSee for the third generation iPod nano and the iPod touch, a clear plastic case that offers additional dock connector protection. The iSee features a hinged dock port cover, and a removable, rotating belt clip that has a plug to cover up the mounting holes when the clip is not in use. The iSee for the third generation Nano offers a clear protective film for the touchwheel, and both cases have a second rear case piece so it can have a smooth backing. Contour says that the cases are currently available, with pricing for the Nano case set at $25, and the Touch for $30.

First Look: Little Snitch 2.0

11/17, 12:00pm

Little Snitch first look

Security is a large issue for many people, especially when it comes to personal privacy concerns. Many applications "phone home", most of the time with the naive purpose such as software validation, but in some cases, the application will report personal information or other things of a private nature. Most users have no control over such reports, since they typically happen behind the scenes. Little Snitch aims to combat this, and has recently been updated to v2.0, sporting a new interface and several enhancements from its first incarnation.


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