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Hackers: unlock, jailbreak iPhone v1.1.2 [more]

11/09, 7:50pm

Unlock for iPhone v1.1.2

Less than 24 hours after it was first available, hackers claim to have found a way to unlock the latest iPhone v1.1.2 for use on any GSM-based mobile carrier network. The software/firmware update (for both the iPhone and iPod touch), which was placed on Apple's servers last night and shipped with iPhones in the UK and Germany, brought a number of changes, bug-fixes, and updates, but also broke previous 'jailbreak' methods that allowed access to the file system and enabled third-party applications to be installed. Update: One site has also posted preliminary instructions for jailbreaking v1.1.2 software for access to the file system and installing third-party applications and a full utility (with instructions) is available but requires users downgrade to v1.1.1 first.

Macally ships 7 new 3G iPod nano cases

11/09, 6:10pm

Macally 3G iPod nano cases

Macally recently unveiled new 3G iPod nano cases, some of which were given a small sneak peek at MacLive Expo. The cases come in a variety of materials - neoprene, rubber, leather, stainless steel - and styles. The offerings range from the mirrored Mirage, the striking IceSuitN3, the elegant Masquerade, and the handy Metro, among others. The manufacturer has said that the cases will be available in retailers all across the United States, and the starting price is listed at $20.

Target shopper burned in iPod scam

11/09, 5:55pm

iPod scam claims AL victim

One shopper at a Target store in Montgomery, Alabama says he was cheated yesterday after purchasing what he believed to be an 80GB iPod classic for his daughter. Upon returning home and opening the box, however, his daughter discovered a used and scratched 30GB iPod video in place of the shiny new 80GB iPod classic pictured on the box. "How could this happen?" asked George Mardre, a confused and frustrated customer. "Target will not refund our money. They will not allow us to exchange it." After speaking to several customer service representatives, Mardre was told Target would review a surveillance tape and get back to him. "Meanwhile, my daughter is out $275," Mardre told MacNN.

ASUS readying R700 GPS with microSD slot

11/09, 4:45pm


ASUS is in the finishing stages of prepping a new range-leading GPS unit, says a new leak from GPSAndCo. The R700 will separate itself from other high-end mapping systems by relying on microSD cards for add-on storage instead of full-size SD. The change will let ASUS offer a full feature set while keeping the device just over half an inch thick with a 4.3-inch screen. New mapping software should be part of the package, according to the claim. The R700 should additionally become one of the few GPS devices with a Traffic Message Channel (TMC) receiver built-in, requiring only a subscription to receive real-time traffic warnings. MPEG-4 videos will also be playable from memory, as will AAC, MP3, and WMA music.

Best Buy 'Black Friday' deals published early

11/09, 4:35pm

'Black Friday' at Best Buy

An ad for Best Buy's Thanksgiving deals has been posted online in advance of its street date, revealing some notable planned discounts. In the computer department, an eMachines desktop will be available for just $200 with a 17-inch LCD, while a pair of notebooks from Compaq and Sony will be only $400; under cameras, a Canon Digital Rebel XT with a 75-300mm lens is being priced at $550. Deals under the home theater department include a Toshiba HD-A3 player for $200, a 1080p Samsung Blu-Ray player for $400, and a 300W Harman receiver for $200. Finally, under video games, an Xbox 360 console is being bundled with Guitar Hero II (and its controller) for $350. See below for more listings. [via]

Xbox 360 to gain DivX video soon?

11/09, 4:10pm

Xbox 360 DivX Leak

The Xbox 360 is likely to gain support for playing the long-requested DivX video format, a DivX official has inadvertently revealed at a JP Morgan conference. Company presenter Kevin Hell was apparently caught off-guard when asked about how the Xbox 360 would interact with Microsoft's update to its Windows Media Extender feature that provided DivX support, at first confirming the addition outright but backtracking to say only that DivX was holding "discussions with Microsoft" over the prospect. The addition would provide enthusiasts with native support for many of their videos without having to use special software on the Xbox itself or a nearby PC to transcode videos on the fly.

Packard Bell intros Eclipse, Fresh media players

11/09, 4:05pm

Packard Bell media players

While Packard Bell has largely disappeared from the North American market, it is still very active in Europe, where it has introduced two new media players. At the fore is the Eclipse (right), the company's first player that handles both music and video. Aside from MP3, WAV and WMA audio, it supports MP4, WMV and XviD movie clips, which are played on a 2.2-inch screen with 65,000 colors. A lithium-ion battery should last through 22 hours of audio, but no video figures are available. The Eclipse comes in 2, 4 and 8GB sizes, and sports other lesser abilities such as voice recording and FM radio.

Fastmac unveils U-Connect dock adapter

11/09, 4:05pm

Fastmac dock adapter

Fastmac today unveiled U-Connect, a universal dock connector adapter designed for Apple's iPod shuffle that supports hundreds of accessories by enabling them to work with the headphone connector port found on newer iPod shuffles. The new adapter features a headphone plug/connector on one end and a standard 30-pin dock connector on the other that can connect to numerous iPod accessories like FM transmitters and speaker systems. FastMac's U-Connect Adapter is scheduled to ship within 10 days, and is available for pre-order ($16) with a 1-year warranty.

AMD returning to dual-GPU cards?

11/09, 3:40pm

Radeon HD 3870 X2 Leak

AMD hopes to boost the speed of its video cards by returning to the formula first seen in the years-old Rage Fury MAXX card, according to a purported leak of a presentation slide by the Inquirer. Radeon HD 3870 X2 would incorporate two chipsets on one board; although each would be clocked lower at a minimum 750MHz versus the 825MHz of the single-chip design, the pairing would improve performance dramatically without all of the expense or space consumption of two separate cards. Each Radeon chip would also have 512MB of memory to itself that would clock as high as 2.25GHz to ensure swift communication between both graphics units.

PDO, Wrappers offer new cases for iPods

11/09, 3:30pm

PDO and Wrappers cases

PDO recently announced several new additions to its iPod case lineup, introducing several aluminum and silicone models for the iPod touch, Nano, and Classic; while Wrappers unveiled several new sleeves for the 3G Nano. After receiving's 2007 iPhone Case of the Year award for its TopSkin silicone case, PDO has introduced the TopSkin for the iPod touch and 3G Nano. Both cases include screen protection, and feature a 360° ratcheting belt clip and wrist strap. The TopSkin for iPod touch sells for $20, and $15 for the Nano, and are available through PDO's online store.

Linux ousts Windows for Nigerian Classmate PCs

11/09, 3:05pm

Linux v. Windows, Nigeria

Nigerian elementary schools should still receive mainly Linux machines instead of Windows models when a large batch of Intel Classmate notebooks arrives, writes InfoWorld. Linux vendor Mandriva had signed a deal to provide support and a custom operating system to 17,000 Classmates for Nigeria, but the company deploying the computers for the government, Technology Support Center, at one point decided it would reformat the notebooks and install Windows XP.

Wolf King ergo gaming keyboard leaks at FCC

11/09, 3:00pm

Wolf King Game Board FCC

Game peripheral designer Wolf King has developed a radically revised gaming keyboard that could be released soon, a new FCC filing shows. The new controller -- known so far only by its DK-2788UH codename -- would include the company's signature, circular first-person shooter key layout of the Wolf King Warrior but would add a similar pad to the right for typing. Gamers could chat with gamers or otherwise interact outside of the game without needing the bulk of a full-length keyboard.

iTunes Wi-Fi store launches in Bay Area

11/09, 2:50pm

iTunes Wi-Fi store in CA

Apple and Starbucks this week launched the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store at around 360 Starbucks coffee shops in the California Bay Area. Starbucks customers can wirelessly connect for free with iTunes to shop for music as part of the plan announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during a special event in San Francisco on September 5th. The Bay Area launch includes stores spanning from Santa Rosa to Gilroy, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, and Apple's vice president of iTunes Eddie Cue eluded to broad coverage with very few Starbucks stores lacking the service.

RIM sues LG over "black" label for phones

11/09, 2:35pm


Research in Motion this week sued rival cellphone manufacturer LG for trademark infringement in a Los Angeles court, claiming that several of the latter's phones are unfairly profiting from their similarity to the BlackBerry name. LG's style-oriented Black Label series of phones such as the Shine and specific Chocolate phone color schemes such as Black Cherry and Strawberry might cause confusion for buyers unaware of the difference, RIM says. The complaint would collect damages and also block LG from using the relevant names for its products. Though it is believed to be responsible for naming the Chocolate models, Verizon is not named in the lawsuit.

Unlocked French iPhones for UK customers?

11/09, 2:15pm

Unlocked iPhones for UK?

UK customers waiting to purchase Apple's iPhone today when the device hits store shelves are required to sign up for an 18-month contract with wireless carrier O2, but those looking for an unlocked version of Apple's handset might be able to wait and purchase an unlocked device in France. French telecommunications law states that all mobile phones must be offered to customers unlocked -- making every handset usable with any compatible wireless carrier. Apple is likely eying several options to discourage or prevent UK customers from traveling to France in the hopes of purchasing an unlocked iPhone, according to

Sony exec confirms PS3 using 65nm processor

11/09, 2:05pm

Sony Confirms 65nm PS3

The new 40GB PlayStation 3 does use an improved version of the Cell processor, Sony Computer Entertainment head Kaz Hirai has confirmed in an interview. The company had issued conflicting messages about the console but now says that the new budget PS3 uses a processor made on a 65-nanometer process that both cuts down on power use and the need for active cooling. Even though the system's NVIDIA-made RSX graphics chip is still using older 90-nanometer technology, the improvement cuts peak power use from 380 watts to 280 and drops the volume 6 decibels to a quiet 30dB ideal for watching Blu-Ray movies, Hirai notes.

Glide brings iPhone collaboration

11/09, 1:40pm

Glide for iPhone

Ahead of Apple's launch of the iPhone in the UK, Glide Mobile today released a service for iPhone, Smartphone, and Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, allowing users to store, edit and distribute documents where a data connection is available. Glide offers a free service, allowing four users to collaborate with 2GB of online storage, while a paid option is available, granting 10GB of storage for 24 users. The paid service has a monthly and yearly subscription, starting at $5 per month, with additional 10GB spaces available for $5.

Nokia N82 to launch next week?

11/09, 1:35pm

Nokia N82 Next Week

Nokia is poised to launch its N82 media phone as early as next week, according to a new teaser site for the Nseries line and official invitations. The cellphone maker intends to host events both at its headquarters in Espoo, Finland and in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles that should introduce at least one new device expected to be a media-savvy companion to the gaming-focused N81.

10,000 iPhones sold in Germany on launch

11/09, 1:15pm

Germany: 10K iPhones sold

T-Mobile on Friday said that it has already sold more than 10,000 iPhones during the first day of sales in Germany, according to Reuters. Apple's multitouch cellular handset debuted yesterday in Cologne as shuttles ferried masses of eager customers to the retail store from Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich. One T-Mobile store opened at 12:01 a.m. local time to sell the devices at 400 € each, but Deutche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann already expects a potential shortage of iPhones this holiday season. T-Mobile today announced that "the company is well prepared to further meet high demand for the iPhones," despite Obermann's worry over ample iPhone supplies heading into the busiest shopping period of the year.

Samsung halts consumer sales in Japan

11/09, 1:05pm

Samsung halts Japan sales

In a move potentially surprising to foreign observers, Korean giant Samsung has declared that it will no longer sell any consumer goods (such as TVs and MP3 players) to the Japanese market. While the company has been phenomenally successful in regions such as the US and Europe, beating out many rivals, the Japanese market has been extremely tough; this, says the Associated Press, is attributable to intense competition from native electronics makers such as Sony, Sharp and Panasonic. Samsung will instead concentrate on business-to-business sales within the country, which last year amounted to over 99 percent of $9 billion.

YouTube offers multi-video uploads

11/09, 1:05pm

YouTube Multifile Upload

YouTube today rolled out the Multifile Uploader, a new tool that lets users send multi-part videos or similar clips to the online video site without manually starting each download. A dedicated program available today for Windows and soon for Mac automatically queues the files without requiring a browser, the company says. No timetable has been given for the Mac software.

iPhone/iPod touch 1.1.2 jailbreak confirmed

11/09, 1:00pm

v1.1.2 jailbreak confirmed

A new 'jailbreak' for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch devices was confirmed today after a screenshot surfaced depicting a jailbroken iPod touch. Despite Apple's v1.1.2 firmware update for its multitouch-enabled devices, which the company released yesterday, hackers have already managed to 'jailbreak' the devices and obtain read/write access to the filesystem. 'Jailbreaking' the iPhone and iPod touch paves the way for installing third-party applications. iPhone owners who jailbreak their handsets can proceed to 'unlock' the devices, removing Apple's requirement to use AT&T as the exclusive wireless carrier.

Samsung T578H splits time between China, world

11/09, 12:25pm

Samsung T578H phone

Samsung has announced an unusual new phone, the SGH-T578H. Key to its distinctiveness is support for TD-SCDMA, a protocol found exclusively in China, and at present only in 10 major cities; it does however support speeds up to 2.8Mbps, pushing the still-rare feature of 3G in the country. In 2008 the protocol will be upgraded to handle HSDPA, increasing speeds and potentially broadening compatibility. The phone is meanwhile capable of quad-band EDGE, GSM and GPRS, making it suitable for use inside and outside of China. TD-SCDMA is only available through a dual-band receiver. The T578H is merely a prototype, but will likely have a commercial equivalent in the near future.

Job Manager 4.5 adds new billing system

11/09, 11:40am

Job Manager 4.5 released

MetaCommunications has announced the availability of an upgrade to Job Manager, its financial management add-on for Workgroups 2007. Job Manager handles tasks such as estimates, costs, reporting and invoices; new to v4.5 is a completely rewritten automated billing system, which is now controlled via a web browser, with supported applications including Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer on both Mac and Windows systems. The interface has also been simplified, and automated invoicing intended for creative and prepress businesses now supports partial and progressive workflows.

Dell intros Precision M2300 14-inch pro notebook

11/09, 11:35am

Dell Precision M2300

Without a formal announcement, Dell has released the Precision M2300, a workstation-oriented version of its Latitude D630. The 14-inch system is the smallest Precision to date and is claimed to bring pro-class performance to a more portable level. Every model has a Quadro FX 360M for mobile 3D rendering and boosting the Windows interface when used with Vista; the display is also much sharper at 1440x900 versus the 1280x800 of most of Dell's other models. It can also be configured with as much as a 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo to match or beat the performance of many larger notebooks.

Sony chief: Blu-Ray, HD DVD war at "stalemate"

11/09, 11:15am

Sony Chief on Blu-Ray

Sony may have to shift its strategy for Blu-Ray to compete with HD DVD, chief executive Sir Howard Stringer said [free sign-up required] late yesterday at a presentation in Manhattan. The company head described the competition's new phase has been described as a "stalemate" as the advantages of a technically superior format and wider movie format support have eroded in recent months. Sony and other backers of Blu-Ray have not normally been concerned about cost and could compete largely on the "merits" of their format until Paramount's defection to HD DVD for nearly all its movies, reducing the incentive for home theater enthusiasts to hold out for exclusive titles.

Griffin intros new iTrip Auto, power gear

11/09, 11:00am

Griffin iTrip, power gear

Griffin has released three new accessories for iPods. Prominent among these is a new version of the iTrip Auto, the car variant of its famous FM transmitter attachment. Users plug one connector into their iPod, and another into their car's power adapter, which then charges both the iTrip and the iPod itself. New to the Auto is a feature called SmartScan, which automatically tracks down the three cleanest frequencies, and saves them as presets so they can be selected with a single button.

Alleged photo of v1.1.2 jailbreak surfaces

11/09, 11:00am

iPod touch 1.1.2 jailbreak

A photo surfaced today suggesting that a 'jailbreak' was already developed for Apple's new iPod touch firmware even before its official release yesterday. Apple on Thursday released its iPhone and iPod touch v1.1.2 update, bringing additional language support alongside several other features/fixes. The previous update from Apple, v1.1.1, essentially 'bricked' -- or rendered useless -- most hacked iPhones that made use of 'unlocking' techniques to make use of non-AT&T cellular service. Hackers flocked to the iPhone after the device launched in late June, developing clever ways to bypass the handset's built-in security to install third-party applications. [corrected]

Miglia's TVMini2 digital TV tuner ships

11/09, 10:50am

Miglia ships TVMini2

Miglia today launched the TVMini2, which the company claims is the smallest USB device of its kind made specifically for Macs. The TVMini2 provides access to portable digital TV tuning, and enables users to transfer recorded files directly onto an iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV. Miglia's Mac-only digital tuner is designed to allow access to all other ports, and allows users to pause live TV using a feature dubbed "Déjà vu." A "Timeshift" recording feature also enables users to pause, rewind, and record chosen TV programs. The TVMini2 is already available for $120, and requires any Mac with built-in USB 2.0 connectivity running Mac OS X 10.4 or later. HD resolutions require at least a dual G5 or Intel-based Mac.

Microsoft hits snags with Surface touchscreens

11/09, 10:25am

Microsoft Surface Delays

Microsoft's trumpeted Surface multi-touch table displays are encountering delays in reaching the market, according to a report from CNET. The Redmond, Washington-based company had originally planned to ship production versions of the technology by the end of the year to businesses such as Sheraton hotels and T-Mobile retail shops but is now pushing back the debut to spring 2008, pointing to issues customizing the Surface table design and software for each business.

Small Tree planning 2G 10Gb PCIe adapter

11/09, 10:25am

Small Tree 2G PCIe adapter

Small Tree Communications is planning to launch its second generation 10Gb Ethernet PCIe adapter (site not updated) for Apple's Intel-based Mac desktop and servers running Mac OS X Leopard. The cards, which are available in single-port and dual-port configurations, are designed to provide greater flexibility for end users, according to the company. The optical 10GbE single-port and multi-port cards are priced at $2,250 and $3,350, respectively.

Photoshop Express beta due before 2008

11/09, 10:05am

Photoshop Express beta

Adobe has announced that a beta version of Photoshop Express will be available by the end of the year, with a full version to follow sometime in 2008. Express is an online edition of the company's photo editing software, entirely controlled via web browsers. Somewhat like Photoshop Elements though, the program is not aimed at professional work, but rather at handling basic changes such as cropping, color balance and red-eye removal. Users can also perform minor retouching functions.

SK Telecom buys controlling stake in Helio

11/09, 10:00am

SK Telecom Controls Helio

Korean communications giant SK Telecom today announced it was increasing its stake in Helio by $70 million, granting SKT unofficial control of the American cellphone provider and taking it away from partner firm EarthLink. The former had promised as much as $270 million in September but now says it has already provided $70 million of that amount to the virtual network operator. Aside from granting more control over Helio's ultimate direction, the investment will be used to expand Helio's still small subscriber base and improve the phone lineup, which includes the well-received Ocean but has rarely included more than three devices at any given time.

Burst v. Apple case avoids dismissal

11/09, 9:30am

Burst v. Apple still alive

Apple has only partly succeeded with an attempt to have a lawsuit against it thrown out, reports indicate. The company in late September filed for a complete dismissal of an ongoing suit brought by, which alleges that Apple stole patents for compressing, storing and sharing media over a network -- primarily as they relate to the iPod and iTunes. Apple however has steadfastly denied that it is using Burst patents, and petitioned for dismissal on the basis of a Supreme Court ruling which invalidated obvious or anticipated patent applications.

AirLive 802.11n router offers real-world speed

11/09, 9:25am

AirLive WN-5000R Router

AirLive today released the WN-5000R, its entry into the field of Draft 2.0-capable 802.11n wireless routers. Rather than tout a theoretical maximum speed, the company claims the network device produces a significant increase in real-world speed; the combination of multiple-in, multiple-out antennas and optimized transmitters produces 120Mbps of usable bandwidth. This is frequently six times the practical speed of 802.11g and offers longer range in the process, the company claims. In contrast to some newer routers, the 5000R is low-profile and more likely to fit in a tightly-packed setup.

ASUS planning a desktop Eee PC equivalent

11/09, 8:50am

ASUS Desktop Eee in Works

ASUS is developing a computer that should do for desktops what the recently launched Eee PC will do for notebooks, company marketing president Jonathan Tseng told the press today. The executive would not go into details other than to explain the system would not include a display of its own and would likely be low-priced. The notebook distinguished itself by running a customized version of Linux and storing information on a small flash storage drive, allowing it to use relatively low-cost hardware and software while running relatively well.

Sprint, Clearwire end WiMAX deal, Xohm still on track

11/09, 8:25am

Sprint and Clearwire Deal

Sprint and Clearwire today announced they would halt their shared WiMAX plans, putting an end to their plans for a nationwide 4G network. The companies cited a mutual inability to resolve "complexities" in the agreement but explained that they would continue to explore deals for development, roaming, and similar plans. Sprint's immediate WiMAX plans are not affected by the deal and will still see the first commercial launch of the wide-area Internet service next year, according to the company.


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