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Adobe outlines Leopard compatibility

10/26, 11:45pm

Adobe apps on Leopard

Adobe on Friday announced that most of it most popular products were compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, but that many of its applications would require forthcoming updates -- due in December 2007 and January 2008 -- for full compatibility with Apple's newest operating system. Most of its Creative Suite 3 Web are certified and fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, including Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, GoLive CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, Fireworks CS3, Flash CS3, InCopy/InDesign CS3, and Contribute CS3.

Aperture 1.5.6, Backup 3.1.2 for Leopard

10/26, 8:20pm

Leopard software updates

Apple today released updates for two of its applications, Aperture 1.5.6 and Backup 3.1.2. While the main purpose of the updates is to provide compatibility with Leopard, Aperture has received several bug fixes related to accessing system- and application-specific resources. Both updates are available through Apple's website, and the Software Update application.

Hidden Leopard goodies

10/26, 8:10pm

Hidden Leopard goodies

Writing for the New York Times, David Pogue points out a number of nice features in Leopard that Apple neglected to mention in its "300 feature" round-up. Among them: the ability to locate menu items directly from the Help menu's search field; faster Spotlight returning of application listings, which allows it to be used as an application launcher more effectively, and the ability to enter equations into Spotlight's search field and perform calculations. There are other Spotlight enhancements as well. You can search the included dictionary from within Spotlight and more.

Sprint to unlock phones, iPhone next?

10/26, 7:00pm

Sprint to unlock phones

In order to settle a class-action lawsuit, Sprint has agreed to provide customers who cancel their contracts, or whose contracts have expired, the code necessary to unlock their phones for use on other carriers. Since Sprint operates on CDMA, this would allow the phones to work on any competing firms' network that uses similar technology; that includes Verizon and Alltell. (AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM, meaning even unlocked Sprint phones won't work with those carriers). Plaintiffs in the suit claimed that Sprint's lock was a barrier to competition because it forced switchers to other carriers to buy new phones.

A closer look at Leopard with screenshots

10/26, 5:50pm

MacNN Leopard gallery

After more than year of waiting, the official global release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is occurring virtually all day Friday and users are expecting the next-generation operating system to bring several advancements and refined user interface. Earlier today we posted our first impressions of Leopard as well as roundup of news, insights, and tidbits (other application specific updates can be tracked using our search, while virtualization developers Parallels said its software is Leopard-ready, while VMware has offered a v1.1 release candidate for Leopard.) We have a screenshot gallery of some of the new features.

Refurbished Apple TVs: 40GB $229, 160GB $339

10/26, 5:40pm

Refurbished Apple TVs

Apple's online store is currently carrying two versions of its Apple TV set top box. The device -- which is designed to transfer iTunes content wirelessly from a computer around the house to the living room for viewing or listening -- is available in both 40GB and 160GB capacities for $229 and $339, respectively. The Apple TV works with both Mac and PC computers, and features an 802.11 wireless technology that works with any 802.11 b, g, or n interface -- including Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station and all wireless cards shipped with all new Macs.

GroMobile 1.3 improves physics, sound

10/26, 5:30pm

GroMobile 1.3 released

Braid Art Labs has released GroMobile 1.3, an update to its 3D desktop Gizmo player. GroMobile 1.3 comes with four Gizmos -- miniature games based on strategy and imagination featuring 3D graphics that hover above the Mac OS X desktop -- included, and the GroMobile website offers numerous other mini games available for download. The update includes refined physics, enhanced sound/scoring options, and 3D slider controls that track movements of the mouse. GroMobile 1.3 is available for free, requiring Mac OS X 10.4 or later or Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Sans Digital introduces 8TB iSCSI bays

10/26, 5:00pm

Sans Digital rackmounts

Sans Digital has introduced the EliteRAID ER104I and MobileRAID MR4I, new expandable 4 bay iSCSI rackmount and tower solutions. The EliteRAID ER104I is a 1U 4 bay rackmount unit designed to allow the expansion of up to eight hard drives with Sans Digital ES104T, MS4T, MS2T1 or other eSATA JBOD units. Both units could be used as Direct Attached Storage (DAS) by directly connecting to a computer for storage expansion, or they could used as Storage Area Network (SAN) storage by connecting to computers using TCP/IP Gigabit Ethernet network.

XRoad V4050 brings mid- to high-end features

10/26, 4:40pm

XRoad V4050 US-bound

The FCC has just given its seal of approval to the XRoad V4050, a GPS navigator being imported by Capoint. The device was originally released abroad as the Takara GP43, and is notable mainly for its 4.3-inch touchscreen, which has a 480x272 resolution with an unusually high 16.5 million colors. It runs on a 400MHz processor, and supports playback of JPG images, MP3 audio, and MPEG-4 video.

Internal storage has not been mentioned, but most data should be transferrable via SD card or Mini-USB, with Bluetooth support allowing unknown device functions. No prices or dates have been cited for the 4050 either, but the GP43 is on sale in Europe for approximately €500 ($715). [via NaviGadget]

SanDisk ships 8GB microSDHC cards

10/26, 4:30pm

SanDisk ships 8GB cards

SanDisk has begun shipping its 8GB microSDHC and M2 flash memory cards. The company is aiming the new cards squarely at users with mobile phones that accept memory, and launching a "Wake Up Your Phone" campaign to increase awareness of the sometimes overlooked capability. As part of the campaign, SanDisk has teamed up with festival and event producers Guerilla Union (Rock the Bells, Paid Dues) for the "Sunset Strip Block Party," an event incorporating exclusive headline performances from various artists on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, Calif today, Friday the 26. Performances include Linkin Park, Common, The Crystal Method, Cut Chemist (visual performance) and Z-Trip. The 8GB microSDHC an M2 cards are now available in major retail outlets worldwide with suggested retail prices of $140 and $150 respectively.

Xbox 360 with HD DVD remains possibility

10/26, 4:05pm

Toshiba on 360 with HD DVD

Rumors of an Xbox 360 console with HD DVD built in remain a possibility, Toshiba has allowed. The primary backer of the HD DVD format is said to be collaborating with Microsoft, hoping to provide an alternative to Sony's PlayStation 3, which has Blu-Ray built-in and is thus one of the cheapest means of acquiring an HD movie player. Stuff recently reported however that Toshiba was denying the rumor, saying in fact that "It's got nothing to do with us. But we know Microsoft doesn't want to include the HD DVD drive so as not to limit the user's experience."

Rumors persist for Comcast cellular acquisition

10/26, 3:20pm

Comcast hunting cellular?

Comcast may still be seeking to buy a major cellular company despite past denials, reports suggest. CEO Brian Roberts has told a the participants of a financial conference call that, acknowledging escalating rumors, "it is something we [Comcast] are constantly assessing," even if "there is no new news" regarding a purchase. A year prior, ex-CFO John Alchin flat-out denied any purchase plans, suggesting that they were not even being contemplated.

Leopard: more news, updates, tidbits

10/26, 2:45pm

Leopard: more news

Apple today is launching Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard in the U.S. at 6:00 p.m. local time, but Mac owners in the UK and Japan are already cracking open their freshly-purchased boxes as a result of the time difference. A PhD student at the natural language processing group of the Computer Science Department at Columbia University is putting the finishing touches on Letterbox for Leopard, which is scheduled for release later today or some time tomorrow. Some eager Apple fans are already waiting in line at the Southpoint Mall in Durham, North Carolina to get their hands on Mac OS X Leopard when it hits store shelves there; the patient customers are broadcasting live video each hour, on the hour, of their experience waiting in line.

New Aperture plugins, add-on

10/26, 2:40pm

New aperture plugins

Two new plugins that extend the functionality of Apple's Aperture digtial photography workflow tool have been released. Publish for Approval allows customers to approve images remotely over the internet. It allows creators t ou web-publish selected images, then customers to automatically display their choices within Aperture. The tool uses the built-in web sharing abilities of Mac OS X, and the power of AppleScript, to create and display webpages, containing your images, to the client. On the webpage, the client selects the images they approve, and clicks a button to submit their choices to the creator. Immediately, their selections are displayed in a Smart Album in the creator's Aperture project.

Sprint fallout may lead to easier unlocks

10/26, 2:30pm

Sprint Unlock Suit Fallout

Sprint has settled a class action lawsuit whose result may force it and other phone carriers to relent and allow phone unlocking, according to an update by Ars Technica. The complaint, filed by California residents Linda and William Mackenzie as well as Gerasimo Molfetas and Katherine Zill, argues that Sprint has broken the state's Unfair Competition Law and related laws by refusing to unlock phones for customers who wanted to switch providers. As part of the settlement, Sprint will be required to give customers an unlock code for their phone when they choose to switch carriers. The policy change will be retroactive to 1999 and will require that both new agreements and customer service agents publicize the details, according to the terms.

Mozilla creates Prism platform for web apps

10/26, 1:25pm

Mozilla Prism

Mozilla today announced the first version of Prism, the company's new platform for bringing web applications to the desktop. Similar to Adobe's AIR or Microsoft's Silverlight, the technology is designed to provide users with a clutter-free, dedicated environment to run a web-based program while still having access to the inherent advantages of web standards and a constant connection to the Internet when needed. Unlike the Adobe or Microsoft offerings, however, Mozilla's solution would not necessarily require specialized code to be written for each new program. In many cases, Prism can split apps away from a website and run them as separate software, complete with the same task switching or Expose interaction as a full-blown program, the company says.

Boynq WakeUp docks iPods in unusual form

10/26, 1:25pm

Boynq WakeUp iPod clock

Sound specialist Boynq has announced a new iPod clock stereo with an unusual design. The speakers of the WakeUp actually rest on a corner, the main anchorage of the clock being a three-panel "wall," with each panel containing an LCD displaying time, input channels or the FM radio station in a white tint. The clock can be adjusted through buttons on the side of each panel, or else through an included remote control; bass and treble equalizers are built in, and the satellites put out 10W of RMS power per speaker. iPods are docked on top of one of the panels, which fits Minis, standard 4G, 5G and Classic iPods, all generations of the Nano, and the iPhone as well as the iPod touch.

DirectControl preview adds Leopard support

10/26, 1:10pm

DirectControl, Leopard

Centrify today announced that it has added support for Leopard to its DirectControl software for Mac OS X. Users of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard can utilize security with single sign-on and administrative control provided by DirectControl's Active Directory-based management and Group Policy support. "Centrify is proud to deliver support for the newest release of Mac OS X, and we believe this is representative of our continued efforts to make the Mac work seamlessly in the enterprise," said David McNeely, director of product management for Centrify. A preview version of Centrify DirectControl for Mac with support for Leopard is already available, and the application is scheduled to ship in mid-November for $60 per workstation and $350 per server.

AT&T delays intro of MediaFlo TV

10/26, 12:20pm

AT&T delays MediaFlo

In spite of having promised its introduction by the end of the year, AT&T now says that its version of MediaFlo will not be ready until the "very early part" of 2008, according to a company spokesman, speaking with Reuters. AT&T's Mark Siegel explains that more time is needed to optimize and eliminate flaws from the service, which should provide digital broadcast TV to cellphones with rapid channel change, and no buffering. MediaFlo is owned by Qualcomm and is currently already providing service to Verizon in the US, and Vodafone abroad.

US Senate approves extended Internet tax ban

10/26, 11:55am

Senate approves tax ban

The US Senate has approved legislation to extend a ban of state taxes on Internet access, just days before it was set to expire, Reuters reports. Earlier in the month, the House of Representatives voted in favor of a four-year extension of the ban, designed to keep the costs of Internet access low, thereby supporting related businesses while encouraging infrastructure growth. Some ISPs claim that with taxes restored, costs could rise by as much as 17 percent. Unaltered, however, the approved Senate version of the ban would actually better its House counterpart, and forestall Internet access taxes for another seven years.

Gateway to overhaul notebooks after Acer takeover

10/26, 11:40am

Gateway Notebook Overhaul

Gateway will launch a reworking of its notebook line early next year as one of the first major changes in direction following the buyout by Acer, the latter company's president Gianfranco Lanci said at an investors' conference today. The chief executive said that the newly acquired company would see a "complete" upgrade to its notebooks as soon as the first quarter of 2008 as part of an effort to revitalize Gateway's name. The label has lost some of its impact in recent years by focusing on the wrong model lines while the market moved elsewhere, Lanci said.

Apple to run user-created iPod touch ad

10/26, 11:10am

Home-brewed iPod touch ad

Apple is preparing to air a new TV commercial on Sunday, October 28th featuring its recently introduced iPod touch. The commercial features a fast-paced overview of the portable player atop a song titled "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex," according to the New York Times. Interestingly the spot's creator, Nick Haley, is an 18-year-old student and Apple fan in the UK who created the content and uploaded his video to YouTube. There the ad received four out of five stars as well as numerous positive comments, and YouTube revealed more than 2,100 views of the home-brewed advertisement as of Thursday, October 25th.

OCZ acquires Hypersonic PC

10/26, 11:05am

OCZ acquires Hypersonic PC

In a statement issued Friday morning, OCZ Technology says it has acquired system-builder Hypersonic PC. Hypersonic specializes in custom-configured gaming and workstation computers, such as the Fusion or the Aviator; OCZ sells performance-enhancing components, mainly RAM expansions and power supplies. The purchase of Hypersonic means that OCZ will gain its first whole computers for sale, while guaranteeing an outlet for its parts, which will find their way into future Hypersonic systems. Hypersonic systems should now be available to a larger audience as well; the company previously restricted sales to US customers only, but OCZ says it can now sell systems worldwide.

Mac OS X Leopard: first impressions

10/26, 10:55am

Leopard First Impressions

Both Electronista and MacNN received our copies of the latest version of Mac OS X yesterday and are putting it through its paces in advance of the official release at 6PM tonight. Since then, we've been using the OS as part of our daily workflows and are ready to hand out our first takes on the new functionality and performance of the software for those users not yet bent on making the upgrade. Our experience so far has been upbeat -- though not without its share of (minor) flaws.

USBfever ships iPod Touch Crystal case

10/26, 10:20am

USBfever Touch Crystal cas

Generic accessory maker USBfever has released a new Crystal case, now designed for the iPod touch. The case is translucent, and protects a Touch from minor bumps and scratches, while still permitting access to the touchscreen, Home and Sleep/Wake buttons, as well as the headphone jack and docking port. Unique to the case is a removable "stick," which is kept within the case itself, but can be removed and repositioned as kickstand. Also included with the package is a belt clip, though this must stored separately when not in use. The Crystal is available in red, black, blue, clear and pink shades for $12.

SWsoft: Parallels should be Leopard-ready

10/26, 9:40am

Parallels Leopard-ready?

SWsoft, the developers of the Parallels Desktop virtualization software, say that the program has been tested with Mac OS X Leopard, and should be compatible. "We're confident that Parallels Desktop is compatible with Leopard. Performance is great, and core functionality works smoothly," says SWsoft director Ben Rudolph. "You'll be able to safely upgrade to Leopard when it goes live without worrying that Parallels will work." Despite this, the company cautions that it has not actually tried Parallels with the final build of Leopard, which might still generate unexpected errors.

Nokia N82 spotted in live shot

10/26, 9:25am

Nokia N82 Spotted Live

Nokia's expected but so far only hinted-at N82 smartphone has been spotted in prototype form with improvements since its first appearance, according to a report from a Russian source. Unlike the gaming- and music-oriented N81, the new device is once again confirmed to be closer to a candybar adaptation of the popular N95 slider: the handset should still carry a 5-megapixel camera, a true GPS receiver for mapping, and Wi-Fi for short-range wireless Internet. The update additionally suggests that the N82 will have 3G data access for North America through HSDPA and legacy support for EDGE.

FileMaker issues Leopard compatibility note

10/26, 9:10am

FileMaker and Leopard

FileMaker, producers of its ubiquitous namesake database software, have issued a compatibility notice to coincide with the release of Mac OS X Leopard. The company says it is aware of two major issues with Leopard and FileMaker Pro 9/Pro 9 Advanced: the first is that Instant Web Publishing, which normally lets users view and modify databases via a web browser, is completely non-functional in Leopard. Secondly, users must currently specify particular regions to get the program to run, due to issues with language support. The English version must currently have the "International Formats Region" in Mac OS System Preferences set to United States; choosing another, such as United Kingdom, will not work.

Vista sales slow despite record MS profit

10/26, 8:45am

Vista Sales Rate Slowing

The sales rate of Microsoft's Windows Vista is gradually slowing down as the operating system reaches the one-year anniversary of its release to businesses, according to the company's latest financial results. The Redmond, Washington-based company shipped approximately 28 million copies of Vista in the latest quarter ended September, or 9.3 million copies per month. Though the Windows developer pointed to 27 percent growth in business licenses and noted that many home users were buying the more lucrative Vista Home Premium or Ultimate editions, the rate represents a decline from the 10 million per month reported early in summer. Shipments of the OS peaked in the first three months after its January release, when the company sold an average of 20 million copies per month thanks to a wave of early adopters and users waiting for Vista to replace older systems. Over 88 million copies of Vista have been shipped to date, Microsoft says.

New Zune Marketplace will offer web link to podcasts

10/26, 3:20am

Zune 1-click podcasts

The forthcoming Zune Marketplace software update will include a feature dubbed "1-Click Podcast Subscription" that will allow podcast creators to place a small graphic on their Web sites that can be clicked to automatically generate a podcast subscription. Clicking the button will launch the new Zune Marketplace software and place the podcast subscription in a user's collection. A posting to Microsoft's Zune Insider site says that the process will work best if the Zune user already has the new Zune Marketplace software loaded on a Windows PC. If the new version is not yet installed, users will be prompted to download it. The podcast feed does not need to be in the Zune Marketplace for the link to work.


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