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iPhone causing users to ditch landlines

updated 01:20 pm EDT, Fri September 28, 2007

iPhone causing switch

A new study from Consumer Insights reveals that a growing number of Americans are choosing to ditch their landline telephone service in favor of mobile devices, with a primary driver being the iPhone. "Flashy, do-it-all handsets like Apple's iPhone have increased awareness and demand for extra features.  In fact, since its release, Wireless Toyz' (who funded the study) sales of smart phones (for example: BlackBerry, Treo, Upstage, Q and Chocolate) have increased," said officials from Consumer Insights. The study broke down mobile phone functionality feature-by-feature, exploring which were most important to those who have severed their landline ties: Caller ID - 78 percent; Camera - 58 percent; Ring tones - 56 percent; Text messaging - 55 percent.

The study also claims that increased demand for feature-rich devices and emerging content indicates a shift in consumers' cell phone decision-making process is on the horizon. "This is an interesting time to be in the wireless industry," said Kuperstein of Wireless Toyz. "As handsets begin to drive purchasing decisions, customers are demanding a greater selection of mobile phones and calling plan options. This suggests a shift from cost to features when selecting and purchasing a cell phone."

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  1. njfuzzy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Chocolate is a smart phon

    I thought a smartphone was defined by computer-like functions, with the ability to type, browse the internet, and so forth. Music phones wiht a lotof features and a dinky browser don't seem like "smartphones" to me.

  1. hayesk

    Joined: Dec 1969


    If you are single

    A good idea if you are single. But if you have a family, a land line is pretty much necessary.

  1. ArtW

    Joined: Dec 1969


    landlines ditched before

    I don't think the iPhone is "the" product that causes people to ditch their land lines. Years ago when cell phones were reasonably priced (monthly contracts including hundreds of minutes and N/C long distance) I've had friends dumping their land lines. That's nothing new, or something that the iPhone has brought about itself per se. I still have my land line for DSL mostly since our cable service sucks...

  1. pottymouth

    Joined: Dec 1969


    yeah. chocolate?

    That blurb about smartphones like the Chocolate is the whole reason I went on and read the article. I owned a Chocolate before I got my iPhone and I don't think there was a single thing "smart" about it :/

    ...and hayesk, how do you figure? I suppose a family might find a bunch of cellphones to be too expensive, but otherwise it still seems to me that all the benefits would make a landline unnecessary.

  1. Rezzz

    Joined: Dec 1969


    once again

    apple innovation makes waves in an industry..

  1. karmatose

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Check out "Dry DSL". It may be the solution you weren't looking for.

  1. Tanker10a

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Yeah Right

    iPhone is causing....Blah...Blah... It's always some silly excuse as to why people make decision today. Ditching landline for iphone has nothing to do with it. As the previous thread pointed out, It's a matter of pure need. I work from my home and I maintain a Cable-based land line and I have an iPhone for the main convenience and finacial reason of calling anywhere in the US and for saving my Cell minutes for when I really need them. I cannot fully comprehend where these market "experts" get their facts from!?!?

  1. Zaren

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: family expense

    We have one landline in our house. $25 a month (I think), unlimited local and long distance. My wife, myself, and my kids all use the phone.

    If I were to buy a cell phone for each of us, I'd probably be looking at $100 a month, plus I'd have to worry about 4 separate chunks of hardware to replace, PLUS I'd have to worry about keeping all the phones changed, *PLUS* I'd have to count minutes, **PLUS** I'd need to live in a place that has decent cell coverage. Just as not everyone lives where they can get high-speed, not everyone lives where they can get reliable cell coverage.

  1. pt123

    Joined: Dec 1969


    new study?

    The phone company has been losing land line customers for years, but it's nice to give Apple the credit :-)

  1. UberFu

    Joined: Dec 1969


    uh NO !!

    the cheap end-user cost of purchasing - using and maintaining a cell-phone - PERIOD - is what is causing people to ditch landlines_

    I haven't had a landline for 9 years now_

    The iPhone may have merely caused a resurgance in the migration from landline use_ Nothing more_

    I can be traveling anywhere and a client can get ahold of me without the need for them to leave a message and then I have to call in to retrieve the message and then call them back_

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