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Jobs hopes for NBC on iTunes, sees growth

updated 07:00 am EDT, Thu September 6, 2007

Jobs hopes for NBC

Apple continues to hope that NBC Universal will reconsider and sell its shows via iTunes. Following its Wednesday iPod/iTunes event, Apple's CEO said that he hopes NBCU will return to the industry-leading digital store. "We hope they'll reconsider their decisions over time and maybe find out that iTunes and iPods are a great way to digitally distribute their content to tens or maybe hundreds of millions of customers around the world," Jobs said in an interview with Reuters. Earlier this week, NBC Universal turned to Amazon's Unbox service after it decided not to renew its iTunes distribution/sales contract with Apple because of no pricing flexibility. While NBCU later insisted that its currently running series would be available on iTunes through December when the contract ends, Apple last Friday said it would not sell new network TV episodes because the contract was set to expire in the middle of the season.

Jobs also told the publication that there was a "lot more room to grow" for iPod music and video players.

The company on Wednesday said that its iTunes Store has sold more than 3 billion songs to date, and that iTunes is the number one music store in all 21 countries served by the Cupertino-based company.

Apple, which also released an update update to its iTunes 7.4 software following the event, has distributed 600 million copies of its iTunes software so far, according to Jobs. "We're pretty amazed at this," Jobs said. "We started with just 200,000 songs, but we have over 6 million songs in every single one of those stores," he told attendess at the special event. "Millions ahead of anyone else. We've become the number three music retailer in the U.S."

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  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Of course he has to say that. I think what's really telling from all of yesterday's announcements, esp. the price drop on the iPhone, is how concerned wall street apparently is on their sales.

    Stock drop of $10? Ouch.

  1. eldarkus

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    The stock has been bouncing up and down over the last month or so and as far as I can tell, has little to do with Apple. It spiked cause of he announcements and in usual fashion, it drops afterwards. Give it time.. this is a great iPod line up and they will be making bank this holiday season!

  1. madgunde

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    22 countries

    Steve Jobs corrected himself. The iTunes Store is operating in 22 countries, not 21.

  1. ZinkDifferent

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    stock drop? Good...

    In all their needs to report bad news on Apple, it's amusing that these same analysts (It's really hard to use that word, these days) neglect to mention the obvious:

    - investors aware of this product line up's strengths are taking profit by selling, and picking up the stock again downhill. That's what I am doing, and it's working quite well.

    - traditionally, Apple stock drops (for the same reason) after EVERY SINGLE KILLER PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT - yet, American media having traditionally short memories, forgets that.

    - neglecting to mention how the majority of analysts that had something to say, kept guidance on AAPL quite high, at around $200 target.

    Wait out today, maybe tomorrow when it will have completed the drop, and then pick up a 100 shares or so, and enjoy the fruits in 3-6 months.

  1. UberFu

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    part of this stems from

    Universal has a deal with Microsoft for a percentage of Hardware sales on the Wonderous Zune_ Microsoft probably went along with this for 2 reasons - First Steve Balmer is running the company [enough said here] and 2nd - the Zune was so far behind and so crappy compared to the iPod line that they were desperate enough to grab any deal they could - so they could try to dominate thing slike they once did [again a Steve Balmer original]

    And they felt they had enough Clout to "force" Apple into the same kind of thing_ Except "Homey [steve jobs] Don't Play That !"

    So now Universal is taking their ball and leaving this side of the play ground because Apple doesn't want to play by their rules_

    Good for Apple_

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