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Apple dropped on $720K lobbying this year

updated 07:05 pm EDT, Thu August 30, 2007

Apple's $720k for lobbying

Apple played heavily in the political arena in the first half of this year, spending $720,000 on lobbying the federal government. The Associated Press reports that the company lobbied Congress on legislation designed to update the U.S. patent system. "Trade groups for high-tech industries favor legislation that would help weed out bad patents by allowing companies to re-evaluate them after they are granted. The groups say this could help companies avoid financial burden of defending patents in lengthy court cases." Also advocated by Apple were bills that would increase funding for technology education and provide tax breaks for company spending on research and development. The lobbying expense was disclosed in a form filed Aug. 14 with the Senate's public records office. Apple filed several prominent patents in the past month, including one for a movable touchscreen interface, another for retractable notebook ports and yet another for ambient iPod/iPhone recording.

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  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    'dropped on'

    They dropped lobbying on their money?

  1. jimothy

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    Apparently, they needed to drop a few more bucks on having the Americans with Disabilities Act change. Har, har, har. Just kidding!

  1. pottymouth

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    Apple probably spends more than that every year on toilet paper. This is news?

  1. chotty

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    One REALLY has to question who is writing for MaCNN with headlines like that. A 21 year old? - Surprised it didn't contain other popular web gems like "Could Of", "To" VS "Too", "Then" VS "Than" etc. etc. Man, it be gittin' scary out there...

  1. Guest

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    For a company the size of Apple, $720K is chicken feed and not very much when compared to comparably sized companies.

  1. mthomes

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    whine wine wyne

    You peop|e wh0 B|tch about typo"s and grammmur rea1ly irratate me. Qu!t your b|tching.

    I've just have ask. When someone mixes up "to" and "too". Does it really make the article illegible? NO! So get down off your high horse and quit complaining. If you don't like the writing quality here. Then go someplace else and get your mac news!

  1. mmcfee

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    Sorry. Does anyone know what mthomes said? It's illegible.

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