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Cowon second to reach 16GB ahead of iPod

updated 01:15 pm EDT, Tue August 14, 2007

Cowon 16GB D2 and iAudio 7

Cowon today announced that both its D2 (pictured) and iAudio 7 have jumped to 16GB of capacity, doubling the amount of storage compared to earlier models. The storage allows either system to hold as many as 4,000 songs and is a better fit for more or longer video clips in the case of the D2. The iAudio 7 reaches the benchmark with 16GB of memory built-in; reaching the goal for the larger-screened but thinner D2 touchscreen player requires a combo pack that ships a D2 with 8GB of built-in memory plus an 8GB SDHC card, according to Cowon.

Both players are otherwise unchanged and include audio support for FLAG, OGG, MP3, and WMA as well as MPEG-4 and XviD clips at either half the frame rate (for the iAudio 7) or full speed (for the D2). Both work with Macs and Windows PCs, and should be available to order in Cowon's Korean home by August 23rd. The 16GB iAudio will sell for $320 while the D2 will sell at a higher $450 with an integrated DMB digital TV tuner. US versions are expected but have not been announced.

Cowon will become the second major company to introduce 16GB players into the market, quickly following behind Creative's release of a 16GB Zen V Plus in Singapore and the US. Their chief rival Apple has yet to announce a player at a similar capacity and is typically not the first to offer new capacities as soon as they become available, but is reportedly developing a 16GB video iPod for a September launch.

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  1. l008com

    Joined: Dec 1969



    /me pretends he's never seen an 80GB iPod Video

  1. dliup

    Joined: Dec 1969


    iPod reached 30gb in 2006

    The Extreme is extremely thick. At 35.6 X 76.1 X 19 mm, it is the same as stacking 3 iPod Nano (thinness: 0.26", or 6.6mm) on top of each other. It's over 70% thicker than the regular iPod.

    The D2 has an even larger volumne than the iPod 30gb. Fitting 16gb of storage is a no brainer.

    Also, the Zen is twice the physical size of iPod Nano.

    These devices, due to their large sizes are NOT in the same class as the iPod Nano. If you must compare, compare to the iPod 30GB and see who comes out on top.

  1. notehead

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    disk versus flash

    You guys DO realize that the article is talking about flash-based devices, right? Disk-based devices have a host of issues and many consumers avoid them categorically, even as their media libraries grow.

  1. dliup

    Joined: Dec 1969


    no issues

    Not sure where you get your mis-information. There are no "host of issues" with disk-based devices. Perhaps by non-apple players because the current Apple iPod has enough buffer to play about 40-60 minutes of music without accessing the hard drive, rendering "host of issues" theorical only for 99.999% of the users.

    The whole point of Nano is its small size and great usability. The iPod Nano fits in a dress shirt or t-shirt pocket easily. These other knockoffs does not.

  1. gitcypher

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    host of issues

    The question is not whether the device has sufficient buffer memory. It's a matter of solid state memory versus moving parts. Dropping a hard drive while it is accessing data is a bad idea in any language.

  1. dliup

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    Yes, it is possible that you can be sucked into a tornado while walking down the street, but the chances are highly unlikely.

    If you actually know how the iPod works, you will know how ridiculous your misconception is. iPod, due to the buffer size, access the hard drive for seconds to fill the buffer once every 40-60 minutes. The harddrive is NOT spinning all the time.

    In the extremely unlikely circumstances that data is damaged, the original data sits in your iTunes, and that can restored onto the iPod.

    Nobody is perfect. People drop all kinds of things including iPod. Heck, Iíve dropped my iPod a few times. And guess what, they still work perfectly. iPod: sold over 100 Million. Complaint about iPod being damaged due to its storage medium hard drive is non-existent except for the people who never owned one.

    It's not an issue. Get over it.

  1. darkstar1

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    The zen is twice the size of the nano? you're probably comparing the big hard drive player to a flash based nano. -.- Cant say I'm a fan of creative players though since my zen v plus died after 3 weeks. The Cowon nothing like an i pod nano but more of a small mp4 player, why else do you think they made the screen nearly as big as the player? you can even get archos mp4 hard drive players that are a little thinner than the Cowon d2 however none of them can beat the 52 hours for audio and 10 hours for video battery life. What I'm saying is that it's big for a reason and if they wanted to they could make something small like the nano. Just look at Samsung YP-K3 which is 1 or 2 mm thinner than the nano although it is abit s*** tbh. ^^

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