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New Doom, NES iPhone apps released

updated 09:25 am EDT, Mon August 13, 2007

Doom, NES on iPhone

Two new game applications have been released for the iPhone, both unofficial. The first is a port of id Software's Doom, the classic first-person shooter originally released for the PC in 1993. The game is currently in an unplayable state, and lacking audio, but it does however run demo sequences, and is likely a teaser for a future, functional port. id co-founder John Carmack has not revealed any plans for development of an official product. A Doom WAD file is required for the iPhone application to work.

A separate release is the iPhone NES Emulator, now up to v0.20.1. The program allows users to play classic 8-bit Nintendo games on their iPhones, with ROMs such as Metroid, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda being included in the download. The latest version implements hidden diagonal controls in the mock gamepad, enabling more precise movements. Check the readme file for detailed installation instructions.

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  1. testudo

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    So the Doom release has no sound and is unplayable. Then, someone must ask, why did they 'release' it, and who'd be foolish enough to install it? And why pick Doom? Castle Wolfenstein would've been so much kitschier (I guess Doom is the 'buzz' word of all video games).

    And a SuperNES emulator?

    I can see the advertising now! "The iPhone, play like its 1995 again!".

    BTW, for all you "It supports apps, its called Web 2.0, why would you want anything else", you're seeing that people do want something else. Now, if only we can get people to work on porting Leisure Suit Larry!

  1. jedi1yoda1

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    NES Emulator

    Wow, do you even read the articles before you just come here and spew out stupid?

    It's NES, the 8-Bit NES. The one before the SNES -- Anyway... I think it's pretty neat that people have accomplished all of this on a "closed" system. Maybe all of this development will lead to at least a semi open platform where approved apps can be installed without the hassle of using unapproved 3rd party techniques.

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