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MiniBank storage for AirPort, Mac mini

08/09, 8:30pm

MiniBank storage solution

Miglia has begun shipping the MiniBank hard drive, available in 320GB or 500GB configurations. The drive is similar in size to an AirPort Extreme N Base Station, fitting neatly under the base station (as an AirDisk) or Mac mini if desired. Both units utilize 7200 RPM hard drives and include three FireWire ports and and 3 USB 2.0 ports. They also feature quiet, fanless operation, are stackable (with the AirPort Base station and Mac mini, as well as themselves) and come with 2-year warranties. The 500GB unit is priced at £144.00 or just under $300, and the 320GB unit is priced at £101.00 or just over $200.

ATTO intros new SAS host adapters

08/09, 8:05pm

ATTO intros SAS adapters

ATTO Technology has announced the ExpressSAS H380 and H308 SAS host adapters, additions to its existing family of SAS adapters. The H380 and H308 models use the PCI Express Intel IOC340 I/O Processor with integrated XScale to deliver claimed transfer rates of up to 3 Gigabits per second per port. The units also allows users to connect to both SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and SATA II (Serial ATA) devices. Both units feature a low-profile design, and the ExpressSAS H380 offers connectivity through two external x4 MiniSAS SFF8088 connectors, while the H308 model utilizes two internal x4 MiniSAS SFF8087 connectors supporting up to 256 devices when connected through SAS Expanders. Each of the eight ports on the ExpressSAS adapter is capable of delivering up to 300 megabytes per second performance. ATTO officials said "(That's) enough to handle the most demanding applications such as 2K and 4K film, multiple layers of complex, uncompressed real-time effects, and high-definition video editing." The new ExpressSAS host adaptors will be generally available this fall. Pricing information was not disclosed.

Performance benchmarks for new iMacs

08/09, 7:55pm

iMac benchmarks

PrimateLabs has posted a series of benchmarks for the new Core 2 Duo-based Mid-2007 iMacs. The site tested a an iMac (24-inch Mid 2007) with an Intel Core 2 Duo at 2.4GHz, 2GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM and Mac OS X 10.4.10 (Build 8R4031) against previous generation iMacs (24-inch) with Intel Core 2 Duo processors at 2.33GHz and 2.16GHz. Overall, the new 2.4GHz iMac posted a score of 3243, compared with 3049 for the older 2.33GHz model and 2898 for the older 2.16GHz model. Unfortunately, the article neglects to do any graphics benchmarking with the new ATI cards that are included in the Mid-2007 iMacs.

Apple investors vote on options backdating

08/09, 6:30pm

Apple investors vote

A round of votes on shareholder proposals concerning executive compensation and options backdating at Apple show increasing investor desire for regulation of the way company managers are paid, and the methods by which they are awarded option grants. Although the measures failed to carry a majority, some of the proposals -- calling for links between stock performance and executive pay, a ban on options backdating, among others -- garnered 40 percent or more of the share votes, meaning they held strong appeal among investors other than those who originally broached the proposals.

Blast Miner adds new block types, 40 levels

08/09, 5:45pm

Blast Miner adds 40 levels

Cryptic Sea has released a major update to Blast Miner, enhancing its physics-based action strategy game with loads of new features and a polished interface. The upgraded Blast Miner includes 40 new levels, adds two new "spin" and "metal" block types, and awards players with medals depending on how much cash was used to complete a given level. The update further offers eight different endings for each campaign that depend on a player's total budget, and includes "living" gold with facial expressions that react to what is happening at any given moment. Blast Miner now also provides players with a full editor to make complete custom levels as well as campaigns, and offers a single level/level solution loader to send friends puzzle solutions. Blast Miner for Mac is priced at $20, and the update is free for existing customers (system requirements were unavailable). [images]

MacBook Pro update improves Motion support

08/09, 4:55pm

MacBook Pro update, Motion

Apple today released a software update for its MacBook Pro notebooks (2.2GHz, 2.4GHz models only) that provides important bug fixes and improves stability with Motion 2 as well as Motion 3. The update follows a slew of prior patches offered by the Cupertino-based company to improve compatibility between its own software applications, and comes on the heels of two additional updates for its top-end professional Mac Pro desktop systems as well as its consumer-oriented iMacs. Apple's MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1 is recommended for all owners of 2.2GHz and 2.4GHz MacBook Pro models, requiring Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later.

Sony crafting motion-sensitive Walkman?

08/09, 4:35pm

Sony Rolly Rumor

Sony is developing a new class of Walkman music player that could be released very soon, claims one Belgian site. Nicknamed the "Rolly," the described player would be designed for partying with an easily-gripped egg shape, a built-in speaker, and a 'choreography' system that likely relates to changing lights or music in time with movement. Whether this borrows technology from the S2 Sports is unclear. A video from DailyMotion (since removed, pictured) of the French house group Justice briefly showed the player in action, the site claims, though follow-up examinations of videos available elsewhere fail to show the device.

Dell experiencing severe shipping delays?

08/09, 4:30pm

Dell shipping delays?

Buyers hoping to get a Dell computer before the school season begins may be in trouble, according to numerous customer anecdotes. The site NotebookReview observes that its Dell forum has seen traffic rise to 200 percent above average for the past four weeks, with a majority of threads being complaints about shipping delays extending into weeks or over a month. Specifically, the Inspiron 1420, 1520 and 1720 laptops appear to be in too high a demand, while the XPS M1330 only began shipping early last week, despite a late June launch.

Apple offers iMovie HD 6 with iLife '08

08/09, 4:25pm

iMovie HD6 joins iLife '08

Apple is allowing iLife '08 owners to download iMovie HD 6 for free, which may appease a crowd of upset Mac users gathering on various forums across the internet to protest the company's removal of important editing functionality in iMovie '08. Apple's own support forums are bustling with complaints from Mac owners who need or had grown used to the enhanced functionality that the previous version of iMovie offered. Apple's decision to offer iMovie HD 6 as a free download to all iLife '08 customers provides those users accustomed to more advanced editing tools with the familiar functionality they need to continue their work, while allowing new Mac users to learn the simplified new iMovie '08 application.

Ford prices Sync car audio for iPods and Zunes

08/09, 3:55pm

Ford Sync Price Info

Ford today confirmed launch and price information for its Sync in-car audio system for portable media devices. The in-car audio system will be available for 12 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury car models at a price of $395 and is based on Microsoft technology that uses voice recognition, the steering wheel, or center column controls to control playback of iPods and Zunes without requiring a bulky external adapter. The system is intelligent enough to drill down towards individual albums and songs, Ford says. Built-in Bluetooth will also pair with most any cellphone to enable hands-free calling.

Apps: TimeCache, Immutation, SkootBuddy

08/09, 3:50pm


    TimeCache 7.0.3 ($30) time and expense billing application. It offers tracking of all computer activity, can use Apple Address Book entries for client contact information, can produce charts of billable time and expenses, and can import from and export to iCal calendars. The new release fixes a bug with using the mouse to enter data and another bug with the display of payment amounts on unsaved invoices. [Download - 13MB]
    Immutation 1.0.0 ($10) a Core Image-based application that concentrates on the chaining together of Core Image Units. This release updates the user interface based on customer feedback. The new user interface allows more Image Units to be displayed at a time. Quickgigs is running a promotion (no purchase necessary) to give away an iPhone (or equivalent value in iPods) to a random person drawn from the first 1,000 customers. [Download - 848KB]
    SkootBuddy 1.0 (free) Cocoa-based front end to Skoot, large file transfer software for OS X. The developer says "Now, be warned that this is beta quality, so if your use of the software causes your computer to fry itself into oblivion, causing power to go out in your neighborhood, scaring an attractive 20-something holding a golf-club to pause in mid-swing so that her metal driver acting as a lighting rod attracts lighting that subsequently strikes her and her beer-drinking buddies, it is not our fault." [Download - 5MB]
    beaTunes 1.2 ($25) an iTunes add-on that analyzes the color, tempo (BPM) and language of your songs, intelligently creates playlists of matching songs, lets you blog about your playlists, and more. Version 1.2 adds a track identification feature for songs without artist or title information. This is made possible through acoustic fingerprints provided by MusicIP's MusicDNS service. [Download - 10.5MB]
    Code Collector Pro 1.0 ($30) application for storing code snippets. Key features include Smart Groups: Helps users keep their snippets organized; Snippet Sharing: Snippets can be exported to a single file to be shared with other Code Collector users; Customizable Syntax Coloring: Snippets are colored depending on their language; TextMate Bundle Support: Expand the syntax coloring and language support by adding TextMate Bundles. [Download - 1.9MB]

Cowon iAudio X7 touchscreen player revealed?

08/09, 3:35pm

Cowon iAudio X7 Mockup

Cowon's next iAudio player may be a complete rethink of the X5 it replaces, if a reported set of prototype photos is found to be accurate. Like the smaller Cowon D2, the all-black X7 (not yet pictured here) would be dominated by a touchscreen interface with only a few menu and shortcut buttons along the side as tangible controls; the device may also be so thin as to use flash memory rather than the hard disk associated with the iAudio X5 but would still use Cowon's proprietary docking connector.

'Vista Capable' lawsuit given go-ahead

08/09, 3:30pm

Vista lawsuits a go

A Seattle court had ruled that two complaints against Microsoft's Windows Vista marketing campaign can proceed to court. District Court judge Marsha Pechman denied a Microsoft dismissal petition, which claimed that plaintiffs Dianne Kelley and Kenneth Hansen lack the standing necessary for a lawsuit. The two have accused Microsoft of deceiving customers through its "Vista Capable" campaign, which attempted to assure computer buyers that their system would be able to run Vista even though it was bought before the January launch.

Quark to open office near Apple

08/09, 2:55pm

Santa Clara Quark office

Quark has announced company is expanding its operations with a new Silicon Valley office nearby Apple Inc's headquarters. Opening in the third quarter of 2007 in Santa Clara, California, the center will be home to an expanding team of sales, customer support personnel and product developers. Company officials said "By establishing a presence in Santa Clara, Quark aims to attract top talent in order to develop and deliver the industry's most cutting-edge publishing technology to customers worldwide. With the addition of product development capabilities in this new office, Quark is continuing its practice of reinvesting more than 25 percent of its revenue in software development, which is above industry average."

Shuttle rolls out SFF PC with Blu-Ray

08/09, 2:55pm

Shuttle G5 3201M

Shuttle today released its first HD movie-capable, pre-assembled small form factor PC. The G5 3201M can be configured with either a BD/DVD-RW combo drive or a full BD-RE burner to read the 25GB discs at 5X and optionally write them at 4X. Every system comes with a 256MB GeForce 8600 GTS that almost completely offloads decoding work from the CPU at the native 1080p resolution of HD clips. Media center features also extend to single or dual TV tuners with support for either analog or digital broadcasts, a Windows Media Center remote, and video out to TVs through a DVI-to-HDMI adapter or S-video.

Telus adopts fast-typing ZTE D90

08/09, 2:40pm

Telus adopts ZTE D90

Canadian carrier Telus has adopted the D90, a phone by Chinese maker ZTE. Its most heavily promoted feature is its typing capacity, which works as a combination of elements. It firstly uses translucent, backlit keys, illuminating all the letter options as a person types. But D90 also adds extra letter and punctuation keys beyond the numeric pad, and uses software called eZiType, which attempts to autocomplete words and phrases in both English and French. As a user continues to type, it eventually memorizes common phrases to eliminate repetition.

iPhone touch-screen troubles addressed

08/09, 2:30pm

iPhone touch troubles

Apple is quickly addressing cases of iPhone touch-screen troubles as users continue to report that part of the screen becomes unresponsive. Owners of problematic iPhones are comparing failing touch-screens in numerous cases, concluding that most phones are losing touch sensitivity in a half-inch strip that spans the width of the phone when it is held vertically, according to AppleInsider. Apple is working hard to replace faulty units, according to several customers, and is offering rental iPhones while the three-day repairs are underway. Many iPhone owners were unable to fix the issue by resetting the software, and some cleaned their handsets using Apple's recommended method but were still left without touch functionality within the dead area.

iPhone getting Apple-distributed games?

08/09, 2:25pm

Games coming to iPhone?

It looks like iTunes is already setup to retrieve and transfer Apple-sanctioned games (presumably binaries and not Web apps) to the iPhone. DownloadSquad reports that, after digging through the iTunes localization strings, they found the following entry: "/* ===== iPhone Game Item Strings ===== */; "4329.001" = "Are you sure you want to remove the selected game from your iPhone?"; "4329.002" = "Are you sure you want to remove the selected games from your iPhone?";" These text entries seem to indicate that Apple will, at some point in the future, begin selling games designed for the iPhone through iTunes, which can then be readily synchronized to the device.

Slide leak reveals BlackBerry Pearl 2 details

08/09, 2:20pm

BlackBerry Pearl 2 Slides

Surprise information about the BlackBerry Pearl 2 has been revealed today through a set of leaked presentation slides. Simply dubbed the "new Pearl," the sequel known internally to RIM as the BlackBerry 8130 will reportedly drop the camera from the hoped-for 3.2 megapixels down to 2, but will also be available as a CDMA version -- the first that carriers such as Sprint or Verizon could use since the GSM-only Pearl release last year. Notably, however, Wi-Fi is not guaranteed for both devices; only the GSM version will offer 802.11g to make up for its slower EDGE access, while the EVDO version swaps Wi-Fi for assisted GPS mapping. The microSD card slot is also confirmed to have moved to an easily reachable outer location.

iPod/iPhone ambient recording patent

08/09, 1:55pm

iPod/iPhone audio patent

Apple has filed a patent potentially indicating that audio recording capabilities may be coming to the iPod and iPhone. The patent posits an equally intriguing ability: passing external sounds through the headphones instead of audio from the device. In other words, a user could flick a switch that would shut off any music or any other audio, and instead pick up a voice or other ambient audio and pass it through the headphones, meaning the listener would not need to remove any earpiece to hear the ambient sound. For example, a jogger approaches an intersection and switches to external audio in order to stay alert while crossing the street. Pieced together, these elements could lead to the ability for a user to be listening to music on their iPod/iPhone, while simultaneously recording ambient sound.

Zen Wav reaches US, undercuts iPod price

08/09, 1:40pm

Zen Wav reaches US

Creative has unofficially begun shipping the Zen Wav to US stores. Only available at first for Singapore, the American version is unchanged and adds built-in stereo speakers to the formula of the Zen V Plus, doubling as a portable boombox at the office or when headphones aren't available. The American Wav also holds on to the proprietary acoustic stand that boosts the speakers' performance by reflecting the sound outwards. Hardware such as the FM radio, line-in recording, and a voice microphone have also crossed over without changes, as have photo and video viewing.

HTC Kaiser coming soon as AT&T Tilt [U]

08/09, 1:05pm

Kaiser Becomes ATT Tilt

(Price and launch info added) HTC's Kaiser has received its final branding and feature set for the US, according to a tip from a visitor to an AT&T store. The carrier has confirmed that the phone is formally known as the 8925 (to replace the outgoing 8525) but will most often be referred to as the AT&T Tilt to reflect its angled, slide-out keyboard. Earlier FCC filings have also been validated by claims that there will be versions with and without the 3-megapixel back camera to please corporate customers anxious about the security risks of cameraphones, though the third version with a front camera has not been mentioned.

New iMac receives CNET Editor's Choice

08/09, 1:00pm

iMac, CNET Editor's Choice

Apple's newly released aluminum and glass iMac has received a CNET Editors Choice award for its best-in-class design and solid-feeling thin keyboard. "The new Apple iMac desktop offers more performance and features than many Windows-based PCs; robust iLife '08 digital media suite," said CNET reviewer Rich Brown. "Unless you're a gamer or an upgrade enthusiast, we can think of very few reasons not to make an iMac your next desktop." Brown points to a lack of publicly available upgrade information to Apple's forthcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as one of the few downfalls of the new machine, and describes iPhone support as "anemic." "Unlike Sony's, HP's, and others' all-in-one efforts, no other vendor comes close to Apple's near-seamless aesthetic." Apple unveiled the new machine on Tuesday during a special event held at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, CA.

LG preps new, 7.2Mbps HSDPA phone

08/09, 12:50pm

7.2Mbps LG SH150

The Korean headquarters of LG -- under its Cyon brand -- has announced the SH150, a rarity in that it is one of the few phones that supports 7.2Mbps HSDPA. Even in its home country, testing of 7.2Mbps services is just beginning. Aside from broadband capacity, however, the phone is otherwise standard for the region, boasting features such as satellite DMB reception, a two-megapixel still camera, and a VGA front camera likely to be used for video calls. The screen is a 2.2-inch QVGA display with 262,000 colors; talk time is rated at 2.5 hours, while it can sit at standby for 150. It should launch in the next few weeks at a cost of 500,000 won ($541).

More details emerge on HTC Sedna

08/09, 12:05pm

HTC Sedna details

First revealed in a roadmap obtained by CTI Miami, HTC's Sedna (P6550) has now had more details attributed to it from a separate source. Key aspects have been confirmed: it supports HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps, and it has a 3.5-inch touchscreen, along with a three-megapixel autofocus camera. Newly exposed however is its intended business role, marked by oddities such as a fingerprint reader, and not one but two SDIO/MMC slots. Options include a credit card reader and an extended battery.

Blockbuster adds online movies with Movielink buyout

08/09, 11:40am

Blockbuster Buys Movielink

Blockbuster today announced that it was buying online movie store Movielink for an undisclosed amount, giving the video retailer its first access to a direct-download service for buying and renting both full-length features and TV shows. The maneuver is not just a quick entry into competition against stores from other competitors such as Apple's iTunes and Netflix but will also let Blockbuster expand the quality and access of the existing Movielink service, according to Blockbuster's chief executive James Keyes. Videos sometimes download too slowly to play instantly and can't be transferred beyond the computer outside of streaming to an AT&T media hub or an Xbox 360, as the copy protection bars users from burning DVDs or creating copies for portable media players.

Apps: Trampoline 2.1, Guitar Combos 1.1.1

08/09, 11:40am

Trampoline 2.1

    Trampoline 2.1 ($20) is a utility designed to provide Mac users with their personalized core set of tools directly beneath the mouse cursor with the press of a hotkey. Trampoline 2.1 adds the ability to drag-hold an icon over a folder to open a new trampoline of that folder, thus allowing users to drag onto icons inside folders in the trampoline. The update adds a setting to show a file's label color, ensures the "Show In Finder" and "Get Info" menu items use Path Finder if that software is running and turns on "Enable Reveal in Path Finder for third-party applications" in Path Finder's preferences. [Download - 2.8MB]
    Guitar Combos 1.1.1 ($170) is a free update to the amplifier emulation software that adds a versatile tape deck with high-quality time-stretching. Guitar Combos is a series of three amp emulations -- consisting of Twang Combo, AC Box Combo, and Plexi Combo -- that offer studio-grade sound quality. Guitar Combos 1.1.1 allows for convenient audio recording and playback directly within the software, as well as an integrated metronome for guitar practice. The update also runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary. [Download - [form]]
    Speed Download 4.1.13 ($25) is an easy to use download manager designed to serve as a central unified hub for nearly all download and file transfer activities. The update is optimized for Mac OS X 10.4.10, improves WEBDAV support, and enhances stability while boosting performance throughout various portions of the application. Speed Download 4.1.13 is available in English, Polish, German, Norwegian, Russian, French, and Italian languages. [Download - 6.9MB]
    Tidy Up! 1.2.9 ($30) updates the duplicate finder and disk tidiness utility for Mac OS X, adding a new filter in the miscellaneous pane of the search window to report folders that contain only empty folders. The latest release fixes a bug where the software could fail to report empty folders after a trash or move action, and repairs an issue that could cause a crash when the users chose the Strategy Wizard. [Download - 8.4MB]
    Jotter 1.2 ($10) is a simple note taking application designed to provide simplicity without complicated interfaces or unnecessary features. The software supports Rich Text as well as images and URLs in notes, and can quickly create a note from the clipboard. Jotter 1.2 works with Apple's Spotlight search technology and includes several new preferences which include a default note font as well as the ability to turn off title underline/coloring styles. The latest release also allows users to sort the Jotter menu by name or by date modified. [Download - 892KB]
    CNS Audit 0.5 ($100) enhances the audit trail plug-in for FileMaker Pro that allows users to add an Audit Trail to a FileMaker Pro database within minutes of installation. The latest release is a full working version of the plug-in, which allows users to immediately begin logging databases. The plug-in developer promises to ensure that every feature addition will remain compatible with the 0.5 preview version. [Download - 3.3MB]

Creative blames Q4 losses on iPod, Zune

08/09, 11:15am

Creative blames iPod, Zune

Creative, most famous for its sound cards and media players such as the Zen V Plus, is blaming newly-reported fourth-quarter losses on competition from Apple and Microsoft. Losses in the period ending June 30th amounted to $19.3 million, a substantial increase over the $12.7 million lost in the same period last year. Sales have fallen 28 percent to reach $165.2 million. The company attributes this primarily to the continuing dominance of the iPod, which holds 68.9 percent of the US market, but additionally to the introduction of the Zune, and more recently Microsoft's price cuts to clear out stock. Despite it being a new product, the Zune currently holds 2.5 percent of the market.

Alltel lands 2.4Mbps EVDO notebook card

08/09, 11:10am

EC360 EVDO Card at Alltel

Alltel this morning said it had launched the Huawei EC360, a new PC Card for frequent travelers that need its EVDO broadband on the road. The adapter is theoretically one of the fastest mobile Internet cards available for Alltel or other CDMA network providers and peaks at 2.4Mbps downstream; users on the fringes of coverage or in rural areas can fall back to 1XRTT, and a flip-up antenna rests completely flush with the card when not in use to prevent it snapping off inside a bag.

Sony readying upgrade to VAIO FZ notebooks

08/09, 10:40am


Sony is already set to release a feature boost for its 15.4-inch VAIO FZ notebook just a few months after its initial release. The company's B2B site shows two new models in the FZ2 series that would step up the performance and storage of the notebook beyond current models. An entry version, the FZ240, would be powered by Intel's relatively new Core 2 Duo T7250, which is clocked at the same 2GHz of today's T7300 but halves the cache from 4MB to 2MB similar to the 1.8GHz model it would replace. Storage on this and the faster, 2.2GHz FZ285 would also increase to 250GB, up from the 200GB of current systems.

DEVONagent 2.2 brings workspaces, Bonjour

08/09, 10:20am

DEVONagent 2.2

DEVONtechnologies has made available the v2.2 update to DEVONagent, its combination browser and web research program. Key to the new version is the addition of workspaces, which allows a user to save a collection of currently-open webpages for later re-opening. The software now also displays web services on the local network through Bonjour, and provides access to both workspaces and services through a Dock menu. Other changes include better blocking of advertising, and the ability to read XML-based Office documents. DEVONagent requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 and costs $50.

Fujitsu promises 1.2TB notebook drives

08/09, 9:55am

Fujitsu 1.2TB Notebook HD

Fujitsu's research labs today said they had developed a new process that could quadruple the level of storage in notebook hard disks in the relatively near future. While today's drives rely on perpendicular magnetic recording almost exclusively to top out at 300GB, A joint development between the electronics maker and the Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology has developed a new process for making aluminum oxide nanoholes that are "ideally" ordered in patterns on the hard disk platters, allowing for much finer-grained recording of individual data bits over a large surface when combined with perpendicular technology.

Belkin launches TuneCast 3 FM transmitter

08/09, 9:40am

Belkin TuneCast 3

Accessory maker Belkin has launched the TuneCast 3 FM transmitter, used to broadcast audio from any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, but specifically from iPods: any generation of mini, nano or shuffle is supported, as well as full-sized iPods from the third generation onwards. The TuneCast runs on frequencies between 88.1 and 107.9MHz, and is powered by either removable batteries or a car adapter, rather than the player's own supply. The currently-selected frequency is displayed on an OLED screen. Belkin is selling the transmitter for $50.

Creative prepping Xdock for iPhone?

08/09, 9:20am

Xdock Coming for iPhone

Creative should soon be producing its first iPhone-specific accessory, according to hints the company's American chief Craig McHugh provided during the company's latest quarterly results call. The company only recently began producing its first iPod-specific accessories but is reportedly developing a version of its Xdock that would be fully compatible with the iPhone, allowing it to pipe audio to a stereo or to wireless receivers. It was unclear whether the update would be a genuinely new design or an updated version of today's model that would be certified to work with the Apple cellphone without causing interference or requiring that the handset switches to airplane mode.

Movies, TV shows imminent for iTunes UK?

08/09, 9:05am

iTunes UK videos soon?

Sources within Apple are claiming that the company is finally set to offer video downloads through the UK iTunes Store. While Americans can currently download TV shows for about $2 an episode, or movies starting at $10, videos have been conspicuously absent from other iTunes Stores around the world, even those in English-speaking countries. The Apple leak reports that this will be remedied within two weeks, as UK videos are essentially ready for sale, waiting only for Apple to make them visible within the iTunes software. No specific movies or TV shows have been suggested as launch titles.

Updated Nokia N95 to bring 3G speed to US

08/09, 8:55am

Nokia N95 with HSDPA

Nokia is readying an update to the N95 that will up the smartphone's Internet access speeds in North America, says Sling Media head Blake Krikorian. While the N95 on sale in the continent supports 3G only on European HSDPA networks and forces the slower EDGE technology in Canada and the US, Krikorian has confirmed that he is currently using an early sample of an N95 with native HSDPA support for North America built-in. The upgrade would let the smartphone stream video as well as greatly improve its web browsing experience, and is widely believed to be a direct result of Nokia's unprecedented success with its device, particularly in a US market that rarely adopts the Finnish company's high-end phones.

Microsoft confirms standard Xbox 360 with HDMI

08/09, 8:20am

Normal Xbox 360 with HDMI

Microsoft has already begun shipping its new HDMI-equipped Xboxes to stores, according to the company and anecdotal reports. An Atlanta, Georgia-based visitor to gaming site Shacknews discovered that his new mid-range console already included the HDMI output as well as an updated manual that reflects the digital video option. When contacted about the update, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed previous rumors of a gradual introduction of the update but would not say whether the low-end Xbox 360 Core model would receive the same treatment.

Briefly: new iMac take-apart, RAM upgrades

08/09, 3:40am

Mac OS X version/system ch

In brief: The iMac Mid-2007 has been disassembled, Apple posts Mac OS X version/system charts, Trans International is shipping RAM for the new iMacs, e2Sync has qualified e2Entourage for use with the iPhone and a new SpaceNavigator, Poser 7.0.2 bundle has debuted ... Kodawarisn has posted disassembly photos of the newly released (Mid-2007) iMac. The shots show the unit's back side, the glass panel on the front of the screen being lifted off, and finally the resulting innards of the machine. You can clearly see the front speakers, exposed optical drive and other components that reside behind the front casing of the new iMac.


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