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Apps: Dragster, Wirecast, Jotter

08/01, 7:50pm

iSync phone plugins

    Dragster 1.0.3 ($20) drag and drop file transfer tool that integrates with the Mac OS X dock. The new release is compatible with the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard WWDC release and has auto-updating capability. Also, dragging an item onto Dragster's Dock icon won't launch the app unless you're dragging an actual file or files. There are also various other bug fixes and enhancements. [Download - 8.4MB]
    Wirecast 3.0.3 ($450) live webcasting tool, with which you can stream multiple live video cameras, while dynamically mixing in other media (movies, images etc). The new release fixes a crash when removing media that was still playing and eliminates distortion with certain Mac OS X capture devices. It also corrects a potential problem with Bonjour discovery of Desktop Presenter. [Download - 9.6MB]
    Jotter 1.1 ($10) simple note taking application with "no unnecessary features." Notes can include Rich Text, Images, and URLS, and users can quickly create a note from the clipboard. The new release fixes a PowerPC incompatibility, and text view now becomes active on note open. [Download - 1.1MB]
    iSync phone plugins 4.2.2 ($14) synchronizes data from Address Book and iCal to mobile phones. The new release includes support for the Nokia 6110 and 8600 Luna as well as the Samsung D900i, E256 and Sony Ericsson K320i, S500i cell phones. iSync phone plugins now supports more than 85 mobile devices. It requires Mac OS X 10.4.7 or higher and iSync 2.3 or higher. [Download - form]
    Risky Business SOS v2007.081 ($100) designed to simplify and guide a company through the task of documenting their Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs). The new release features a reduced price, a one click upgrade from Single User to Multiple User SOP, an updated web site with new new technical documentation: 'Editing Reports,' and has greatly reduced the temporary memory requirements when exporting large files. [Download - form]
    24U SimpleHelp Plug-In 4.0 ($50) a FileMaker plug-in that enables independent and in-house developers to use interactive help such as tool tips (help tags), coachmarks, or roll-over effects in FileMaker solutions. In the new release full HTML can be used to define content of the tooltip, tooltips can contain up to two buttons performing user-defined scripts, and a script parameter can be specified to all user-defined scripts called from SimpleHelp. [Download - 2.4MB]

Briefly: Photoshop World, iPhone real estate

08/01, 6:35pm

TRAKTOR 3 Tutorial DVD

In brief: Photoshop World's early registration discount is nearing its end, real estate lead management for the iPhone debuts, a DVD-based tutorial for the DJ software TRAKTOR 3 has been released, Corel Painter master Don Seegmiller will demonstrate his work at SIGGRAPH and OpenGL bootcamp early bird registration has been extended ... Photoshop World early registration -- which is accompanied by a $100 discount off the normal price of attendance -- will end this Friday, August 3rd. The west coast Photoshop World Conference and Expo will be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas from September 6-8, 2007. The conference features more than 80 in-depth classes, and houses the Photoshop World Tech Expo, which features exhibitors like Adobe, Microsoft, Epson, Canon, Dell, Wacom, Corel, iStockphoto, onOne software, B&H, and Peachpit Press. Registration is $599 before August 3, 2007, and $699 after for the general public. The NAPP member price is $499 before August 3, 2007, and $599 after. brings eBooks to iPhones

08/01, 6:00pm

eBooks on iPhones has released the first iteration of its Readdle service for reading books and documents on Apple's iPhone. Readdle allows iPhone users to view electronic books (eBooks), text files, and business documents on-the-go and features a native iPhone interface to navigate as well as read titles when browsing The site's Web interface is accessible from any Mac or PC, allowing users to upload books as well as documents to view from a desktop computer on their Readdle account. The service supports PDF, text, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel documents and is available for free with 50MB of complementary book storage per account.

"The Great Mac Mod Challenge 2007"

08/01, 5:30pm

Mac Mod Challenge 2007 today began taking entries for "The Great Mac Mod Challenge 2007," an annual competition where Apple technology owners are recognized in various categories for their creativity in the upgrades as well as modifications made to their systems. Coinciding with the contest, which began taking entries today, has designated the month of August as "Modify Your Mac Month." The event features a panel of judges who will name "Best Dressed," "Biggest Geek," and "Most Likely to end up on eBay." This year's competition features prizes for the top three designs as well as participation gifts for all modders. The first place mod will be showcased at Macworld Expo 2008, while the creator will receive the Mod of The Year trophy as well as a T-shirt, a round-trip ticket to the Expo, and an all-access super pass including priority keynote seating.

iPod noise pollution complaints

08/01, 5:10pm

iPod noise pollution

The iPhone's included earbuds aren't the best at isolating sound and shielding nearby ears -- a fact that's drawing complaints from those in the vicinity of owners listening at high volume. An AP article explores the stories of those who have been annoyed, flustered or downright exasperated by loud iPods. "Amped to its highest volume, the iPod is not nearly as invasive as the classic loud cell phone conversation. But it can have its moments. Like when you're standing in an elevator at 9 a.m. and a co-worker cranks up Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab.' (Too early for that song.) Or when an ear-budded subway rider belts what sounds like a Whitney Houston tune with careless abandon, causing other riders to inch away or flee into another car altogether. (True story.)" The article offers a number of remedies for those seeking refuge from the noise, including speaking up to the offending listener, or getting an iPod of their own.

Sony reveals gold-trimmed Pocket Bit Mini

08/01, 4:50pm

Sony Pocket Bit Mini

Sony today unveiled a new update to its Pocket Bit Mini line, also known as the Micro Vault Tiny in North America. The new upscale version, known as the USM-HX, comes in black or white with a gold color trim and also ships with a unique two-way case which lets the card's USB port either face outwards to connect to a PC or inwards to guard it during travel, with a swiveling cover providing an extra layer of security. Sony also serves its pro audience by bundling the new Pocket Bit with encryption software and a virtual expander tool that maximizes the drive's usable space.

Third-generation Xbox 360 CPU already in pipeline?

08/01, 4:30pm

45nm Xbox 360 CPU

A much smaller and cooler version of the Xbox 360's three-core CPU may arrive as early as next year, based on observations made by Chartered Semiconductor president Chia Song Hwee during a public conference call. The company is said to be developing a processor for a "video-game device" which is likely connected to the company's existing work for the Microsoft game system and would be manufactured on a 45 nanometer process, smaller than the yet to be released 65nm upgrade.

Apple investigating ad-supported music?

08/01, 4:20pm

Ad-supported Apple music?

A recent judgment by the UK Copyright Tribunal, on online royalty rates, may point towards Apple interest in ad-supported music services, reports say. The consultancy firm Music Ally has investigated the tribunal's decision, and notes that an Apple employee was a key witness. iTunes VP Eddie Cue is quoted as saying Apple would only pay advertising revenue if "that revenue is earned as a result of an advertisement, sponsorship or a click-through link located on a Licensed service...and only where the Licensed Service is offered to the User at a price which has been artificially depressed to reflect such revenue."

Bluetooth 2.1 made official

08/01, 4:00pm

Bluetooth 2.1 Official

The official Bluetooth Special Interest Group today announced that it had embraced the Bluetooth 2.1 standard, greenlighting its use for future devices. The update to the 2.0 spec promises to implement a technique known as Sniff Subrating to improve battery life by as much as five times in hardware that needs a steady stream of data; keyboards, mice, and watches are just a few of the examples, the SIG says. Updating to 2.1 should also greatly simplify the pairing process by having a host device automatically pair with devices by looking for certain device classes (such as headsets) rather than requiring special actions on both ends.

Lufthansa makes plans to re-launch in-flight Internet

08/01, 3:35pm

In-flight Internet back?

The German airliner Lufthansa is in discussions with "a number of companies" to help bring back in-flight Internet services, according to company representative Michael Lamberty, speaking with InfoWorld. Earlier in the decade Lufthansa equipped 60 to 80 of its planes for Connexion, a Boeing service that started sales in 2004; it was joined by 11 other airlines based in Asia and Europe. Blaming the travel slump following the 2001 terrorist attacks on the US, however, Boeing decided to abandon Connexion in 2006, calling it financially unviable. This effectively brought in-flight Internet to a halt worldwide.

Tinderbox 4.0.0 improves maps, outlines

08/01, 3:25pm

Tinderbox 4.0.0 released

One avid Mac developer has released Tinderbox 4.0.0, an update to the outlining and visual brainstorm-capable writing environment. The latest release includes a new user manual, and offers more flexible Tinderbox maps that allow users to choose new shapes for notes or expand a note to see its text as well as its title. Tinderbox 4.0.0 enhances outlines, badges highlight special items, progress bars offer status on tasks, and right-clicking on an outline icon produces a prototype menu. Tinderbox agents, actions, and rules help make documents "smarter" and more helpful, according to the developer, and the latest release improves interoperability with Web 2.0 services. Tinderbox 4.0.0 is priced at $230, with upgrades available from $90. The software requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Sony planning DVR hooks for PS3?

08/01, 3:20pm

Sony PS3 Digital Tuner

Sony may turn the PlayStation 3 into a digital video recorder sometime in 2008, claims the company's New Zealand marketing head Warwick Light in comments to a national newspaper. The executive noted in an interview that his company hoped to release a DVB-T tuner add-on for the PS3 sometime next year that would tie Freeview over-the-air digital TV into the console, allowing gamers to schedule and capture HD shows to the system's hard drive.

"We're also hoping next year -- about the same time that Freeview launches its terrestrial broadcasting service [in March] -- to release a digital tuner for the PS3, turning it into a programmable TV recorder," Light said.

Verizon readying new RAZR2, Q9m, Z6tv for August

08/01, 2:50pm

Verizon Moto in August

Verizon will match AT&T's upcoming plans for a series of new phones this month from Motorola and other handset producers, according to snapshots of a private presentation. The ROKR Z6tv is now confirmed and will be the first American-designed phone with support for V CAST TV broadcasts; the device should also be joined by the RAZR2 V9m and the previously unannounced Q9m, which brings Windows Mobile 6 and many other enhancements of the GSM-only Q9h to CDMA networks.

Livid launches Cell VJ software

08/01, 2:50pm

Livid launches Cell VJ app

Livid Instruments has put out the premiere edition of Cell, its real-time VJ software. Users can loop, reverse, scrub and change the speed of clips, and insert a variety video effects, such as trails, warping or an 8mm filter. Manual control is possible through a mouse/keyboard combo or a MIDI controller, which can be mapped to trigger virtually any command as necessary. Alternately, Cell can be almost entirely automated by pre-arranging clips and transitions. The program comes with 36 videos for $100; Livid is selling more collections of 36 for $30 apiece.

Keyspan ships USB 2.0 Server, extender

08/01, 2:15pm

Keyspan USB 2.0 Server

Keyspan today began shipping its new USB 2.0 Server, combining the functionality of a USB print server and a USB extender. The device allows Mac and PC clients to access two high-speed USB 2.0 devices over Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and enables multiple users to share USB devices on a network while extending a USB connection between a host computer and the USB device over great distances. The USB 2.0 Server eliminates the need to dedicate a computer as a host for a USB device, according to Keyspan, and is compatible with all types of USB devices. The device supports bi-directional communication with printers that allows users to monitor ink as well as paper levels remotely, and works work Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later as well as Windows XP or Windows Vista. Keyspan's USB 2.0 Server is priced at $130.

Apple hardens Safari for Windows

08/01, 2:10pm

Safari update for Windows

Apple has issued an update to its Safari Web browser for Windows in an effort to beef up security. The patch fixes several vulnerabilities related to adding bookmarks, visiting malicious websites, Java applets, and URL masquerading. Apple's update applies fixes to Safari and WebKit, plugging a total of four holes. The specific risks include adding bookmarks, visiting a malicious website, and accessing URLs with look-alike characters to load a different page than the user expects.

Monster intros wireless iPod bridge

08/01, 2:05pm

Monster iPod Audio Bridge

Making the most of the iPod's inherent abilities, Monster Cable today released its Wireless Audio Bridge for the iPod. Instead of connecting the iPod to a dock and gaining only limited control, the Bridge transforms the iPod itself into the remote; a small Dock Connector transmitter plugs into the Apple jukebox and transmits sound to a base station (shown) that taps into a conventional stereo. The implementation gives full access to iPod menus and works on the 2.4GHz band up to 30 feet away from the base.

Acer brings new-look Aspire to US with HD DVD

08/01, 1:40pm

Acer Aspire 5920 and 4710

Acer this afternoon announced that its new Gemstone notebooks were at last reaching the US in two models. The 15.4-inch Aspire 5920 arrives as the showcase of the entire line with a still-rare HD DVD reader and DVD rewriter combo drive as standard. Audio is also produced in Dolby Home Theater virtual surround for stereo sources or real surround with the right mix of hardware and content. Performance is also high-end with a 2GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of memory, a 200GB hard disk, and a GeForce 8600M GT for graphics duties. It sells in shops and online today for $1,999.

ArtRage 2.5 adds stencils, rulers, more

08/01, 1:35pm

ArtRage 2.5 released

Ambient Design today released ArtRage 2.5, a full-featured intuitive natural paint and drawing application designed for hobbyists and professionals alike. The software ensures users have a readily accessible choice of canvas size, paper textures, and mediums such as oils, pencils, crayons, airbrush, chalk, and markers that blend with the palette knife tool. Artists can use a pre-set color palette or customize one from a chosen project, and have access to Photoshop-compatible transparent layers that can serve as advanced compositions. Users can also recreate photos as well as images as paintings with ArtRage, which supports popular pen tablets from companies such as Wacom that allow artists to draw and paint with pressure sensitivity. ArtRage 2.5 runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary, is Windows Vista Certified, and adds several new features like stencils and rulers. ArtRage 2.5 is priced at $25, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

B&W floats Zeppelin iPod speakers

08/01, 1:20pm

B&W Zeppelin iPod Dock

Audio specialists Bowers and Wilkins today leapt into iPod audio with the Zeppelin. Shaped like the airship of its namesake, the device echoes the high style of the label but also the emphasis on accurate sound. Four tweeters with glass-fiber cones and tapered tubes are joined by a 5-inch woofer and combine to produce audio more reminiscent of the company's floor-standing sets; about 100 watts of sustained power through a three-channel amp define it as one of the strongest speakers in the class, by B&W's estimates.

Sony develops Cell-based computer platform

08/01, 1:15pm

PS3-based Cell computer

Sony says that next week's SIGGRAPH show, it will demonstrate a preliminary computer board based on the Cell processor, the same one used in the company's PlayStation 3 game console. Designed primarily by IBM, in tandem with Sony and Toshiba, the Cell has one main processor and eight sub-processors, helping to make it the fastest of the current console CPUs.

IDG News reports that the Cell Computing Board is small enough to fit in a 1U-size server, and is being paired with the RSX graphics processor, also used in the PS3. The new board is mostly likely intended for advanced 3D or video work; Toshiba displayed Cell-based capture and streaming hardware at 2006's Ceatec expo. The platform's future may be in doubt though, since a recent patent lawsuit suggests that the Cell concept belongs to the Parallel Processing Corporation.

WaterField ships three new iPhone cases

08/01, 1:00pm

Three iPhone cases ship

WaterField Designs has unveiled three new cases for Apple's iPhone: The iPhone Smart Case, iPhone Travel Case (shown at right), and iPhone Suede Jacket. Each case offers a different level of protection and accessibility while maintaining a light look and feel, according to WaterField. The iPhone Smart Case is less than an inch thick with a smooth material, and features rubberized textile flanks on each side to provide a better grip. A multi-layered padding system combines a high-impact, rigid insert with a soft "Ultrasuede" liner to prevent damage. The iPhone Smart Case also offers multiple carrying options which include attaching the case to a strap, clipping the protected iPhone onto a belt, or slipping the device into a pocket. WaterField's iPhone Smart Case is priced from $35-$40 in three styles, while the iPhone Travel Case is available from $35-$40 in three sizes. WaterField's iPhone Suede Jacket ships for $9 in just one size.

Panasonic readies 1080p SD7 camcorder

08/01, 12:25pm

Panasonic HDC-SD7

Panasonic Japan has a announced a future relative of the America-bound HDC-SD5, the SD7. The key difference is an upgrade to 1080p support, by comparison to the SD5's 1080i. It also uses a vertical orientation, and is said to be the smallest and lightest "full HD" camera in the world, weighing a mere 12 ounces even with a battery and memory card inserted. It will come bundled with a 4GB SDHC card, and record in the H.264-based AVCHD format. Ten-times optical zoom provides a range of 43-429mm. The SD7 should ship to Japan on September 8th, at a cost of about 140,000 yen ($1,175). [via Impress Watch]

Corsair rolls green VX computer power units

08/01, 11:55am

Corsair VX Series

Corsair hoped to mend the environment today by introducing the VX Series collection of power supplies for PCs. Where past PSUs have largely focused on performance systems, the new models take steps to cut power use when possible: the 450- and 550-watt models each boast active power factor correction that prevents oversupply and are 80 percent efficient, meeting the tougher new Energy Star levels for green performance. The reduced power draw could also be useful for home theater PCs which are often left running for hours, according to Corsair.

Briefly: Fastforward reviews; drum samples

08/01, 11:45am

Fastforward reviews; drums

In brief: MacNN reviews two new programs by Fastforward, Smart Loops releases drum samples in the Apple Loops format, nova media updates its iSync phone plug-ins, and a site offers free books to read through the iPhone. Reviews have been posted for two new programs by Fastforward Software. The first is Compost 1.8.8, which manages Mac OS X's Trash folder, handling functions such as maximum size limits, or automatic deletions based on time. It also comes with DeskTrash, a moveable Trash container. Bin-it is a dedicated version of the DeskTrash concept, and with a focus on displaying the amount of trash in the icon, and creating custom looks. Compost and Bin-it are $12.50 each.

AVerMedia unveils hybrid HDTV ExpressCard tuner

08/01, 11:35am

AVerTV Hybrid ExpressCard

AVerMedia expanded its notebook TV tuner options on Wednesday and introduced the Hybrid ExpressCard. The card fits into the 54mm slot of many more recent notebooks and gives their owners the opportunity to watch TV no matter where they may be. World analog tuning provides at least basic signals anywhere on Earth; North American residents have the added luxury of HDTV with an additional ATSC tuner for over-the-air shows up to 1080i. Either delivery method can be captured to MPEG-2 with hardware encoding; users of Windows XP Media Center or Vista Home Premium will also see the Hybrid surface as a normal TV tuner for DVR and live viewing functions.

Boingo offers free Wi-Fi to iPhone owners

08/01, 11:30am

Free Wi-Fi for iPhones

Boingo Wireless today announced that it will provide free Wi-Fi access to iPhone owners through 13 North American airports during the month of August. The offer is available to all iPhone owners who can access WI-Fi networks on their phones, and iPhone users who like the service can sign up for and use a Boingo account to access hundreds of partner networks which comprise more than 100,000 hot spots. "With Boingo Wireless, users of Apple Inc.'s sexy new smartphone can enjoy the full spectrum of coolness available via the iPhone's highly integrated functionality and multimedia applications while powered by Boingo's broadband networks. It's the ultimate iPhone adventure." Boingo Global is priced at $40 per month and incurs no roaming fees or per-minute charges.

BenQ reveals designer 10-megapixel E1000

08/01, 11:10am

BenQ E1000

BenQ on Wednesday introduced the E1000 to its Elegant camera line. Claiming the deepest sensor of any model in the series at 10 megapixels, the point-and-shoot comes in a sleeker black finish and includes not one but two different anti-shake modes. A physical shortcut button instantly kicks in an ISO sensitivity boost (up to the peak of 1600) and reduces the shutter speed; software settings on the camera's menus introduce a dynamic anti-shake mode that adjusts ISO and shutter speed on the fly depending on the conditions. BenQ further brings in a total of 24 scene presets with unusual modes such as Oil Painting and Sketch, and allows a special scene mode that captures 12 scene types in one second. This gives photographers a chance to compare scene filters without having to decide before the shot is taken, the company says.

Apple begins testing Mac OS X 10.4.11

08/01, 11:10am

Apple testing OS X 10.4.11

Apple has begun testing a future release of Mac OS X Tiger after issuing several fixes to repair bugs introduced in previous system updates. The forthcoming update -- Mac OS X 10.4.11 -- repairs bugs in numerous parts of the operating system and, as yet, introduces no new known issues. Yesterday the Cupertino-based company released an AirPort Extreme update for all Intel-based Macs, fixing a bug that caused many MacBook Pro users to crash when using their wireless networking, and issued a different patch in early July to stifle a strange popping sound experienced by some Intel-based Mac owners who updated to Mac OS X 10.4.10. A minor security update for both Tiger and Panther was also issued, resolving potential flaws in the 10.4.10 release.

DirecTV TiVo boxes to get feature upgrade

08/01, 10:45am

DirecTV TiVo Upgrade

DirecTV and TiVo today jointly announced a set of software upgrades that will reach the satellite TV provider's TiVo-based DVR devices. The future enhancement will bring features previously seen on TiVo's independent Series 2 devices, such as a deleted items folder for safety's sake and overlap protection to prevent one scheduled show from interrupting another. DirecTV itself will also bring in a new feature and allow its remote booking to schedule on-demand shows through the recorder.

Mojotones creates, uploads ringtones

08/01, 10:25am

Mojotones 1.0 debut

Voodoo Ergonomics has released the first version of Mojotones, a ringtone creation program. It takes as its source the user's iTunes library, and can instantly generate a ringtone from a song with a single click, and simultaneously copy it to a phone via Bluetooth. Should a user only want part of a track, they can click Play and adjust the sliders, or use menu options to fine-tune the selection. Once a ringtone is uploaded it can be selected like any other. Mojotones currently has specific requirements however: it will only run on a Bluetooth-equipped system with Mac OS X 10.4.9, which must be similarly paired with a Bluetooth-ready phone. The phone also requires support for AAC or WAV ringtones. The full version of Mojotones costs $20, but is available as free demo as well.

Apple brand appeal increases overseas

08/01, 10:20am

Apple appeal overseas

Apple's brand appeal has increased 17.7 percent in the eyes of overseas customers, according to a new study of top global brands. The research -- which looked at a mix of 33 U.S. brands between November of 2006 and January of 2007 baesd on a total of 30,000 interviews with consumers at least 13 years old -- revealed that U.S. brands are losing traction with foreign customers overall, but that companies like Apple and Google are thwarting the downward trend, according to "Today it's more difficult to get people to like your brand because consumers in developing and emerging markets have become much more discerning," said Jennifer James, a consultant with Gfk Roper Consulting.

OTTO shows off in-canal earbuds, chat headset

08/01, 10:15am

OTTO Earbuds and Headset

OTTO this morning lent a helping hand to iPod owners and gamers alike with two new earphone extras. The company's Isolating Ear Buds slip into the ear canal to provide passive noise reduction and bundle three sizes of tips designed for hours of continuous listening. Each pair musters a 105dB signal-to-noise ratio thanks to 8mm, rare earth drivers and comes in a sturdy aluminum shell that matches the colors of current iPod nanos, including Product (RED) editions. OTTO says that all the earphones ship immediately for $70.

PhotoPresenter 3.0 adds Nikon RAW, more

08/01, 9:45am

PhotoPresenter 3.0 release

Arizona Software has released PhotoPresenter 3.0, the latest incarnation of its slideshow creation program. Distinguishing the program is an emphasis on video, since movie clips can be inserted as easily as photos. Users can also interweave a number of special effects, and spread content across multiple displays, even treating them as one large screen. Version 3.0 of the software supports the Nikon RAW format (NEF), and allows settings for slideshows to be adjusted per-slide. The duration of a show can further be set to fit the music. PhotoPresenter is $8 and a Universal Binary for Mac OS X 10.4.

AC/DC lands V CAST store exclusive

08/01, 9:45am


In an unusual move, rock group AC/DC today revealed that it had signed an exclusive deal with Verizon, giving the wireless provider an exclusive run on the artists' full back catalog through the V CAST online music store. Every album produced since 1975 will be up for sale either through the PC (where it can be sideloaded to a phone later) or downloadable directly to phones that support V CAST's mobile interface. The move is one of the first efforts to encourage downloading complete albums through the cellular network, Verizon says. Only one song -- "You Shook Me All Night Long" -- will be available to buy over the air.

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile hits 4.0

08/01, 9:10am

Missing Sync for WM 4.0

Mark/Space has updated the Windows Mobile version of its flagship program, The Missing Sync, to v4.0. Missing Sync esnures that contacts, calendar dates and more are properly synched between Mac OS X and a mobile phone; the key feature of v4.0 is support for Windows Mobile 6, in its Classic, Standard and Professional editions. This should allow the program to work with devices such as the HTC Touch, Motorola Q9 and Samsung Blackjack. There is now also a video plug-in, which can import clips captured by the phone, or export QuickTime files to the MP4 format.

ASUS F8 brings Radeon HD 2600 video, hybrid TV tuner

08/01, 9:10am

ASUS F8 Notebook

ASUS today added the new F8 to its F-series notebooks. The 14-inch system represents a series of firsts for both the inside and out; a new case assembly technique dubbed Infusion writes patterns directly to the surface itself, preventing them from wearing out and simultaneously toughening the case against surface scratches. Inside, the system is also unique for its choice in graphics, which can either side with NVIDIA through a 256MB GeForce 8600M GS or AMD's newer-still 512MB Mobility Radeon HD 2600. Either is fast enough for the latest 3D games, ASUS claims. An optional hybrid TV tuner transforms the F8 into a small media center with analog or digital broadcast signals.

Canon intros HG10 vidcam with 40GB drive [U]

08/01, 8:35am

Canon HG10

Canon today made its first official launch of the HG10, its first AVCHD-based camcorder to record to a hard drive. The new model replaces the DVD burner of the HR10 with a 40GB disk; the change not only extends recording time to as long as 15 hours in HD but opens up the transfer speeds and enables a 15Mbps high-quality capture mode that eliminates the minor visual artifacts that might surface in the HR10's 12Mbps mode. Up to 5.5 hours of footage can fill the drive at that quality level, Canon says, letting editors readily capture enough HD footage to fill a Blu-Ray disc.

Logitech intros G9 mouse, G15 keyboard

08/01, 4:00am

Logitech G9 and G15

Logitech today supported its hardcore gaming audience with two heavily customizable controllers. The G9 (pictured) is the first Logitech mouse to ever allow a customizable shape: gamers who prefer to steer with their fingertips can choose the narrower Precision grip, while an add-on Wide Load shell fits the mouse to those who prefer to rely on their palms or those with large hands. Regardless of taste, the G9 boasts extremely accurate 3200 DPI laser tracking and will save up to five players' profiles (including keyboard combos and mouse DPI) on the mouse rather than forcing gamers to carry their settings on a separate disk.


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