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Briefly: VM benchmarks, iPhone battery death

07/23, 7:15pm

Cocktail freeware, iRovr

In brief: Virtualization software benchmarks, IOGEAR gets USB-IF certification, an estimator for when your iPhone battery will die, two effects plug-ins for the price of one, Cocktail Panther edition is now freeware, and a social networking app for the iPhone debuts ... VMWare is spearheading an effort to develop reliable, accurate benchmarks for virtualization environments like its own, offerings from Parallels and others. Dell and Sun Microsystems have already published results based on the beta version of the benchmark. The reason normal benchmarks cannot be used is that they were designed to test how one application performs on a single server. With virtualization, several applications can run on the same physical piece of hardware. eWeek reports "the final score, according to VMware, is based on the performance of the workloads at a given number of tile."

Two new iPod speaker docks debut

07/23, 7:00pm

iLive speaker docks

iLive has debuted two new iPod docking systems with built in speakers. The new model IBR2807DP features a blue backlit LCD display with a digital clock, built in AM/FM Radio, a certified iPod Connector and a recharge circuit compatible with the iPod/mini/nano/video/photo. Input/output features include auxiliary in for other audio players, and standard AV output jacks. This model is priced at $70. The IBCD2817DP costs $30 more and includes similar specs to the former, but adds a vertical CD player located on the back of the unit, digital volume controls and a wireless remote.

Strata unveils three Photoshop CS3 plug-ins

07/23, 6:10pm

Strata CS3 plug-ins ship

Strata today released three new plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended titled Strata Design 3D[in], Strata Foto ED[in], and Strata Live 3D[in]. The new software allows users to match 3D objects to photos, build as well as edit 3D layers, render to 15 different layers that are grouped into two categories -- color compositing layers and masks & selection layers, create 3D objects from photos, and generate life 3D Web or PDF pages from Photoshop layouts. Strata Design 3D[in] offers Match[in], Model[in], and Render[in] synchronized to Strata's Strata 3D application engine. Strata Foto 3D[in] enables users to generate 3D models from photos shot with a standard digital camera, and Strata Live 3D[in] produces real-time interactive 3D content for websites as well as PDF documents. Each plug-in is priced at $100, and requires Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Socket Pocket charges iPhones, more on walls [u]

07/23, 4:30pm

Socket Pocket

Perfect Curve today released its simple Socket Pocket wall charger for handheld devices. Just wide enough for the iPhone and full-size iPods, the holder fits next to a wall outlet and keeps most devices safely on a vertical surface while they charge rather than resting them on a counter or desk, where they might be damaged by a knock to the ground or crushed by a larger object. A bottom port also provides the space for the Dock Connector's power cable or any other AC adapter to run directly to the nearby outlet. [pricing corrected]

Facebook founder sued for concept theft

07/23, 4:25pm

Facebook founder lawsuit

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the ubiquitous Facebook social networking site, will this week defend himself against charges that he knowingly stole the concept from classmates at Harvard University. First begun in 2004, the lawsuit filed by Cameron Winklevoss, brother Tyler and Divya Narendra accuses Zuckerberg of having registered "" on January 11th of 2004, three days after promising to help his peers with their own social networking site (now ConnectU). In the long run, say the accusers, Zuckerberg intended to deliberately stall his classmates, enabling him to launch Facebook six months in advance.

Kingston ships multi-speed miniSDHC cards

07/23, 4:05pm

Kingston miniSDHC Cards

Kingston made its third announcement today by introducing its first miniSDHC cards for certain cellphones and portable music players. Unlike most announcements, the line varies by speed rather than storage. Every model breaks the traditional SD limit by holding 4GB of music or other data, but varies in speed from a Class 2 model that writes at a minimum 2MB per second to Class 4 and Class 6 cards transfer at 4MB and 6MB per second for video capture and other, more demanding tasks.

Western Digital pushes GreenPower hard drives

07/23, 3:50pm

Western Digital GreenPower

Western Digital is following in the popular trend of "green" technology with its new GreenPower drives, designed to meet the Energy Star 4.0 standard. This may be able to reduce power consumption by as much as 40 percent, in turn contributing to lower demands on power stations. For most users the major incentive will be cost savings: while desktop drives will generally save $2-3 per year, these savings rise to $5-7 in consumer electronics (DVR units, etc.), and $10 in enterprise drives. A datacenter with 1,000 drives could (theoretically) cut power costs by more than $10,000.

Nokia 2610, Samsung starter phones coming to T-Mobile

07/23, 3:40pm

Nokia and Samsung T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA will have more than just the Samsung t419 and t729 to support its entry-level phone lineup, say newly leaked product spec sheets. The Samsung t219s will upgrade the t219 already at the carrier with a new Network Address Book feature: T-Mobile can backup the contact list on its servers, giving subscribers a chance to re-download their contacts in the event the files are corrupted or the phone needs to be replaced. Another device, the Nokia 2610, will drop such a feature but may allow sending recorded voice messages.

FileGuard X4 offers data protection

07/23, 3:10pm

FileGuard X4

Intego has begun shipping a beta of FileGuard X4, a new data protection program that provides "virtually unbreakable" protection for sensitive files. The tool allows users to create as many safes as they need for different types of files and store safes on servers or external disks with full security. Unlike Apple's FileVault, which requires that users encrypt their entire home folder, FileGuard X4 is selective, allowing users choose which files or folders they want to protect. FileGuard allows users to set a different password for each safe and create safes by drag-and-drop, or from the Intego menu. Safes increase in capacity as you add more files, and you can change the size of a safe or compress it to save space. FileGuard requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or higher and 20 MB of hard drive space. It is currently available as a public beta download.

Fujitsu preps T2010 ultraportable tablet PC

07/23, 3:05pm

Fujitsu T2010 at FCC

Fujitsu is about to release its next generation of convertible tablet notebooks, according to a new FCC filing. Its LifeBook T2010 will draw on the ultramobile parts of Intel's Santa Rosa technology to keep the system thin and light (1.3 inches, 3.3 pounds) while still offering a swiveling 12-inch touch display. Systems will come with either a 1.06GHz or 1.2GHz ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo, Intel's X3100 video, and as much as 4GB of memory. Certain models will also come with Intel's 802.11n Wi-Fi chipset while simpler versions start with 802.11g, according to the leaked manual that accompanies FCC test results. Bluetooth and a full-size, 6-cell battery are also known to be standard.

Apple to open new Italian stores

07/23, 3:00pm

New Italian Apple stores

Apple is reported to be opening up two new Italian storefronts within the next few days. On Tuesday, July 24th, a dedicated store will be opening up in the Mondadori Multicenter in Milan, measuring approximately 646 square feet; as an incentive to come early, shoppers within the first week of sales will be able to get an iPod shuffle for just €1 if they have purchased a Mac. July 25th will see the opening of a second store in Rome, this time within the largest Media World store in Europe, measuring some 65,000 square feet. Here the Apple space is expected to be a smaller 538 square feet; this store-within-a-store strategy has been employed in other European countries such as Belgium, England, France and the Netherlands.

Trapcode updates work with Final Cut Pro

07/23, 2:55pm

Trapcode updates released

Red Giant Software today released updates to its Trapcode Shine, Starglow, and 3D Stroke plug-ins that work with Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Avid AVX. The updates add support for full 32-bit floating-point rendering to generate light rays, glows, and animated lines with the highest quality output. 3D Stroke features a series of 40 preset shapes for generating outlines or swirling strokes, The update includes the Shine 1.5, Starglow 1.5, and 3D Stroke 2.5 plug-ins. Trapcode Shine 1.5 simulates a bright spotlight behind text or logos, while Starglow 1.5 adds glows and glints to text and titles. Trapcode 3D Stroke 2.5 lets users dynamically write on a logo in 3D space or create organic and fluid lines. Trapcode Shine, Starglow, and 3D Stroke are priced at $100 each, but current Trapcode After Effects users can upgrade for $50 per plug-in or $100 for all three.

Apps: Prairiefire, TinyBooks, Immutation

07/23, 2:35pm

RapidoStart, CrushFTP

    Safari Prairiefire 1.2 ($6) lists all bookmarks, scans for dead and missing links, and allows the user to delete or edit any bookmarks. This release has been rebuilt for increased performance on Intel Macs. It further brings compatibility with Safari version 3.0, support for web proxies, and contains a variety of bug fixes. It's a free upgrade to all registered users. [Download - 3.7MB]
    TinyBooks v5.0.2 ($50) single-entry bookkeeping and accounting system designed for Sole Proprietors, home and other small businesses, and family finances. It includes a fully non-modal Reports Window offers easy standard and custom reporting and searching. All transactions are easily exportable to other programs as standard tab-delimited text files. Version 5.0.2 adds keyboard equivalents to all the items in the new Sort Menu, adds improvements to the Auto-Comment Popup Menu, etc.[Download - 240KB]
    Immutation 1.0.0 ($20) based around Core Image, this tool allows users to chain together Image Units such as Sepiah Tone or White Point Adjust to make compelling images. These chains can be saved for future use and applied to many images at once.  Since Immutation uses non-destructive editng, users are can experiment without damaging their originals. [Download (demo) - 836KB]
    MBS REALbasic plug-ins in version 7.4 ($25) a collection of several plug-in parts which extend the REALbasic development environment with over 800 classes and 2 controls featuring over 15000 documented functions. The plug-ins require REALbasic 5.5 or newer. This release adds WindowsWMIMBS class to query the Windows Management Interface  for some information and a static linked ImageMagick for Mac OS X and Linux. Not all  formats are supported currently. SIMImageMBS class and others. [Download - 65MB]  
    RapidoStart 1.6 (free) application designed to quickly launch applications, open documents, or access folders. When there is not enough space in the Apple Dock, you can use RapidoStart to stock an endless number of items. When RapidoStart is installed, a discreet icon sits in the corner of your screen, and you click to activate it. A palette slides onto the screen, to which you can add your favorite applications (with a simple drag and drop),  or of course, select them to launch them. The new release has an updated user interface and categories management. [Download - 1.6MB]
    CrushFTP 4.3.3 ($30) FTP server tool for Mac OS X. The new release adds support for PDF submissions, and FDF submissions, search results now can reveal the enclosing parent folder, and SSL SMTP email is now supported.  FTP server items have support for multiple incoming WAN IP addresses, the user manager is now faster with built in searching to find the user you are looking for, and the SQL plugin can now handle all features of CrushFTP User Manager.[Download - 1.6MB]
    Compress Files 2.0 ($10) tool to compress, archive, encrypt files and omit Mac-specific invisible files under Mac OS X. Can create Zip compressed files; TAR archives; Gzip compressed archives; Bzip2 compressed archives; compressed and encrypted Zip files and compressed and encrypted disk images. You can also omit Mac-specific invisible files when creating zip files. This release primarily adds support for encryped Zip archives.[Download - 1.8MB]

Kingston boosts phones with eMusic microSD card

07/23, 2:35pm

Kingston microSD eMusic

Beyond its CF cards, Kingston this afternoon has also released a special microSD bundle tailored just to music phone users. The MusiConnection pack includes both a USB reader and a 1GB card preloaded with ten MP3s from eMusic. Buyers also get a special invitation to a trial subscription that lets them download 50 more songs -- double the 25 typically given to new subscribers. A typical card stores about 160 songs at eMusic's typical 192Kbps audio quality.

SoonR brings desktop access to iPhone

07/23, 2:30pm

Desktop access on iPhone

SoonR today announced the SoonR mobile AJAX-enabled interface that allows iPhone users to access files as well as applications and mail on a Mac or PC. The software supports viewing more than 40 document types in a simple slide show-style interface that lets users page through files like spreadsheets and presentations rendered specifically for the iPhone's screen. SoonR has adapted its full mobile AJAX interface to scale fonts and pictures for easy access via fingertips, and makes proper adjustments to maintain usability when users switch from portrait to landscape mode. SoonR users can also initiate a Skype call from an iPhone and use a PC or Mac to bridge the call, using a SkypeOut call to bring the mobile phone into the Skype conference that originated on the desktop computer. SoonR is available as a digital download and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later with a Web-enabled mobile phone and data service.

AllHipHop relaunches in tandem with iTunes

07/23, 2:15pm & iTunes

The long-standing has undergone a major relaunch, thanks in part to dealings with Apple. The focus of the relaunch is on "urban lifestyle" -- through additions such as audio streams and messageboards -- but the site has also added the E-Store, which features music from both Amazon and the iTunes Store. The latter should offer upcoming podcasts, as well as a special promotion lasting through to the end of July, in which 250,000 codes will be given away for a free mixtape. Currently, it is unknown if there are plans to link the E-Store website directly to tracks on iTunes.

Sony intros B100 Walkman, drops ATRAC and SonicStage

07/23, 2:10pm

Sony B100 Walkman Official

Sony's European branch on Monday quietly unveiled its B100 Network Walkman music player. Marking a turning point for the company, the player confirms early reports that Sony would drop the need for the proprietary SonicStage jukebox for loading music in at least one player. Listeners can load up the player simply by dropping songs into it through the computer's file browser, which also allows for transferring raw data when space allows. ATRAC support is also absent, according to Sony; songs must be in the more universal MP3 and WMA formats.

iPhones coming to Germany via Karstadt

07/23, 1:50pm

Karstadt to sell iPhones

Apple's iPhone is coming to Germany in the near future via local department store chain Karstadt, which has confirmed that it will carry the slim multi-touch communications device. Karstadt said it is too early to confirm whether the iPhones will sell with a contract, but said that it will indeed carry the popular device and will try to receive stock in time for the Christmas shopping season, according to Reuters. "We will offer the iPhone," a spokeswoman from Karstadt said. Apple promised to offer the iPhone in Europe before the end of 2007, but has yet to announce one or more cellular carriers in the region for the upcoming overseas launch. Rumors that Vodafone would offer iPhone service in Europe were diminished after the international carrier expressed doubts about the iPhone's potential success. Those doubts followed reports that 1,000 German consumers were inquiring about the iPhone each day, and preceded the iPhone's record-breaking launch in the U.S.

HP unveils 8510w, 8710w mobile workstations

07/23, 1:40pm

HP Compaq 8510w and 8710w

HP today brought its series of upgrades to its pro notebooks, launching the Compaq-branded 8510w and 8710w. The 15- and 17-inch notebooks respectively freshen the line with Core 2 Duo chips based on Intel's more recent Santa Rosa platform. They also share a minimum of 2GB of RAM and the option of a Blu-Ray drive for 50GB data backups and HD movie viewing, including through a standard HDMI output. Video performance is a hallmark of either system; the 8510w uses a 1680x1050 LCD driven by a 256MB NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M, while the 8710w relies on a 1920x1200 screen and AMD's Mobility FireGL V5600 with 512MB of graphics memory.

Kingston speeds up CompactFlash to 266X

07/23, 1:15pm

Kingston 266X CF Card

Kingston today doubled the performance of its Ultimate-series Compact Flash cards with new 266X models, providing a dramatic speed boost to photographers with digital SLR cameras whose work may thrive on burst shots or quick transfers to a computer. While providing official speed just short of its Lexar 300X rival, it should write data at a minimum of 30MB per second -- double that of the older 133X, Kingston boasts. Freely downloadable MediaRECOVER software supported by the cards will let Macs and Windows PCs salvage damaged or deleted photos in the event of a mistake.

iPhone security flaw offers complete control

07/23, 1:00pm

iPhone security flaw

A new security flaw in Apple's iPhone could allow attackers to access personal information such as SMS text messages and voice mails stored on the device, and could even provide malicious users with a means of recording the iPhone owner or taking photos with the handset's built-in digital camera. The exploit, which was discovered by a group of security researchers who plan to detail the hole at the BlackHat conference in Las Vegas on August 2nd, offers complete unfettered access to the phone with administrator privileges. The experts who discovered the flaw at Independent Security Evaluators are refusing to provide extensive details on the security flaw but said iPhone users need only access a maliciously crafted website or forum post to hand over complete control of their phone to that site's owner.

PS3 patch brings custom wallpapers, AVCHD, 1080p24

07/23, 12:55pm

PS3 1.90 Update

Sony today revealed an impending update for the PlayStation 3 that will bring several important updates for video support and customizing the interface. Those who like to customize their video playback will be especially satisfied, Sony claims. Blu-Ray movies can now be forced to play back at a film-like 24 frames per second at 1080p when sent through HDMI, eliminating some hitches for plasmas and other TVs that prefer the slower frame rate. AVCHD support is equally new and lets owners of Sony's SR-series camcorders watch clips either on the hard drive or stored on a memory card. Video settings for PS1 and PS2 games are now changeable in-game rather than requiring a restart, Sony adds.

24U SimpleChart Plug-In 1.0 for FMP 9 ships

07/23, 12:45pm

24U SimpleChart Plug-In

24U Software has released 24U SimpleChart Plug-In 1.0 for FileMaker Pro 9 (FMP 9), a plug-in allowing FileMaker Pro databases to generate and display basic charts. The plug-in spawns charts into calculated or regular container fields, and users can update unsorted charts automatically after editing or changing a set without the need for scripting. Stored charts are modifiable at a later date by adding new data series or changing the chart style, even without access to the original data. Key 24U SimpleChart Plug-In 1.0 generates pie charts, horizontal as well as vertical bar charts, and line as well as area charts. The software offers 2D and 3D style for all charts, accepts data from parameters as well as found sets or related records, and automatically updates charts after changing data or the found set. The Plug-In is priced at $50 for a single-user license, and the company has promised to bring instant Web publishing support to 24U SimpleChart Plug-In 1.1.

XM, Sirius layout merged subscription plans

07/23, 12:30pm

Merged XM/Sirius plans

Although the companies have yet to even complete their merger, XM and Sirius have announced new "A La Carte" pricing plans based on a unified company. At the base is a $7 subscription, offering 50 out of 100 stations on either XM or Sirius exclusively; the major new option is a $15 plan, allowing listeners to pick 100 stations split between both XM and Sirius. A $17 plan, meanwhile, will give access to all of one network with a handful of stations from the other.

EasyMoney 1.0 manages, tracks funds

07/23, 12:25pm

EasyMoney 1.0 released

ToThePoint Software today released EasyMoney 1.0, a simple money management application for home and small business use that allows users to set up any number of account books. The software supports creating unlimited expense and income accounts, accepts any type of transaction to update financial information, and offers financial tracking to find out where money goes. Users can budget with EasyMoney by tracking income and expenses by accounts, and can allocate starting amounts for budget accounts. EasyMoney 1.0 is priced at $20 (system requirements were unavailable).

TomTom to buy Tele Atlas

07/23, 11:50am

TomTom to buy Tele Atlas

TomTom, the maker of popular GPS units like the ONE series, has decided to buy its principal map supplier, Tele Atlas. Reuters reports that the deal is a extremely lucrative one, valued at €1.8 billion ($2.5 billion); for TomTom, the incentive is said to be diversification, since the company's hardware margins are expected to follow the industry into single digits.

Though little known to the public, Tele Atlas is a preeminent company in mapping; aside from TomTom's GPS units, other products that rely on Tele Atlas include Google Maps, and some cellphones created by Nokia. The acquisition will put TomTom in competition with Garmin, the only other corporation to supply maps for its own GPS units.

Sony intros color-accurate 24-inch LCD

07/23, 11:30am

Sony D24WD1 Display

Sony on Monday returned to semi-professional LCDs with the D24WD1 24-inch, full HD display. Officially intended as a complement to the VAIO R Master tower and other high-end desktops, the screen is described as ideal for both watching and editing Blu-Ray movies. Better backlighting provides about 92 percent of the NTSC color gamut as well as a more vivid 1,000:1 contrast ratio and an above-average 400cd/m2 brightness level. Video editors and even console gamers can attach as many three sources into the LCD with dual, HDCP-encrypted DVI ports and a VGA port for analog computer hookups.

Briefly: Apple's new trademark, June quarter

07/23, 11:30am

Apple's new trademark

In brief: Apple has filed for a new trademark titled "WaveBurner," financial results of Apple's June quarter are to be discussed on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. ET, is offering more than 500 newspapers to iPhone owners, and Wrappers has launched protective sleeves in Alcantara for the iPhone with personalized initials. Apple's latest trademark filing lists "WaveBurner" under International Class 9 specifically covering computer software for the mastering, encoding, and burning of compact discs. The application confirms that the trademark was first used as early as June 17th, 1999, while Apple's Pro Logic 7 Web page states that Waveburner software creates CD masters in the RedBook audio format.

Rome: Curse of the Necklace goes on sale

07/23, 11:15am

Rome: Curse on sale

Big Fish Games has released the Mac version of Rome: Curse of the Necklace, the latest in its series of Travelogue: 360 games. Users attempt to solve the titular mystery by visiting some of the most famous places in the city, such as the Colosseum and St. Peter's Square, as well as more obscure locations known mainly to locals. While most of the player's time is spent finding objects in exchange for clues, there are also several diverting mini-games. Rome is a Universal Binary for Mac OS X; the full game costs $20, but a free demo (80MB) is also available.

AT&T's Video Share service available US-wide

07/23, 11:10am

ATT Video Share Live

AT&T today announced that its Video Share video call service is now active across most of the US, running in any of the 160 cities where the carrier runs its faster 3G networks. The service offers one-way video with two-way voice calling to let subscribers share footage either of themselves or of their environment. As examples, AT&T says Video Share can be used to help show a product in a shop or give a distant family member a chance to see relatives in real-time. Either end of the conversation can serve the video if they both have supporting phones.

Amp'd Mobile shutting down Tuesday?

07/23, 10:45am

Amp'd Mobile Going Down

Amp'd Mobile is "potentially" shutting down as soon as the 24th, according to a terse FAQ on the company's website. Although no explanation has been provided for the sudden deactivation, the company hints at an impending chapter 11 bankruptcy and supports claims through its policy for the shutdown: although discovered in just the past day, customer service will be discontinued by the end of Monday, the company says. The shutdown is also expected to be permanent, and customers have already been encouraged to port their phone numbers to other CDMA-based providers such as Sprint and Verizon.

Apple supplies iPhone battery tips

07/23, 10:40am

iPhone battery tips

The Apple website now contains a subsection on the use and maintenance of iPhone batteries. The company claims that in general, the iPhone's lithium-ion supply should power up to eight hours of talk, seven hours of video, six hours of Internet use and as much as one full day of audio playback; standby time is 250 hours (10.4 days). Apple says, however, that by the time an iPhone has been fully charged and discharged 400 times, the battery's capacity will drop to 80 percent or lower. At this stage, users can either accept the reduced usage or pay for a replacement.

LANrev 4.5 adds full Vista support

07/23, 10:40am

LANrev 4.5 released

LANrev today released LANrev 4.5, adding full support for Windows Vista as well as additional remote script execution functionality to the all-in-one lifecycle management software for heterogeneous networks. The latest release includes advanced registry search capability, and offers augmented software distribution options with new custom software information items and numerous other enhancements. LANrev serves as a set of management tools to distribute software, handle software licenses as well as patches, cover remote management alongside asset inventory, and oversee usage management with role-based administration as well as ImageLive disk imaging. LANrev 4.5 includes new custom information items, the ability to remotely view log files in real-time, enhanced remote script execution, and increased administrator privileges. LANrev 4.5 pricing was unavailable, requiring Mac O S X 10.4 or later for the Server or Administration software and Mac OS X 10.3 or later for the Client.

Analyst expects Apple earnings of $5.3b

07/23, 10:35am

Analyst: $5.3b for Apple

Apple is likely to report revenue and earnings well above its own estimates and above Wall Street predictions for the June quarter, according to American Technology Research senior analyst Shaw Wu. The Cupertino-based company anticipated $5.1 billion in revenue with earnings-per-share of $0.66, but Wu expects $5.3 billion with earnings-per-share of $0.73 based on supply chain analysis to beat out street consensus of $5.28 billion and $0.72. "We see continued Mac strength driven by updated MacBooks and new LED-based MacBook Pros (we are modeling 1.64 million total Mac units, up 8 percent quarter-over-quarter and 24 percent year-over-year) and seasonal iPods (9.7 million units, down 8 percent quarter-over-quarter and up 20 percent year-over-year) with little signs of cannibalization from iPhone," Wu wrote in a research report obtained by MacNN. "For iPhone, we anticipate a small contribution as only two days of sales were likely recognized, coupled with Apple's use of subscription accounting." The analyst predicts a "conservative" quarter million iPhone sales in those two days, noting that the company's cellular phone sold at a much faster rate than its top-selling iPod nano -- which saw sales of nearly 60,000 units per day -- should his predictions prove correct.

AMD planning one final Athlon 64 X2 release

07/23, 10:25am

Athlon 64 X2 6400 Leak

Chipmaker is planning to release one more speed grade of the Athlon 64 X2 before it retires to be replaced by the Phenom, say mainboard designers in Taiwan. Though the company had largely intended to finish with the 6000+ model rated at 3GHz, the advent of Intel's E6850 Core 2 Duo at the same clock rate has forced AMD to introduce a stopgap model while it waits on its new technology, the sources claim. The 6400+ would be clocked at 3.2GHz and ship with a full 2MB of level 2 cache split between the two cores.

OLPC project finalizes XO notebook for production

07/23, 9:50am

OLPC Laptop Final

The MIT-designed XO notebook is at last ready for production, the One Laptop Per Child project announced today. The finished system represents a significant boost to the performance originally set out for the student PC and will be better suited to the years of use the organization expects. The clock speed of the AMD Geode processor has jumped from 366MHz to 433MHz while still consuming half the power of the original, making it easier to charge using a pull-cord or a solar panel for use up to 12 hours; memory has also been doubled to 256MB of system RAM and 1GB of permanent flash storage.

Duke: Cisco tech to blame for iPhone issue

07/23, 9:35am

Duke: Cisco/iPhone issues

The chief information officer for Duke University has issued an explanation of the service outages recently caused by iPhones. According to Tracy Futhey's official statement, the problem was caused by a "Cisco-based network issue" -- Duke is said to use a "very large" Cisco wireless system, one which supports multiple network protocols. But Futhey confirms an Apple statement that the issue has been already been resolved without recurrence, thanks to a fix from Cisco, and advice from Apple.

HTC Cavalier shows up unlocked in US

07/23, 8:55am

HTC Cavalier in US

HTC's Cavalier smartphone is already available in the US ahead of any debut with a carrier, according to a listing by retailer Phone Source USA. The successor to the Dash includes all of the features promised in the earlier leak including the addition of US-native 3G wireless through HSDPA, a jump from 1.3 to 2 megapixels for the camera sensor, and a much faster 400MHz processor to help its responsiveness. Newly confirmed but expected is the addition of Windows Mobile 6 Standard with mobile Office support. Wi-Fi and microSD storage are carried over from the Dash.

Helios intros H2000 DVD player for movie downloaders

07/23, 8:25am

Helios H2000

Helios began its week with the announcement of the H2000. Catering to an audience that frequently downloads movies rather than buying them at the store, the player not only upscales regular DVDs to 1080i but also common digital formats such as DivX, MPEG-4, and XviD. It also adds a rare level of VobSub support for raw DVD files that need subtitles, Helios says. HD scaling also occurs regardless of the output method, as it works both through protected HDMI as well as component for older HDTVs and VGA for PC displays. Users that already have upscaling receivers can force scaling off to prevent duplicating efforts.

Logitech releases VX Nano for notebooks

07/23, 4:00am

Logitech VX Nano

Logitech this morning unveiled the VX Nano, its adaptation of the earlier VX Revolution mouse to an ultra-compact form built for portables. Virtually eliminating the hassle of carrying an RF adapter, the transmitter included with the system is barely larger than its USB plug -- so small that it can be left in the notebook without fear that it will break off inside a bag, Logitech says. While smaller than the premium model, it still includes the Revolution series' unique scroll wheel that can either spin freely for navigating large documents or turn at a normal speed for websites and other everyday uses.


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