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BlackBerry 8820 adds Wi-Fi, UMA calling

07/18, 12:00am

BlackBerry 8820

Research in Motion on late Tuesday unveiled the BlackBerry 8820, its first and long-anticipated smartphone with Wi-Fi. The full-QWERTY device includes the ability to connect to most wireless hotspots for Internet access and is one of very few phones to support 802.11a for corporate networks and homes that use the format. The handheld is similarly rare in providing Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) and, on supporting carriers, is the only BlackBerry capable of automatically hopping from cellular to VoIP and back to maintain calls without either consuming service plan minutes or wandering outside of Wi-Fi coverage.

iPhone: The Missing Manual debuts as PDF

07/17, 7:10pm

iPhone: Missing Manual

David Pogue has published a PDF version of iPhone: The Missing Manual. Areas of coverage include the phone and organizer, discussing various syncing topics even Apple never dreamed of, like syncing a single iPhone with multiple computers, or using the iPhone as a data bucket to merge the address books from several different PCs. It also tackles non-obvious problems as solving the "two-mailbox problem" and remedying the iPhone's lack of a spam filter, and discusses the iPhone as a computer and a phone. The 304-page book is priced at $20. You can browse a list of topics in this PDF.

New patent may ramp mobility for OS X users

07/17, 5:40pm

Patent: more OS X mobility

A new patent reveals a plan to free Mac users from their hardware, requiring only a portable storage device to bring one's entire personal setup on-the-go. Apple has been granted a new patent for making user accounts on Mac OS X systems portable, which would allow users to tote the entire contents of their home directories -- including their personal settings, applications, and documents -- with them on a portable storage device such as an iPod, iPhone, or an external hard drive. Changes made on the foreign Mac would sync with the original desktop, effectively enabling Mac users to use their own accounts on any compatible Mac OS X system.

Trimble intros rugged Nomad handheld with GPS, Wi-Fi

07/17, 4:50pm

Trimble Nomad

Trimble today served those who need PDA-class software in the field with the Nomad, its new ultra-tough handheld. Rubber ends and a hardened casing render it shock- and vibration-proof to military levels, and tightened seals provide similar resistance to dust and to water. The device is completely submersible for up to half an hour in water up to 3.3 feet deep, Trimble says. Though not a smartphone, the device runs on Windows Mobile 6 and includes most of the wireless features used in more fragile devices, such as Internet access through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for headsets and other peripherals, and a 2-megapixel camera. Users can update the system after the sale with a CompactFlash card slot providing either more storage or room for specialized peripherals.

T-Mobile accidentally confirms iPhone sales?

07/17, 4:30pm

T-Mobile iPhone leak

The German division of T-Mobile has possibly leaked its status as a European carrier for the iPhone. Local newspaper Focus has captured a screenshot (right, below) of the company's online store, where the iPhone is said to have briefly appeared as its own category. Along with this went the notice of an "indexation test," supporting the notion that T-Mobile is engaged in some kind of behind-the-scenes preparation that was exposed prematurely.

Moto i290 to become first slim Sprint iDEN phone?

07/17, 4:20pm

Moto i290 Leak

Motorola is close to releasing its first true slim phone for mainstream iDEN networks, says one report with photos leaked from Motorola. Though the i425 is already in service for Boost Mobile, the new i290 will bring the push-to-talk functions to larger carriers while keeping a slim look closer to the SLVR and other thinner Motorola designer phones. No camera will be included, but music support is possible through evidence of a mini-USB connector for sideloading data and a 2.5mm headphone jack.

Apps: ClipaSearch, MySQL GUI, SOHO Organizer

07/17, 4:15pm

dhtmlxGrid, PageSender

    ClipaSearch Lite 1.0 (free) search tool which performs a web search in only two steps from any application running on OS X. The user only needs to highlight text, then move the mouse cursor to a hotspot to perform either a Google or OS X Spotlight search. Also includes features for searching forty-eight individual web services, including iTunes, Wikipedia, Apple Support, and others, along with a text input device. [Download - 2.5MB]
    Navicat MySQL GUI 7.0.3 ($130) can synchronize databases, import/ export and backup data. Primary features of Navicat include a visual query builder; SSH/ HTTP tunneling for remote database connectivity; server-to-server database transfers; data and structure synchronization; import/export of most popular data formats to and from MySQL. Also includes "wizards" designed to walk users through the steps of migrating CSV, DBF, TXT, XML, or other data formats to MySQL. [Download - 8.7MB]
    SOHO Organizer 6.3 ($100) personal and business productivity suite. Designed for both individual and workgroup use The new release includes time zone support. Users can now specify a time zone other than their default system time zone for events and tasks. Plus, the start and end times for events can use different time zones which makes scheduling events like international flights that start and end in different time zones easier. The are also now bulk organization status changes. Users can now change the organization status of multiple contacts at once. [Download (demo) - 63.6MB]
    dhtmlxGrid 1.4 ($150) an Ajax-enabled JavaScript grid with complete functionality and ability to work with any server-side technology including PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Java and Rails. The main enhancements include auto-resizing feature, clipboard support for FF, improved Safari compatibility and new advanced cell-editors. In this release the grid can automatically adjust its size (height and width) to the size of the page it's placed on. The grid takes all the available space on page and smoothly changes its size when page is resized. [Download - 656KB]  
    PageSender 4.0.3 ($40) fax software for Mac OS X. The update features improved support for printing faxes as well as other enhancements and bug fixes. Among the specific new features: Print on Receive prints all pages; print on Send or Receive respects printer preference; hangup on Spam no longer disables receive; supports date and time formats from International system preferences[Download - 6.6MB]
    SOHO Notes 6.3 ($40) note manager for Mac OS X. The new release has Clipboard Recorder preferences. Users can now control the amount of data the built-in clipboard recorder will capture. The clipboard recorder keeps track of everything the user copies to the system-wide clipboard so users can easily paste or store in notes more than just the last item copied. [Download - 30MB]
    Sandvox 1.2.2 ($50) website creation tool. The new release has updated designs with viewport settings for optimized display on iPhones; fixes to SFTP publishing and for publishing to CommunigatePro FTP servers; has improvements to several pagelets and pagelet templates, including the Amazon List pagelet; and modifications to collection index pages allow comments to be supported in both individual entries and on the index page. [Download - 24MB]
    RouteBuddy 1.3 ($100) GPS mapping program for Mac OS X. Provides native Mac OS X support for Garmin and NMEA GPS devices, and allows users to manage and display their GPS data using high-precision vector-based road maps. This release provides turn-by-turn routing, and visual navigation to waypoints or points of interest. Navigation support includes off-route recovery, and spoken turn instructions using Mac OS X's built-in speech synthesis. [Download - 19.8MB]

Sprint spreads 'social mapping' across US

07/17, 3:50pm

Sprint 'social mapping'

Sprint has announced a partnership with Loopt, the self-described "social mapping" service currently associated with Boost Mobile. Members of Loopt are able to locate each other on their phones through GPS, complete with alerts whenever a friend happens to pass nearby. Users can also identify places and schedule events through the service, as well as share photos and profiles.

Because GPS represents a potential invasion of privacy, users can choose to edit their friends list directly from a phone, or hide themselves entirely. Loopt will be added as an option to over 25 phones in the next few weeks, at a price of $3 a month. [via CrunchGear]

Early 2008 mobile Core 2 Duo revealed

07/17, 3:40pm

Mobile C2D Early 2008 Leak

Intel's early 2008 refresh of its Core 2 Duo chips for notebooks will be extensive, according to a new roadmap leaked online. Although the semiconductor firm has already publicly confirmed that its Penryn architecture will define the upgrade through the use of a cooler-running 45-nanometer process and new SSE4 vector units, the new information points to a relatively sharp increase in clock speeds as well as memory cache. The base clock speed will increase from 1.8GHz in today's architecture (known as Santa Rosa) to 2.1GHz, the roadmap shows; other chips will increase speeds by as much as 400MHz, with 2.4GHz, 2.5GHz, and 2.6GHz models being introduced at the same time.

Two National Geographic games coming to Mac

07/17, 3:25pm

National Geographic games

Big Fish Games today announced that it is partnering with National Geographic to distribute two National Geographic-branded versions of its top selling games. The games, titled Hidden Expedition: Everest and Travelogue 360: Paris, will allow players to access National Geographic's expansive collection of video, photos, stories, and other editorial from previous Everest expeditions. Big Fish Games also announced that National Geographic is joining the game maker's Principal Network Partner affiliate program, and that a new fundraising portion of the program allows non-profits and charitable organizations to receive 40 percent of the revenue of all transactions made on the fundraiser's site.

ASUS debuts '3.5G' PC Card

07/17, 3:20pm

ASUS debuts 3.5G PC Card

Computer and general electronics maker ASUS has announced the T500, a cellular broadband modem that fits into a laptop's PC Card slot. It is a foremost a WCDMA/UMTS card, able to download at speeds up to 3.6Mbps on 850, 1900 and 2100MHz frequencies; should broadband not be available, it can be stepped down to GPRS or EDGE at 850, 900, 1800 or 1900MHz.

The modem is also notable for an internal antenna, plus a headset jack for voice calls, and the ability to send SMS messages. Contacts can be synched with Microsoft Outlook, and the modem stores call records of the 100 last dialed, missed or received numbers. While ASUS says that the T500 is now on sale, the company does not currently have a product page.

HD DVD claims faster growth over Blu-Ray

07/17, 2:55pm

HD DVD Outrunning Blu-Ray

Sales of HD DVD players and their accompanying movies are growing far faster than those for Blu-Ray, if statistics collected by research group NPD and pushed by HD DVD's Promo Group are to be believed. Toshiba's players saw a spike in sales of about 37 percent during the spring versus the winter, with movies growing by 20 percent; Blu-Ray actually declined in this same period by 27 percent for devices and 5 percent, according to the study. The Promo Group attributed the difference to price cuts on players that brought systems as low as $299. Most customers have based their decisions on this, the HD DVD backers said.

Sophia debuts touchscreen media phone

07/17, 2:40pm

Sophia nani media phone

The Japanese company Sophia will tomorrow premiere the nani, a high-end media phone. Evoking comparisons to the Apple iPhone, it is controlled entirely through a touchscreen, with other comparable features including Wi-Fi, a camera, and widescreen video playback. Several elements are in fact superior to the iPhone, such as its TV tuner, 4.3-inch display and 800x480 maximum resolution. The nani is however a Windows Mobile phone, and relies on swappable microSD cards instead of large internal memory. Pricing and release schedules have yet to be published. [via SCI FI Tech]

iPhones swamp Duke University hot spots

07/17, 2:35pm

iPhones swamp hot spots

iPhones appear to be flooding wireless access points at Duke University, knocking anywhere from 12 to 30 hot spots offline at a time. reports that 18,000 requests per second from the built-in 802.11b/g iPhone wireless adapters periodically flood sections of the university's wireless network with MAC address requests, taking down numerous access points simultaneously. Network staff on campus are working with Cisco, the primary wireless LAN provider, and Apple to resolve the issue but have so far come up empty handed. "Because of the time of year for us, it's not a severe problem," said Kevin Miller, the assistant director of communications infrastructure at Duke's Office of Information Technology. "But from late August through May, our wireless net is critical. My concern is how many students will be coming back in August with iPhones? It's a pretty big annoyance, right now, with 20-30 access points signaling they're down, and then coming back up a few minutes later. But in late August, this would be devastating."

Verizon FIOS TV adds interactive guide, digital media

07/17, 2:20pm

Verizon FIOS TV 2

Verizon on Tuesday launched a significant reworking of its FIOS TV fiber-optic TV service which is designed at once to be simpler and more powerful. Key to this is a far more visual interface, the company says: rather than use the typical sea of text menus, the guide lets owners browse movies by their poster art and through obvious menu layers when avoiding text is not an option. A live search tool will also display results based on keywords as the user types them out with the remote, showing not only titles or actors but also whether the show is local to an attached DVR or viewable on TV.

Maxon releases free file exchange plug-in

07/17, 2:20pm

Maxon offers free plug-in

Maxon has released a free file exchange plug-in that provides seamless connectivity to Adobe's After Effects CS3 on both Mac and Windows systems. "Thousands of production studios worldwide count on the proven, seamless file exchange between CINEMA 4D and After Effects when combining 2D and 3D elements in post-production," the company claims. "The After Effects plug-in not only merges individually rendered passes made in CINEMA 4D, such as shadows, reflections and highlights, but also imports camera and light information, as well as object position data for easily incorporating 3D into a 2D workflow." Maxon is presenting the software plug-in at the "Power Integration Tour" and SIGGRAPH 2007. The plug-in runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary. [Download - 1MB]

SoftCare ships plug-ins for Adobe CS3

07/17, 2:10pm

SoftCare CS3 plug-ins ship

SoftCare today released its SoftCare Overset Manager and SoftCare Notes Manager for Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3). SoftCare Overset Manager aims to give users total control over text length and overset, while SoftCare Notes Manager is designed to improve the native inline notes feature in Adobe InDesign and InCopy. Both plug-ins are available for InDesign and InCopy CS2 and CS3 for Mac OS X as well as Windows, and are priced at $35. The plug-ins work seamlessly with the editorial systems SoftCare K4 and SoftCare K2, offering complete control over text length and text overset as well as enhancing the standard Adobe InDesign and InCopy notes feature with its own palette.

YummySoup 1.5 features visual browsing mode

07/17, 2:05pm

YummySoup 1.5

HungrySeaCow has released YummySoup 1.5, a new version of its recipe organizer and sharing tool that sports an adjustable full screen vie, ability to use Apple remote to flip through your recipes and have directions read aloud. Includes a Wine and Spirits manager, .Mac backup and restore, as well as smart groups for recipes. The new release includes a visual browsing mode, allowing the user to navigate recipe collections by the images in recipes. Other new features include automatic web imports for the following sites:,,,, and YummySoup is priced at $20 and is available as a 3.3MB download. [Sponsored image]

XtremeMac launches iPhone cases, arm-band

07/17, 1:45pm

XtremeMac iPhone cases

XtremeMac announced has released three new iPhone cases: the Onyx, SportWrap and TuffWrap. The Onyx is made of black leather with contrasting stitching and an integrated belt clip. The SportWrap for iPhone is a neoprene armband designed for using iPhone while working out. TuffWrap is a two-tone case made silicone Onyx will be available for a suggested retail price of $30. SportWrap for iPhone will be available for a suggested retail price of $30. And TuffWrap for iPhone will be available for a suggested retail price of $20. Each case is backed by XtremeMac's Limited Lifetime Warranty and will be available in August. They are also currently available for pre-order.

Sony launches YouTube-ready GC1 cam

07/17, 1:40pm

Sony GC1 Video Camera

Sony this afternoon surprised the market by launching the GC1. Described as the Net-sharing Cam, the device represents the company's first camcorder with the budget features and software for web-only video. The fixed-lens camera can record either VGA-level video or capture 5-megapixel still shots with flash assist; the addition of new Picture Motion Browser software now lets a computer prepare and upload the GC1's video directly to web hosts rather than rely on manual uploads through sometimes cumbersome websites.

Virtual Villagers coming to Mac in August

07/17, 1:15pm

Virtual Villagers for Mac

Aspyr Media today announced that it will publish the forthcoming game title Virtual Villagers from Big Fish Games, and said it anticipates a release for the Mac some time next month. Virtual Villagers is a real-time simulation game challenging players to guide villagers who washed up on shore after surviving a horrific volcanic eruption. "They learn by doing, but you might have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't give up too easily. They need to become farmers, builders, scientists, parents and more in order to thrive on this new island. How will you lead your tribe?" The game features hundreds of unique villagers a players uncover mysteries by playing. Virtual Villagers will ship for $30, requiring Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Apple 9th in 'Best Brands' poll

07/17, 1:10pm

Apple 9th in 'Best Brands'

Apple has taken the number 9 spot on Harris' "Best Brands" poll, which is based on the results of a nationwide Harris Poll of 2,372 U.S. adults surveyed online by Harris Interactive between June 5 and 11, 2007. Survey responses were unaided and a list of brand names was not presented to respondents. Microsoft ranked one spot ahead of Apple, at number 8. Other brands on the list include Ford (No. 5), Kraft Foods (No. 6), Pepsi Cola (No. 7), and Honda (No. 10). Two brands dropped out of this list this year, Hewlett Packard (was No. 7) and General Electric (No. 8). A previous brand survey from Brand Channel placed Apple as the number 2 brand behind Google but ahead of YouTube.

HTC Kaiser to appear soon as AT&T 8925?

07/17, 1:10pm

HTC Kaiser as ATT 8925

HTC's Kaiser smartphone should become AT&T's new flagship device, according to one blog that claims to have inside information. The phone would replace the AT&T 8525, also known as HTC's TyTN, and would represent a clear upgrade through the distinctive tilting keyboard, a sharper 3-megapixel camera, and a jump from 64MB to 128MB of RAM. Whether or not the phone's front camera would be used for AT&T's Video Share service is unknown.

ShoZu update lets phones upload Facebook photos

07/17, 12:45pm

ShoZu Facebook Update

Photo uploading service ShoZu today revealed an upgrade to its mobile app that lets cellphone owners send to Facebook, allowing members of the social networking site to add photo collections without first reaching a PC. Users can not only tag photos but also have the ability to link their Flickr photo accounts to the site, ShoZu says. A new Facebook tool named Photo Status will automatically transfer photos uploaded to Flickr to a Facebook profile, providing near live photo albums for events as they happen.

Keyspan ships Presentation Remote Pro

07/17, 12:35pm

Keyspan ships new remote

Keyspan today began shipping its new Presentation Remote Pro, a wireless 2.4GHz remote control that works with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentation software. With its laser pointer, mouse and audio controls, and 100-foot range, the Presentation Remote Pro is designed for public speakers and presenters in commerce or education because its range covers large meeting rooms and lecture halls. Users simply plug the receiver into the USB port on a Mac or PC and the remote begins to work within seconds, according to Keyspan, and all of the remote's functions are available at the touch of a button without the need to switch "modes." Keyspan's Presentation Remote Pro features RF connectivity, mouse control, a laser pointer, volume control, a hand slide that darkens the screen when desired, and an on/off switch. The device is shipping for $80.

Cricket adopts Nokia 6275i

07/17, 12:35pm

Cricket adopts Nokia 6275i

The fledging Cricket cellular service has adopted the Nokia 6275i, currently the only Nokia phone in its lineup. Cricket is an unusual phone carrier in that it offers flat rates for unlimited local, long-distance and data services; the 6275i is a mid-range phone, its main highlights being a two-megapixel camera with flash, and the ability to play MP3 files or FM radio. The phone is compatible with Cricket's US roaming service, and can be linked to other devices through Bluetooth, USB or an infrared port. The main limitations are digital zoom, and just 21MB of internal storage with no expansions. Cricket is now selling the 6275i for $200.

NTT DoCoMo releases waterproof phone

07/17, 11:55am

DoCoMo waterproof phone

The Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo has launched a new and unusual cellphone, the F704i. The phone is actually waterproof to a depth of 10 feet, and so can be used safely in conditions that would otherwise wreck normal devices. It is nevertheless attached to the FOMA 3G broadband network, and can roam worldwide using FOMA World Wing, and download music through Napster to Go. Supported music files include MP3 and WMA; rounding out features are a 1.3-megapixel camera and DCMX banking. Because of its features, the 704i will likely never be sold outside of Japan. [via Akihabara News]

FoneLink 1.1 syncs iTunes playlists, phones

07/17, 11:25am

FoneLink syncs with iTunes

Nova Media today released FoneLink 1.1, an update to its mobile phone application suite for Mac OS X that enables users to synchronize one or more iTunes playlists with a mobile phone. FoneLink 1.1 optionally converts songs to AAC at different bit-rates on the fly to save space on mobile phones, and the update adds support for AAC as well as MP3 tags. FoneLink 1.1 users can choose which data to back up by default, and the latest release improves the graphical user interface alongside overall application performance. FoneLink 1.1 supports numerous additional phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson, requiring Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later and a compatible mobile phone. The software is priced at $35.

Coradine updates to LogTen Pro 3.5

07/17, 11:20am

Coradine LogTen Pro 3.5

Coradine has released a new version of LogTen Pro, its logbook software for pilots. Some notable features include support for photo journals, international flight rules, and tracking operating capacities. The v3.5 update introduces Switzerland CAA Compliant logbook reports, as well as improved Smart Groups, with date selections that allows Calendar Month and Year, and the new Consecutive Days option for tracking complex duty limits. Speed has been improved in selecting Aircraft Type for multiple flights, and a bug has been resolved that prevented Turbine time from updating updating correctly. LogTen Pro is a Universal Binary for Mac OS X 10.4 and costs $9.

Motorola T9580 catches emergencies, friends

07/17, 11:15am

Motorola T9580

Motorola today quietly released a new addition to its TALKABOUT two-way radios in the form of the T9580RSAME. Beyond offering hikers walkie-talkie communication at up to 25 miles between units, the pair of handsets also offers Specific Area Message Encoding to deliver text and voice messages through the National Weather Service in the US or Environment Canada. Three-letter codes and voice alerts appear on the display depending on the circumstances; the free service provides warnings for anything from minor inclement weather to hurricanes and emergencies. This could be essential for trekkers without a cellphone or when phone traffic prevents calls, Motorola says.

Portable iPhone, iPod USB charger ships

07/17, 11:05am

iPhone, iPod USB charger today launched a USB Universal External Portable Charger that serves as a rechargeable battery for Apple's iPhone, iPod, and other USB-capable devices. The portable device charges iPhones and iPods via a dock connector, and works to power other USB-enabled devices including mobile phones and PDAs. The charger ships with 10 adapters that enable it to work with more than 80 percent of current cellphone models, according to, while LED indicators reveal battery status at a glance. An on/off switch prevents accidental power leakage when not in use, and the device charges via AC power which enables users to plug into any standard wall outlet. The USB Universal External Portable Charger is priced at $42.

Keyboard Maestro 2.1 comes to Intel Macs

07/17, 10:50am

Keyboard Maestro 2.1

Stairways Software has released Keyboard Maestro 2.1, a new Universal Binary version of its productivity enhancer for Mac OS X. Keyboard Maestro's macros enable users to control applications, windows, and menus; insert text; open documents, applications, and URLs; execute scripts; and control the system, iTunes, or a PowerMate. A Program Switcher lets users cycle through and work with applications as well as windows, which aids in regaining control of a crowded screen. A Clipboard Switcher lets users select from a number of named clipboards that store information for later retrieval, and the application enables users to keep the floating palette on the screen. Keyboard Maestro 2.1 is priced at $20 and requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Samsung unveils monster 19-inch notebook

07/17, 10:40am

Samsung Sens G25

Samsung on Tuesday brought the style of its normally compact Sens notebooks (also known as the Aura) to a large desktop replacement, the G25. In addition to a sleeker look than most systems of its kind, the new system's 19-inch display is one of the clearest of any notebook display, according to Samsung: a 1,000:1 contrast ratio and 300cd/m2 brightness should make the screen ideal for desktop use. The Korean firm also makes the best use of the bigger casing to fit the AC adapter inside, saving the bulk of a secondary power brick.

Security firm warns against iPhone web dial

07/17, 10:30am

iPhone web-dialing flaws

A web security company is warning against using a feature of the iPhone's web browser. According to SPI Dynamics, the ability to tap a Safari link and have it dial a number may be convenient, but it may also be exploitable by attackers. Examples given include the ability to track phonecalls, or redirect them to a number of an attacker's choosing, such as a 1-900 number; more serious threats involve calls being placed without confirmation, an infinite calling loop that can only be escaped through shutoff, or even the blocking of phonecalls altogether.

IOGEAR rolls out print, storage server

07/17, 10:15am

Print, storage server

IOGEAR today began shipping its 2-port USB 2.0 multi-function print/storage server, a palm-sized device that plugs into the network to share a multi-function printer/scanner/fax machine as well as USB 2.0-capable storage devices. A USB 2.0 hub extension places up to five USB devices on the network, including USB 2.0 and older USB 1.1 equipment. The print/storage server displays a printer's status and ink level through a Web-based console that allows users to configure, monitor, and reset the printer remotely. The device automatically identifies a printer's make and model upon connection, and is compatible with most modern printers. IOGEAR's multi-function print/storage server is priced at $170, and includes the company's standard three-year warranty.

Sony readying digital TV tuner for slim PSP

07/17, 10:10am

Sony TV tuner for PSP

Accompanying the slim PSP, Sony's SCEI gaming division has also announced a new digital TV tuner add-on for the handheld console. The plug-in adapter receives Japan's 1Seg digital broadcast networks and also includes a new electronic program guide that keeps tabs on current and upcoming shows without interrupting the show at hand. The tuner is said to require the newer PSP design and goes on sale at the same September 20th launch for a price equal to $57; a US release is unexpected and would require a switch to MediaFLO TV networks.

Mac Office team promises RDC beta test

07/17, 9:55am

Mac Office RDC beta

The Office for Mac team has promised a beta test of its latest Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client as a Universal Binary some time during the week of July 30th that will run natively on Intel-based Macs alongside a Beta 2 release of the teams file format converters. Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac allows users to connect to a Windows-based computer and work with programs as well as files on that computer remotely from the Mac system. The file format converters update will include a significant Word refresh as well as the addition of PowerPoint (.pptx) support, according to the team.

New worm developed for Mac OS X?

07/17, 9:45am

New worm for Mac OS X?

An independent coder claims to have developed a new worm for Mac OS X computers. An unnamed, proof-of-concept project, the worm exploits a variation of the mDNSResponder vulnerability recently addressed by Apple -- if not completely, according to the coder. Once an attack is successful, the worm grants remote root access, and places a text file on the desktop before moving on to other systems in the same network. Theoretically, an improved version could be a serious threat, randomly attacking networks across the world and depositing malcious software instead of text.

MacAlly launches iPhone, iPod power and cases

07/17, 9:35am

MacAlly iPhone and iPod

MacAlly on Tuesday rolled out several new accessories for Apple's handhelds, including some of its first iPhone-specific devices. The USBPOWER combo kit is designed for worldwide use; owners can plug either an iPod or an iPhone into a car charger's USB port to draw power from any car with a 12-volt socket; a companion AC adapter also charges either device and includes international plugs that support over 150 countries. The USBPOWER kit is available now for $30; the car charger ships separately as the USBCIG2 for $15.

Apple to open three new stores this weekend

07/17, 9:15am

Three new stores: MA/IL/MI

Apple today announced plans to open three new US stores this coming weekend. The country's most successful retailer said that it will open stores in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Michigan. Located in the "five-college" valley, the seventh Massachusetts store--Apple Store Holyoke--will open on Saturday, July 21st at 10 a.m. On the same day (and at the same local time), Apple will also open stores in Orland Square, IL (Apple Store Orland Square)--its sixth in the state--and Ann Arbor, MI (Apple Store Briarwood), its fourth in the state of Michigan and in the same city as the University of Michigan, which boasts a population of more than 40,000 students.

Jobs named king of Web music by Blender

07/17, 9:00am

Jobs: King of Web music

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was crowned the king of the online music revolution by U.S. music magazine Blender, just ahead of MySpace co-founders Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe (both whom who were ranked No. 2). The Apple co-founder was at the top of the magazine's "Powergeek" list of the 25 most influential people in Web music, which was compiled to show the behind-scenes-players reshaping the way people listen to, buy and watch music. Calling him a technology trendsetter, Blender's editor-in-chief said that the music industry influencers are shifting from the traditional music executies to technology experts, bloggers, and other types of industry leaders.

EA releases The Sims Bowling for iPod

07/17, 8:55am

The Sims Bowling for iPod

Electronic Arts has released a new game for the iPod, The Sims Bowling (US iTunes link). Styled after the Sims PC and console games, players compete in solo, "Pass-n-Play" (two-player) or "Sims Life" modes, the last of which is a contest for alleyway popularity. Players can create their own custom Sims for the game, and as they accumulate wins they earn Simoleons which can be put towards bowling gear. The game costs $5 and requires a fifth-generation iPod with iPod Software 1.2 or higher.

Suppliers fight for iPhone rights, new model?

07/17, 8:35am

Supplier Fight for iPhone

A struggle is underway between companies hoping to build future iPhone production runs, according to claimed sources within Taiwan's electronics business. While Foxconn has been identified by financial group Goldman Sachs as the principal supplier for Apple to date, frequent Apple production partner Quanta has admitted that it hopes to earn at least some orders for the device. Local rival Inventec is also involved in competition, according to the report. However, Foxconn is still expected to be the favored producer for the iPhone because its existing commitment gives it an edge in manufacturing extra models. Adding second or third companies would primarily be to reduce the impact should Foxconn need to halt production, according to the report.

Apple Store goes offline: nothing new [update]

07/17, 6:40am

Apple Store goes off-line

Apple on Tuesday morning took its Web-based store offline, a sign that usually indicates that the company is preparing to add new products to its online store (however, sometimes it is nothing more than a routine update). On its usual product introduction day (Tuesday), the company's store now displays a message: "We'll be back Soon. We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly." Update: The US store is back online with apparently no new products.


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