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Analyst: Mac OS X-based iPods by January

updated 10:15 am EDT, Mon July 9, 2007

Mac OS X iPods by January?

Changes to the iPod may soon bring it in line with the iPhone, while avoiding cannibalized sales, according to a new outlook report. Analysts at the research firm Piper Jaffray suggest that as expected, the next generation of iPods will be based on the iPhone's touchscreen interface; while there will likely be no Internet or phone services, future iPods are expected to be based on Mac OS X, though whether or not users will be able to install software on them has not been raised as a question. Analysts do however propose that they will be announced in the fall or winter, at the latest by January's MacWorld event.

The update may be financially important to Apple. Partly because current iPods are seen as redundant to iPhone buyers, iPod growth is expected to fall from 35 percent this year to 13 percent by 2009. By adding a touchscreen and Mac OS X to the already higher capacities of the full-size iPod, Apple may be able to persuade the public that a separate device is still necessary.

Should the new iPods share parts in common with the iPhone, this may also improve Apple's margins, estimated by Piper at a conservative 30 percent instead of the 40 to 60 percent figures suggested by others. The group does note though that while Apple pays approximately $20 more to produce an 8GB iPhone (versus a 4GB model), it charges an extra $100. Furthermore, 95 percent of 253 iPhone buyers surveyed on launch day chose the 8GB product.

by MacNN Staff





    Joined: Dec 1969


    We can only hope

    My iPhone has been an ideal iPod for me with Coverflow and built in speakers. Lets hope that they keep the iPhone and iPods both up to par and not let one or the other fall behind in regards to size/features. I think Apple is in a VERY tricky situation, with two product lines competing head to head in a way.

  1. nativeNYer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Apple has no choice

    Apple really has no choice but to update the full sized iPod line with similar features to the iPhone, at some point anyway.

    For as great as the iPod is, it is already beginning to look outdated compared to the iPhone. But here's the thing- many many potential iPod buyers, myself included, either have no need for a new phone, or will refuse to switch to AT&T for a myriad of reasons.

    Right now, Apple's newest iPod, aka the iPhone, only appeals to a limited segment of the potential market. By being a phone and being locked into AT&T for 5 years, it automatically excludes many buyers who have no desire to pay a termination fee to their current cell provider and/or have no need for a new phone. In addition, the current high end of 8GB will be too small for many who would like to "upgrade" to a new iPod with larger capacity. Even if that goes up in iPhone v2.0, it will probably never reach the capacity of the 80GB iPod, at least not without costing a fortune.

    Apple would shoot themselves in the foot in the long run if they let the standard iPod line languish (but they won't!). Sales would eventually drop off, since the market would be saturated with iPods. With no new ones released, most people would have no good reason to buy a new one.

    Logically, the standard music and video playing iPod line HAS to be updated to match some of the capabilities of the iPhone, or Apple will risk losing the dominance in that arena they have built up. Fortunately, Apple won't let this happen.

  1. schwank

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    I know Im waiting for a

    New Ipod to be released

    How about keeping the iPhone storage sizes small, and making it so that your iPod is used as external storage thorough bluetooth, or wirelessly.

  1. OS11

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    a simple problem to solve

    they just need a 8GB flash iPod with WiFi Safari/Mail, but NO phone for $399, and a flash 8GB iPod without Safari/Mail and NO phone for $299, and then iPod only with a Hard Drive, 60 or 80GB for $399, a 30GB for $299.

    just make them all like the iPhone in size, features except phone / safari / mail of course. it would keep the product line simple to understand and wouldn't cannibalize the iPhone.


  1. LouZer

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    Sorry, but I'd rather have one iPod then two. Why not a hard drive based iPhone sans phone? Why does one need to get a crappy sized iPod in order to get internet, or an iPod to actually fit a good amount of content but no browsing?

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Analysts at the research firm Piper Jaffray suggest that as expected, the next generation of iPods will be based on the iPhone's touchscreen interface;

    What does this mean? They're suggesting as expected? Is the expectation that they were going to suggest it? Or is their suggesting that Apple will release a new iPod, as expected? Since the expectations of the new iPod are just guesses, isn't it just more guesses?

  1. ronjamin

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    New iPod Should Have....

    The new iPod should have a bunch of the things that are availabe from the iPhone, such as: - wi-fi and safari - iChat (not SMS) - camera (still and digital video to disk) and why not SKYPE program!!!!! Or at least make the platform open for a skype solution and other third-party solutions.

    I know, a wet dream, but one can dream......

  1. simdude

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    re a simple problem to so

    The current iPod lineup IS easy to understand. I don't think Apple will ever add internet access to the iPod. At least not Safari/web access. Perhaps wifi to connect the way the Apple TV does, but not a full "web-experience". This is a big selling point for the iPhone.

    I predict the next iPod will essentially be an Apple TV "to-go" with an iPhone like screen/interface. You can sync and receive streams like Apple TV (including youtube) via wifi. When you leave your house, everything that was sync'd is available offline.

    Now, if Apple will just add movie rentals to Apple TV/iTunes, I'll buy the Apple TV and this new generation iPod too.

  1. danviento

    Joined: Dec 1969


    *shakes head*

    I really don't know how these "analyst research firms" can make money for such rampant speculation. Apple doesn't release any details, but anyone with half a brain could see that hot technologies that could sensibly be included in continuing product lines would have the possibility of occurring.

    I guess it has to do with their captive audience being totally out of the loop when it comes to emerging technology; You know, the type of investor who relies on others for advice instead of actually understanding the details of market forces.

    The rest of us can just sit back on the consumer end and ruefully shake our collective head at the overly-loud headscratching and pondering.

  1. Toyin

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I'm not convinced

    that the interface of the iPhone is better then the iPod. I use my iPod nano almost exclusively for running. 1. I wouldn't use an iPhone to go jogging 2. I don't think the iPhone interface would be as easy to use while running.

    I still be getting the iPhone when my cellphone contract is up, but it won't be my primary iPod

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