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ADmitMac for CAC v1.1: adds Exchange support

07/03, 6:35pm

ADmitMac for CAC v1.1

Thursby Software the developer of DAVE and other Mac/PC integration tools, has announced ADmitMac for CAC 1.1, a new version of the tool that provides for the secure integration Macs using U.S. Department of Defense Common Access Cards (CAC) into Active Directory environments. Thursby developers say that the U.S. Government's DISA Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) has tested ADmitMac for CAC and has shown that it meets applicable DoD requirements for Public Key Enabled (PKE) software. The tool provides for Public Key Enabled (PKE) Kerberos single sign-on with CAC cards; advanced network file client with SMB signing and Distributed File System (Dfs) access; and highly secure Active Directory Integration using encrypted LDAP connections. New in this release are improvements to meet the JITC standards, a special utility that enables Microsoft Entourage 2004 users to use Microsoft Exchange without passwords, and all improvements that were included in the recently released ADmitMac v3.2.2. The update is free for current customers.

iPhone dock disassembly reveals flaw?

07/03, 5:25pm

iPhone dock disassembly

Disassembly of the dock that accompanies Apple's iPhone may reveal why sound input and output is muffled when the phone is docked. The muffling occurs despite the fact that the iPhone dock features grills on the underside designed to pass sound through from the microphone and speaker. Photos taken by Fastmac -- the company which disassembled the dock -- suggest that the problem is a result of either poor design or a manufacturing flaw. [photos] acquired by Apple

07/03, 5:15pm

Apple owns

It has been confirmed that Apple has finally succeeded in purchasing the domain name from Michael Kovatch. Kovatch is something of a domain name profiteer, having himself bought the domain in 1995 before the iPod or even the original iMac. He's also the owner of several other high-profile, domain names like,,,,,,, and DomainTools reports "Michael said this last week was a very busy one inside of Apple. He was holding out because he truly wanted to use the domain." Traffic to had, obviously, skyrocketed in the last 6 months." The domain is still in Michael's account under Domains by Proxy but Apple plans to transfer the domain in the next week. The domain reportedly fetched more than $1 million.

RCA launches new Pearl MP3 players

07/03, 4:25pm

RCA Pearl MP3 players

RCA has launched its new Pearl digital audio players, which join the increasing ranks of devices that double as USB key drives, having a port built right in. Pearls support MP3, Audible and WMA/WMDRM-9 files, and have backlit LCD displays, with several different colors and languages. Owners can record audio directly through an inline microphone, or expand their storage by inserting a microSD card. This should also allow users to share music with their mobile phones.

Another notable feature is the battery life: while only needing one AAA battery, the low power requirements of a Pearl mean it can last as much as 15 hours. Currently on sale are 1 and 2GB players, retailing for $39 and $48 apiece. [via Crave]

LG readying Prada phone with 3G, Windows Mobile 6?

07/03, 4:20pm

LG Prada WM6 Rumor

LG will refresh its Prada phone before the end of the year, according to new rumors. Although just introduced in February, the touchscreen phone will reportedly receive an upgrade to 3G-level speeds over UMTS and potentially HSDPA; Wi-Fi is also a likely addition but may be stripped out for carriers that insist on subscribers using cellular Internet access, the source claims. The handset would also ship with Windows Mobile 6 Professional running underneath Prada's custom interface and therefore include a copy of Office Mobile for editing and viewing documents on the phone itself.

Apps: FinanceToGo, PandoCalendar

07/03, 4:15pm

Call Recorder, MachineHead

    FinanceToGo 1.5, ($45) personal and small business finance manager application for Mac OS X. The update adds full Address Book integration and support for vCard files, allowing records from Address Book to be used as suppliers, account owners and customers. Several new Profit & Loss accounts including Supplier turnover and Customer open invoices have also been added in Version 1.5. Mac OS X 10.4. recommended. [Download - 4.7MB]
    PandoCalendar 7.0 (free) a fully functional calendar on your desktop. The look is completely customizable. You can change the calendar's font, size, and the colors used to draw the calendar; the background can be entirely transparent, so you can still see your desktop picture. The new release is completely rewritten in Cocoa, and is complied as a Universal Binary, for native support of both Intel and PowerPC Macs. All text is stored as Unicode, providing support for non-Roman script languages/ [Download - 1.1MB]  
    Call Recorder for Skype v2.1 ($15) adds a simple recording window to Skype for Mac, allowing users to automatically save exact reproductions of all incoming and outgoing Skype calls. Calls are saved as QuickTime files, which can be converted to MP3 format or split into separate tracks for further editing and podcasting. The new version adds new settings and fixes some compatibility issues. [Download - 1.4MB]
    MachineHead 0.7b (free beta) musicians, manipulate and mash up media files, loop over sections of a track, delicately alter pitch, and slow down or speed up playback. Includes a wide range of built-in effects. Works with iTunes, and includes a Quartz Visualizer module for viewing and tweaking industry standard Quartz Composer .qtz visualizations. The new release allows unlimited numbers of AU Effects: save and restore unlimited numbers of such Fx 'patches'. Fx Patches retain the entire state of the FxChain, including individual AU settings and states. AU Music Effects are now also listed. [Download - 3.6MB]
    NetNewsWire 3.1.8 ($30) an easy-to-use RSS and Atom reader for your Mac. Offers three-paned interface similar to many Apple applications. The new release has desktop integration (Spotlight, Address Book, iCal, iPhoto, Growl, Twitterific and more), and synchronized clippings -- read your saved articles from the web or another NewsGator reader. Also includes microformat detection for contacts and calendar events. [Download - 6.9MB]

TomTom patents camera-based GPS system

07/03, 3:55pm

TomTom Camera GPS Patent

TomTom hopes to soon overlay GPS navigation on a real-world scene, according to a new European patent. The system described would relay a camera feed from the front of a car to a GPS unit's screen; a smart image recognition system would then recognize the roads and intersections ahead, superimposing directions on top of the video to help the driver turn based on recognizable landmarks rather than simple maps or abstracted 3D images. Onscreen data would still exist to keep tabs on the distance to the nearest turn, the road ahead, and the current speed.

Briefly: iPhone sells out, screen shield

07/03, 3:50pm

Video content, worker surv

In brief: AT&T says it sold out of its initial iPhone stock within a few hours of launch, ShieldZone has released a screen shield for the device, ON Networks offers new video content formatted for the iPhone, and a survey claims 15 percent of telecommuting workers want one .... AT&T says it nearly sold out of its initial stock of the iPhone within a few hours of the devices release. "Virtually all of our stores sold out of the iPhone last night," AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel said, declining to specify how many units had been sold. Apple is still not providing any specific numbers either, though some analysts are estimating more than 700,000.

AT&T opens up Wi-Fi for select broadband customers

07/03, 3:45pm

Free AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots

AT&T has announced its intentions to open up its Wi-Fi hotspots to select broadband customers. The Associated Press reports that subscribers to the company's Pro, Elite and FastAccess plans will soon be able to connect to any of the official hotspots for free, which number to about 10,000 across the US in locations such as airports, bookstores, restaurants and coffee shops. Subscribers with cheaper plans will be able to pay $2 per month for the same access, or $8 per day if they are non-subscribers. No reason for the discount has been given, but the move likely coincides with the launch of the iPhone, which depends heavily on Wi-Fi as a selling point.

Sony-Ericsson M610i spotted in full photos

07/03, 3:35pm

Sony-Ericsson M610i Photos

Some of the first genuine photos appeared today for the M610i, Sony-Ericsson's upcoming messaging phone. The new shots confirm the "Lizy" codename and that the bar design will primarily be intended for professionals and others who frequently need to check mail during work. A side-mounted scroll wheel and a keypad similar to the P1 will help users quickly navigate and reply to messages. A large touchscreen LCD eliminates the need for a dedicated keypad. Contrary to rumors, however, the device will omit the camera to let it into businesses where photography is a security risk.

Apple's iPhone: second impressions

07/03, 3:20pm

Second iPhone impressions

For the past few years, smartphone users around the world have been waiting for advancement in functionality and quality. So when Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, millions of people were enticed by the potential of this product. While some believed the iPhone would become the greatest piece of technology the world has ever seen, others viewed the new cell phone as a guaranteed flop with typing and battery issues. Both groups were wrong.

BenQ intros two Pentax-lensed compact cams

07/03, 3:05pm

BenQ E820 and C740i

Freshening its compact DC-series cameras, BenQ has just launched a pair of successors to a pair of its point-and-shoot models. The 8-megapixel E820 is a direct replacement for the 7-megapixel E720 and adds face detection for better portraits plus a forced high-ISO mode that shoots at ISO 1600 for dark scenes; the C740i is a subtler upgrade that keeps an existing 7-megapixel sensor but adds the same face detection and ISO 1600 to the existing formula.

EU grills movie studios on HD exclusives

07/03, 3:05pm

EU grills studios on HD

The European Commission is investigating the legality of current HD formats in the continent. According to the Associated Press, Disney, Fox, Sony and Universal are being probed, because each will only release HD movies in a single format -- the first three exclusively in Blu-Ray, with Universal alone choosing HD DVD. In theory any or all of the studios could be breaking antitrust law, which is notoriously firm in Europe. Some recent US companies brought under a microscope include Apple and Microsoft. There is no immediate danger of legal action against the movie companies, however.

Google acquires GrandCentral web phone service

07/03, 2:40pm

Google Adds GrandCentral

Google today announced that it had picked up GrandCentral, an increasingly popular service that establishes a unified phone number through a web interface, letting those with multiple lines receive calls and voicemail regardless of which device they use to answer the call. The search engine giant said it had bought out GrandCentral for an undisclosed amount because the phone technology behind the startup firm would "enhance the collaborative exchange of information" for those visiting Google's sites, according to Google Product Manager Wesley Chan.

Sharp ships all-in-one kids' teaching computer

07/03, 2:10pm

Sharp KidsDic computer

Sharp has shipped a unique computer aimed at kids. The KD-E1, also known as the KidsDic, is mainly aimed at teaching English to Korean children; as a result it is loaded with a number of different animated programs, such as quizzes, a picture dictionary and a number of storybooks, with translations on-demand. More importantly, the computer does not stop being useful when learning is over with. Users can store and view photos on the machine, and play MP3 tracks through a simple interface. An SD slot allows transfer of these files to and from a desktop system. Sharp is selling the E1 for 365,000 won ($395). [via Akihabara News]

Customers forced to buy iPhone accessories

07/03, 2:10pm

AT&T refunding

It appears that some customers who were forced to purchase iPhone accessories if they wanted to buy the device on launch day, June 29th, are now receiving refunds from AT&T. Gizmodo reports AT&T is explicitly stating that forced accessory purchase is not a company-wide policy and that that 'no one is required to buy accessories in order to get an iPhone.' The company is also reportedly taking disciplinary action against AT&T retail outlets that enforced the purchase requirement. Customers who were embroiled in the fiasco are encouraged to return to their local AT&T store and return any unwanted accessories.

T-Mobile favored for iPhone in Germany?

07/03, 2:05pm

T-Mobile iPhone Possible

T-Mobile is the prime candidate for carrying the iPhone in Germany, according to a claim made in a teaser article written for the country's Rheinische Post on Tuesday. The paper alleges that the carrier will sell the base iPhone for 450 Euros ($613) on November 1st, meeting Apple's stated goal of bringing the device to Europe by the fourth quarter of 2007. The media outlet does not elaborate on whether this includes taxes or subsidies. T-Mobile Germany has declined comment on the report.

Errata: iPhone more secure than other phones

07/03, 2:00pm

iPhone more secure

Errata, a well-known security consultation firm that provided in-depth analysis of the first Month of Apple Bugs (MoAB) project and has independently identified a number of device and OS flaws, thinks that the iPhone is inherently more secure than competing smartphones (such as those based on Windows Mobile or Symbian). Chief among the factors behind this claim is Apple's reluctance to put its iPhone software update mechanism in the hands of a wireless carrier, instead distributing patches through iTunes. Errata says "We've reported a (vulnerability) in a another smartphone 6 months ago that still hasn't gotten patched, mostly because that carrier doesn't want to. If Apple can push a fix for one of our bugs before this carrier fixes their bug, that might convince Wall Street that their strategy is better."

Apple debuts France store-in-store

07/03, 1:45pm

Paris store-in-store

Apple has opened a relatively large store inside the FNAC Digital store on the Boulevard Saint Germain in central Paris. FNAC SA is a retailer of books, music, videos and consumer electronics. This new location is one of the few instances where Apple has decided that an intra-store model works better than an independent, separate retail store. The store-within-a-store is nearly 1000 square feet, and sells the typical line-up of Apple products, excepting the Mac mini. It uses a split model, devoting half of its retail space to product demonstration and the other half to stocking accessories and performing customer transactions. Apple recently opened additional retail outlets state-side in San Francisco and Los Gatos.

AMD readying low-power Phenom GE chip

07/03, 1:30pm

AMD Phenom GE Roadmap

A low-power version of the next-generation Phenom processor is in the works that could give AMD an edge over Intel's current designs, based on details revealed in the latest chip roadmap from the company. Titled the Phenom X2 GE, the dual-core CPU will match some of AMD's latest low-power Athlons in terms of power consumption, using only 45W at peak compared to the 65W used by many of Intel's desktop Core 2 Duo chips. Every version should have the latest version of the HyperTransport bus clocked at 3.2GHz to ensure a steady flow of traffic between the CPU and all its individual components, as well as 512KB of level 2 cache per core and a 2MB level 3 cache to share information between the cores.

Verizon prepping LG Chocolate sequel for next week?

07/03, 1:05pm

LG VX8550 Chocolate Soon

A direct successor to the LG Chocolate (also known as the VX8500) is enroute as soon as next week, say those with access to photos and basic details. The VX8550 will represent a subtler cosmetic change with a metallic directional pad and with similar accents, but should also have a lower-cost music kit, including a stereo Bluetooth headset, a gift card for Verizon's music store, a microSD storage card, and a USB transfer cable for sideloading tracks. EVDO will also carry over from the original, though the inclusion faster Revision A access or separate improvements such as a better camera are unknown.

Linux pulling developers from Windows?

07/03, 12:40pm

Linux Pulls From Windows

It may be Linux which is drawing programmers away from supporting Windows, says a new survey from Evans Data. Where 75 percent of all coders expected to write programs for the Microsoft OS at this time in 2006, only 65 percent plan the same a year later. Linux development, in turn, grew from 9 to 12 percent -- a 34 percent spike in just a year's time, Evans says. Though the researchers wouldn't identify particular motivations, they noted that overall dissatisfaction with Windows as well as a move towards cellphones and other handhelds were likely causes.

iPhone shatters AT&T record, dwarfs RAZR [u]

07/03, 12:35pm

iPhone breaks AT&T record

Apple over the weekend sold more than 700,000 iPhones to rocket past analyst predictions and shatter AT&T's record by selling more iPhones in three days than Motorola's RAZR did in its first month. Apple's supply of iPhones depleted at more than half of its retail stores less than a week after the cellular handset hit shelves at 6:00 p.m. ET last Friday night. Buyers cleared out both Apple and AT&T stores in 10 states, with 95 of 164 stores selling out on Monday night, according to Bloomberg. Apple stores located in Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington state sold their entire stock of iPhones yesterday, and AT&T sold its entire stock at almost all of its 1,800 stores. [updated]

ASUS readies 22-inch, gaming-focused LCD screen

07/03, 12:30pm

ASUS gaming-ready LCD

Although the standards of LCD monitors have risen to make gaming practical with them, the recently-announced PG221 represents one of the few attempts to target gamers specifically. Central to this is its integrated sound system, which includes a 15W subwoofer, plus two 10W main channels; these in turn can be connected to optional satellites, forming a 6.1-channel system using SRS TruSurround XT. The screen itself is a 22-inch, 16:10 model, with 2,000:1 contrast and an extremely fast 2ms response time.

HP Compaq tablet passes through FCC

07/03, 11:45am

HP 2710p tablet passes FCC

Long in development, HP's Compaq 2710p Tablet PC has finally been approved by the FCC, clearing the way for an American release. Aside from being a 12.1-inch convertible tablet, the 2710p has been known mainly for its brushed-metal exterior, and support for 802.11n; now however some of its other specifications have been revealed. These include an Intel GM965 motherboard, with 1 to 4GB of RAM and a Core 2 Duo ULV (Ultra-Low Voltage) processor; 802.11a/g/n wireless will be matched with Bluetooth. Hard drive space can configured from 60 to 100GB.

Briefly: Wisconsin store; Larry Sanders on iTunes

07/03, 11:40am

Larry Sanders on iTunes

In brief: Apple is preparing to open a retail store Madison Wisconsin, Sony has added 'The Larry Sanders Show' to Apple's iTunes Store, E-on Software is launching this year's Vue 3D environment competition, Native Instruments has started its "Summer of Sound," and Bombia Design has released 'The Invoice Machine.' Apple is preparing to open its latest retail store in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday, July 7th. The store will officially open its doors at the West Towne Mall on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. CDT. The new store will join two other stores in the state of Wisconsin, which include the Glendale, Bayshore store as well as the Wauwatosa, Mayfair location.

Contour Design ships iSee for iPhone

07/03, 11:15am

iSee for iPhone ships

Contour Design today began shipping the iSee for iPhone, a contoured and clear case designed for Apple's iPhone designed to guard the handset from damage while showing off the phone's sleek design. The shell offers accessibility to all of the iPhone's connections and controls, including the touch-screen. A case/holster combination allows users to eat the iPhone in a forward, backward, horizontal, or vertical position as needed. The case allows for easy phone insertion and removal, while small rubber feet offer stability on flat surfaces. Contour Design's iSee for iPhone is priced at $30.

AllOfMP3 shut by Russian government, replaced

07/03, 11:05am

AllOfMP3 Shut Down has been taken down today, according to Russian government officials. The move to take down the site is in direct response to pressure from the US and the World Trade Organization, both of whom have been asked by major music labels to make the deactivation of the controversial music site a key condition of Russia's entrance into the WTO. No authorities in either Russia or the US have said whether or not the shutdown would have an impact on the lawsuit filed against AllOfMP3 in December.

Tekkeon launches multi-device charger

07/03, 11:00am

Tekkeon myCharger

Tekkeon has launched a new power adapter which may greatly simplify charging for users with multiple portable devices. By itself the myCharger is a normal AC plug with a USB port, but in tandem with the company's numerous adapter tips, it can charge phones by LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Crucially, it can also charge iPods and iPhones without a special tip, since Apple's own power cords connect directly to USB. Tips exist for other 5V electronics as well, including Bluetooth sets, digital cameras and handheld game consoles. The LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and mini-USB tips come bundled with the myCharger, which is now on sale for $25.

TinyBooks 5.0.0 enhances invoice printer

07/03, 10:40am

TinyBooks 5.0.0 released

Space-Time Associates today released TinyBooks 5.0.0, a major update to the bookkeeping software that includes numerous improvements to the Professional Invoice Printer as well as the Monthly Transaction Windows and Enter Transaction Dialogs. TinyBooks is designed as a simple, flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping and accounting system for the Mac. The software enables users to enter expenses and income, automatically displaying current as well as year-to-date totals. Automatic bar-charting of all expense and income accounts enable users to determine monthly trends, and a Reports window offers easy standard as well as custom reporting/searching functionality. TinyBooks is priced at $50, and requires Mac OS X 8.6 or later.

Kenmos tapped for new MacBook LEDs?

07/03, 10:20am

Kenmos MacBook LEDs

Taiwan-based Kenmos is producing LED backlights for future displays that will land in new 13.3-inch MacBook models, according to unverified sources within the industry. The technology firm's Japanese overseer and stakeholder, Stanley Electric, has reportedly been chosen by Apple and its display producer Chi-Mei to produce the lighting for the smaller portable. The introduction would give the MacBook the same advantages in battery life, brightness, and color accuracy as the most recent 15.4-inch MacBook Pro when compared to today's cold-cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlights.

Apple denies Universal departure reports

07/03, 10:20am

Apple: Universal not gone

Apple is denying reports that the major music label Universal is refusing a long-term iTunes contract, opting for month-to-month deals with the option of outside exclusives. "We are still negotiating with Universal," says Apple representative Tom Neumayr, speaking in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. "Their music is still on iTunes and their not re-signing is just not true." Universal representatives have not replied with any statements of their own.

Sonnet unveils iPhone car, wall chargers

07/03, 10:20am

iPhone car, wall chargers

Sonnet Technologies today unveiled its Car Charger for iPod & iPhone as well as a USB Wall Charger for iPod & iPhone. The company's car charger provides a simple way for users to power an iPhone or iPod while on-the-go, offering a USB-to-dock coiled cable to work in any 12-volt car or 24-volt truck lighter or accessory jack. The charger provides an LED status light when powered, and features power filtering as well as a user-replaceable fuse to protect the connected gadget from power surges. The charger and cable are black to match most car interiors, and are compatible with most iPod models. Sonnet's Car Charger for iPod & iPhone and USB Wall Charger are separately available for $20 each.

YummySoup! 1.4 imports epicurious recipes

07/03, 10:00am

YummySoup! 1.4 released

HungrySeacow Software today released YummySoup! 1.4, an update to the recipe management application that enables users to import recipes by dragging a link into the software. All recipe information is added automatically, and a video tutorial details the feature on HungrySeacow's Quick Guide page. Two other major enhancements include support for importing MacGourmet and Connoisseur recipes. YummySoup! includes an online library of recipes submitted by users, as well as a full screen view for cooking and shopping lists. YummySoup! 1.4 is priced at $20 and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

iPhone parts from Infineon, Samsung, Balda

07/03, 9:40am

iSuppli iPhone teardown

A new teardown of the iPhone has been published, this time by the research firm iSuppli. While many of the components were previously identified in a Portelligent analysis, the iSuppli approach differs in several respects. Foremost is the estimation of cost; whereas Portelligent calculated a cost of $220 for an 8GB phone, iSuppli has determined that the cost is approximately $265, reducing margins to just over 55 percent. The group notes, however, that these figures still do not factor in elements like royalties and logistics.

ASUS intros OC gear, companion 8600 GT video card

07/03, 9:25am

ASUS OC gear 8600 GT

ASUS today backed up its EN8600 video line with the addition of the OC gear, its previously revealed bay-mounted hardware overclocking tool. A bundle of a GeForce 8600 GT graphics card and the new device will give mid-range gamers the opportunity to overclock the card using a physical dial rather than a software utility. Users can also tap the dial to change over to fan speed or volume control, and can check on frame rates or GPU temperatures.

Panasonic unveils 4X, dual-layer Blu-Ray burner

07/03, 9:00am

Panasonic 4X DL Blu-Ray

Panasonic today announced that it had developed the world's first Blu-Ray drive that can write at 4X on a dual-layer disc, outpacing the 2X record of previous drives. A more stable and refined laser lets the unnamed drive burn the full 50GB of information in about 46 minutes, or more than 1GB per minute; a regular single-layer drive will take exactly half as long at the same speed, Panasonic says. The technique has the side benefit of quieting the drive by eliminating the vibration that has slowed down earlier drives.

LG second after Apple for mobile YouTube

07/03, 8:25am

LG Mobile YouTube

LG Mobile today revealed that it will be the second major cellphone producer after Apple to install a custom YouTube interface on its phones. The move will allow owners of compatible handsets, regardless of their carrier, to both browse videos over a mobile Internet connection and also to upload videos captured with a phone's camera. No specifics were given regarding the interface, but the company mentions that the feature will require a handset preloaded with the software. Multiple phones with the feature will be available worldwide towards the end of 2007, LG said.

New Jacket, screen film for iPhone

07/03, 7:30am

iPhone jacket, screen

Power Support has launched two new products designed to protect the iPhone. The Crystal Jacket Set for iPhone includes crystal clear case, LCD film and holster, protecting the iPhone from scratches, dust, and impacts. The holster rotates 180 degrees and the case weighs 0.5oz. The package is priced at $30. The Crystal Film Set covers entire face of the iPhone; the set includes 2 films. The film helps to maintains LCD brightness and uses static cling plastic for adhesion. Power Support claims that the film does not interfere with responsiveness, and can be cleaned and reapplied. The film set is priced at $16.

Radiologik DJ 1.0: live assist audio player

07/03, 6:45am

Radiologik DJ 1.0

Radiologik DJ is a new DJ live assist audio player that features 3 overlapping players and 1 library player, all with selectable individual audio outputs, time calculations, and iTunes integration (imports from iTunes playlists, accepts drags from iTunes, and drags from the Finder; and registers songs played with iTunes, adjusting the last played and play count fields). It also supports Nicecast for internet broadcasting. This final release includes custom starts, stops, and fades for every track, scheduling tracks for any second of the day, and bidirectional MIDI surface control support. The tool plays MP3, AAC, ITMS protected AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV. Radiologik DJ is priced at $130. The developer has also announced plans for a scheduler which will utilize iTunes smart playlists with its own top logic for full station automation.

NetShred X 4.0 adds Firefox 2 support

07/03, 6:40am

NetShred X 4.0

Mireth Technology Corp. has released version 4.0 of NetShred X, a tool that erases internet tracks such as cache, history and email. NetShred X runs automatically, without user intervention and in the background, so using the software doesn't interfere with the user's web browsing. The tool also incorporates data overwriting functionality that makes it more difficult to recover erased data. This release includes support for more Web Browsers, including Firefox 2, iCab 3, Shiira 2 (it also supports Internet Explorer, Camino, Mozilla, Opera and other browsers). This release also adds functionality for Thunderbird 1.5 and specifically adds support for erasing site passwords in Firefox 2. NetShred X 4.0 is priced at $25.


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