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iPhone delays of 2-4wks for online orders

06/29, 9:55pm

iPhone 2-4 week wait

Apple has added the iPhone to its online storefront, listing the 4GB model for $499 and the 8GB model for $599 as previously announced. Customers eager to get their hands on the devices will have to wait, however, as the Cupertino-based company has posted an expected 2-4 week wait for online orders to arrive and also noted that iPhone orders limited to two per customer. AT&T and Apple Stores today opened their doors at 6:00 p.m. ET to sell the first iPhones to thousands of consumers who were anxiously waiting in line -- some of whom began waiting as early as Monday this week -- to purchase the devices.

$849 refurb MacBooks return to Apple Store

06/29, 9:45pm

$849 refurb MacBooks

Apple's online store is once again offering reconditioned Intel-based MacBooks for as little as $849 with a standard one-year warranty and free shipping. The company's current stock of MacBooks includes the white 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 512MB of memory, a 60GB hard drive, and a Combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive for $849; as well as the white 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 1GB of memory, an 80GB hard drive, and either a Combo drive or 6x SuperDrive for $999. Apple is also offering refurbished Mac mini systems which include the 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo with 512MB of memory and a 60GB hard drive for $519; and the 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo with 512MB of memory and an 80GB hard drive for $699.

AT&T to buy Dobson, expand coverage

06/29, 9:25pm

AT&T to expand coverage

AT&T today announced that it will purchase wireless carrier Dobson Communications for $2.8 billion in cash, which will expand AT&T's own network coverage into rural areas. AT&T will pay $13 per share representing an almost 17 percent premium over Dobson's $11.11 share price as of 4:00 p.m., according to the Wall Street Journal. Dobson, which is based in Oklahoma City, handles wireless services in rural and suburban areas mostly in the Midwest, Southwest, and Alaska to serve around 1.7 million customers. The acquisition will broaden AT&T's cellular coverage, resulting in improved mobile service for iPhone owners in less populated areas.

Apple offers complete iPhone User Guide

06/29, 9:05pm

iPhone User Guide

Apple today posted a complete iPhone User Guide that covers all aspects of using the new cellular handset. The guide offers information on activating as well as setting up the iPhone, basic usage, phone functionality, email, browsing the Web with Safari, iPod capability, various applications, settings, and more. Users can also read about safety and handling, tips, troubleshooting, and customer support. The guide totals 9.6MB and spans 124 pages.

Only 60 iPhones sold at AT&T on Wall Street

06/29, 8:35pm

AT&T iPhone supply

AT&T's retail store on Wall Street sold its entire supply if iPhones today, which consisted of just 60 devices, according to one report. Barron's Online notes that the phones quickly sold out, but that AT&T offered all those still in line the chance to order a phone for delivery in seven business days, or three business days for an extra $15. The store also ran out of compatible Bluetooth headsets, but allowed a line to form for hours outside that was 2-3 times longer than the number of available iPhones, according to the report.

Apple issues five iPhone tech notes

06/29, 8:25pm

Apple iPhone notes

Apple has issued five separate notes detailing known issues with its iPhone, as well as some instructional material on using the device. One note explains a potential problem where users are unable to send mail when using an email provider other than Yahoo Mail, Gmail, .Mac, or AOL. A second note covers users experiencing iPhones that aren't recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X, while a third note explains what actions to take when the iPhone is frozen or unresponsive. Two more notes explain SMS text messages and connecting to the internet with EDGE or Wi-Fi technology.

First iPhone disassembly [all photos]

06/29, 7:45pm

First iPhone disassembly

MacNN has obtained disassembly photos of Apple's iPhone in an effort to better learn about the manufacturing process that Apple engineers settled on for the cellular handset. The photos were provided by iFixIt, which sells parts for most Apple products. MacNN obtained an iPhone just after the device launched earlier today, and has posted photos of the device as it was unpacked from the original packaging and turned on to await activation.

iPhone buyers voice their feelings

06/29, 7:30pm

iPhone buyers speak

iPhone buyers are voicing their feelings and opinions after purchasing the devices as they triumphantly leave with their desired hardware. Apple's iPhone hit store shelves today at 6:00 p.m. ET, which resulted in cheers erupting from at least one AT&T retail outlet located on Wall Street. iPhone buyers across the country are speaking about their purchases. In New York City 23-year-old Kristian Gundersen traveled from Norway to wait in line at the Fifth Ave Apple Store in Manhattan: "It's a one-year dream come true. It's the best day of my life," Gundersen said. "It's Christmas, birthday, New Year's all rolled into one. I'm a Mac addict. I got [in] a 10-hour line for 'Lord of the Rings,' but it is nothing compared to this. This is [a] historic event."

Unboxing Apple's iPhone, displays [hi-res photos]

06/29, 7:10pm

Unboxing Apple's iPhone

MacNN has documented the opening of Apple's new iPhone which hit store shelves about an hour and a half ago. The cellular phone, iPod, and mobile internet device comes in a small black retail package. Photos follow.

Cheers signal iPhone availability [photos]

06/29, 6:15pm

Apple's iPhone arrives

Numerous cheers have erupted from the front of a line leading up to an AT&T store on Wall Street, signaling the beginning of Apple's iPhones falling into the hands of consumers there. Barron's Online reports that one individual waiting to purchase the device is now inching forward in what was previously a stagnate waiting line. Apple promised to deliver the device into the hands of eager shoppers this evening at 6:00 p.m. ET, and has apparently kept its word. Apple's iPhone has arrived.

Consumer group warns Apple, AT&T on iPhone

06/29, 5:30pm

FTCR iPhone warning

The Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights (FCTR) today warned Apple CEO Steve Jobs and AT&T chief Randall Stephenson that both executives must agree to new consumer safeguards with regard to the iPhone that will hit store shelves at 6:00 p.m. ET this evening. FCTR founder Harvey Rosenfield points to two "serious potential problems" with the current iPhone launch in an open letter. "Unlike all other handheld phones, the iPhone battery is not user replaceable," Rosenfield wrote. "If news reports are correct, the iPhone battery could require replacement within one year." The fact that neither Apple nor AT&T have disclosed whether they will charge customers to replace failing batteries has led the FTCR to officially call upon both firms to provide free and immediate replacement at retail locations for the life of the iPhone.

Apps: SoftRAID, BurnAgain, Barcody

06/29, 5:05pm

SoftRAID, BurnAgain

    SoftRAID 3.6.2 ($130) updates the software-based RAID solution for Mac OS X systems, improving support for Leopard while taking leveraging many of the new features available in the forthcoming release of Mac OS X. The release enables users to easily migrate to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard when the software ships in October, and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4.10. [Download - 3.9MB]
    BurnAgain DVD 1.2 ($23) signals the latest revision of the CD/DVD burning software that adds support for DVD-RW media. BurnAgain DVD allows users to add files to CDR, CDRW, and DVDRW discs several times without creating multiple volumes in a platform independent way. [Download - 1MB]
    Barcody 1.0 ($135) is barcode generation software that supports LinkBack technology to place barcodes into iCalamus publishing software. Barcody supports 21 barcode formats which include EAN 5 + EAN 2, EAN 13, EAN 8, ISBN 13, ISSN, ISMN, UPC A, UPC E, PZN, ITF-14 + SCC-14, Identcode, Leitcode, Code 2/5 Industrial, Code 2/5 Interleaved, Code 2/5 Matrix, Codabar, Code 39, Code 39 Full Ascii, Code 93, and Code 128. [Download - 5.1MB]
    VPN Tracker 4.9.3 ($90) enhances the VPN client for Mac OS X with new support for more than 300 devices from well-known vendors such as Cisco, SonicWALL, Watchguard, and more. The application is built on a special IPSec implementation enhanced with technologies such as XAUTH, DHCP over IPSec, and token support. [Download - form]
    IconBuilder 8.5.1 ($80) updates the professional Photoshop and Fireworks filter for creating icons on Mac systems. The latest release fixes several important bugs, including creating open/drop folder icons on Intel-based Macs and support for saving both compressed as well as uncompressed Vista icons simultaneously. [Download - 10.7MB]
    Caboodle 1.1.2 ($15) is designed to help users collect text, images, and other content for later review. Users can arrange items in an outline-like hierarchy, and can include both structured fields as well as free-form text and pictures in each entry. The latest release fixes several issues with entry rulers as well as French localization, and adds compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. [Download - 3.3MB]

Intel next-gen CPU to be based on Pentium MMX?

06/29, 4:45pm

Intel Larrabee Rumor

The production version of Intel's many-core Larrabee CPU may actually be based on 1995 technology, according to some insiders near Intel. The processor will reportedly involve heavily modernized and modified versions of the Pentium MMX architecture, which saw its original introduction 12 years ago through the workstation-oriented Pentium Pro. The surprise reversion is due to the need for a design with in-order execution of commands, which changed after the Pentium II and later designs appeared.

ASUS announces A696 GPS PDA

06/29, 4:30pm


ASUS has announced a new PDA device, the A696. Though appearing like a smartphone, it is in fact mainly a GPS device, equipped with a SiRFstar III receiver and a 416MHz Intel processor. Routing and maps are supplied by Destinator. The base operating system is Windows Mobile 5.0, which allows users to not only play music and movies, but read e-mail and browse the web, connecting through 802.11b/g. Bluetooth 2.0 allows the device to pair with numerous accessories.

The target business audience will appreciate the bundled software, which includes Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Files can be stored on 256MB of internal memory, or alternately on any number of SD cards. It should launch within the next two weeks at a price of approximately £200 ($400). [via Pocket-lint]

HD DVD adds Internet features

06/29, 4:20pm

HD DVD Internet Features

Movies on HD DVD will soon release discs with Internet-specific features, the film studios associated with the project have revealed today in tandem with Microsoft. Players connected to broadband-level Internet access will have the option of using their network link to download or submit content relating to the movie. Owners of 300 will have the choice of re-cutting the movie's sequences and submitting the changes online as well as viewing others' edits, the companies mentioned. Other examples include participating in online polls through copies of Blood Diamond or enabling extras for the movie itself, such as subtitles in new languages or watching more recent trailers.

iPhone: MS Exchange update, Amazon plugin

06/29, 4:10pm

Review, Amazon on iPhone

In brief: MacNN has reviewed the Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Stick, Microsoft has released an update to its Exchange 2007 software that likely fixes issues which could have prevented Apple's iPhone from receiving mail from Exchange Server 2007, Mercury Software has debuted nine iTabi iPhone cases, and Karelia Software has released the beta version of its Amaphone software for browsing as well as shopping on an iPhone. MacNN has reviewed the Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Stick ($130, shown at right) from Pinnacle Systems, a small portable product that enables users to watch as well as record HD TV directly on a Mac.

Verizon boosts whole network to EVDO Rev. A

06/29, 3:50pm

Verizon EVDO Rev A

Verizon continued its series of messages today by announcing that its entire Internet-capable network now supports EVDO Revision A, allowing the company's V740 data cards and future cellphones to connect at 3.5G speeds anywhere they can find an EVDO signal. The company has boosted its claimed speeds and estimates that downloads in real-world conditions average between 600Kbps and 1.4Mbps; uploads are nearly as quick at 500Kbps to 800Kbps. A 1MB attachment can take as little as eight seconds to download and 13 seconds to upload, Verizon says.

New MiniPC expands through 'slices'

06/29, 3:50pm

MiniPC SA800 'sliced' PC

The Japanese company MiniPC, already well-known for its compact computers, has today begun selling the SA800. Most notable about the system is its expandability, similar in concept to Apple's Mac mini -- if users decide they need to upgrade, whether to a DVD drive or an extra hard disk, "slices" can be added on top as desired. These are fixed firmly into the case, but should remain detachable.

Moto RIZR Z8 "media monster" ships, packs extras

06/29, 3:10pm

Moto RIZR Z8 Ships

Motorola on Friday announced that its much-touted RIZR Z8 announced in February is now shipping and includes new surprises. Described by the company's CEO as a "media monster" ready to take on the iPhone, the ergonomic kick-slider design has enough performance to play full-resolution video either offline or from an HSDPA Internet connection; new is word that the device supports microSDHC, allowing it to handle at least 4GB of removable storage with as much as 32GB through future cards, Motorola says.

AT&T: iPod gear can function with iPhone

06/29, 3:05pm

AT&T: iPod gear on iPhone

Guidance from AT&T suggests that for many owners, accessories previously bought for iPods will in fact work with the iPhone, though possibly under severe limitations. The company states that while many products with the "Made for iPod" branding are compatible with the iPhone's 30-pin connector, the wireless broadcasts the phone emits may cause audio interference. Apple has in fact created a warning screen to this effect, which will appear whenever a device without "Works with iPhone" certification is connected. The screen will caution users that their experience may be sub-optimal, and offer a solution.

Verizon issues "iWhatever" memo to staff

06/29, 2:40pm

Verizon iWhatever

The iPhone is purely a reactionary device meant to keep AT&T on par, Verizon's operations chief Jack Plating said today in a note sent to many of the company's employees. Attempting to inject the message with humor with an "iWhatever" headline, the executive said that carrying Apple's device was only an attempt to "stay competive" with Verizon, which he said was superior through its faster EVDO cellular Internet access and its phone selection. AT&T is likely to focus on the hardware alone and ignore the importance of the network, he added.

Apple slipup points to RSS on iPhone?

06/29, 2:20pm

RSS on iPhone?

An apparent slip up by Apple has revealed a new Web page with a screenshot of what looks like an RSS list on an iPhone, suggesting that the company is preparing to offer an RSS application on Safari for the mobile handset. Apple hastily replaced that picture with one of the iPhone's main screen, however, and has not announced any RSS support in iPhone's embedded Safari Web browser. RSS, short for Really Simple Syndication, is a technology designed to bring news to users as events occur that is fast gaining popularity.

New GPL license to help Linux fight Microsoft?

06/29, 2:10pm

GPL v3 and Microsoft

The Free Software Foundation's just-posted GPL version 3 license may cause problems for Microsoft, according to clauses added to the agreement. The updated edition of the GNU Public License specifically includes terms that are likely meant to defend against Microsoft's recent practices of signing patent licensing deals with Novell and other firms that offer open-source software, many of which have done so in exchange for protection against lawsuits. Licensees are no longer able to impose license fees to modify or otherwise use the software the way the GPL specifies.

Wozniak first in line at Valley Fair [photos]

06/29, 2:00pm

Woz first at Valley Fair

Apple co-founder Steve 'Woz' Wozniak arrived at San Jose's Valley Fair Apple Store before 3:30 a.m. this morning to be the first in line to purchase iPhones. Woz himself -- who is wearing a FastMac "I was there" t-shirt, was reportedly promised an iPhone by Steve Jobs on Saturday, but is waiting in line anyway to purchase more devices for his children and to experience the iPhone launch atmosphere. Whispers suggest that the first 50 people at each Apple Store will receive a special gift, and that the flagship stores have 580 iPhones in stock while smaller outlets are likely stowing lower numbers of devices. A Woodstock-like atmosphere reportedly surrounds those standing in line at the Valley Fair store, and sightings of founder Kevin Rose as well as the Mac Quicken team were reported at the Palo Alto store.

LG preps lower-cost Chocolate phone

06/29, 1:30pm

LG Chocolate KG280

LG Mobile today unveiled a lower-cost alternative to the Chocolate slider that should offer most of the same features but with a lower price tag. The KG280 has the same stealthed buttons with a new directional pad, and shares key technical features such as Bluetooth; it also features a high-color screen and three hours of active talk time with 200 hours of standby.

iPhone: case testing, iSkin revo, iPhoney revved

06/29, 1:20pm

iPhone covers, cases, apps

In brief: Wrappers is looking for 50 early iPhone adopters to test a new range of Alcantara and Andrew Martin handset covers, iSkin has unveiled its revo protective skin for the iPhone, and Pacific Rim has released a new iPhone case entitled iShield. Marketcircle has released its iPhoney iPhone Web simulation software as open-source, and Parliant has debuted PhoneValet Anywhere for iPhone. UK-based gadget accessory designer Wrappers is searching for 50 early iPhone adopters to test its new range of Alcantara and Andrew Martin iPhone covers. The first 50 iPhone owners to touch base with the company will receive free iPhone covers with short questionnaires to complete after seven days of testing.

Dell M1330 meant to take share from MacBooks?

06/29, 1:00pm

Dell M1330 vs MacBook

Dell's just-released XPS M1330 is likely built to counter the MacBook, according to sources within Taiwan's notebook building industry. The Texas-based Windows PC maker is said to have chosen the 13.3-inch widescreen format in part as a response to Apple's mainstream notebook, which has helped the latter's notebook sales climb well above the industry average. The introduction of more energy-efficient Core 2 Duo chips may also have simplified Dell's choice by allowing the same level of performance as a larger system without the power consumption issues, the reports say.

LG France plays host to new LCDs, plasmas

06/29, 12:30pm

LG France LCDs and plasmas

A host of new HDTVs have been launched in France by LG. In the realm LCD displays, the premier sets are in the LY95 series, which not only supports 1080p but has a wider color gamut, and uses DCDi to deinterlace and anti-alias images. Contrast is rated at 5,000:1, with a brightness of 500cd/m2; the response time is just 8ms, and buyers have access to two HDMI ports as well as a digital tuner. There are 37-, 42- and 47-inch models available.

Specifications are nearly identical in the LF65 and LC45 lines, with some key differences. The LF65s drop DCDi and some color range, while the LC45s are limited to sizes between 26 and 42 inches, and lose 1080p. Brightness also drops to 450cd/m2.

Apple posts "Finger Tips" iPhone videos

06/29, 11:55am

"Finger Tips" iPhone video

Apple has posted a total of 10 "Finger Tips" videos that illustrate common mobile functions on its iPhone, such as silencing the ringer during an incoming call and setting up email preferences. The "Finger Tips" videos currently include "Silence the ring," "Delete a message," "Create your favorites list," "Assign a ringtone," "More song controls," "Browse in Cover Flow," "Magnify to edit," "Mail preferences," "Set a passcode," and "Reset your iPhone." Each small instructional video briefly shows users how to perform the stated task without the need to read a product manual or how-to guide.

BlackBerry Curve 2 to hit in September

06/29, 11:25am

BlackBerry 8320 in Sept

The upgraded version of the BlackBerry Curve known as the 8320 is coming by the end of summer with a host of new features, according to a source with access to the device. Similar to the numberpad-only Pearl 2, the 8320 will gain Wi-Fi to let it browse the web and check BlackBerry mail without resorting to an EDGE connection; its camera will also see a major upgrade to a 3.2-megapixel sensor as well as a better flash and 6X digital zoom.

Greenpeace raises Apple rank, still critical

06/29, 11:15am

Greenpeace ranks Apple

Reflecting its recent appraisal of the plans of CEO Steve Jobs, Greenpeace has elevated Apple's rank in its latest Guide to Greener Electronics. The list judges major corporations based on their policies towards handling chemicals, as well as waste and recycling; previously situated in 14th place, the very bottom of companies considered, Apple is now ranked 10th, above HP, Panasonic, LG and Sony.

Influx of iPhone patents surface

06/29, 11:15am

Influx of iPhone patents

A wave of iPhone patents have surfaced today just ahead of Apple's planned iPhone launch. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has published a series of iPhone related patent applications which include unlocking the iPhone by performing gestures of an unlock image, a scrolling list with floating adjacent index symbols, a soft key interaction indicator, an acceleration-based theft detection system for portable electronic devices, and account information display for portable communication devices. Apple this past Tuesday also won a network computer (NC) related patent dating back to 1999 which notes the cellular phone NC in the same paragraph as an Apple TV-like device.

iPling social network for iPhone launches

06/29, 11:00am

iPling social network

iPling today launched its self-titled location-based social networking service optimized for Apple's iPhone, enabling the iPling community to discover as well as communicate with people who share similar interests. "Community-building has been hindered in the past few years by worries over security and protection," said iPling founder and CEO Manuel Monroy. "People have become anxious about opening up to new, real-life relationships and experiences. We believe a large number of us are ready for a change, so we created a set of tools that will inspire confidence and encourage folks to open up and get together. iPling," Monroy added, "is all about openness." iPling registration is free, allowing users to discover people by creating one or more profiles based on interests. Personal information is kept confidential, and users can send anonymous SMS messages between one another to communicate.

Apple intros iPhone accessories

06/29, 10:55am

iPhone Accessories

Apple today made one of the final introductions for the iPhone in advance of its 6PM launch, introducing the accessories that will be available in shops and through the online Apple Store later today. Most notable are previously unannounced accessories: the Bluetooth Travel Cable (pictured right, $29) is meant for travelers who need to charge the Apple-made Bluetooth headset and iPhone at the same time, while the now confirmed Dual Dock ($49, left) adds the same headset slot to the company's desktop cradle. A TTY Adapter ($9) lets the deaf attach Teletype into the phone to communicate with others.

Apple, AT&T CEOs discuss iPhone, launch

06/29, 10:30am

Apple, AT&T CEOs on iPhone

Apple chief Steve Jobs and AT&T boss Randall Stephenson have discussed the iPhone's arrival, why the device has taken the U.S. by storm even before its release, its faster use of the EDGE network, corporate email functionality, how long the phone took to develop, and the decision to announce the handset early vs. Apple's historical secrecy leading up to actual product launches. In an interview with USA Today, both executives offered their views on the device which they believe will change the cellular phone industry forever. "We're about as ready as we're going to be," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "We've been working for this for many many months now. The phones are ready and the stores are ready."

iTunes 7.3 adds iPhone integration, Apple TV features

06/29, 10:25am

iTunes 7.3 adds iPhone

Ahead of the iPhone launch this evening, Apple today released iTunes 7.3, an update to its software for managing digital music and video, iPod connectivity, and now iPhone activation/synchronization. The software, available as a 34MB download via the Web or Software Update, allows users to activate iPhone service and sync it with your music, TV shows, movies and more. In addition, Apple said that users can now wirelessly share and enjoy their favorite digital photos from any computer in home with Apple TV.

Toshiba ships new large Regza LCD TVs

06/29, 10:20am

Toshiba Ships June Regza

Toshiba on Friday began shipping its larger Regza flat-panel TVs -- and previewed the company's biggest model to date. The 57-inch 57LX177 is one of the largest direct-view LCDs of any manufacturer and is a showcase for all of Toshiba's most recent developments, including a 120Hz panel to eliminate motion artifacts, a cold-cathode backlight with a wider color gamut, and "deep color" HDMI 1.3 which also supports controlling some devices through the TV. The set ships last of all the sets, arriving in July for $6,000.

iPhone: Jobs on EDGE; accessories; enough iPhones?

06/29, 10:20am

Briefly: iPhone EDGE, gear

In brief: Steve Jobs concedes a point on the speed of AT&T's EDGE network, the iPhone accessory market may have a slow start, Speck launches its own series of iPhone cases, and Marketcircle updates iPhoney to 1.1. Apple CEO Steve Jobs admits that cellular Internet on the iPhone will be slow. Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, he comments that while AT&T's EDGE network is "great for mail, and it works well for maps," it can be disappointing for web browsing. "It's good enough, but you wish it was a little faster." His hope is that most iPhone users will be able to use the automatic Wi-Fi roaming, which connects to unsecured points without prompting. The size and battery drain of current receivers is cited as the main reason for not using 3G broadband.

AMD to launch quad-core Opterons in August

06/29, 9:50am

AMD Quad-Core Opteron

AMD this morning revealed that its Opteron will be the first native quad-core x86 processor to reach shipping computers. A workstation version of the same architecture that will form the basis of the Phenom chip, the quad-core Opteron should be more efficient than the Xeon 5300 at the same speed; the Intel rival grafts two dual-core CPUs together and often suffers if information has to be shuttled between the processors, according to earlier claims.

EDGE speed boosts for iPhone 'confirmed'

06/29, 9:25am

EDGE Speed Boost Confirmed

AT&T's Operation Fine EDGE campaign appears to have been real, according to first-hand reports from users with existing service. Although multiple early reviews of the phone have frequently singled out slow EDGE mobile Internet speeds as the main drawback, anecdotes within the past day show a sudden increase in real-world speeds, with some reporting connections as quick as 270Kbps. The increase isn't yet known to be universal but has been tested in multiple New York City boroughs and other major cities.

Form∑Z 6.5, RenderZone Plus released

06/29, 9:10am

Form∑Z 6.5, RenderZone

AutoDesSys has released form∑Z 6.5 and RenderZone Plus. RenderZone Plus is designed to offer an uncomplicated approach to powerful results that enrich 3D modeling for presentations, visualization, and animation. Form∑Z 6.5 is a new rendering application that utilizes the features of RadioZity -- which the company is retiring -- while supporting global illumination (GI) via different techniques which include final gather, ambient occlusion, and improved radiosity. The software comes with more than 600 new predefined materials, a new symbol library with 24 new tree symbols, and interactive shading with OpenGL. Form∑Z 6.5 requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later (pricing was unavailable).

Skin hopes to 'iPhonify' Google Reader

06/29, 9:05am

Google Reader iPhone skin

Independent coder David Cann has developed a JavaScript bookmark hoped to make Google's RSS program, Reader, more accessible to iPhone users. The iPhonify skin simplifies the layout, making items larger and easier to operate by touch; it also changes the aesthetics of the website, making it more consistent with the look and feel of iPhone applications. Not all features of Reader are kept intact, but options such as folders, starring and subscriptions should all work. To preserve battery life, the JavaScript also disables Reader's automatic refresh after a period of inactivity. Cann has, however, yet to confirm whether the iPhone will properly sync his code. Safari 3 is required on the Mac or Windows end of the equation.

Motorola launches RAZR2 first in Korea

06/29, 9:00am

Moto RAZR2 Debuts in Korea

Motorola today marked the formal launch of the RAZR2 by offering it first in Korea, jumping ahead of the official July release date. The designer flip-phone has all the features announced in May, including its extra-large 2-inch external LCD with touch controls, a refined interface, and the stainless steel body with aluminum hinge that toughens the phone despite being no thicker than the original RAZR. The decision to launch first in Korea is "in recognition of tech-savvy and fashion-aware Korean consumers," the company says.

Apple posts MacBook Pro Software Update 1.0

06/29, 8:45am

MacBook Pro Software 1.0

Apple has released MacBook Pro Software Update 1.0 for its recently released professional line of LED-based laptops. The company doesn't provide too much detail, but said that the "update provides important bug fixes and is recommended for all 2.2/2.4GHz MacBook Pro models." It requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later. The 14.7MB update is available online. Earlier this week the company updated its SuperDrive firmware for older Intel-based laptops as well as posted an update to Final Cut Pro 6 (and other relateed professional applications in Final Cut Studio 2).

eMachines turns from AMD to Intel for budget desktops

06/29, 8:20am

eMachines June 2007

Gateway's budget label eMachines today reworked its T-series desktops for the summer. Unlike previous Intel-based models this year, the new models rely on AMD's platform and NVIDIA's GeForce 6150 for relatively fast integrated graphics; they all also feature DVD burners, eMachines adds. The company keeps its base $350 (after rebate) price intact by shipping the entry T3616 with a 2GHz Sempron, 512MB of RAM, a 120GB disk, and Vista Home Basic for those who only need essentials.

1TB quad-interface storage solution debuts

06/29, 8:10am

1TB quad-interface storage

Newer Technology has released the miniStack v3 'Quad Interface' powered hub storage solution with up to 1.0TB of storage capacity. It features an integrated powered hub with four interfaces: FireWire 800/400, USB 2.0, and eSATA. Specifically, the hub has one eSATA, two FireWire 800, one FireWire 400, and three USB 2.0 ports, The miniStack v3 utilizes the Oxford 924 bridge chipset, purportedly delivering up to 150MB per second. The drive mechanism is available with up to 32MB of data cache. Other features include external AutoSwitching 100~240v 50/60Hz 3 amp UL listed power adapter, auto-Power on/off automatically with computer, thermal monitoring for minimal fan power consumption and Whisper Quiet operation and a Kensington Security Slot. miniStack v3 is available in seven pre-configured 7200RPM solutions, from 160GB to 1.0TB (1,000GB), priced starting at $170.

16,000 users served from Mac mini

06/29, 7:40am

CommuniGate Pronto

CommuniGate Systems has announced that in an experiment conducted in-house, the company was able to serve 16,000 users -- for services including email, calendaring, VoIP and voicemail, and IM -- from a single Mac mini. The demonstration was conducted using the new Pronto! product, which employs Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex 2 technology. The tool allows users to access e-mail and project files, schedule team meetings, and call colleagues directly from its interface. CommuniGate officials said "The launch of Pronto! provides a Rich Media interface for the CommuniGate Pro Internet Communications platform, a performance-driven platform that combines VoIP, data communications, and collaboration services. As the industry's most scalable IP communications platform, CommuniGate Pro continues to set record benchmarks for performance and scalability." CommuniGate server packages are priced from $850.

Dell launches 12", full-featured sub-notebook

06/29, 3:20am

Dell 12-inch laptop

Dell on Thursday introduced two new portable systems: the ultra-mobile Latitude D430 notebook and Dell Precision M4300 mobile workstation --both of which comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's newest Energy Star 4.0 standard. In addition, Dell said that it has added the Dell Precision 390, 490 and 690 to its list of industry-leading line of compliant systems. Confirming details in the early leak, 12-inch widescreen Latitude D430 weighs only three pounds; it features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor up to 1.2GHz, WXGA display resolution (1280x800), an integrated 802.11n network card, and a durable magnesium alloy construction without any moving parts.


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