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More iPhone reviews: Pogue, Levy

updated 08:20 pm EDT, Tue June 26, 2007

New iPhone reviews

David Pogue and Stephen Levy have now reviewed the iPhone, both saying it largely lives up to the massive hype generated since its announcement at the Macworld Expo in January. We previously noted a review from The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg, who said that the device "sets a new bar for the smart-phone industry." Levy notes that while many of the iPhone's functions can be replicated on other devices, they could not be accomplished with nearly the same ease-of-use. He says "I've had a Motorola handset for two years and am still baffled at its weird approach to Web browsing and messaging." Levy reports some frustration with the iPhone keyboard, however, sentiment echoed by David Pogue. Both columnists note that the text entry method is initially frustrating, requiring some concentration, with Pogue noting "The BlackBerry won't be going away anytime soon."

One interesting point identified by Levy -- who reviews for Newsweek -- is that the iPhone feels warm when pressed against the cheek; "Not laptop-catch-on-fire hot. But still." Levy also ran into some troubles with email, which was sometimes blocked incoming or could not be sent -- apparently a problem with the ISP blocking port 25. He also takes issue with Jobs' claim that the iPhone is the "best iPod ever", noting that the device is not ideal for the gym (like the iPod Shuffle) and offers one-tenth the storage of the highest-capacity video iPod.

Meanwhile, Pogue -- writing for the New York Times -- laments that it can take as many as six steps to make a phone call: "wake the phone, unlock its buttons, summon the Home screen, open the Phone program, view the Recent Calls or speed-dial list, and select a name." He also reports that call quality is only average -- largely dependent on location.

With regard to battery life, Levy says the iPhone delivered 14 hours, including six hours of talking, Web-browsing, music-listening and the viewing of television shows. Pogue found that one battery charge was enough for 8 hours of calls, 7 hours of video or 24 hours of audio

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  1. slider

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I am curious if the keyboard complaint is just generally a problem with small keyboards or if it's in comparison with actual key on other smart phones. My guess is the former, I mean seriously, know one is going to write a novel on the raised-key smart phones. Kids have figured out how to text really fast on a regular keypad with is supported on most phones with some intelligent software to figure out what you're writing. I don't really think most smart phone users actually use their phones to email large messages, in fact, I think most just want to receive emails.

  1. cmoney

    Joined: Dec 1969


    old peeps n index fingers

    one thing i noticed is how everyone demoing the iphone keyboard so far have all typed with their index fingers. a few years ago i read a curious study that found that old people (over 40) generally type on cell phones with their index fingers whereas young people used two thumbs.

    i'm very curious how the iphone keyboard works with young people, ie using two thumbs to type rather than just a single index finger. i honestly don't know how people use an index finger to type on a cell phone.

  1. cmoney

    Joined: Dec 1969


    what's missing on iphone

    so, so far, we have the following missing:

    -games (tho some may pop up in safari, but not as good obviously) i'm guessing apple will probably remedy this first. -RINGTONES?! really? no songs as ringtones? that's like free money for them. how about tie-ins with record companies. buy the album get a ringtone. they do it in europe. it'd be even easier with the iphone and itms. -video recorder. if you take a look at the sample pictures on pogue's review, it's a pretty good camera. too bad it's not a video recorder also. that's just as handy as a camera phone. -instant messaging, ichat. come on, that would be perfect on the iphone. -mms. oops i can't share any of my pics with other cell phones.

    i'm guessing it also doesn't have a voice recorder? and no ability to tether (tho with edge, it's mostly a moot point anyway). and i read in the WSJ review, it has no way to cut/copy/paste text. that's one of the biggest annoyances i have with windows mobile and i'm very surprised that apple left that out. the nokia s60 phones have had it from the very beginning and it's very useful.

    one thing i'll miss is some kind of salling clicker. with the iphone's big screen, it'd be pretty awesome, but nope, not happening.

    and i wonder if safari has the RSS reader built in. i'm guessing no. but online aggregators should work well enough.

    hopefully there's an alarm clock and it's loud enough or that it can play music. and a2dp for my stereo bluetooth headphones? hmm, apple's got some splaining to do...especially for $600.

    but who am i kidding, i'm gonna be running around friday trying to get one!

  1. danviento

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I'm pretty sure

    that 20 minute demo apple has said that you can use your own songs as ringtones. Nothing could be simpler, and since firms like Verizon seem to take issue with people trying to bring their own music to their phone, this would seem to be the necessary counter.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    wake the phone?

    Not following every detail, or bothering to waste time watching some 20 minute video, what does he mean by "wake the phone". When the phone is asleep, does it get calls or anything? If not, who's putting their phone to sleep in the first place?

    And any idea what kind of 'vibrarator' it has, if any? Some phones have good ones, others, like mine, are so lame I can't feel it when its sitting right in my pocket.

  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    IPhone missing

    Next generation will include Garmin GPS.

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