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Apple still ignoring enterprise market?

updated 06:05 pm EDT, Thu May 31, 2007

Apple ignoring enterprise?

Although Apple is famous for its media players and desktop systems, it has still largely ignored the enterprise realm according to some involved with the industry. "I definitely say Apple's enterprise support is lacking compared to someone like Sun, which is very good," says LiveWorld's operations director, Andrew Oliver. The company uses 120 Xserve systems, but Oliver notes that Apple's support is "too weak and is frustrating. Once we upgraded to their enterprise support program, that improved, but anytime you want to step out of the box, they almost want to wash their hands of you."

Analyst Rob Enderle of The Enderle Group points out that at best, Apple has just a one-percent penetration of the enterprise market. The long dominance of the "Wintel" platform is cited as one reason, but Apple is also accused of having no proven roadmap, and simply not caring enough; 56 percent of its revenue comes from desktop systems, and though it attempted a serious push a decade ago, it left clients stranded when the effort was deemed unprofitable.

"It typically takes a good chunk of a decade to become a viable vendor," says Enderle, observing that "enterprise tends to be a relatively low-margin business, where companies tend to buy in the mid- or bottom line of product offerings. Success in the enterprise is a pain in the butt, with long sales cycles, and long product cycles."

Interest in Apple enterprise technology is growing, but the October release of Mac OS Server 10.5 is not expected to help greatly. Leopard is believed to primarily target small businesses and workgroups, with enterprise benefits including automatic file and printer sharing as well as with an open-source calendar and better Mac-Windows interoperability.

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  1. shmoolie

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Crossover Purchase

    Let me be the first (as far as I know) to predict that Apple will be announcing a purchase of Crossover and will be incorporating it into the delayed version of Leopard.

    Note that for the past few months we haven't heard much about Crossover. Why is that? It's a wonderful product that allows a Mac user to run selected Windows programs directly within the Mac OS WITHOUT THE NEED TO RUN WINDOWS. Yes, without the need to run (or purchase or license) Windows. We all know that Entourage is a dead end product for corporate Mac users. So why not let them run Outlook and connect to an Exchange server? With Crossover technology it's simple. Visio? Done. IE for Windows (to take advantage of their company's CRM's? Snap.

    Is this the real reason that Leopard was delayed?

  1. hldan

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Crossover in Leopard,Yes!

    I have predicted this since late 2006. I think Apple has a secret weapon in store for Leopard that will change the industry towards Macs.

  1. wings_rfs

    Joined: Dec 1969


    MaCNN, You Gone Loco???

    A Mac news site with serious quotes from Rob Enderle?

    Let me add you to the same list as CNET and BBC, to name a couple.

    One more like this and I'm outa here.

  1. jarod

    Joined: Dec 1969



    is a blistering idiot. Only morons actually waste time on the junk he writes.

  1. nerd

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I aggree

    Flame away but I agree with this guy. Apple isn't ready to support business yet. When my MacBook Pro's logic board had to be replaced due to no VGA out the Apple store ordered it letting me keep my MBP to use. They called when it came in, I figure I'd be without it for a day. I dropped it off and it still took them 5 days.

    It's this exact reason I can get our our company to purchase Macs. Support is the reason, not that Macs aren't capable.

  1. mactalent

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Weak server support

    In my experience Apple's phone support team is great with desktop issues but weak on OS X Server. Their support plans are very expensive and then when you ask a question about how you should structure your network or something like that, they say "that's a consulting question, we don't answer those here". They are too compartmentalized. They have some nice Xserve and storage products for the corporate market but they don't have a support infrastructure to match. And OS X Server is just not intuitive. Obviously Steve doesn't pay much attention to what the development group is going on server.

  1. LouZer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Crossover

    Why is that? It's a wonderful product that allows a Mac user to run selected Windows programs directly within the Mac OS WITHOUT THE NEED TO RUN WINDOWS.

    Crossover integration is NOT going to happen. Your quote explains why. "selected Windows programs". That's not going to cut it in business, esp. where larger companies run lots of internal apps. You can't tout windows support, then just start listing out a small set of apps you actually "support". WINE never pushed Linux into business. Why would Crossover magically get Apple in there (with their expensive hardware that's not IT dept fixable, and no configurable options for specific functions)?

    Parallels would be a whole lot more likely.

  1. starwarrior

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Bean-counters All

    IT departments only interested in keeping repair staffs and maximizing computers bought with least dollars.

    Bean-counters all.

    They care nothing about overall company productivity in their self serving purchases of inferior machines.

    It can not be helped and is a thirty year anachronism from the mainframe days.

    Shame Shame

    Assimilate do not Accommodate

  1. r00b69

    Joined: Dec 1969


    plenty to go around

    Blame that is. Apple does not help the situation, it's very true. Most the "problems" I have with my Mac users are due to interoperability issues and not with the Macs themselves. But, there is no support, Microsoft won't give the time of day, but neither will Apple. Parallels support is limited to the their product, not the guest operating systems. No one is steping up to the plate. M$ and Apple need to work together, because neither is going away any time soon.

  1. HombrePhaty

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Ignores all markets

    You could make a case that Apple ignores all markets. If selling more computers or services was the goal, Apple could easily sell more computers or services--lower prices or sales, available everywhere, licensed to others, marketed everywhere. It's rather simple.

    Obviously Apple has other goals than sales or market share, which makes no sense to me and is, frankly, aggravating. What I want most for Apple is greater market share and selling more computers. But that is not what they want most.

    The evidence says there is only one market Apple purposefully goes after: filmmakers. (Which, sadly, makes little business sense.)

    We Apple fans have been loyal, passionate, and have been Apple's best salesmen. Yet Apple has worked against us--trying to not capture dominant market share. our loyalty and passion are the envy of every other company in the world. Indeed, you could make a strong case that our loyalty and passion keep Apple alive during it's dark times (that it has had dark times while making such great products is revealing).

    Yeah, Apple can innovate. So what. Do they want to be just a think-tank or someone else's R&D team?

    C'mon Apple, sell some computers and services. Go after markets like you want them.

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