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Forums: Useful life, Structural flaw?

05/05, 12:40pm

Forums May 5

Forums roundup: Members are discussing the potential useful life of a PowerMac G5, and whether or not running Windows is now be a requirement for Mac users.... Several other members are responding to a request for help by a MacBook Pro owner who has discovered a bulge above the latch of their laptop, noting it as a structural flaw of the Apple notebook.... Other users are discussing odd issues with the "About This Mac" function in Mac OS X, recently reported to list RAM speeds as 0 MHz and failing to identify processors .... Other members are attempting to help an iBook owner who has not been able to start his laptop since the recent security update by Apple.... Meanwhile, other members are discussing the best way to recover deleted files in Mac OS X, as some question whether the task is even possible.

20-inch Pavilion HDX to be HP's first gaming notebook

05/05, 9:50am

HP Pavilion HDX Leak

HP is about to release its first-ever gaming notebook, according to a series of images and specs that have slipped out online. The Pavilion HDX should be the first fruits of the Voodoo PC buyout and is likely to include both high-performance parts for gaming as well as avid movie watchers. Similar to the XPS M2010, the HDX will more closely resemble a portable desktop with a 20-inch display and a handle to carry the 12-pound system. The lower half of the casing is large enough that a full-featured Windows Media Center remote docks to the left of a full-size keyboard, complete with touch-sensitive media keys at the top.

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