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Apple posts new Get a Mac ad: "Stuffed"

04/14, 4:35pm

New Get a Mac ad: "Stuffed

Just days after tech guru Walt Mossberg described his frustrations with "craplets" on Windows-based PCs, Apple has posted yet another television ad in its "Get A Mac" campaign: "Stuffed" highlights the "plethora of teaser software and advertisements" found on Windows-based PCs versus the fully-featured iLife suite bundled with Macs. Mossberg's column, published last week, pointed out the dismal user experience due to the overwhelming amount of advertising and trial software installed on modern Windows PCs: "I'm talking about two main problems. One is the plethora of teaser software and advertisements for products that must be cleared and uninstalled to make way for your own stuff. The second is the confusing welter of security programs you have to master and update, even on a virgin machine," the columnist wrote in his column. "Stuffed" follows the release of "Flashback" and "Computer Cart" earlier this week.

Sony patents unique VR game controller

04/14, 9:50am

Sony VR Game Controller

Sony has potentially shown the future of its PlayStation's game mechanics through a new patent in the US. Titled only "Hand-held computer interactive device," the technology would serve to bring the concepts behind more recent virtual reality gloves to a gaming audience. While the glove as a whole would sense movement and could be used to replicate controllers like Sony's own SIXAXIS for the PS3 or Nintendo's Wii remote, individual sensors in the fingers and thumb could tell when the player is gripping an object or making a gesture. The glove itself would offer some resistance and could also vibrate individual points to simulate touch. Wireless would be used to ensure complete freedom of movement, Sony says.

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