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iPod proof-of-concept virus created

04/06, 4:55pm

First iPod 'virus' created

Researchers at a Russian-owned security firm, Kaspersky Lab, claim to have developed the first virus designed to infect an iPod itself rather than a connected computer. Called "Podloso," the virus is actually a proof-of-concept designed to test the vulnerabilities of the player, and as such poses no immediate danger to iPod owners, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Infection requires two deliberate steps: users must first install a copy of the Linux operating system, and then install the virus, which contaminates essential files.

iPods for every Michigan child?

04/06, 4:45pm

iPods for Michigan Kids

Democrats are proposing that iPods and other MP3 players be given to every child in Michigan, according to an editorial in the Detroit Free Press. The party's state house speaker Andy Dillon suggested the idea as part of a larger spending bill, suggesting that it would help students learn. The idea has already triggered a major controversy in the state for the cost it would inflict on the already ailing government, taking $38 million away from Michigan's budget when the territory faces a $600 million deficit this year and an even greater $2.1 billion gap in 2008.

Helios updates cross-platform disk utility

04/06, 4:45pm

Helios disk utility update

Helios Software has released its mkisofs cross-platform disk image utility that enables flexible disk image creation for file archives as well as backups of critical files. The utility supports system snapshots, cross-platform archives, legal preservation, platform independent file transfer, and simple backups. The company has extended the open-source utility by removing size and format limitations, making it a more flexible tool for creating data archives as well as custom universal disk format (UDF) images. Mkisofs is scriptable for automated tasks, including scheduled backups, and is usable interactively via 'hot folders.' Helios' mkisofs backup utility is available for free (system requirements were unavailable).

Drobo 'robot' automates server storage

04/06, 4:00pm

Drobo automated server

The new Drobo by Data Robotics is promoted as the "world's first storage robot." In reality it is actually a hard drive enclosure, but with the unusual ability to automatically detect and format up to four 3.5-inch SATA drives of any capacity. Perhaps more importantly, the Drobo handles a number of maintenance tasks automatically, such as creating redundancy, and sensing and repairing data corruption. When attached to a Mac or PC via USB 2.0, the computer sees the Drobo as a unified drive. Colored LED lights indicate the status of each bay: yellow for instance indicates low space, while flashing red indicates failure. An empty Drobo enclosure costs $699.

Samsung rolls out 27-inch SyncMaster LCD

04/06, 3:50pm

Samsung SyncMaster 275T

Samsung on Friday introduced the SyncMaster 275T, its first 27-inch computer LCD. The display sits directly between 24-inch and 30-inch models as a choice for those who would prefer to sit further back from their PCs for watching movies; the 1920x1200, HD-friendly resolution matches those of smaller screens but doesn't bring the cost and size of the 30-inch model. To suit its role, Samsung loads the device with HDCP-supporting DVI input as well as component and S-video for analog sources. Colors are purportedly vivid with a 3,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

The 275T is intended for a worldwide audience and should be available in North America later this year. It currently ships to Korea for $1,449.

Apps: AudioLobe, Sandvox, Diet Sleuth

04/06, 3:30pm

AudioLobe, Sandvox

    AudioLobe 1.3 ($20) enhances the application that provides audio speed and pitch processing on Mac OS X Tiger systems. The latest release automatically includes new items added to the artist name playlist in a new column generated from iTunes data. The update also allows users to add multiple tracks to the playlist in one action, and updates the preferences panel. [Download - 1.5MB]
    Sandvox 1.1.2 ($50, $80 for Pro edition) brings an improved iMedia browser as well as enhanced video management for WMV and QuickTime files to the website building application. Sandvox 1.1.2 features faster, more efficient processing of high-volume photo pages and collections, as well as a font collection of Web-safe fonts within the Font panel. The update improves the overall speed of working with documents, images, audio, and video. [Download - 22.5MB]
    Diet Sleuth 4.9.0 ($35) enhances the nutritional database and personal health logbook for Mac and Windows, adding options to duplicate a food in the food editor and print out food as well as recipe nutrition information. The latest release also features improvements to the user interface, and includes several bug fixes. [Download - 3.4MB]
    ChromaKeys 1.0.1 ($50) is designed to quickly remove or mask portions of an image. The update includes several bug fixes, allows users to modify key values, and displays only image files when attempting to import an image. The latest release also includes minor updates to tooptips, and incorporates release notes into the help subsystem. [Download - 6.4MB]
    HoudahGeo 1.0b4 ($35) is a public beta version of the geocoding application for Mac that allows users to link photos to the location where they were taken. Users can publish the information to Google Earth, or write the data to EXIF tags. HoudahGeo supports "pinning" photos to their locations for browsing photos within Google Earth. The application requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later. [Download - 4.2MB]
    Sound Byte 3.3.0 (from $40) improves the software designed to turn a Mac into a "cart machine" for playing sound recordings. The latest version of Sound Byte adds support for the Apple IR REmote, as well as the ability to select the sound output device. The update also provides options to select cut-in, cut-out, and fade-out times for tracks. [Download - 4MB]

Moodseer spreads music, moods across homes

04/06, 3:20pm

Magic Home Moodseer

Magic Home Entertainment has unveiled the Moodseer, its particular twist on multi-room music systems. A base station with either 200GB or 1.5TB of storage both streams music wirelessly to remote hubs known as Moodspots. In contrast to other hubs, its music can be sorted into any of a dozen mood categories and cued on command, saving the trouble of picking individual artists or albums or crafting playlists. The entire system is controlled through Nokia-made wireless tablets that can set music independently for each zone through Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Music is either transferred directly to the base or ripped through CDs.

The central Moodseer sells now for $4,100 with a tablet; Moodspots sell for $1,500 each. [via CEPro]

Fortune 500 company considers using Macs

04/06, 3:00pm

Enterprise considers Macs

Despite Apple's historical tendency to shy away from the enterprise IT market, the company's new Intel-based Macs have begun turning heads at big businesses looking to accommodate a broader spectrum of users. An IT manager of a Fortune 500 company is considering purchasing Macs for mainstream enterprise deployment, according to PC Magazine, as well as for its graphics and advertising departments. Traditionally Macs have remained mostly in the desktop publishing and graphic design departments of larger companies, due in part to a lack of business-level software alongside non-compatibility with Windows systems and Apple's lack of enterprise support. At least two of these factors are no longer proving a barrier to large companies, however, and the prospect of running Microsoft Windows on a Mac to accommodate fresh college graduates with experience on Apple systems is tantalizing to at least one IT manager.

ezGear ships ezWake, ultraEars SX70

04/06, 2:40pm

ezWake, ultraEars ship

ezGear today began shipping its ezWake alarm clock for Apple's iPod. The clock features stereo sound, as well as a 22-function remote that enables users to control every aspect of the ezWake from across the room. The company also unveiled its ultraEars SX70 in-ear earphones with 9mm sound drivers and Direct2Ear audio technology designed to provide clear treble sound and enhanced bass response. The ultraEars come with three sizes of noise-reducing ear fitting sleeves to provide the best fit possible, and the shape of the ear pieces provide a tight fit to bring sound closer to the ear. The ezWake alarm clock is priced at $100, while the ultraEars are available for $40. Both items are available in white or black and ship for free -- to domestic locations only -- if ordered before April 13th.

WSJ: trial software ruins Windows PCs

04/06, 2:35pm

WSJ on Trial Software

The overwhelming amount of advertising and trial software installed on modern Windows PCs is killing the user experience, the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg wrote on Friday. The columnist noted that his new Sony VAIO SZ and most other Windows PCs come preloaded with large quantities of third-party programs that help subsidize the system's cost but which frequently harm its performance and pop up interfering dialog boxes. Security software also created problems by forcing interested owners to deal with configuring and scanning their systems before they can actually be used.

TidyUp 1.2.5 adds user's manual, fixes bugs

04/06, 2:30pm

TidyUp 1.2.5 released

Hyperbolic Software today released TidyUp 1.2.5, an update to the duplicate finder and disk tidiness utility for Mac OS X. TidyUp 1.2.5 enables users to search for duplicate folders by name, date modified, date created, label visibility, empty folders, folder contents, and more. The software also features a security system that ensures at least one copy of the duplicate file remains on the disk, and offers undo functionality for copied or moved items with the ability to restore trashed files prior to emptying the trash. The latest revision adds a user's manual to help search for duplicates, changes the way it compares the content of mail messages, and fixes several bugs. TidyUp 1.2.5 is priced at $30, runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Virtual to ship gambling, RTS games in '07

04/06, 2:25pm

Gambling, RTS games in '07

Virtual Programming and PhantomEFX have banded together to release Mac versions of PhantomEFX's Reel Deal Casino High Roller and Reel Deal Slots - Mystic Forest gambling games. Virtual Programming also announced that Europa Universals III -- a turn-based strategy game that puts players in control of building a European empire -- is slated for release in the second quarter of 2007. Championship Manager 2007 is nearing its release as well, challenging players to manage budget, purchases, information, and tactics to manage a football team. Reel Deal Casino High Roller and Reel Deal Slots are priced at $20 each, while Championship Manager 2007 will be available for $40. Pricing for X3 Reunion and Europa Universals III was unavailable.

Zune rainbow adds one more color

04/06, 2:00pm

Red Zune in production

A red version of the Zune will be available this summer, says Jason Reindorp, Microsoft's marketing director for the product. Originally sold in just black, white and brown, Reindorp notes that response to new colors has been excited, and that Microsoft is "having a lot of fun playing and experimenting with them." Aside from the red player, Microsoft has already confirmed news that a pink version should ship in early May. A lack of color options has been one of the minor complaints about Apple's iPod video -- while the nano is sold in five different colors, buyers wanting more than 8GB of storage are limited to black or white. [via Zune-Online]

SplashShopper list manager released

04/06, 1:45pm

SplashShopper released

SplashData has released SplashShopper, its smart list manager that tracks stores as well as prices to ease the process of shopping for various goods. The application is designed to help users manage lists of groceries, gifts, to-do's, wines, music, movies, and more. SplashShopper allows users to view, edit, and print shopping lists with support for unlimited lists. Each list can include different categories, custom fields, and icons. QuickLists make recurring shopping lists easy to create, and users can assign items to multiple stores as well as track per-store prices. SplashShopper is priced at $20, and requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later. The company has also released its SplashID password manager to safely store and organize usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, PINs, and more. SplashID is available for $20, and requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Fastmac debuts slim Blu-Ray drive upgrade

04/06, 1:30pm

Slim Blu-Ray drive upgrade

Fastmac today launched what it claims is the first and only Blu-Ray optical drive upgrade for Apple's PowerBook, iBook, and MacBook Pro laptops. The new slimline, slot loading drive uses one of the fastest and most compatible Blu-ray mechanisms to provide up to 50GB of storage on one disk, according to FastMac, without sacrificing compatibility with standard DVDs and CDs. The new drive supports reading, writing, and re-writing to single and dual layer Blu-ray media at 1x speeds. The drive upgrade is scheduled to ship within 10 days, and is available for pre-order with an introductory price of $800. Each drive carries a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Intel working on next-gen UMPC platform

04/06, 1:20pm

Intel Next-Gen UMPC

Intel is working on a sequel to its current ultra-mobile PC design that could make them much more viable for the road than they are today, according to leaked slides and details. Nicknamed McCaslin, the platform would seemingly take a step backward in its CPU clock speed from 900 to 800MHz (with a 600MHz option) but would represent several steps forward in speed and battery life. The chipset would be paired with Intel's newer X3000 integrated graphics for better 3D and Vista acceleration; a drastic reduction in he size of the CPU and the circuitry would not only help fit the architecture into UMPCs as small as 5 inches but would also almost double battery life from 2-3 to 4-5 hours courtesy of power reduction.

Vonage at death's door thanks to federal ruling?

04/06, 1:20pm

Vonage at death's door?

Already subject to a number of legal and financial problems, VoIP carrier Vonage may be facing a more immediate danger, says the Wall Street Journal. A federal judge has ordered the company to stop signing up new customers until it can avoid infringing on patents held by Verizon, whose networks may soon become off-limits to Vonage should the dispute not be resolved. A $58 million penalty was already paid earlier in March. Though the new ruling will not take effect until April 12th, any income is critical to Vonage at this point, as its stock price has fallen 80 percent since a 2006 IPO. Its only safety net is VoIP Inc., which may be able to help bypass Verizon networks.

Briefly: review; laptop battery hack

04/06, 1:05pm

Review, battery hack

In brief: MacNN has reviewed the Canvas Sport Portable Case from Speck Products, has detailed a new laptop battery hack, and DivX Stage6 -- a website allowing content creators to distribute high-definition video to PCs as well as consumer electronics devices -- has re-launched with a new look and feel. Dover Studios has released a new visual effects training DVD titled "Maya: Shading Networks," and Hammacher Schlemmer has begun selling a new media player known as the Portable Video iPod Enlarger and DVD Player. Speck's Canvas Sport portable case ($40, shown at right) is a Converse sneaker-looking sleeve for Apple's MacBook portable with thick canvas surrounded by a solid white rubber edge. The bag features a soft felt-like interior to cushion the MacBook inside, while reinforced sides offer protection against concussions.

Authors already prepping iPhone guides

04/06, 12:40pm

iPhone Guides in Works

Although the device in question has yet to be released, authors are already readying help books for the iPhone, spottings on Amazon have shown. Famed Houston Chronicle columnist Bob LeVitus and co-author Ed Baig are already said to be developing iPhone for Dummies, according to a new entry, and have also provided a brief outline explaining how it will help newcomers to the device, including using the camera and safeguarding private data.

Professional bloggers are also taking their first steps into writing books for Apple's new handset, the early product pages show: both Jason Chen from Gizmodo and Adam Pash of Lifehacker are reportedly involved in creating a book titled How to Do Everything with Your iPhone that should offer similar content.

New 'professional' LCDs enroute from NEC

04/06, 12:35pm

NEC 'professional' LCDs

Two new monitors are in development at NEC, specifically designed for business uses such as offices and digital signage. The LCD4020 and LCD4620 will arrive first in Japan, and are 40- and 46-inch models, with specifications similar to dedicated TV sets. Each will have HDMI and DVI-D ports for instance, and a maximum resolution of 1366x768. Brightness meanwhile is rated at 500cd/m2, with a contrast ratio of 1,200:1. Owners with automation systems will be able to make use of RS-232C support. Both monitors will go on sale May 18th of this year; the 4020 should be priced at 483,000 yen ($4,071), and the 4620 at 612,150 yen ($5,159). [via Akihabara News]

Corel removes AACS key in bid to slow HD piracy

04/06, 12:00pm

Corel pulls AACS

Corel has announced its decision to pull the current AACS key from WinDVD, its video playback software. AACS is the protection scheme used in both Blu-ray and HD DVD movies; as previously reported however, that scheme was cracked by diligent hackers, and various movies have begun to seep into illegal distribution. By pulling the key, Corel as well as "partners and other industry organizations" hope to stem the use of WinDVD as an aid to piracy. To continue viewing HD discs through the software, users will need to download an update from their PC or drive manufacturer's website. Corel is so far the first and only company to respond to the AACS crack. [via CDRLabs]

Tunewear unveils leather cases for 5G, Nano

04/06, 11:50am

Leather cases for 5G, Nano

Tunewear today unveiled its PRIE Moccasin and PRIE Rawhide series of genuine leather cases for Apple's fifth-generation iPod and iPod nano. The PRIE Moccasin consists of a colorful assortment of five compact cases made from smooth vachetta leather, or napa leather materials that soften and mellow with age. Each case includes a hand strap that matches the color and design of the case, as well as a removable metal hook for easy detachment from the case. The flip cover design protects the portable player against scratches, while the interior of each case consists of soft felt to offer additional scratch prevention. The cases come with a transparent TuneFilm cover to guard the delicate screen and clickwheel, and the fifth-generation model offers space inside the cover to hold personal items. PRIE Moccasin and PRIE Rawhide are slated for shipment this month for $30 each.

Bell Canada denying rumors of takeover

04/06, 11:20am

Bell Can. denies takeover

Responding to newspaper reports, Bell Canada has denied reports that it is looking for a buyout from a private equity firm. Bell is the one of the largest media providers in Canada, running not only wireless and landline phone services, but Internet provision and satellite TV as well. If the suggested deal were to go forward, Bell would be acquired by the New York-based Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. in a deal worth $30 billion CAD -- considerably more than Bell's estimated $24 billion market cap. Regulations on foreign ownership, however, would likely block KKR from owning more than a minor stake in Bell. [via Light Reading]

Eizo 24-inch swings dual DVI, 2.1 speaker bundle

04/06, 11:05am

Eizo 24-inch LCD Limited

Eizo on Friday launched a special edition of its largest LCD display. Called the S2411W-TS, the 24-inch screen comes in its namesake Titanium Silver color and is also optionally bundled with matching Bose Companion 5 speakers to generate a virtual surround effect with only a 2.1-channel system. The display itself boasts a large, dynamic 3,000:1 contrast ratio and should be ready for multiple PCs through the rare inclusion of dual DVI ports and HDCP encryption support for specially-protected HD videos.

Sticky Windows 2.0 boasts new style

04/06, 10:50am

Sticky Windows 2.0

Donelleschi Software has released Sticky Windows 2.0, a utility that extends the tab browsing experience to the desktop. Sticky Windows shrinks windows into tabs when they are dragged toward the edge of the screen, providing users with a clutter-free workspace. Tabs are created by dragging windows to any side of the screen, and removing tabs consists of dragging them away from the edge of the screen to re-display the window. The update features "Manual" and "Automatic" tab types, with file drag-and-drop support. A new style and new visual effects accompany a new code base that is more reliable and faster than previous versions. The latest release also runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary. Sticky Windows is priced at $15 -- down from $20 -- to celebrate the new release, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

MSI laptop hosts a variety of processors

04/06, 10:40am

MSI MS-1037 laptop

Japan's MSI has built a 17-inch laptop with atypical flexibility in its configuration. Though the video card in the MS-1037 is restricted to a 256MB GeForce Go 7600, users can choose from three levels of CPU performance: a Core Solo, a Core Duo or a Core 2 Duo, allowing potentially drastic savings or speed boosts. The hard drive likewise appears to offer plenty of choice, with the option to install virtually any 2.5-inch SATA product. Accessories on the laptop include Bluetooth, FireWire and a six-in-one card reader, as well as both PC Card and ExpressCard slots. Prices begin at 136,986 yen ($1,154). [via Akihabara News]

Rogers picks up 3G card for Macs, Vista

04/06, 10:25am

Option GT Max at Rogers

Rogers Wireless today opened up a new choice for subscribers to its 3G wireless network by launching the Option GT Max. A PC Card adapter for older notebooks, the GT Max packs a tri-band HSDPA radio to connect at download speeds up to 3.6Mbps on Rogers' HSDPA network -- with the possibility of an upgrade for 7.2Mbps through software, according to Option. Fallback support for EDGE and the older-yet GPRS exist for territories where the faster HSDPA standard isn't active, and a butterfly-style antenna stows inside the card to keep it safely plugged in when the host notebook put in a bag or backpack.

VMware Fusion for Mac Beta 3 released

04/06, 10:10am

VMware Fusion Beta 3

VMware has released VMware Fusion for Mac Beta 3, updating the software that enables users to run any PC application on an Intel-based Mac alongside Mac OS X without rebooting. VMware Fusion for Mac Beta 3 offers greatly improved performance via disabled debugging, support for Apple's Boot Camp software, and a 'Windows Easy Install' feature that simplifies the installation of Microsoft Windows. VMware Fusion for Mac Beta 3 is available as a free download for users interested in testing the software, and supports Apple's forthcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (system requirements were unavailable).

Next-gen Qosmio comes with GeForce 8 video, HD DVD-R

04/06, 9:35am

Toshiba Qosmio G40 Leak

Toshiba is readying a new version of its flagship Qosmio media center notebooks, according to leaked product shots and details. The Qosmio G40 will trade its signature black for white while also getting major performance upgrades. A 2GHz Core 2 Duo will remain, but the system will get much faster 512MB GeForce Go 8600 GT video for better 3D performance and an HDMI 1.3 output for producing deeper color on attached HDTVs. Toshiba will also fulfill its promise of HD DVD burning with an HD DVD-R drive and should back this up with dual 200GB hard disks for storage and 2GB of RAM.

Though not yet official, the G40 is expected to sell in Europe in June for 2999 Euros ($4,024). Pricing will likely be closer to $2999 in the US with a similar release date. A full photo of the system is available after the jump. [via PC INpact]

LG's Shine-inspired VX8700 live with Verizon

04/06, 9:05am

LG VX8700 Live on Verizon

Verizon today officially listed the VX8700, LG's flip-phone based on the brushed metal look of the Shine. The release confirms the final launch details of the 2-megapixel camera phone, which also sports Bluetooth, EVDO broadband, and a microSD slot for music and videos.

The phone is available today from Verizon's online shop for $180 when paired with a two-year service plan.

eMusic could profit from Apple's deal

04/06, 8:50am

eMusic Profit on Apple

Online music shop eMusic may stand to benefit from Apple's deal to drop DRM on EMI music, according to Crave. Although iTunes will only begin offering protection-free music beginning in May, eMusic has depended on unguarded MP3 files as part of its business model. The decision by EMI could draw attention to eMusic's subscription-based service, which offers a set number of downloads per month.

The move may also pave the way for the store to sell its first music from a major label. EMI has so far refrained from announcing any deals beyond that with Apple but has openly invited other stores to adopt similar plans, including for different music standards such as MP3 and WMA.


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