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Forums: Apple upgrades, Refurb quality

03/24, 4:00pm

Forums March 24

Forums roundup: Members are discussing whether or not now is a good time to buy Apple laptops, which could be updated later this spring according to some reports.... Other users are discussing the best way to clean a MacBook screen, with suggestions ranging from microfiber cloth to Q-tips and tape... One user is wondering how good refurb Apples are, who is considering buying a refurb MacBook.... Other members are discussing the apparent issues Mac Pro users have when using Seagate hard drives, including discussion of potential solutions.... Meanwhile, other members are trying to explain the purpose of AppleTV compared to other solutions that with similar end results.

Apple TV: SD TV, drive upgrade, AR issues

03/24, 2:00pm

Apple TV reports continue

Apple's new set-top device has brought a plethora of new reports on Apple TV, with some interesting new features and hacks revealed on the internet. In addition to modifying the device to run XviD files, users have upgraded the installed hard drive, while one review has posted more detailed photos of a Apple TV dissection.

FCC: Low-cost 3G wireless phone coming to AT&T

03/24, 11:00am

Pantech 3G Phone at FCC

Pantech is preparing a 3G wireless phone that should be available through AT&T, according to a newly discovered FCC filing. The Pantech C600 clamshell will offer high-speed mobile Internet through HSDPA (and UMTS for European roaming) but will have relatively modest specifications elsewhere to keep the price low. A VGA camera, Bluetooth, and a microSD slot for media storage are the extent of the secondary features.

While no release date has been uncovered for the phone as part of its public appearance, the end of a confidentiality agreement plus the recent update of the manual to reflect AT&T branding suggests the phone should be available within the next few months at the latest. Full photos follow after the break.


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